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    Hello everyone i wanted to share custom made statue for painters that i sculpted, Dragon Queen. Hope you enjoy it!
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    I just tell them that all my calls are being recorded by the CIA and the NSA, and that some nice government agent will be contacting them shortly in regard to their alleged terrorist activities...
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    I just start rambling about random cepholopods and Cthulhu. The pollsters hang up pretty fast
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    Yes, but only because you're all just imaginary people living inside my head, so technically you're all me, and I'm Mad... Oh, c'mon... You know you want to knit little cat booties...
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    Pfffft. I wish. Fairies, Santa Claus, and unicorns are EASY. Once a year, I get a kid who walks up and says the equivalent of "I trust you to give me the straight dope, Dr. Bedlam, because you tell it like it is. So: Is there a God, and what is His nature?" I HATE it when they do that. Because when you're a teacher? The only correct answer to THAT one is "Go ask your parents." Which invariably comes back as "If my parents would give me a straight or satisfactory answer, I wouldn't be asking YOU." Man, give me unicorns and dragons any day of the week. I can go on for an HOUR about how Protoceratops is probably why we have griffons. Oh, yeah... Protoceratops, a relative of Triceratops, was about the size of a lion, but had a beaky face, and its fossils can be found throughout the Middle East. It's been theorized that ancient man found one of these things, and concluded that a beaked lion had died at some point. It is unclear why griffons have wings when Protoceratops did not; perhaps ancient man thought the wing bones got lost, or eaten with buffalo sauce by dragons, or some durn thing...
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    We have now definitively entered the obnoxious pollster season. If you find these unsolicited calls annoying, I'd like to suggest a couple of courses of action: Before answering any questions, ask who is paying for the poll. I've never had anyone answer that question with anything other than "I'm being paid by ( polling company )", "I don't know", or "We don't release that information." At this point, my response becomes something like, "If you won't answer my questions, why should I answer yours?" Alternatively, inform the pollster that just as they charge for their time, you charge for political consulting and ask for a street address to which you can send the bill for your time. I recommend a rate of at least $200/hr with a half-hour minimum, but the decision of what to charge is of course yours. Note that if they continue to ask questions at this point, there have been cases where requiring callers to pay similar bills has been enforced in small-claims courts. This is no different than if you ask a doctor for advice, he quotes a rate, and you continue to request advice. That constitutes all the elements of a contract. If you are actually obstinate to try to collect that kind of bill, it would probably help if you were to be recording the whole conversation. Note that a further call from the same company after being informed of your consulting rates would also constitute an agreement to engage your services. Note 1: I am not a lawyer and the above should not be relied upon as legal advice. It's just my understanding of how basic contract law works. Talk to a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction if you need actual legal advice. Note 2: If you live in a two-party consent state (see here for more on that) and you wish to record your conversations with pollsters, you need to notify them that "this conversation may be recorded and your further participation indicates that you assent" or words to that effect. There's a reason that you hear that all the time when people call you.
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    Reaper Miniatures 32mm scale plastic gaming miniature #80063 "Ship's Hand," slightly modified to replace a belaying pin held in the right hand with a bottle of Vim instead, and with a spare Ch'thon tail-tip somewhere or the other to suggest the sort of sea hazards one might encounter at Far Harbor. (Fallout 4 DLC.) The pier and shack wall were made from foam-core and "popsicle" craft sticks; I tried angling the sticks to serve as slats for the side of a building, as per some of the seaside shacks from Fallout 4. The crates are Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings, while the floats are painted up beads and wire. The workstation is a 3D-printed piece provided by a friend. The green backdrop is just a board I had handy, but I used Photoshop to add a horizon, since it looked too wall-like.
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    Playing with Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering pigments (finally...) Making a rusty wrought iron fence is really fun! I think I need to add a few more shadows to make the bits pop. I'm pretty happy with this, but C&C welcome and appreciated!
