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    Hi, Here's my Conan the Boardgame miniatures. Painted in 6 weeks last year for a total of 120 hours of work. 212 minis.
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    Since the cat dragon is the Twelve Days figure tomorrow (December 9, 2017), I thought it'd be a good time to post my pictures. There's one for scale at the end, with a preview of Mylk & Cookies and the Winter Elf.
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    This was a lot of fun to paint and I am really happy with the NMM but I feel the OSL missed the mark. It's not something I am familiar with and I need practice. But here's my jailor watts and all
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    General Drake: 50147 Sculpted by Bobby Jackson Woah! This was a miniature that I put on a shelf for WAY to long. I'm glad to be done with him. Really enjoyed this one. And no that is not a snake at his feet it is a cable... but I realize now it looks like a snake. Oh well. I hope you guys and gals enjoy it. I tried to make the brim of his cap look reflective. it turned out alright. The back drops are Hanger18, FYI. Action pose! WORK-IN-PROGRESS for General Drake
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    Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016. Hope you like it.
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    I've been meaning to make a show-off thread for this for a while, but the pictures aren't great and I no longer have the mini because she was a Secret Sophie gift to Inarah last year. Lots of things I'd like to have spent more time on, like the stray red brush stroke I noticed after I'd sent her off. Part of the point of an exchange is that there's a deadline, so that's just the way the cookies crumble. Figured people would really want to be able to see what the back side of the mini looks like now that she's available in the store again. Merry Christmas!
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    I just finished a custom base for my toothy Reaper Miniatures 02712, Eyebeast. This model was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. It is also part of the 10031, Dungeon Horrors Box Set. I added two eyestalks on its head. The eyestalks are from Reaper Miniatures 03440, Creature Components II. I used Blister Packaging Plastic and Mod Podge to create the saliva dripping from its maw and realistic water effect on the base. I also added the bull skull and skeleton parts and sculpted mushrooms in greenstuff to complete the set. Comments are very welcome.
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    This is the Reapercon 17 swag bag offering from Dark Sword. To be honest, when I first went through the swag bag, I wasn't terribly impressed; another elf ranger. But after I got home and performed a better examination, I quickly realized how wrong I was. It is quite the beautiful model. This is the first paint job where I've been able to apply some of the new techniques I learned at RC17; mostly around skin and eyes. I also wanted to go with a color scheme different from the standard woodsy green/brown combo and eventually settled on the blue/white. I hope I did the model justice. Comments and Critiques welcome.
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    Hey all! Got this resin fig at ReaperCon 2016 and decided to base him using a Basius basing pad with some swampy/murky/creepy terrain. My goal was to emphasize that this disciple is unconcerned with his cleanliness, and is a deadly foe. I managed to work up a color scheme that speaks to faded Christmas colors which led me into an adventure idea wherein this summoner is bringing a twisted version of Krampus into existence for the holidays
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    More work on getting my groove back. I've never really attempted an aged bronze, and I really enjoyed the gemstones.
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    Secret Weapon Miniatures Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc. is happy to announce the appointment of Bryan Stiltz as Chief Operating Officer, and the newest member of our Board of Directors. Bryan will take up the role on 2-January 2018, at our Sacramento headquarters. Bryan served as Special Projects Manager, Community Manager, and a member of the Board of Directors, of Reaper Miniatures, Inc., a leading designer, and manufacturer of miniatures, and figurines for the miniature hobby and gaming market. Bryan will take over day-to-day operations from Justin McCoy, who will transition to a full-time role as Chief Creative Officer, and will retain his position as President of the Board of Directors. Bryan brings more than fifteen years of industry experience to his role as COO, including executive administrative experience, production and casting in multiple materials, international fulfillment, crowdfunding, distribution, and direct customer service. For our retailers, and distributors, Bryan will be working to improve our wholesale distribution processes, reach, and retailer communications. For the community, Justin looks forward to bringing a new season of hobby, and technique videos to you. This will include regularly scheduled segments, like “ask misterjustin,” and, “today in basing.” We will also be exploring community building segments not directly related to the hobby.
