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    May's Silver Anniversary Mini revealed! Sculpted by the amazing Bobby Jackson, painted by the incomparable Rhonda Bender. More photos coming very soon!
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    After much screaming and gnashing of teeth, I have managed to get my taxes finished.
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    I have been working on a paper for my last class this semester, 12 - 15 hours a day, for the last 3 days. My brain is melting. I don't know if that is the purpose of this threat, but I just read several posts about cows and bad puns so I'm utterly convinced this is the place for me tonight.
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    Must not load Diablo... Must not load Diablo... Must not load... Must not... ... Must... paint... Must... scrape... metal... mini... Um... You know that... ... You know what? Good job with that!
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    Anyone know anything about the Unicorn Lake area near Denton Texas? Would it be wrong of me to string along an interview just for a free trip to Denton? Lol! Ha ha. I wouldn't do that. (I used to get 5 job recruitment emails a day, now it's more like 10. It's good to feel wanted.)
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    Our artists are so good, they nail it perfectly first time around.
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    Unlike the USA which has to have taxes done by April 15th, Canadians need to get them done by April 30th. Though I've been told that the government doesn't care if you're late filing your taxes if they owe YOU money.
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    Man, Rhonda's paint jobs have always been outstanding, but her recent ones have been hardcore awesome. Lately I keep buying some of the newer minis just based on her paint jobs. I'm pretty sure that I don't need this mini for gaming, but I'd like to see if I could manage to paint that rust effect around those rivets, or get that turquoise highlight on the cloak to work like she did, or get the leather to look that worn... You know, just follow her paint work to hopefully bump up my painting skills a little. I've already done that a few times but it's been a while. The Winter Fairy will probably be the next paint job I try to recreate, then Tara, and then this hoodlum. It may not be the most creative way to improve somebody's paint work, but it's such a fun challenge.
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    But I don't have otherbugpestaphobia, I have spideraphobia.
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    Those spiders are your own personal porch bouncers, protecting your porch house from all sorts of pests at the low low cost of the flesh of pests. They are true heroes to your backyard porch clubhouse...
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    75ª and sunny. Little breeze, and gorgeous night. Resting on my outdoor couch. Needed to evict two spiders. Why do spiders have to ruin my enjoyment of the outside? --- Also why am I sitting on the couch when I should be spray priming minis?!
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    The girl running the register was nice. She even laughed about it because she knew exactly who it was. But then it took a couple minutes to get the food still and it was being prepped out of sight, so, you know, they could have still spit in it. The guy himself is the delivery manager, and he said he'd have them paid by Thursday, so I told him he'd have a week before his car got some new bling. And then he sped off. But we know where he parks, and where he works, and what his job is there, so it's almost guaranteed that we'll see him again soon enough. I try not to be a jerk at my job. I give people a pass if they come up while I'm writing a ticket and their meter is only expired by like 15-20 minutes a lot of the time, and I try not to yell at people if they're in their car and parked somewhere they shouldn't be. Unless they're an uber driver, because those people are almost all jerks even if you're being nice to them, and they don't learn even after being told multiple times. I even try to cut delivery drivers a break a lot of the time despite them never paying their meters, because if I'm checking meters outside their shop and know it's a driver I'll poke inside and give them a chance to pay before I write a ticket.
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    I'm pretty sure the multicoloured wizard was referring to the Canadian government, so I'm pretty sure you'd be safe. And I have also heard that filing late is no big deal if you're owed money, but if you owe money then they'll ding you interest. I was even audited by the CCRA once, had to provide all of my daycare receipts. Which I did, so really it was no big deal, just a hassle. Here in the USA I'm afraid to do my own taxes, we shell out the cash for an accountant.
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    Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.
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    He might now actually pay up on those parking tickets. He knows you know where his car is parked. How nice was the customer service? If it wasn't nice, maybe go back by there again tomorrow and decorate his car. If it was nice, Maybe give him until next Monday? (With the assumption he should have been paid by then.)
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    Yes, brain melting is what this thread is all about! Welcome Home!
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    Well at least I guessed the hood right!!! Awesome looking mini. Have some items I've wanting to get, so it'll be a easy $40 to spend next month.
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    That's pretty much where I was going, thank you. And I got this information from OfficialTM sources.
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    So I just ran into a somewhat awkward situation. I placed an order for food at a place, and on my way to go pick it up I stopped at one of the parking lots I'm supposed to check on. This parking lot happens to be right behind the place that I ordered food from. I found a car with enough unpaid tickets that it qualified for a bright orange wheel accessory, and began the process of putting on its new bling. Then the guy who owns the car comes out of the restaurant that I ordered food from, says it's his car, and asks for leniency until Thursday, when he'll have the money to pay off the tickets. Turns out he's one of the managers there. Being that I just ordered food from the place, and would be walking inside in mere minutes to get said food, I decided to cut him a break in hopes of having a spit-free meal. It took a few minutes for them to bring my food to me after I went in to get it, so I probably just ate a spit burger anyways. It was delicious though...