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    My small box of paints SHINY! came in, YAY! ...Now for hopefully the Secret Weapon washes to come in tomorrow! 9102 Coppery Orange, 9125 Scorched Metal, 9205 Blackened Steel, 9286 Punk Rocker Pink, 9451 Dwarven Gold, 9454 Shining Mithril, 9681 Prom Night Pink, 9683 Morning After Blues, 29853 Rosy Pink Included at no charge was another code for Fat Dragon Games' Cave Starter Set (probably giving to a coworker, once he replies on Discord anyways) and an extra puppy of some sort. Can't decide if I like this one or the Cyerschnauser more, but this one is definitely fluffier! EDIT: Some of thes look pretty much nothing like the swatches online, and I'm glad I picked them up anyways. Rosy Pink is rather different, same with Morning After Blues... And I love just how dark Scorched Metal looks....
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    I think I like this arrangement, with the extra pair to the right. I have tested them on a larger base togeher but it feels too open and spaced out, so I am keeping them as a pair of bases.
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    I think I need different scissors. This is more or less how I'm going to lay out the numbers. Cutting fabric later so I can start attaching things.
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    I am not above blatant copying if it will push my skills and teach me something. @Wren Your version of this was The Definitive version of this figure, in my mind. Her post is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72285-1596-joy-winter-fairy/&tab=comments#comment-1483083 There have also been some other lovely versions of Joy. I am a character in a Reign of Winter campaign for Pathfinder. The DM gave me a list of monsters we will fight, and a fairy type fey is in there, so I figured it would be a great excuse to paint my Joy. I haven't tried blue skin before. That was the reason I wanted to copy Wren's version. Here are some pics. This is the first time I've used my iPhone for pics. It does a good job getting close, but the white balance seems a little yellow. Someone had asked Wren about Reaper sparkle paints. I went ahead and tried some Sparkling Snow in the wing membranes, but it didn't show enough in hand. So, I glazed the wing membranes and her cheeks and her base with a very thin layer of Vallejo Model Color Metal Medium. You can't see it well in the pictures, but it is a nice effect in hand. I was least happy with the base. I tried to sculpt snow overhanging her base with green stuff. Just not the effect my mind's eye was seeking. I am most happy with her eyes and face. I tried to glaze some pink and purple and sparkle into her face to warm it up and give her some pixie dust effect. Again, not showing up great in the photos, but I like the effect in hand. Her left eye I managed to get on the first try. It really represents my best luck with an eye. The Iris is a mix of Spectral Glow and Moth Green. I remembered Wren's Joy having greenish eyes, but thought they looked otherwise human, so I painted these that way. Then I reviewed Wren's Joy, and her eyes looked otherworldly. You can see, I had a "Dicken's" of a time trying to get the right eye to match the left. I never could, but after 10 tries, this is the best I could do. At arm's length, it looks fine. For anyone interested, paint recipes are spoilered here: Overall, I'm very pleased with it. I hope I did the original inspiration justice.
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    Here is my most recent piece. I was going to use him originally for a Diorama scene but he is a bit too heavy for my idea. So....After a few hours of fun and a few coats of paint...here he is and ready to take on the world...lol
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    All of you are so creative. I just block the numbers..
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    I survived day one! Tear gas had nothing on me! AAAARRROOOO!!!! Tomorrow battlefield medicine, fire fighting and safety stuff. Day three the fun part, shooting!
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    I refuse to discuss the size of my wand in pub... Erm, nevermind. All things involving internet quizzes make my brain bleed.
