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    These are two Reaper figures that I sculpted, from art by Izzy "Talin" Collier. All right, I didn't finish this in time for Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) 2018 ... or even 2017. But I'm ten months early for 2019. If you're inspired to buy these, you have ten (or 22, or 34...) months to paint them, too. You can see my Works-in-Progress thread here. The basing is more extensive than I normally do, but I decided to push myself and try something different. Enjoy! Derek
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    This is 77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior, a Bones miniature sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The WIP thread is over here. This mini was primarily an opportunity for me to practice blending and NMM after taking classes at ReaperCon. (I took and recommend @Kuro Cleanbrush's classes on these.) (click on the pictures for larger versions) Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't make any more changes to this figure but I can always use them for my next project.
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    Hello all, this is my version of Rogaku; this is the first time I've painted a Bones mini and I found the details a bit less sharp than the metal minis I've painted till now, but maybe it's cause of the Vallejo brush primer I used on it and, probably, the zenital dry-brushing hi-light. Anyway, my choice for the skin color had been red, as the iconic Oni is, usually, red skinned, and blue for the skirt (is it a skirt? ) cause it would make contrast with the orange of the pumpkin flask; curiosity: the kanji on the flask just means "Oni" (really creative ). Green belt and jade bracer to contrast the red of the skin; and classic blue/black hair. As always the wood is somenthing I cannot achieve as I wish, it looks really flat I hope you all will like it, any comment and advice is welcome! Thank you for reading
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    First posted the assembled mini about a year ago to the day.... Worked on it off and on (mostly off), but am considering it done (for now ;-) )
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    I like the challenge of painting models that don't have a wide variety of images available in the product area. This is a great model. I really like the stern expression on her face. Bobby Jackson has also sculpted a superb looking bear! Having just restarted the hobby, my basing materials are a little spare. I found, however, that sticking with some very common, traditional flocking materials kind of ends of giving the model a bit of an old-school feel; I like that it looks good but at the same time it is clearly identifiable as flocking material from the modeling section of hobby lobby ;-) Adding a dab of white to the end of the sword made if look SHARP.
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    Here is my entry for the Yeti contest. A co-worker thought he'd make a good Grinch, so I went with that. A little Greenstuff to make a Santa Hat, and here were are. The gift box was tough. I mixed my own metallic blue paint, and freehanded wayyy too many snowflakes. I included other shots without the box to show off his details. Enjoy.
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    [ . . . tentatively approaches the message boards with his first post] Just painted up Xiloxoch from the Stoneskull expansion. I needed a third Spirit Naga (my other two are the venerable 2755 Marunma) and while she seems much more regal than the book images, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to upgrade my Naga collection. The rulebooks show Spirit Nagas as black with red stripes - I painted my other two as coral snakes, however I thought I go for a local for Xiloxoch - the Australian red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). These have a black edging on the outer edge of the belly scales which reverses the normal painting style for scales, so it looks a little weird. Given that Nagas are south / southeast asian critters I tried to paint her face and headdress in a way that evokes Indian imagery rather than Aztec. The "peacock" patterns started off as an attempt to paint a blue-green gemstone, but I think it works better as peacockery. Base ruins painted with deep reddish tinge to evoke Angkor Wat. Paint is still a little thick (particularly around the face). Happy for any feedback or suggestions.
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    So I'm later than I had hoped to be. I have content for this week, but let's pick the second January update (fourth Friday 1/25/19) Content. Five options. Use the Like this post options to cast your vote. I'll pull the numbers on Friday after I post the update. Like = DarkReach Thanks= Dreadmere Haha= Woodsy Confused= Undead Sad= Demonic
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    Found this "totally not Orcus" at my local gaming shop and decided to paint him up. I really liked the sculpt save for the scepter, so I clipped it off and kit bashed a new one. I used a few pieces from the some sprues of reaper weapons (got them from a friend, I think they came with Bones III kickstarter) and added a few GW skulls. I am super happy with how my scepter turned out. Love to hear what you all think.
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    I follow a few Patreons to try and learn some new things and get a hold of painting concepts I havent got down. I tried an interesting method that put some texture and life into cloth by use of glazing and some more random movements of the brush when applying paint. Well at least on the cloths. I did add a base on to this one as well and some green stuff work to make her look like she is standing in a creek.
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    77636: Death Shroud and Ironwind Metals Female Necromancer. A Micro Art Studio Base and Table Top Art Book and Candle. WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-grave-by-glitterwolf/&page=7 Taletha knew she was ready, she had studied the grimoire, practiced the ritual over and over again. She would call upon the Spiritworld and ask for a champion to avenge her parents. Power surged through her when she spoke the forbidden words, a cold wind blew her candle out and suddenly the spirit appeared.