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    You had a minor typo but I fixed it for ya! No, no there's no need to thank me.
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    Ooooh Rhonda's paint is superb! Nice pants.
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    Having finished up my historical Dragoon, I decided to switch gears work on a fantasy project. A while back I'd agreed to help out with the Ouroborus Tales Kickstarter and provide a 'painting journal' describing how I went about painting one of the orcs from that project. The figures arrived a few weeks ago, so I wanted to make sure that was up next on my to-paint list. The official painting journal is only for the project backers, but I can still share work in progress and info online. But the painting journal will have more detailed step by step photos and a more in-depth discussion (sorry, gotta save some secrets for that! =P). Because I like to get the most out of this project, I'm also planning to enter the piece into the 'Eavier Metal painting competition over on their facebook group. For anyone not familiar with the sculpt, here's what the orc brave looks like: It's a nice sculpt, roughly 54mm scale (though smaller than the Black Sailors figures which look closer to 75mm). The title makes me think native american, but there aren't any overtly native american features (features, headdress, etc). The weapons and clothing are primitive so I'm leaning more towards the savage orcs from the warhammer fluff. There's a lot of skin on this guy (no armor covering it up), so I wanted to do something with the green to keep it interesting. I decided to go with a two-tone skin. So green on the back/sides and an off white on the belly. Helps convey a more primitive animalistic look to him. I'm also going to work in more color variation in select spots. Still at a very early stage. I've base coated a lot of the piece and sketched in the shadows on the body. My main focus has been the face, where I've done the green portions and details like the eyes, nose, and lips. I still need to do the teeth, inside of the ears, white on the bottom of the jaw, and add some glazes. But, this gives you an idea where it's going. I'm taking the skin one section at a time, so after this I'll probably try to tackle that left arm and then move on to other parts of the body. I'm enjoying the piece so far, but still have lots to do!
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    I finished this lady as my 3rd done since I ended my long painting hiatus. Took pictures a while ago, and until finals are done, no lightbox or new painting for me. But hey, I like the subjects, so I have that going for me. I post because I am trying to distract myself briefly without being thoroughly engrossed. Goals with her: Pale color shading on the dress. I wanted it almost white, kinda a creamy blue. I think it is ever so slightly darker than my initial goal, but still alright. Anime girl. As I was looking at her, I realized that I didn't want her to be just another Caucasian. So I tried to make her look like a cute innocent anime girl. The tiny dot on her face is an intentional "mole". Multicolor flowers, for the purpose of more color variety. Failure: that darn bird. I am seriously considering repainting it to be a bluebird. Only concern there is that I've lost some definition on the feathers, so I'd have to be very careful in doing thin layers. I tried to make it look like a yellow and green parakeet. Hair may have needed more highlighting, but it didn't have deep creases to work with, so I went minimal. okay okay, second photo is before the base was colored, but I went swiftly on that anyway and it takes little space. Fire away with the red pens
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    @Unruly And I know it's appreciated. :) I was on the receiving end of parking ticket-person generosity on one occasion several years ago. I was running late to class one day, as was typical, and there was NO parking anywhere in the building's (small) parking lot. All the curbs within a couple of blocks were a no parking zone, but I found a spot right next to a zone, squeezed into it, and fled to class. I came back to a cheerful yellow envelope on the windshield informing me that I'd parked the no parking zone (I looked and discovered I was about a foot inside it, so fair enough), with an accompanying fine. It was also noted that my car's registration was expired, as well as something else I can't remember, but to my surprise there was no fine attached to either of those other two things. I guess the parking enforcer figured one fine was enough for a Friday afternoon, and I was so glad they hadn't hit me with the expired reg too, since I knew from experience that fine was a lot steeper than the one I was given. I dunno if that's typical or what, but given that I was a broke college student, I was very glad indeed. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I've been wearing black cowboy boots, blue jeans and relatively plain t shirts for over twenty years. I've never been totally in style or totally out of style so I don't worry much about fashions. My city wife would like me to be a bit more stylish but I tell her I'm a farmer/rancher. Be happy that overalls, rubber boots and an ugly straw hat aren't my daily outfit. I even put on dress clothes for her occasionally and that is something I dislike a lot. I could get on the sword or sword cane band wagon though. Sadly I only have a couple really cheap and crappy swords and a couple low quality machetes I use for clearing brush/small branches. I'd love to have something decent quality like what museum replicas sell but that won't be happening unless I win the lottery. Not going to give up a year or twos mini budget for one nice sword. The wife didn't even want me to buy foam swords so I could teach the kids some things. When I was a teenager we did a lot of fighting with homemade wooden weapons and shields wearing old hockey equipment.
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    I'm going to take Katana for $10,000, Chuck, and say that there is nothing wrong with Civilization. Might be a bit pricey, but a true Katana made the old fashioned way would be my preference. I'll take the Wakizashi if needed, but mostly I want the Katana. If it comes with the quickening, so be it... if I have to trade a ship and live on an island, I'll go that route too. My wife has different opinions though, so I'll probably never see one.
