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    I wish my phone camera could get better photos of this mini, but the contrast is so wide that it just doesn't want to cooperate. I wanted to practice some OSL, and I chose violet. I also wanted to try building a different kind of base, and the wraith seemed like it would look at home in a bog. I think the back turned out better than the front. I may go back and deepen some of the front shadows at some point. Tips on OSL and other things are welcome!
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    Hi everyone, here's the penultimate Cat Critter, Brave Sir Robin in its shinny golden armor. This three-piece model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've fixed the tail to the body before painting it, but painted the shield before gluing it to the model.
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    I was gifted a box of about a hundred old minis last year, some painted, some not. The original paint jobs were serviceable, but basically base coats with no wash or shading to speak of. I’ve been painting about a year and a half. This fellow was painted, so I stripped him down, then using the original color scheme, re-did him. Except for the hair. He was originally a brunette. I really like the sculpt, especially that beard!
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    This took over a year - mostly because I procrastinate EVERYTHING - but he's finally done! Contest Thread Combined Show-Off Thread WIP Thread Colors rolled were Blush Pink (I fudged and went to Breast Cancer Pink so that I can donate him to a survivor that I know), Brilliant Green and Heather Blue. I have yet to get around to building or acquiring something better for photographing these than printer paper leaned up against the paint rack, but other than that, CnC is, as always welcome.
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    Problem solved - with PAINT.
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    Just a random mini this time, the Stone Giant from the first expansion of the second Bones kickstarter from 2013. Stone Giants are the smallest of the giants, but still much larger than Conan. And have mothers milk that also can be used as spackle. 77336: Stone Giant sculpted by Jason Wiebe from the Reaper Bones 2 kickstarter Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm base
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    I just found out that some research i helped coauthor a couple of years ago was cited in an article appearing in last month's volume of the peer reviewed journal "Sustainability." While this isn't the first time our work has been cited, it is the first time it's been used in doing research applicable to a global problem and not just a very local or specialized issue. I imagine for folks doing full time research this is pretty standard. But my education stopped at a Master's degree and so this kind of stuff is fairly rare for me. Going to be walking around with a smile on my face the rest of the day.
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    WizKids make both Nolur's Marvelous and Pathfinder Deep Cuts miniatures, both similar in style, scale and the primer. These, however, were clear transparent with just their integral bases primed light grey. I started by painting them all over with Army painter Anti-Shine Matte varnish. Then I gave them a wash of Citadel Casandora Yellow shade. When dry I then drybrushed carefully, using only "twelve to six"-strokes (think of a clock, the strokes going straight downward) with a pinkish red, a dark reddish brown and black. As these paints were both thin and carefully applied, the effect is much like a tasty gummy bear. Some dark blue in the eye cavities, followed by Army Painter Crystal Blue and Reaper Copper Verdigris on the eyeballs to make that demonic glow. The collars were painted with scale color Black Metal, followed by Army Painter Alien Purple and Scalecolor Deep Blue, topped with some more Black Metal. Inside the open mouth I painted some Citadel Yriel Yellow and Reaper Pure White. Hell Hounds are really big dogs! I did the bases with black flock directly beneath the hounds, with a crescent of my normal green flockmix to the front. I dabbed some yellow and orange paint along the edges to hint at burning grass. The bases themselves are 3D-printed 30mm x 45mm lipped ovals. 72581 Hell Hounds Pathfinder Deep Cuts by WizKids Transparent PVC 30x45mm bases
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    I have only painted a handful of figs before this one. With this figure I tried using a wash for the first time (on the armor). I am not sure how to go about putting him on a nice base like others have done. The figure already has the small base attached to his feet. Otherwise I am somewhat satisfied with the final result. It just seems lacking without a base. This figure was painted to update my AD&D Paladin that I painted nearly 40 years ago when I was a lot younger hand had some Testors enamel paints and a lead figure of a Paladin.
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    I think I might have just seen my order! Woo hoo!!! *dances around like a muppet*
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    I am looking at apartments later today. "Place to store minis" is a large consideration. Bones 4 will get here before we move. And may inspire us to sign things.
