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    Hey there! I decided to hop back on the RPChallenge wagon! These guys have been languishing on my desk, just in need of some touch-ups and basing. So I knocked those out, and I'm calling them done. They'll be fun to use as a marker or something. I did a WIP on my blog, feel free to go check it out! I update there much more frequently than I post here. Hope y'all enjoy them! C&c is always welcome!
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    Look what showed up on my desk at work today! That appears to be a Dark Heaven starter set with a Reaper catalog from 2000. The box contained: Dark Heaven Apocalypse rulebook "Adventures in Errata" sheet Quick reference sheet Quick play sheet The 12th Journal of Johann Kruger 2d10 (wooden, one white, one orange) 4x dwarven warriors (sword and board, axe and board, crossbow, dual axe) 4x skeletons (2 variants on sword and board, halberd and board, bow) A blank game registration sheet on bright red paper Reaper catalog for the year 2000 Everything appears to be in pristine condition -- no wear or tear, no rips or scuffs. The figures are all fine, though I think one skeleton's arm has bent slightly. They were just rattling around loose inside the box. What a blast from the past. It showed up in a pile of boxes full of board games that got donated to the library I worked at -- not sure who collected it, but I've seen things in those boxes ranging from a Cosmic Encounter from 1978 -- I think it's a first edition -- up to some game from 2010 called Crows that I'd never heard of. It's been a fun few days sorting through them. Whoever it was had a real passion for board games involving trains. There've been five or six of those so far.
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    One of my goals this year is to work through my pile of unpainted Bones from all the kickstarters. First up, a mini that was used as a test piece and then put back to gather dust for a few years. It was painted fairly quickly using glaze technique, which helped keep me from fussing over the details. One mini off the shelf of shame (or rather, out of the plastic box of shame).
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    One of the Fellows from Lead Adventure Forum, Schrumpfkopf, posted photos of his own Owlbear (Westphalia Miniatures). He claimed his choice of colors gave it a chicken like appearance...it did. I really liked the chicken look & added white fur to emphasize it. For as long as travelers through the Spooky Woods can recall there has been a roaming horror that they call The Psycho Chicken of The Woods. The existence of the Beast has been blamed on the Dread Poultrymeister, Francois Purdieu. That is a Wanted Poster for the Poultrymeister: ...or perhaps, it is the Poultymeister himself: There you have it ; YET ANOTHER Legend of The Woods.
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    Hello everyone, finally i can post a mini I've finished to paint: during the holidays I was very busy at work and at home and had no time to paint :( Soooo here we have Borin Ironbrow, I was really inspired by the pose, the quality of the sculpt and the three weapon to choice: I've opted for the warhammer, cause a dwarf have to break rocks and skulls Classic red beard, and red robe to make contrast with the green cloak, natural leather and METALS! Woooo! I got a bunch of new metals from Vallejo Metal Colors for the holidays and had to try it and I have to say this are THE BEST metal i've ever used, so smooth application, superb metallic finish: the pictures can't capture the real effect, but believe me, those metals are just incredible! Tried to make a Ancient gold finish for the armor and the hammer head, using steel, silver and washing it with some Sepia. It came out more Brass looking, happy of it hanyway! For the shield, helm and hammer handle I've opted for steel finish: for it i've used steel, dark grey wash and aluminium highlight. Ok enough bla bla... here we go: Thank you for reading, hope you'll like it!
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    I'm of the same thought. Too gimmicky to be worthwhile. Though I can appreciate the rubber band clamp for its simplicity, the rest of the handle that needs its own stand is bad design. Though I can appreciate more light while painting, having the USB lamp itself in the way (since having my miniature backlit while I paint is not helping) is just going to make it worse. Anyone else suddenly want to eat a carrot while looking at the prototype?
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    I have plans to paint nearly everything. Really. I also have plans for world domination... but y'know... some things are temporarily put on hold.
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    I wanna paint the piggy. I don't know why. And I want to paint him with big calico-type brown and black spots.
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    The ruffles... The rufffffles.....
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    Today, Grump told me to "Talk to the hand". He'd drawn a smile and glued googly eyes on it. BD was the target, but he felt like being silly. Speaking of silly, I found a hoodie that I may need to get two of, his and hers, or maybe three if they come in toddler sizes. My character would NOT have kissed him if he had looked like that!