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    This is from Atlantis Miniatures dwarf Kickstarter - I painted him a while ago but only just got around to getting the photos off the memory card. The red hair took a few attempts, doing my best to follow Marsya's tutorial. My first attempt at tartan as well, and I think it was successful! And I've got lots more of his dwarven buddies on which to improve!
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    Currently working through my pile of shame. Unlike my recent purchases (which have all been about sourcing minis for two Pathfinder campaigns), Gauntfield comes from a bunch of purchases made when a certain Australian mail order company decided they'd stop selling Reaper and had a clearance sale. He's been mouldering away in a box for quite a while now and I though I'd get through my white metal minis before I started making too much of a dint in the three (soon to be four) Bones Kickstarters I have chuckling darkly at me from the corner of the hobby room. I'm happy with the washed out look which suggests he's been out in the elements for quite a while. Not so happy with the NMM on the scythe blade - I find I can do gold/bronze a bit better than silver/iron. All suggestions greatly accepted.
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    Finally happy with this one. She has been on the table since last year and has been through a couple color variations. Once I started pumping up the color saturation she just kept getting better. Hope you like her as much as I do.
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    This is HF's Not Elsa, Risa the apprentice mage. I messed up on some GS work so it looks a bit rough on the front. Additionally, I am not pleased with the blend of her dress, but the face came out really well, and the broken up ice base was fun to make. All in all a good table top piece. A solid 6 of 10. CnC always welcome!
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    I thought of him more as a mage than a map maker. It's a touch difficult to see, but his slime trail has iridescence.
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    I think this might be the last post of the year. From the Bones 3 kickstarter: An excellent stand-in for a Great Unclean One or Daemon Prince of Nurgle; a not-Froghemoth, that has now been renamed "77581 Mudgullet" and is slated for release by Reaper this January. Picture heavy! Click if you dare!
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    This ranger was a blast to paint. The face turned out really well too so she got a close up.
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    Another monster from the deep. Wish I had the talent to do this justice, oh well I guess I will keep practicing. Just a quick preview before it goes into the scrub bucket.
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    I painted this a while back but could not come up with a good base for it. I found this resin rock base and figured it would just fit, if I could get it off the metal plug it comes on. Much blood and many tears later it was free from its metal prison. The cat originally had a faint stripe pattern in its fur, but as I said there was blood, and I ended up repainting a fair bit of it. He's painted vaguely like a desert dwelling wild cat.
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    Here is a Tree Blight that I sculpted using milliput, wire & some parts from the Gug, eldritch horror mini and a Cave Creeper (Home Brew Monster) made with just milliput and wire.....not sure if this is the correct place to post, if not please let me know and I will not in the future....
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    Hello to all the good people here in the Reaper community. Two weeks ago I decided to come back to miniature painting after about a two year break from it. It is such a great hobby, full of incredible artistry, imagination and I am really excited to be back into it. I LOVE Reaper, especially in how they emphasize with credit the particular artists involved with both sculpting and painting; I follow their work and it inspires me. So~ here is my submission for the contest. I'm only using one photo because this particular angle says everything about the model, in my opinion. When I first bought the model, I wasn't immediately thrilled by it. It seemed 'basic'. Once I started working on it, however, I realized that it was actually an incredible sculpt, VERY expressive, you can feel him roar and you can feel this kind of power he is emanating. I wanted to give a visual effect to emphasize this power he is summoning up so I chose to do that pink light effect. It created a challenge, because in order for it to appear as an emanation of light, I needed it to be the brightest color on the model. Yetis and snow are all about white.... so, it really put me in a spot to make the yeti and snow still seem white yet have them at a kind of medium-ish brightness. I sculpted up a base real quick from sculpey to compliment the model; thats regular flocking snow over it with some blue washes slathered on which I then highlighted afterward with some dry brushing ;-) GREAT MODEL! Have fun with it, everyone! Excited to see the other entries and I am really enjoying the other competitors takes on it so far!
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    Here is my version of the Yeti Chieftain for Ladystorm's contest. I painted mine with more of a Sasquatch coloring. I also thought he needed something in his hand. My first thought was perhaps he sneezed.... Haha! Instead, he is a very dramatic yeti in the middle of rehearsing his lines. I present to you "Alas, poor Yorrick..."
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    This model was so much fun to paint and I had so many ideas as I went along but I couldnt add them to this one so may be the next, anyways, great model, I would recommend painting it in pieces and just go nuts with it.