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    Good evening all, just got this figure painted last night and photographed at lunch today. I usually have a pretty good idea who the sculptors are for Partha, but this one eludes me. A female elf thief, I started originally thinking about foresty colors, but her black hair soon gave way to purple clothes and soon thereafter all thoughts of the forest went out the window. Anyhow, here she is, enjoy:
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    A couple more of the roamers done. I have one more on the desk, but I also have a mob of 18 goblin archers staring me down. I'll probably get to those first.... Comments are always welcome.
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    I have finished my graveyard. I added custom elements to the set in order to have a nice diorama and set the scene in autumn. I have also added a Gargoyle but i need a second one for the other pillar.
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    I've always wanted to paint her especially when it was popular but never got around to it until now. I kinda of wish I did cape a different color but as I've said before when I paint my colors sometimes just happen and I have no say so. C&C is most welcome as I'm always trying to improve or get a different approach.
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    Trying my hand at a few different things, mainly basing. Didn't thin the paint enough when layering the glowing, so it didn't come out that glowing but overall I like it.
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    Hi guys, i know i havent post or comment anything the las few months. I just had lot of work, but finally got free time to finish my vanja :), some have seen her wip, but she os finally done, hope you guys like her. Sorry about the quality of the photos
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    I painted up the nativity set for my father as a gift this year. Granted, I was a bit late on the new wiseman , so I used a merchant instead. That's what I get for ordering my supplies a few months back, I suppose! This is my first diorama, and I'm fairly happy with it. I put a flickering LED tea light inside it for a homey feel. The base was built using cork, hot glue, milliput, sand, and a piece of wood from my craft store.
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    Oh man. So I haven’t been able to be around much the past couple of weeks. That’s because I have been busting my elf to tackle the tremendous work backlog that I had piled up in folder after folder after folder and 300+ flagged emails in my inbox while also training Work Bestie on every part of my job. All of that because today is my final day with my company. I’m trying not to get emotional about it; I’ve had a lot of really bad days and the frustration of working for a huge company that sees their employees as numbers rather than people. But I’ve been here for almost 4 1/2 years. I’ve learned a lot in that time – about the construction industry, people, and especially myself. I’ve made some really great friends here, some that I know I’m going to lose touch with and that’s ok, but some that I know I’m going to keep in my life like Work Bestie, who will just be known as Bestie from now on. I can’t imagine my life without her and she’s become family to me. And it’s really difficult to imagine not seeing her on a daily basis. I’ve gotten so used to her being in the next trailer or the next office and the past couple of weeks we’ve actually been sharing a desk. We went to lunch together, we ran errands together, and we just went on drives to get out of the office for a little while together. Now our offices are going to be over 20 miles apart. And then there’s things like one of the people that I have most liked and admired on this project walking up to me and shaking my hand and telling me how much he’s appreciated everything I’ve done for the project and for him personally. Telling me that some people just worked on this project and you only know it because you might see their name on an old document, but that I made a clear impact on every part of it. That he loves that I don’t take broccoli from anyone and what a joy it always was to walk into my office that had so much personality in it. And then there’s the fact that I discovered the whole world of miniature painting and the Reaper forum specifically while I was here – in fact, while the trailer itself has moved to a different location, it was while I was sitting in the exact same office that I’m sitting in right now. I couldn’t have known back then what a tremendous impact having a rare slow day at the office was going to have on my life, from waking up a passion for painting in me, to the amazing friends I’ve made here, to the fun that I’ve had here in the randomness thread, to the amazing time I’ve had at Reapercon the past 2 years, to meeting @buglips*the*goblin. None of those things would have happened had I not been bored one day on this computer, in this office, at this job. So I’m not going to get emotional. No way. I’m just going to sob the entire drive home.