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    Painted this really badly years ago, touched up a lot he now looks pretty bad broccoli. Also I have no clue what model he is. Bugbear, orc, hobgoblin brought up nothing. I even went through all Warlords minis on the site, but... dunno! Pretty sure he is Reaper though. :) Edit: Wisely identified by the forum this is part of 03040: Hobgoblins (3)
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    Edited, I removed the Off Topic stuff and reposted it in Random! On Topic: I'm getting really excited to see how World Politics is working together to get me my Bones. The Brits are so kind to struggle as hard as they can to postpone Brexit till I get my stuff and China and the US are working together to ship them to me asap. Aahhh...I'm touched. *** Wipes tears from face***
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    Trying to get back into a good painting rhytm. Spent a weekend with these two oldschool minis. Not even sure where I got them from... They were primed black and had some stuff glued on their bases already so they looked like good candidates for some quick and fun painting. Here they are. The first one is Brotherhood Mortificator from Warzone game (Target Games). The other one is Cop with a Light Assault Gun (eM4 Miniatures). Not the best neighbourhood, if your police needs a LAG
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    Am I the only one who keeps going back into the PM to see what they bought? haha
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    Update, Shooter has been caught.
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    Well, I've been lurking but not really had time to post- last week was very busy for me! I applied for, interviewed and was offered a full time paid job at the charity I volunteer for. I accepted and handed in my notice at my job of 9 years. I went on a 3 day hen-do (bachelorette for you Americans) to Disneyland Paris- sleeping a total of 12 hours in 3 nights. It was a pretty awesome week, if I do say so myself. Over the next month I'll be working my notice at my current job where I've been part-time for the past year, and get myself prepared for full-time hours again! I'm particularly excited to welcome back into my life that thing called a "hobby budget" which has been very slim for the past year and can now go back up to help me expand my shelf of shame at the rate it deserves! This is definitely going to include an actual revamp of my desk situation- we did a budget overhaul of my paint station about 6 months ago, which was 1000x better than my iddy-biddy desk before then- but now I've been working on it for a while I definitely know what I would do to improve it! Pics for pics sake: Old desk: New desk:
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    Wyrmgear the Clockwork Dragon was a part of the very first Bones kickstarter back in 2012. It has been standing around unpainted and semi-assembled on my Dragon shelf (the top one with extra space for all the wings and such) several years. Some time ago, I pulled it off the shelf and started rusting it up. And it did not look good. So I put it back on the shelf. And took it down again after some time, did some more rusting. And still it did not look any good. And some of this was down to the pristine, straight and flat wings. The wings are made in a much harder / more rigid plastic than the rest of the Bones. They might be polystyrene, but could just as well be the same Bonesium PVC with less plasticiser. Whatever the case is, the wings are really hard and totally non-flexible. So I cut them up with scissors and took those wings outside behind the garage and burned them with fire! My trusty lighter delivered flaming retribution to those wings, letting me bend and scrunch them a bit. So, with the stiff and pristine wings dealt with, it was time for some more paint. None of the earlier paint jobs were any good, in the end I dumped a bunch of Citadel Nihilakh Oxide all over it, drybrushed a bunch of different bronzes, golds and greenish steel. The wing "cloth" is based on Citadel Ionrach Skin, Reaper Vampiric Shadow and a whole buch of other paints, shades and inks. Pics below the clicky bit
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    Got Sophie this weekend and got a good start. I’ve been painting large minis lately so I needed a break. This is obviously heavily inspired by Wren’s, (Rhonda Bender) official painting but sort of flipping the hues of the dress and wings. Just started playing with the designs on the brestplate segments. I have already made one attempt on the screen left that I rejected and have started to paint out. I may just paint them out altogether if I can't pull it off.
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    In Dutch to Suffer is Lijden To Lead is Leiden. So it isn't as bad as you think.
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    I am not Irish. My ancestors oppressed the Irish. I do enjoy playing the music however. Had we not had the yet-ongoing pneumonia kerfuffle I would have been playing in a session at an Irish pub and getting free beer for doing so. As it is, I was able to give an impromptu concertlet to the nurses on my wife's floor.
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    Last Kickstarter I didn't have a job, and yet I had saved money specifically for Bones 4. I probably could have used it for other things during the hard times, but......
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    Another 2 hours this afternoon. I put some new paint on most parts of the peryton -- mostly intermediate smoothing tones, and textured highlighting. I also added some higher highlights on the skeleton and rocks, and painted the rim of the base. In the small on-screen view here, it doesn't look very different from my previous photos -- so maybe that means it was already "tabletop quality"? -- but if you zoom in, you can see some finer brushwork and blending. Not much left: deeper shadows and higher highlights; hawk/falcon-inspired dark striping on the primary wing feathers; more blending & glazing on the rocks; then grass/foliage.