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    The good citizens of Arkham need to be informed of important developments (for a modest price). Here to print all the news that's fit for the fragile sanity of mankind are the staff of the Advertiser. Editor Lorenzo and Flashbulb Casey, as well as the newsboy, are from Murch's News Hounds, in the Gangland Justice line. Bridget O'Rourke (sculpt II) is from Rattrap Miniatures. I love the dynamism of these sculpts! "Now listen here! Papers need to sell, and they don't sell anymore without we get the pictures! You come to me with cockamamie stories about metal men, I want PROOF! The public wants EVIDENCE! and while we're at it--" [assorted screaming and hollering] "--Hey, *dont* you interrupt me, this is important!" (Guest appearance by a repurposed Iron Giant promotional figurine.) I liked this gag so much I also set it up with 77113, Reaper Bones' Eldritch Demon (whom we all know is a Star-Spawn of the O.G. G.C.) Bridget is great at conveying the exact second where "plucky" switches over to "terrified."
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    My Reapercon swag bag arrived today. Many yays!
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    Wanna hear a dirty joke? Three white horses fell in a mud puddle. We don't really have a lot of decorations. There's some stuff that we'd like to display, but we rent, and don't want to have to deal with the landlord woofing about holes in the wall when we move out.
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    Progress:- Painted everything from the neck up. The mask is a base of Blood Red, given a Brown Wash, highlighted with a layer of Blood Red and a layer of 1:1:1 Blood Red/Red Orange/Carnage Red (my bottle of Blood Red died part way through the painting session and Carnage Red was the closest match I had) and then a Carnage Red glaze. The stitches are Cork Brown, the metal parts are Bronze, the eye lenses are 1:1 Dark Green/Pure Black with 1:1 Dark Green/Off-white highlights (I was aiming for a gem effect but the area was just too dang small), and the pipes of goo are 1:4 Off-white/Green Fluo (the camera has bleached these out quite a bit, they look pretty radioactive in hand). Start on his engine next. Hmm... Is it me, or have I given him an angry chicken head?
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    I have drugs in me preventing my nose from leaking goop onto every surface. HUZZAH.
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    Seems like when I place orders they all arrive at the same time, well besides Paizo orders. We won't talk about those...... Had my 1st Adventure League GM game last night. I had 3 people show up so it was a legal table at least. Best part was being able to DM again in my home town!! All 3 players were experienced in 5e so that was a plus. I'm hoping next Monday night, we can get at least anther player. I know the shop owner said while the game was going on he sold all 3 Core books + a set of dice to someone in the store. Party last night was comprised of probably the most unique party I've ever DMed. Halfling rogue, kobold barbarian (who was 2nd level) & goliath fighter who was a bit bigger then a normal goliath (was run by a teen). Hoping the next players are spellcasters, but whatever they make, as long as it's AL legal, I'm good with.
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    CAV KICKSTARTER III... with less than 24 hours to go until we kick this show off, I wanted to share another preview with you, but first a little back-story on how this one came about. With two kickstarters already under our belt and over 80 models produced so far, we have learned a lot on how to produce these type of plastic figures, both in terms of designing them on our side and working with our manfacturer to better understand how they do things. I'm proud of the figures we have done so far. They are well-detailed, paint up easy and are relatively damage resistant for a pretty good price. At every show I get people that would have never looked at a big, stompy robot till now (and lots and lots of kids, which our hobby needs to continue in the future). I know not everyone was as wild about their "softer" composition but for a table-top figure they worked great. I think when you see the video Im putting together of our latest effort, material wise, you will be impressed. With that being said, there is the Terran Tsuiseki from KS 1. It just has had a bad time with being so easily "squashed" during production and the time spent to "boil" it straight just plain sucks! I also hear over and over from our CAV players and other customers who use the figures for other games they want to see more aircraft. Not a lot of choice out there for larger 10mm scaled sci-fi aircraft it would seem. So, in an effort to correct both problems we are hoping to offer more aircraft for all seven factions during this KS with your support. One of these is the all-new, updated design for the Tsuiseki II! I hope you love it as much as I do...best, CB. Tsuiseki_II-Test.mp4
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    "what has ReaperCon done for you?" I think it should be "What has Reaper done for you?" because it is not just ReaperCon that I enjoy but the entire company and community. All of it together has given my daughter and I something to enjoy together as she grows up and that right there is worth all the money I have spent on minis we may never even touch with a brush.