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    While I've been relatively inactive, my lovely wife has not. She's been working on a selection of figures some of which in my admittedly biased opinion are much better than anything I've ever done >.> 77265 - Drys, Dryad I love this figure and the paint job is so subtle. The shading on the greens is superb - unfortunately, I'll have to work out how to link the front again : ) 77313 - Krug, Hill Giant Yet again, some gorgeous shading on this figure. 77314 - Golan, Hill Giant This figure is very... uh, purple. But I think it works well. I might have to go over it and tidy up some of the tree branch club - the paint coverage isn't as good as it could be. But still a lovely bit of work. 89013 - Ezren, Iconic Wizard She has this annoying tendancy to rattle off freehand that's better than my "paint by numbers" detail work, elf her eyes! This one was a fairly fast paint, with not as much shading as she's done elsewhere. 89014 - Seltyiel, Iconic Magus She refers to this one as her "Michael Jackson" figure, for obvious reasons : )
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    I have often thought, woe be to anyone who attempts to attack me. I am very aware of all the spots that surprising little flesh covers major arteries, and the true fastest way to a man's heart. I get lots of practice placing tubes in major arteries and veins. So I know where to find them.
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    My next RPG character is going to be a surgeon, and by golly i want bonuses to cutting important body parts.
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    This little fella came out alright I think. My first successful attempt at painting human eyes at this scale.
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    ... I just saw a line of specialty pinup figures, and now I can't unsee that they all have the exact same body, just clothed differently and posed differently. This isn't a denigration of pinups in general or even of these in particular. It's just that as an artist I'm used to looking at underlying anatomy, and when it is all identical it makes it more challenging for me to imagine individuality in the characters I'm painting. Not impossible, mind, just more of a challenge. I wonder if this is going to be a more common phenomenon now that 3D modelling is seeing greater use.
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    I've made a little bit of progress these past two days. I've been working a lot, so I haven't had a chance to do much, but I've been able to finish her gun and shoes at this point. @Pingo, thanks for the info about how to paint the guns. I tried both suggestions, and decided to go with the silver over a black base, and then do a dark wash over the top of it. I might change my mind later, but that's where I am at so far. The shoes were difficult for me, as has been most of this mini, actually. I thought she would be simpler because there are less parts to get hung up on, but turns out that the lack of over detail made it more diffult to determine where the shadows and highlights should go. I imagine I will get better at figuring it out as I paint more. Anyway, this is what I've got so far. The shoes I painted with a mix of Dark Elf Shadow and Pure Black, washed with Nuln Oil (which didn't change much) and then I did some highlights up to shadowed stone. I attempted glazing for the first time and found that I liked the effect a lot, even if my contrast is too low. It really helped to blend the colors together and I imagine that I will be utilizing this technique a lot. Tomorrow I will finish the gloves, hair, and hat, and then do some touch ups, and she'll be done! I hope to have my first Show Off post tomorrow! Thanks for looking and any wisdom that may be provided!
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    Does the Achilles' tendon on count as a point on each side? As well as the carotids? (And all the other bilateral structures?) The popiteal is a nasty one. Not much else supplies your lower leg. I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee. That is the one. For us it included all malignant Heme. Though I still find solid tumors fastcinating, I've found I am far less attracted to outpatient stuff. BMT was the overlap between Oncology and critical care I was looking for. But many things over the last year has made me realize the price I would pay for pursuing that path, and I don't think it's one I can pay.
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    DId these a while back...thought I would post the picks.
