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    Townsfolk, 03859 Cooper, 03857 Milk Maid, and 03858 Sage, by Bobby Jackson
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    Dungeon Dwellers 07003 Bloodbite Goblins by Bobby Jackson and some other goblins (I forget where they came from)
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    The project I've been working on for the past two weeks: Ariel and Orion, queen and King of the wood elves from Warhammer fantasy setting. Their background is quite simple actually, clearly inspired on Titania & Oberon of the fey people. Ariel is a mage, Oberon is the hunter. I decided to paint them with opposite schemes: Ariel with an autumn palette (the flow of her dress made me regret it many times: it could have looked great in blue) and Orion with an spring one. Both are classic characters from Warhammer. Both metal models. Ariel's is really old: probably around 4th-5th edition; there was also an Orion model back then, but mine is the rework from 8th edition. While Ariel's original model shows its era aesthetics but it's still appealing, I thought Orion's original model was outdated and not that good. While painting them, Orion took a lot more time (a lot more), since it has a lot more detail.
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    I have been bitterly against photobucket for almost 10 years now - a popular (back then) site like that should have had better security to prevent the myriad viruses that have come from that site and denied ad space to those "your site is infected, click here now!" And having just read what's going on with them right now, wow... -continues to ramble on a box off into the sunset-
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    I don’t care. They blew it. They blew it so bad they broke the internet. Photobucket scolded me for hotlinking (as if that were not what their site was for) and apparently sent me the same boilerplate attack they sent everyone, claiming my massive data usage was impairing them (I never got even close to a significant fraction of 1% of the storage space they kept telling me was mine, and almost none of my photos were hotlinked - most of the time, as on these forums, I linked people directly to Photobucket to see my nsfw minis). They then replaced my images with big nasty demands for money which they left up for most of a year, making them bigger and bigger. Last month I replaced their now-gargantuan link in my sig line (on another forum) with an explanation that Photobucket had destroyed all my images, but here was a link to my site if people would like to see my art. I’m keeping the anti-Photobucket sig line. They were just awful.
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    We had a pretty moment after a rain delay, working on the building the other day. What spectacular placement.
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    Time to paint for a bit and practice being nice to my brain before my appointment tomorrow... (Whelp, I only decided to say something in this chat since stuff gets lost fairly easily so of course it's a post at the top of a page....)
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    Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent. I had surgery to remove a bunch of hardware from my knee this week so I finally had some time to finish up painting the core for Zombicide: Green Horde. My 6 year old has been pushing to play and today when she got home from school, first words out of her mouth were, "Since you're too crippled to do anything else fun, you have to play Zombicide with me." I wasn't real sure how it would go but figured we'd give it a go. It couldn't have gone much better. We've dabbled in a some other miniature games (I'm more of a painter than a gamer) but if anyone is wanting to introduce younger kids, I can't recommend the coop games enough. I liked being able to kind of sandbox things with D&D and skew the rules to fit her needs but this was one of the first times I think I had as much fun as she did. I'm sure we flubbed some rules here or there but I was surprised how well she followed along. I was also extremely surprised how immersed she got. She really got into it, openly wondering if these were decisions that her "character" would make. She even, almost shed a tear over a sacrifice made by my dwarf to save the rest of the party. In the end we actually managed to beat the senario. She immediately wanted me to photograph the occasion. When I asked her if she was gonna smile, she let me know she was still sad about Berin getting eaten but she was proud we won so it's okay if she doesn't smile. Today was an awesome day as a hobby parent.
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    Skeleton Musician 1 and The Thing in the Crypt from the Bears Head Miniatures Kickstarters
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    i have a dinosaur miniature now (Funko Pops Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex)
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    FTFY [purple] Dude, that sounds like a really rough work assignment; you have my sympathies. [/purple] Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I thought that only worked with bards. I still can't believe GRUMP has those toons on his bookmarks.
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NvMVQ_DgEJY You kind of had to grow up in Canada in a certain era to get it. Also the reason why I was extra traumatized by the episode of Buffy where Spike gets charmed/hypnotized.
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    Since you're moving to Canada, you'll eventually become aware of the pink and purple Canadian prairie giraffe. Extinct since 1985 (when CBC cancelled The Friendly Giant). And I think I found my color scheme for my Bones 3 savage avatar giraffe.
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    I was away at a convention in Maine over the weekend, and one of my eBay packages of vintage miniatures was delivered. This is going to take some work. One of the things I bought it for was the ancient Minifig goblin wolf riders. Back in the day, the catalog picture showed two goblins on one wolf. I managed to find a cache of 18 wolves a year or so ago, and had 6 others, but only three riders for the 24 wolves. However, I was a little startled to unpack this box and find that, after setting aside a few axe goblins with broken weapons, I had an even 100 riders. I guess most of the wolves are getting two, and a bunch of Prince August home cast wolves are going to have Minifig riders, if they can be made to fit. The pocket of scruffy Minifigs Swords and Sorcery "skeleton men" (skull-headed, at least) proved to have 122 figures in it. There were also a few mounted Nazgul minus their horses, some of the old goblins I've been painting, and more. While I was assimilating that, the mail showed up with TWO Kickstarter packages, the new Oathsworn Burrows and Badgers set, and a delayed set of Viking stuff from Acheson Creations, with half a dozen buildings, some other resin terrain pieces, and 66 miniatures. I'm thinking that I'd better not order anything new for a good while...
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    I had a pretty good day; I even have home work---I need to construct a Pinewood Derby car for racing at work this Friday. Just remember: A wise old Drill Sergeant once said: Pain is weakness leaving the body.
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    I suspect that they were losing paying customers, instead of getting people to pay to regain access to their images. Kind of the opposite of what they wanted. The Auld Grump
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    Its like a jackalope mated with a peregrine falcon
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    Wait, did we pick the SAME episode, or is the Fire being flaky?
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    If you need supplies in a hurry check out Hobby Lobby. Good Luck. GEM
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    You also might want to check local hobby stores for metal aftermarket engines for them. Adds weight and style.
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    Well, for a less smart-elf answer, wife and I will have finally paid off our honeymoon loan by the end of next month. So having more money freed up will be nice.
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    Continued experiments seem to confirm my hypothesis that by weeding I am now somehow summoning rain. Now to figure out a way to monetize this.
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    It should be blocked from the world. *shakes fist at Photobucket*