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    I could answer this, but I'd lose my job, so I'll just leave you wondering. Not sure if I should like or not...
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    All three got some pure black tonight. Gilligan goat got the most attention after that. I used spectral white to pick out the white bits on head, legs, and belly. I also put some in his eyes. From what I can tell in the pictures I've looked up, you can see a little of the white in the eyes of goats and pigs, but not really in cows. Too tired for anything else tonight.
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    When in doubt on style issues, I go to my favorite dapper Englishman:
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    Damn, that's a sweet rogue. I love the armour. You know what'd be really cool? If there were some kind of adventure module put out at the end of the year that was designed with all of these characters in mind.
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    Well the paint is paint obviously. Some Vallejo paints separate pretty badly, but others don't. I won't know how much shaking is required until I get the bottle and let it sit for awhile. Usually their glazes are the paint pigments cut with glaze medium to make the paint more transparent. I don't buy glazes since it's pretty easy to make your own. The game effects are fairly recent, but I hear they are about the consistency of an airbrush paint. I've never actually seen one of the bottles in person though so I can't say that for sure. EDIT: Just saw a blurb that says they are part of the Game Air line. To promote the set Angel painted the figure below using the effects. You can see how the Verdigris effect looks on the crown and shoulder piece.
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    I generally tend to paint in larger blocks of time, since I have so many damn hobbies they tend to rotate - I'll read for a few days, then paint for a few days (usually on the weekends), play video games for a few days, then maybe start painting again, etc. When I do paint, it tends to be at minimum for however long it takes to finish a particular part of the mini (the cloak, or the eyes, or basecoating everything of one color, etc.), and the maximum is usually about 4-6 hours if I get in the hyper-focused head space that I do my best work in. After that, fatigue starts to make it harder to attain my best efforts. I am not going to tell you the longest painting session I've ever done (it's more than 24 hours), but I have regularly painted until the brush literally fell out of my hand because I couldn't hold it anymore, and woken up with little metal people stuck in my face and no idea what day it is...
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    After saying that I was moving away from kickstarter and refocusing my attention on the retail market, I picked a few items up today. All were on sale, though for the Darklands minis it doesn't really reflect the current exchange rate. Infinity Reverend Healer w/ Boarding Shotgun Dark Sword The Guardian Naga [NSFW] Dark Sword Black Dragon Dark Sword Blue Dragon Dark Sword Dragon of the Blood Moon Dúngal, Mormaer of Dun Durn on Pony Urien, Teyrn of Môn on Horse Qaano, Srónax Untain 2011 Adventure Sophie 2012 Pirate Sophie Vallejo Verdigris
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    Also, I've been on these forums since August, 2002, have been to ReaperCon, have met some of these awesome people... And am still scared witless to see/meet them again in October because my brain is a stupid blithering gibber. I know they're awesome people and my chosen family, but I still have severe anxiety attacks about seeing them again. Best part? They get it and respect it.
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    Mooving through the thread. I'm glad we kept it on track this time...
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    My wife keeps watching the British Bake Off. The TV sucks me in from across the house.
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    I have a lot of loathing for fashion mavens. So, perhaps, that should be my answer (it won't be). They choose one body type, and exclude everyone and everything else. That, to me, is awful. So, excluding them. I would pick to go with a high Victorian fashion. Something similar to the gaslight or even the Sherlock Holmes shows and movies we've been getting recently.
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    I'm slowly creating 2 characters for this L5R play-by-post campaign Husband is running. Mechanically they're all done, it's just a matter of backgrounds at this point. I'm terrible at this part.
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    For me the best part of going to ReaperCon is meeting allot of the people behind the avatars here on the forum. Running games helps in meeting people as well. I totally agree about trying to be active here on the forums. At least when you walk into the Con or even the hotel, you meet people & they'll say "Oh hey i'm such & such on the forum." it makes it easier to strike up a conversation & such.
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    That is an awesome sculpt and a wonderful paint job. How many times does Reaper make an artist go back until it's absolutely perfect?
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    Inspiration pictures incoming... doubt I can replicate the eyes but I'll give it a try. I'm thinking black overall with white spot on the head, belly, and legs. Mr. Goat will be named Gilligan. How now, brown cow? I have named her Ms. McLeod I want black spots on the pink pig. Its name is Zappo. But I named them. You can't eat them now!
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    I've always wanted to try out some Vallejo Verdigris but they have 3 different versions and I'm never sure which one to get between the game color verdigris paint, model color verdigris glaze, or game effects verdigris paint. I wish there was a video or blog post somewhere that explained the difference between the 3 products and how to use them. I've come so close to getting one or another of the three. Either way, I'm happy to be getting a bottle of the new Reaper verdigris as part of the NMM copper triad in Bones III.
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    Forsooth, that's what it really means. It's fun figuring out the origins of things.
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    20 minutes, naturally. Never more, never less. Goblin Math.
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    Well I certainly wouldn't steak my reputation as a serious poster on random puns that I just chuck about. Why I would never hear the end of all the ribbing.