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    Here is my collection of Zombicide Black Plague Notoriusly Plagued Character volume 1 I've been working on for the past few months. I now am a bit sadened that I didn't get in on the NPC's 2 as well in the KS. I did go with anything to fancy. In fact, I went straight off the artwork. I left off the blood and gore as well, though now that I got some of the Tamiya Clear Red I think I might slowly begin to bloody these up. Lets start with a group shot of the lot. Now a tease with the frisky one of the bunch. Don't get to excited she can be found chaperoned with this rather dour lady. Next up we have a traveler to these parts, who is quite eager to meet you. His traveling companion is a more on the grim side and keeps his enthusiasm in check. Lastly we have a gentlemen that is rather irate that his current return customers. Ah well, there is no pleasing some people Thanks for any C&C you feel inclined to give.
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    Edit : wrong copy/paste for the comment in french, sorry So here is my stadium for Bloodbowl, realized in 2015; i wanted to share it with you.
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    So my team went Agile this week, which is a different way of organizing the way you do engineering work. An important part of Agile is to have a team name and identity. As a team we voted on a name, and the name that won was Wizards. Some other candidate names was Yoda, Vikings and Sparkling Gems. So I went home, took pictures of a bunch of my spellcaster minis, and then graphic artist at work created our team banner for us. I think it turned out pretty awesome: From left to right: Harlequin Miniatures - Barnorsk Shaman - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55579-harlequin-barnorsk-shaman/ Wizkids - Elf Sorceress - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75131-wizkids-elf-sorceresses Reaper - Malena - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66825-malena-the-sorceress-with-gold-orb-reaper-1559/ Reaper - Lysette - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53527-elf-adventurers-lindir-77076-and-lysette-77021/ Reaper - Magnus - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58592-01402-magnus-the-wizard-of-hope-03682-willow-greenivy/ Reaper - Damien - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53526-hellborn-adventurers-damien-77149-sinessa-77119-vaeloth-77120-and-tiviel-77118-picture-heavy/ Reaper - Khael Stonekindle - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59147-khael-stonekindle-dwarf-wizard-77075/ Reaper - Anirion - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52157-sarteras-anirion-and-herald-of-aglanda-joins-an-otherworldly-cult/ Hasslefree -Dynamic Lenore - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70550-hasslefree-lenore-and-dynamic-lenore/ Reaper - Margara - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78171-reaper-77413-margara-dwarf-shaman/ Grenadier - Julie Guthrie Personalities 836 Fighter Mage - From before I started posting on the forums Reaper - Willow Greenivy - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58592-01402-magnus-the-wizard-of-hope-03682-willow-greenivy/ Reaper - Enora - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58120-enora-iconic-arcanist-60178/ Spyglass/Eolith - 54 mm Anastasia - http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61777-spyglasseolith-54-mm-anastasia/
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    Beard did not come out very good on Camera. Otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.
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    Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.
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    While I own most of the mouslings, this is the first that I've gotten around to painting. It was a special request from the youngest daughter, and since I still owed her a painted mousling for her birthday, this went to the top of the list. I like his "I'm a ruler of the underworld, but I'm so darn cute" look. Comments and Critiques welcome.
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    Thanks everyone! I'm really looking forward to my new digs in Northern Cali. And of course, going to ReaperCon as a civilian!
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    Ok so she is done! Not too thrilled about the out come but, hey, I'm learning. Depending on the comments I get I may go back and work on the waves a little bit. I'm a little happier with the paint job but I see room to improve. As far as the "exoskeleton" thing she is wearing, I was going for NMM Gold which I feel I failed on but I liked the way it looked anyways. Please give any C&C you may have! You can see my WIP here.
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    My take on one of the LotR mice from Cartoon Miniatures. I've been told he looks like Splinter the rat cosplaying as Gandalf.