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    I pity the man who tries to hurt you. And Corporea, because while she's tiny, I imagine once the forums find out who hurt her, ... *shudders*
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    Elrohir got some attention today, and I decided to try to push my color boundaries and go with ORANGE for his cloak. At buglips' suggestion, I shaded it with red; Gothic Crimson (Limited Edition) specifically, which is a beautiful color, but goes on a bit thin out of the bottle. It took 3 coats to get this much coverage, and I threw on a fourth after I snapped this picture: Next, I forget how many coats of Magma Red this was, but it was several. Again, great color, but orange is one of the colors I've found to have thin coverage in general. Then, I decided to push things more, since I really want to get comfortable with higher highlights. Using Marigold Yellow, though, I think I pushed the contrast too far.... Augh, my eyes! D: So I mixed a drop of Marigold Yellow with a drop of the Magma Red, and I liked that combination MUCH better: I fixed a few patches on the back of Smash LampJaw's cloak that had been bugging me, and now here's the Three Cloak Guys together: I'm rather pleased with how they're looking! And now I'm bored with painting cloaks, so I used Blade Steel on all the sharp things. Swords for everybody! Well, except for Balin, since he has an axe. Oh and Elrohir, cuz he has a bow. ...Okay, so I guess just swords for Hack BlowFist and Tipsy, then. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'll admit, I wasn't imaging assassinating your way to the top. I was more thinking you going ronin. have no idea if that would be possible.
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    Reminds me of Diana Wynne Jones' Tough Guide to Fantasyland, a hilarious, gimlet-eyed (like so much of her work), merciless look at all the tropes of derivative fantasy, written up like an encyclopedic tour guide. A fantasy classic for sure.
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    Can I have all your houses and hotels then? They're about the right size for 2-story in 1/900. O.o
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    CW is retired US Navy..... Their skin is pretty thick, especially if you purple your comments.... Subway sandwiches! Biggest Meatiest Tastiest! (Sorry)
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    Have you read the Louis L'Amour Novel "The Walking Drum"? Not Persia, but a journey from France, to Moorish spain, to France (Paris) Flanders, the Germanies etc, ending in the middle east Starting in 1176AD.... SUPER GOOD BOOK! The character learns all sorts of interesting things....
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    I have just realized the bird wizard from bones 3 is wearing a dr. strange costume.
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    *shudder* remind me to stay on y'all's good side.
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    But she's the surgeon. I stick needles and tubes in things. For her scalpel use is a class skill. So she may be tiny, but that just allows her to catch her adversaries flat flooted and apply her sneak attack. I'm sure she would get at least +4D6.
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    I find it rather interesting the number of people who don't bear that sort of thing in mind... especially playing a cleric*/medic with whatever passes for medical training in ... really, any setting. Those characters should get massive precision damage bonuses ... *does not actually have to be a cleric, but should be capable of basic healing skills, magical or otherwise, with appropriate training. In fantasy settings, this can be witches, druids, shamans or whatever you call those people this week. ... I still have no news. I can only hope that's a good thing. :/ Thanks for the sympathy, guys; I appreciate it.
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    Hi, long time no type! I've been waiting for the Bones III figures to arrive specifically for this figure, because I wanted to try an old technique I used to use - Tamiya Clear paints over a metallic base. This is pretty much a speed technique for armored figures. It took me about an hour (not including time to let coats dry) to: Prime the figure using Reaper Blue Liner Base coat with Vallejo Model Air Steel Wash with Reaper Steel Wash Drybrush with Vallejo Model Air Silver Finish with Tamiya Clear Smoke over the top (this is effectively a tinted gloss sealant) Dot the sensor holes with Reaper Pure White & add two coats of Reaper Clear Red over the top The base is Reaper Concrete glazed up with Reaper Stone Wash used for definition. It's delibrately very clean - I could scuff it up and make it look a lot more worn, but I like the clean lines for this figure.
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    Please do not turn this into a vaccine thread. That is better suited for the bee keepers forum since you really don't want to hear what some of us have to say about anti-vax. thanks. I rarely use a paper towel now and twist excess paint off with my wet palette. I find it keeps the amount of pigment I want on the brush and helps me blend better.
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    Getting vaccinated is nothing like as dangerous as licking paint on your brush. Toxicity depends on dose. You can smell the ammonia in some paints, and sometimes the formaldehyde. Anti-vaxxers wave around chemical names as if trace amounts of them were more of a threat than epidemics and disease, conveniently ignoring the vast effort it took to get us here and the millions of needless deaths humanity endured before we did. I know a lot of doctors. I get all my vaccinations.
