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    A couple of beasts I created in the Bones Conversion Frenzy class.
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    @TaleSpinner doing his thing.
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    So... To set the scene... June of 2016, Guindyloo, Buglips, and myself are starting out on the Google Hangouts, talking painting etc, pretty much every night... so one evening, Buglips says he won't be around tomorrow, as he is "playing wing man for a buddy in Cougar Town..." Needless to say, we teased him about it for a while, then forgot about it... Fast forward to ReaperCon, and Guindyloo and I are shopping, and I see a Kabuki mini of a goblin berserker... I say to her, you should get this guy, and sculpt little tasselled pasties on his nipples, ditch the shield, paint him up and give it to Buglips... She thinks it's a great idea, buys the thing, and as we are walking around more (Any guesses about what happened next?) She hands me the mini and says do it... Fast forward to spring, and I find a Valiant Miniatures figure of a kobold strumpet... Then, from Scenic Express, I find a light up sign with options for motel and lounges... This is the result of my big mouth.... We will see how it does in the diorama contest... what do you all think? Thanks for looking! George
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    Dilvish on the shuttle Auction and raffle stuff Medals and Sophies The venue Our host Artist row Arcade games CAV stuff Gaming
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    That's how you win! --- Buglips Playing Buglips (w/ @haldir)
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    Sophie Says... put your mini on your nose to paint it... right @Thes Hunter?
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    Wow I feel really outclassed here but I've gotta start somewhere... Painted these for a friend's birthday, it was several months past his birthday when I finished, lol. Unfortunately before I could properly finish he had to move so I had to rush and couldn't do as much as I'd like. A lot of bases remained unpainted, and some touch ups on some of the skintones that I was planning on doing after had to be left as they were. Not sure how many I can fit before it starts flagging me as spam so I'm just gonna show a photo of all of them, and then some of the monsters. They're the ones I'm most satisfied with. Blood Rage Base Game all painted minis Fire Giant Ice Giant Troll
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    Picture of convention hall. Will get more pics tomorrow of stuff
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    *collapses into the thread* Sorry for being away. I've been torn between preparing and setting up for NecronomiCon this weekend, and comforting a friend who found out that her husband of less than a year has been cheating on her.
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    A picture of what I made as a gift for Reaper Pic courtesy of DixonGrfx
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    Queen tiamacrab overseeing her minions.
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    Idk if this is a KS model or one I randomly bought to fill out our need for giant monsters that are not cardboard cutouts. Anyway, he's done. He was going to maybe go in a desert diorama but I decided against (he didn't end up fitting). I might go back over his claw bits again tho, they seem a lot darker in the pic than they do IRL but theyr'e still just not quite right. Anyway, he's based on a couple of RL pics, mostly going for a shiny red carapace kind of idea. He's not in my WIP thread, so just a quick note, I undercoated him mournfang brown (a red brown GW colour) and then built up to the red with reaper's bloodstain red and later clotted red (my absolutely fave triad *ever*)
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    Well you tell klarg1 that it's Sophie Says and not klarg1 says. You're not banned from playing until Sophie says your banned.
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    Oh one more thing. @klarg1 says I'm banned from Sophie says. If I do anything, it's survival speed paint.
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    No. I have not yet been able to fully introduce myself. Here's a not great photo of the 'winning' entry.
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    That's a wretched broccoli-faced hubby. Would she like us to send @buglips*the*goblin and @ub3r_n3rd to elf his face up? Via stench and axe.
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    Requested pics. It’s not Sir Forscale, but it’s okay. There are little fingers inside, I would assume to hold down some mini system, or something. Will either print something to work inside there, or just take a Dremel to it. Heh. That’s funny, but probably only to me. /Why? The printer is from Dremel, so either way, my Dremel will fix the issue.
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    Yes. *BONK!* That's awesome. ^^^This^^^
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    If you have any decent photo-editing software on your pc, there should be an option in there somewhere to watermark your pics... If all else fails, you can always just use the basic software to paste a watermark into the pics by hand. If you're looking for a phone app to do it, I got nothing. I met her once... It was in a little coffee shop in New haven during the '90's, there was a really, really long line, and a small B&W tv on the counter showing The African Queen. So I was entertaining myself by doing impressions of the actors and changing up the dialogue. And somebody behind me started giggling. And then chuckling. And then full-on laughing.... And there's Katherine Hepburn, standing a few people back in the line... We talked for more than ten minutes about theatre and such before she had to leave. I really regret that I didn't think to ask for an autograph.
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    The cow sitting there with the dragons reminds me of the scene in Men In Black where Will Smith's character shoots the little girl because she's obviously up to no good.
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    Even better when @Corporea is the one that chose your mini above all others! Congrats! Does she know she chose yours yet?
