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    Dug up an old mini by Sandra Garrity, which, according to my database, I bought over 10 years ago. I don’t know which is sadder, that I actually made a database of my unpainted minis or that I still have 188 unpainted ones (and these are just the Reaper ones!). Wanted to give her a roguishly, confident face and I’m pleased with how it turned out. As for her clothes, after reading Rhonda Bender’s articles, I think I need more contrast. Base made from air-dry clay. Thanks for looking.
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    Survey Time! I'm going to let yall have a wee bit of input on the next Expansion Pack I feature for the updates. I have parameters I have to follow, so it isn't super open for yall to just give me wish lists and such. I have two expansion packs that are about the same level of complete in regards to models in hand here at HQ. One of them will be featured for November, much like Lost Valley was in Oct/Sept. Yall get to help decide which one we preview. The choices are either Dreadmere or Fan Favorites. Here is how you vote: Using the like this post feature, chose Thanks (purple Trophy Cup) to vote for Dreadmere Using the like this post feature, chose Haha (laughing Emoji) to vote for Fan Favorites If you have no opinion, feel free to vote one of the other options because they won't inflate the counts. On Monday, 10/22, I have to send the "provide me with this stuff" list to the art team, so that's the deadline for your vote to be counted.
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    This is a conversion of the dark elf figure Aundine (14089 in the Warlord line) to represent my latest Pathfinder character, a changeling (orphan of a sea hag mother and a human father) with water-related magic and some rogue abilities. You can see the WIP thread here. I spent about 6 hours on prep & conversion & basing, and about 5 hours priming & painting. This will be a literal "tabletop mini", so I didn't spend the time to get very smooth blends, but it is still much more than a speedpaint. I took especial care on the face and had fun with her shiny "eelskin" armor. Would anyone like to know how I would judge this as an entry in ReaperCon's MSP Open painting contest, in either the Painters Division or the Open Division? Enjoy, Derek
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    Looks sort of like a Tengu to me. This was part of the first batch of minis I had purchased a few years back. Re-discovered him inside my box of models to eventually get to...and finally got to the tengu. Couple of large pics Normal sized
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    Ever since I was a kid, I've been crazy about Dinosaurs. I'm probably underselling that a bit. Regardless, my love for the creatures has carried over into adulthood. So, when Wizkids previewed this I was...apprehensive. Their preview image was taken at a less than flattering angle that really didn't show much of thw mini. Then they showed up in stores and sure enough, the "mini" pretty much rules. T-Rex has always been my favorite. Especially in a fantasy context. I was always amused when reading those old Marvel Conan comics when Conan and his sidekicks were harrowed by a dragon and the reveal of said "dragon" was actually a Tyrannosaurus. Anyway, I've never had the opportunity to paint many Dinos since I took up this hobby. And I usually didn't like what options were out there. I'm really grateful that Wizkids released something cool AND affordable.
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    I totally stole the color scheme from another post on here so this is an homage!
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    Presenting D'Vandra Lukesia, the final member of my Dreadmere Begins quartet. Despite having some trouble with her in the beginning, I'm pleased with the final results. It's just a shame my bottle of Vallejo Still Water has failed me yet again, no more water effect bases for me I think. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I've recently finished a few more minis of the DeepWars and ShadowSea games of AntiMatter Games. - the one with many colors: Dire Fish-Lizard from the Scaly Horde of DeepWars: - the purple one is the Hag-Ray, also part of the Scaly Horde of DeepWars - and the last one is Captain Balthazar Drake, a Fortune Hunter of ShadowSea Hope you like :-)
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    I'm on a small guy kick, apparently. Lol Hope y'all like these guys! They're super cute, quick paints. I'm enjoying not striving for perfection. Just painting to enjoy painting. Let me know what y'all think!
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    Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard: 02905 Paint by: Arc 724 Sculpted by: Geoff Valley Title: Usidore the Blue The second figure done in honor of Hello From The Magic Tavern. This is Usidore the Blue. I was very pleased how he turned out. I got the red face of a wizard that drinks a lot of mead. Ha! As well as his staff that I sculpted in the rock based on the lore of the type of stone he has in it. Finally the bird is paint to be a sparrow - his favorite type of bird. The base is also sculpted.
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    Hello all! Painted this using old school tecnics, just black primed, layered with no glaze, just washing. I think it's no bad, i like the rich, cartoon colors. Hope you'll like it too :)
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    Good morning all, Here's a figure I just finished, from the Hackmaster/Kenzer & Co. line that Ral Partha currently owns, a Bob Olley Greater Satyr. It's a pretty large figure, more in tune with heroic scale, like most of the Hackmaster figures, fun and easy to paint. The only thing I noticed when I based him is that my base has a chip in the plastic but too late to do anything about, as I saw it after I super glued it to the figure. I tried to give him mostly natural tones, but had to do a bit of gold in there as well for the decoration on the bow and his pan pipes, but they are softened with some browns and dark elf skin washes, so it's probably okay. So anyhows, enjoy!
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    Finished this guy a couple months ago. But before I could take pictures, we had an out of state move to get through. Of all my minis, he was the only finished one to suffer damage. Being an oldie and made of heavier lead, he didn't stay put in storage and bounced around a bit. So, obviously, he was my first project in the new place. Final photos! I was playing around with the light quite a bit trying to show the iridescent finish.
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    Last night I took a painting lesson from a friend who happens to have won many awards for mini painting and this year won Grand Master in Lock and Load 2018. So for the model of choice we choose to paint the Reapercon Sophie. We both painted one and this is what I ended up with. First model I have painted fully in maybe 10 years. Gothic Sophie.
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    He was a lot of work. like a lot. im glad he’s done.
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    Decided to use red to shade down instead of a darker purple. Made the dress look interesting.
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    I decided to try the mirror shield thing again, since this models shield trim looks so much like an old mirror to me. I also tried different skin tone then the generic caucasian and will be diving into that more as well since I never learned to paint different ethnic skin tones and hope to pull off some different ones and maybe even move into some alien tones like in blues and such.
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    Started painted minis over the course of the last year for DnD Rise of Tiamat. Not an artist but I’ve enjoyed it.... Blightfang (green) was first, then Cinder (red), and last was Narthrax (blue).
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    This is Reaper's classic vampire warrior, #02551, Monique Denoir, sculpted by Werner Klocke. She's wonderfully menacing. She casts no shadow on the base. WIP thread here.
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    another tabletop piece for an upcoming pulp game, was mostly practicing highlighting black... colors used were grey liner, highlights were done with ghost white, and the darkest areas are blue liner. (blends are a lot smoother in person...)
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    not sure if Ill get anymore done this month, got a few on the table left, so who knows. All bones, all for tabletop Various Cultists, had a fire sale on purple robes at Cults-R-US (duplicate figures omitted, 15 cultists completed) Tomb Guards
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    The elusive WizKids Beholder. Love this guy.
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    I painted this as a gift for a friend of mine who got me into DND. He ran Rise of Tiamat for over two years, and that was my introduction to DND and I’ve been hooked ever since. It just seemed like an appropriate gift for all the work he put in!
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    77203 Alastriel. Did some glow effects on the crystal and off onto the hair and body. I really gotta get better with taking pictures cause its so hard to see lol