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    I especially liked the entries for Horses and Stew. This is mandatory reading if you want to be a writer, but not within the same five years that you try to actually write.
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    I'm afraid I haven't read any L'Amour, but from what I've gleaned and what I've seen about other successful authors unsuccessfully copied, perhaps the problem was that other authors looked to L'Amour and thought, not that they should follow his process of spinning stories out of deep learning and understanding and observation, but that they wanted to write like him.
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    I found the formula, but it isn't particularly pretty. 1 part Jim Beam Black + 2 parts Coca-Cola + Toadies' Rubberneck + Spelljammer + Alex Jones + midnight == most of a poem My dad's a big L'Amour fan. He's read them all, I reckon, though the westerns are all in which he's particularly interested. He complains frequently that other western writers have such a hard time, apparently, learning from him. I was always a Sackett fan.
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    So... I have been working on this, slowly, just not taking pics.... pretty much done with the paint,need to spray with Dullcote, and hopefully I can flock it up for the Frostgrave game on Sunday....
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    Sounds way interesting! My character was born in Baghdad right around 1176 AD and wandered the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa but never once hit Europe.
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    Welcome back, wolf friend!!! I hope your day gets better! I do appreciate you stepping back up to replace me for the rest of the month. I'll probably just stick to supplying questions instead of posting them, as they take a bit less energy, and I don't run the risk of having to stop halfway through the month again.
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    Actually, it's short for "someone you really don't want to meet in a dark alley"... Even the US Navy Seals are leary abut that. Story has it a karate grand master spent a year with them, helping them develop their own style of martial arts. This style supposedly only have a few blocks and counters, no disarming or capture moves, and the rest just full on attack. Instead of the usual K-bar knife they carry a modern copy of a Tanto because it's better for penetrating 'stab proof' vests.... Ex-FSK soldiers have been known to work for the now-closed E14 military intellingence operation. (They were sent into areas where it was thought military operations MIGHT be needed later) A typical test before joining was to be left in Oslo with a 10NOK coin ($1.25 - $1.5) and the message 'see you in Trondheim tonight' That's about 500Km (300+miles) If you couldn't talk your way there you probably didn't have the people skills needed for active operations.
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    Doesn't everyone have Orcs that randomly attack and attempt to take over their critical care units? I thought that just kinda went along with the job. One minute shoving in a tube in someone's chest, the next shoving a sword in an orc's chest. Kinda similar actually. Except you don't need to place your fingers so far up into the orcs chest... unless your doing something really wrong with your sword play.
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    I read that as "critical care and Orcs" and was really curious about your medical choices.
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    Oh, sure! I'll take that up right after you move to somewhere that it snows. A LOT. It might not be a good option, but it's still an option. No, this is probably going to come down to me getting a few days off sometime in the near future, listing and analyzing the pros and cons of my current job, doing some serious thinking, and then either starting to look for a new job, or sucking it up and figuring out a way to deal with the distasteful parts of the current job. And sharpening a few knives, too. Just in case.
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    Yeah, it'll be much more common from now. Because with 3D modelling SW and ready-made templates, a lot of people will start churning out moe 'sames'. Short-term it might give us more miniature shops, but long-term, it can be a disaster. 'Sames'? Read Paul kidd's book 'Fey';
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    BMT? Not familiar with that unit. Bone Marrow Transplant?
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    @MelmothWanders Welcome to our little corner of the web. Feel free to solicit advice; these are some of the friendliest most helpful people I know. Also, since you are a fellow New Englander, keep an eye out for the New England Paint Days thread in the Randomness section. Several of us get together at various locations and paint and share tips together somewhat periodically (summer tends to be busy so we haven't had one in a bit)
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    Meh. I'm bionic. I'll just punch it and it'll dissipate. The rain is so heavy that it actually forced me to stop writing tickets. The handheld that I actually write the tickets on, and which is supposed to be waterproof, just started shutting itself off every few seconds. Which means I literally can't write tickets until it dries out. Guess all the idiots that either can't or don't read signs, and the people who think they deserve free parking are safe from me for now. I already missed out on a nice boot because of the handheld giving me problems...