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    Mylk and her pilfered Cookies are the Twelve Days of Reaper miniature for December 13, 2017. Julie did a great job capturing the idea that a big part of the holiday spirit is all the yummy food to enjoy. The icing decorations on the gingerbread men were added with Woodland Scenics Water Effects. This is a thick gel. If you put a dab on a toothpick, it will form a sharp peak. I 'drew' the lines and dots with the peak of the substance rather than the toothpick tip. (Every few dots/strokes I reload with gel from the bottle and form that peak again.)I wanted the icing on the shape cookies to be smooth and not really have peaks, so I used a slightly thinner substance called modeling paste. Liquitex and Golden make this to create textured acrylic paintings. I am pretty sure that Liquid Greenstuff is just modeling paste with green colour added. I scooped up a small amount with a toothpick and smoothed it on, pretty much like icing real cookies. If it went astray or needed to be smoothed on top, I used a damp paintbrush. (Maybe don't do that when icing real cookies.) You could probably experiment and use either one of those substances for both functions, I just happened to have both so I used both. The Winter Elf in the scale picture is a standard humanoid size Reaper figure.
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    This is one of the Cthulhoid critters from the recent Bones Kickstarter. I think they call it Spawn of Shub-Niggurath, but I'm not completely sure about that. Just a side note: Windows 10 did an update recently, and since then Photoshop's colour balance has gone entirely to broccoli. What I see in Photoshop has no relation to what I get as output, and I'm really struggling to figure out how to get it back. That's why all of these images are too blue.
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    Bombshell Miniatures 10050 Celeste the Sorceress, sculpted by Kev White. I wanted a simple mini with few accessories to paint up as a quick little project, so I picked Celeste for her clean lines. As a bonus I used some of the Breastcancer Awareness Pink I have multiple bottles of. Spent maybe 3 hours on her.
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    This figure was meant for the fall beauty contest, but I was way slow and finished just a week or so ago.
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    I have been planning a few ore photo stages. The Trio of Trees will be movable props, & character actors in the cast. They will eventually appear in somewhat fancier surroundings, but for their first presentation, they are seen here on my work table: The Philosopher or Idiot...take your pick: The Conversation, Monk & Tree: AND the Group Portrait: ...if you go out in the Woods today, you're in for a big surprise.
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    Yesterday we had a family thing. Celebrating Sinterklaas a bit early with the adults. We drew names before and then you would make a present themed in a certain way and include a poem and some small gift. It turned out my oldest Stepvixen ( 20) drew me. So I got a post Parcel adressed to me as if it came from the USA.. A poem that told everyone how many many packages arrived at our house and how I ordered minis, paints etc...etc... She got me some nice Dark Chocolate and a Foodies Magazine. But the best thing was what she had made to include in the package. She made Reaper Paint pots from clay, some miniatures and turned pencils into brushes. Look at this, isn't it great?
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    Another figure for our upcoming games
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    Just getting these out of the way
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    This one is for my mother. I think Mary's eyes are the best eyes i have ever done on a human mini
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    Primaris Space Marine (Warhammer 40,000) by Games Workshop This was my first warhammer figure I've ever done. I've always enjoyed the theme of the game but never really like the Space Marines because they are to short. When I saw these new, taller, ones I actually got excited to paint one. The height on these guys are amazing. They really have a better feel about them. The issue was that I only wanted to paint one (for now) and that is when a friendly forumnite told me about this book they just released "Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000." I jumped at the chance at the book comes with one miniature on a nice base for only $15. I called my local GW store and they saved it for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to just paint a miniature and not spend loads of cash on a single miniature or a three pack. I decided to go with a blood angel look for this guy. But I wanted to make it look a little unique so I did those grey chevrons on the shoulder and knee. This was also the first time I've done battle damage like you see here. It was FAR easier than I thought and the look is wonderful! I was very happy the way it turned out. With this guy I did fill in the base with GreenStuff to give the model a little bit more weight. You can see that in the WIP below. Thanks for the support. WORK-N-PROGRESS for this piece.
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    Reaper Bones 77511 Xiloxoch, Naga So I had grand plans for this mini; washes on the scales and NMM on the headpiece, but alas neither of those came to pass. Like usual, washes hate me, so after a wash attempt that ruined my previous effort at painting the scales, I ended up meticulously painting and shading each scale. I did successfully glaze on the scales at the very end for shading, so i call that a win. Moving on to my grand NMM plan. After painting every scale I was pretty sick of the mini, and it sat untouched for month. Then I had an incident of pouring way too much gold paint into my wet pallet by accident, and used that as an excuse to just finish the mini.