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    On Amazon there are several decently priced sets of synthetic brushes that have really good customer ratings. I have considered buying them several times but I already have enough brushes. I collect minis and paint so I don't need to add brushes to that too
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    It helped that I was working at a call center that didn't complain when I painted minis at work. You get a lot done when painting during a 10 hour shift... I recently changed jobs, and until I get into a comfortable state at the new one, painting is probably going to be much harder to accomplish, sadly...
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    Some low hanging fruit. Two were "primed" with brown liner and painted dark to light, two were not and painted using glaze technique. An easy way to get a different look with the same paints.
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    My favorite Star Wars game ever is Rogue Squadron I: Rogue Leader. X-Wings are great all-around fighters A-Wings are zippy but fragile Y-Wings are slow but tanky And... B-Wings are the happy medium between them all, with an ion cannon. But mostly, I just like the way they look. Umm...I recently aquired...umm...ground beef for burgers! Yeah. On-topic. Yes.
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    Alrighty! To help Kit out, if all of the winners would please send me their email address where they would like their e-certificate issued to them and which currency you would like your certificate issued in (you can check the store for the currencies available if you aren't sure. If you are in Europe, the stores are not linked yet but he can send you a certificate for the local delivery option.) Once I have the list of emails from everyone, I will send the list to Kit and he will then distribute the certificates to the email address you provide. If you do not tell me a preference in currency, you will get USD. Thank you!
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    Hmm, I just realized...I am getting two argent's...they are pretty big and noble looking...Hmm, if I could get some heavy marble bases from say a trophy shop, I see possible bookends
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    Package went in the mail today! My partner should see it Wednesday or Thursday. Unfortunately I found the note that was supposed to go in it after the box left... I'll post in show off a little later this week so you know who it's from.
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    Chronoscape was the longest choice for me too. I haven't been doing anything scifi for years now. But I decided at the last minute there were enough unique and interesting minis in it to make it worth it. I've been stockpiling Bones for all future gaming situations.
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    I picked this one up no problem, as a matter of fact I picked up all the expansions and core set. The one I kept till the end though was chronoscope, was the smallest of all expansions and did not have a lot of wow factor, but I do not have ANY of the mini's so I figured why not. Besides, I have many conversion ideas lined up for quite a few (especially one in particular which doesn't have time to bleed!)
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    Same! Fan favourites is one I hemmed and hawed about for a while but I'm very glad I went for it in the end!
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    Originally, there wasn't going to be a WIP thread for this since I expected to finish in a single evening. That didn't happen. And I've been sick this week. With "20" miniatures waiting to be painted (not to include Bones 4 coming next month), I need to decrease the amount of time it takes to paint a miniature, defined as going from "primered" to "ready to be sealed". For this and the next few time trials, I will be focusing on basecoat/wash/drybrush and then neatening up as required, aiming for tabletop quality. After about three and a half hours, Garrick has been basecoated and washed. (The black paint for the base will be done last.) The colors are intended to be the same as for 14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt. (click on the images to see larger ones) Two things to improve so far: Basecoating took so long because the paints were overthinned, meaning it took more than two coats to get good coverage. The only paint that didn't have this issue is the Polished Leather used for his belt. The buildup of the base around the integrated base was done using Liquitex blended fibers texture gel, which I found to be less than desirable. I had hoped the texture gel would yield a texture similar to the broccoli base. The blended fibers texture gel shrinks a lot when it dries though. What's seen here is the result after two or three coats. I would probably have needed another four or five to actually get a rounded hill. I don't plan to use it again, unless I have a lot more time or I build up a substrate under it first. I plan to primarily use stamped greenstuff for bases in the future. Things left to do: Drybrush. Line. Deepen some shadows, bring out some highlights. Glaze the armor to add more shadow and knock down the reflectivity. (Note to self: Take a TMM class at ReaperCon this year, if possible.) Constructive comments appreciated.
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    I /think/ I'm actually done. Any glaring issues aside from needing glued together?
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    I seal flock with either a touch of watered down PVA or antishine spray from Army Painter.