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone! You've given me a lot to ponder! I wasn't bothered by the "mundane" term, I generally just go with "normies."
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    As some of you know I went to France to participate in the Nato Tiger Meet 2017. I can't post all of course, but here is an impression of some airplanes , some badges, and some of the sight seeing. Badges I acquired, including one from last year I missed then. Jets and stuff that was safe to take pics off.
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    One of the first things I had to paint once I got my Kickstarter. I can't wait to use it in a game.
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    ok, but if we do that, I want our heroes to be trying to STOP the war crime of genocide, as opposed to genocidal broccolis. Note I'm assuming you and me quit out day jobs and become producers of a new Star Trek Series, ST: SVU (Space Victims Unit).
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    Hey all, MelmothWanders here. I am 30-something, living in central Massachusetts with my cat and my fiance, and I work in training and development (going back for my Master of Education this fall). I've played tabletop RPGs irregularly since I was about 10, but never got into minis, especially whereas the games I've played have all been theater-of-the-mind style. I've been getting increasingly into board games though, and decided that I wanted to learn to paint minis after purchasing Mansions of Madness. In order to practice, I started buying Bones miniatures a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying it (except the faces, not the faces). I have never painted much outside of a few art classes over the years, but I have worked semi-professionally as a comic book colorist at points in the past, so the color theory and lighting aspects came really naturally to me. Currently involved in a Hunter: The Reckoning campaign, and playing lots of Pandemic Legacy. Looking to purchase Shadows of Brimstone and Descent 2e in the future as I want doz miniz, and they seem up my alley. Gloomhaven 2nd printing backed on Kickstarter and due in a month and a half, woot. I am also working on my first novel, although I've been horribly off track since a death in the family last winter, and I love to read as well. Along with these hobbies, I play quite a bit of video games (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Diablo 3, Overwatch, etc).
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    Saw a close quarters self defense video yesterday on face book where a scalpel would be an appropriate weapon. Using the techniques shown it would be an instant bleed out- well 2-3 minutes.
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    Continuing on with Slate SlabRock, I did the midtone on his cloak with Ultramarine Blue, since I've got the triad so I might as well use it. And highlighted with Ultramarine Highlight. I discovered that I seem to be subconsciously afraid of such abrupt highlights (the colors I usually choose tend to be much closer to each other), especially on the broad smooth areas, so I just sorta...messy drybrushed the highlights on in kinda maybe the right spots and hoped for the best. Then I slathered Brown Liner on all the places I plan to paint gold, since I think it will look much better over a dark undercoat than a lighter one. While Lump Beefbroth was drying, I did a little more work on Balin. Over the Rich Green, I layered Dragon Green, Grass Green, and touches of Clear Green. This is more the highlight level I'm comfortable with, lol. I know my contrast needs more work, it's just a little scary to push the highlights so high! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Kevlar fabric alone isn't going to stop a scalpel. You need hard plates for that.
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    It was points you could hit and destroy while fighting unarmed. It's kind of difficult to target tendons... The knees, the eyes, the ears were listed. (Not going to say how to attack those, though. ) A 'fun fact' he told us is that even the strongest and toughest is likely to faint if you break their pinky finger. That's NOT on the list, though, as it not only can be healed, but it doesn't put your opponent out of action for long.
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    L'Amour really was quite a talented writer. Even if he is mostly known for his westerns, he travelled extensively, and wrote about a lot of the things he saw, or learned about. This is one of only a handful of his books I've not read yet.
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    Is there any way you can morph it into a gig where you're your own boss?
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    But if it touches down on you..... there may be a problem.... I would be watchful, but not paranoid in your situation.... Be safe!
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    Exactly my thoughts. So Instead I'm polishing a few things and begging for the information i need to be handed over before Monday.