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    Today with the aid of two reference books and one deceased insect found on a sidewalk I painted an attempt at a life-sized trompe-l-oeil of a monarch butterfly on some leather which will be a part of a longcoat.
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    My D&D group's cleric picked the torch and scythe wielding townsfolk from this pack: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/townsfolk/latest/03123 My D&D group's cleric is an herbalist cleric. He provides the.... healing... herbs. Medicinal use herbs. He's an exceedingly chipper and happy character, much to the annoyance of the emo necrobard. But he uses a scythe, and decided to go with this figure. I don't like this figure. It has an ANGRY face. Super grumpy. All of the grump. Terrible choice for that character. Player told me that I didn't have to go high on the detail with it, so I didn't do as much as my usual. I still practiced OSL and I tried to turn the frown upside-down. I think the result is that he now looks like a very happy mass murderer, instead of just generically pissed. Anyway, rip it to shreds, lemme know what I can do better in the future. I didn't do the most exciting blending or layering or glazing by any stretch deliberately, though. I also was using a different location for my camera and I didn't feel like getting a perfect setup, so stuff is crooked and I'm not going to go back and take more photos. *HARUMPH*.
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    Finally conquered hobby ADD long enough to finish something! Need practice on metal things.
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    Kathud !!! I finished another Dark Sword Miniature this afternoon. I got some upsetting news, so I painted it off, intead of letting it bother me. So, with that said... This is a HEAP OF FUN to paint. I actually did it twice. When I looked at number 1 I liked it, but it was boring. So I got out the paints AGAIN, and figured out another paint scheme. I based my second set of painting on "Night Watch", and that is what is here. Very complicated Sculpt to paint, and get into. Multi level highlighting also makes the brush work that more complicated. 28mm is SMALL, so keep tips well pointed ! Do have fun, its worth it on this one. Comments (negative or positive) are greatly appreciated ! Here he is: Jay
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    I cleaned up my painting space this weekend, which made it much more inviting: So, with my significant other off on a business trip early this morning, there was little to keep me from queuing up the podcasts and painting as long as I could stand it. I finished a couple of vintage TSR Star Frontiers ships, for generic SF usage: In the vintage SF line, I also did a simple paint scheme on two Grenadier Traveller Imperial Marines, acquired fairly recently from eBay: I had these two Airfix Robin Hood figures started at Thanksgiving. According to the Plastic Soldier Review, these figures were originally released in 1964. While the mold has been in production fairly recently, I noted, from the color of the plastic, that these two are ones that have been in my possession since time immemorial (i.e., sometime around 1972-4), which is a long time to wait to be painted: These Caesar 1/72 elves are a command stand for my fantasy mass battles using Hordes of the Things rules: They’ve been waiting a while, too. My younger son made the gonfalon for me, topped by an earring we found in the parking lot at the ice rink. He retired from skating in 2012, and I’m glad the muses were finally with me today on this project. 10 figures, 8 from primer out...
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    No seriously, I might actually get to take a class!!
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    Some barbarians for an upcoming RPG session. I decided to be a little more creative than brown, brown, brown and brown. From left to right: Kingdom Death Lion Armor, 02476: Lorna the Huntress, 77055 Anval Thricedamned and 02528: Kara, Female Archer. I was going to go all Reaper, but realized I actually don't have that many male barbarian minis.
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    I had allot of fun with the color palette inspired by Chinese Golden Dragon.
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    This is my character for a possible game of Low Life in the next few months. Benedict is a gestalt school of Mutant Land Fish, a curious species that gets now and more intelligent as the school contains more and more individuals. Here we have one stand for every possible permutation of wounded and fatigued within the Savage Worlds game system. When Benedict takes damage, I replace the stand with one containing one fewer fish. Yes, this way lies madness. We have cookies.