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    In better news.... Sir Cyr is back from business trip! *squee* We had pizza at a tasty place walking distance from the house (nanobrewery with a pizza place below, burgers & quesadillas above). The saison beer was awesome. Mushroom & stuff pizza was yummy. We're going to paint tomorrow evening before CMPA.
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    Sweet. They're back with limited supply.
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    Another batch of deadly forest encounters, the kind you'd find protecting Castle Stoneskull! All miniatures are from the Castle Stoneskull set from Bones III. Vegepygmies: Plant Dragon: Death Lilies or something like that!
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    If her money is direct deposited, she needs to go to her boss/HR/payroll and change that. Open a new account just in her name. FTS. Then she can start working on gtfo.
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    Believe me, I am really tempted to have him suspended head down into Buglips’s dirty laundry... She isn’t leaving him because she has no money in her name, he won’t put her name on the bank account (yes, that sends up ALL the red flags), and has no family to take her in. I live too far away, she’d have to quit her job and hope to find a new one. And... *sigh* I’ve been down this road before with other women I’ve known. It usually drags on for months and ends with a sudden call and me taking a day off of work and throwing their stuff into my car as we glance nervously out the windows... Maybe this will be different. Maybe they’ll work it out. But I’ve updated the list of Emergency numbers and women’s shelters on my phone.
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    I could arrange for a localized Plague of Frog...
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    Me too!! Also, thanks @knarthex for all the pictures! I can almost imagine being there.
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    Oh man, this picture is so sexy. My jealousy gland is swelling. Great score pcktint! Amazing! I'm not even sure how those combos are possible!
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    I am totally going to sit here F5-ing the store to see if the swag bags show up for the rest of the night if I don't leave now... So I'm off to eat.
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    That's really awesome. <3
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    I'm stuck at clinicals tonight and tomorrow evening, but The Boy and I will get to be there on Saturday morning, at least. Thankfully, we live just a few miles away from the venue.
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    You made her laugh and got a story, got to talk to her, she got the chance to talk to you person-to-person, not as actress-to-fan. You made each other's day. That's worth more than any autograph.
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    Conversion class sounds like a ton of fun!! I would think it would be one of the more in demand classes. I think I see a small gap under the wing that might need filled in.
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    Looks like a Gronckle !
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    Here's my brushwork on the long-anticipated (at least for me) Fightin' Fungi! These guys were unreached stretch goals during the original "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes" Kickstarter, and finally came out with the recent Halfling vs. Chaos Dwarf expansion of "Axe & Brimstone" The Fungal Gladiator: The Bleeding Assassin: Goldcap, the Paladin:
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    Okay, tomorrow I'll be wearing my Hermione inspired t-shirt. I'll be with a shortish gentleman wearing an Indiana Jones hat.
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    Please advise your friend to imediately open a bank account in her own name, with somebody not her "husband" as a second signator on the account. Her earning need to be going into that account, not into an account she has no control over. Also, she is probably going to **need** legal advice very soon, so she should be making "just in case" arrangements ASAP. If she lives in a community property state she needs to have legal advice imediately. And one more thing, now is not a good time to get pregnant, until this situation is sorted out. If they have only been married for a year or less, it's sort of obvious that he never really has been "married" GEM.
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    I .. might be able to remember what you look like..? I'll be out Friday; look for the short person with the black fedora; there shouldn't be more than one of me around (at least, I've seen no other short people with fedoras; other hats, yes... ... .. ... ) I'd say 'should be easy' but I wasn't that easy to pick out today, apparently... ^^; Bein' short takes gumption! And a certain amount of willingness to ROAR. If all else fails, I may be adoring the kittens; they are tiny and sweet and at least one of them seems to think it needs to come home with us (ain't happenin', kid).
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    I want a Reaper blanket!!
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    I want one! Pleeze? . ... of course, I have no useful idea what anybody looks like ... but I'm easy to find. ^^;
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    Glued all but the base and one wing. superglue seems sufficient for this one. I won't be green stuffing, I'm pretty happy with the fit. now, I don't remember how the stars system works for this challenge. I intend to only use my three colors with black and white, but I am using colored liners as well to prime. I do plan to mix my colors too, just keeping the pure color prevalence ratios in order of the roll. Here I've applied green liner to the wings, red liner to the body, and a mix of the two to the base. Now for base coating. The general plan is to do the wings in olive green with maybe some red veining or on the tips. Scales will be bright alien goo green with a reddish undertone? Maybe? Base will be all kinds of brown/grey from mixing. Should be fun.
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    Apparently, I ordered a black t-shirt with the artwork from B2 Keep On The Borderlands on it... I only vaguely remember doing so, well, okay, I don't actually remember it but I have a vague feeling I might have - I think I got it off Etsy... maybe. But, it's here.
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    What an odd highlight color for that triad.
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    It also talks when you haven't pulled the string. I had a furby like that once. Nope, don't need another haunted doll.
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    I shall leave this here... since it is a photo, and the photo contains my husband (Matt). (sssssshhhhhh)