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    here, happier note. Pictures from Facebook
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    Here is my finished "spirit of the forest" diorama. Including a bones bird familiar and metal squirrel familiar from 02756. (The axe was from a Frostgrave plastic sprue - cultists or soldiers?) wip is here Pics Oops - meant to put his in show off. How do I fix it? Mod help?
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    I'm gonna be in another film! Granted, it's just a little 4-5 minute thing, and I literally just have one line at the very end (my first speaking role, yay!), but I'm looking forward to it. I'm also going to be helping on the crew when I'm not in front of the camera. This is the same film group that did the one at RadCon (which is still in editing due to the editor having like 10 other projects). I was mistaken before, actually, it's not really a company so much as a community film enthusiasts club sort of thing, but they still got all them fancy cameras and equipment and stuff, so it's plenty good enough for me! I'll give more details of the film itself a bit later, once the trailer is available to share. It's going to be a lot of fun, though. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I think the first thing I do after I get my bones (well, second, because verifying they're all there comes first) is dry fit up my Tianot. Then she can sit there glaring at me, waiting to be painted. And Hubby can nag me about painting her. And then... I'll tell him I need an airbrush to paint her properly
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    Congrats OneBoot! Hope I get to see it. And because people are showing pics of their gardening, well it's not much but I did this.
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    M.E.O.W. denies any knowledge of or responsibility for this attempted paint theft incident. In an unrelated note, our stock of Bathalian Chitin is still low; Agent F claims to have located an unsuspecting alternate source. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    By curling up in the fetal position in the corner, rocking back and forth, crying...
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    Whee. Picked up Knight Models Suicide Squad for $25. 14 miniatures. ^.^
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    This past week I painted up the Goroloth (or "Sharktopus", as I like to call it. ) from the Bones 2, Expansion Set #1. I didn't do anything fancy, just painted it to a tabletop quality.
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    I think they have to concentrate on the camera and pose to get that uncanny valley girl look. There's at least one Gothic Lolita in my neighborhood, and she looks way more like a normal person on the street. Well, a normal person in a black frilly baby doll dress with a parasol and a little bonnet, but you get my meaning.
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    The rise of the Umberhulks is at hand! Umberhulks Smash! All hail our new Overlords... er, Underlords... Umberlords? I'm reaching the stage where I'm going to have to admit that I'm a plastic organizer collector.
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    Acquired another one of these today: I figured that I should have just enough room for my Bones III package that I didn't need anything else, or at least enough storage to get away with it. But then I was going through the store the other day and found that the organizer that I bought before was 50% again, so I figured that the timing was too fortuitous to pass up. I am ready, Reaper!
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    I only got about .... 10 minutes of art done today. Instead of several hours. It was a friend's birthday though - we played golf, then Ticket to Ride, and then Overwatch. We have many varied interests
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    Suddenly, I feel infinitely more happy about my "large" collection (25-30) of minis I have not painted. I feel like this could happen to me, but my wife is a stern and fiscally responsible woman. She will be very mad at me if she sees me getting too many minis.
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    I'lll probably just leave em in the box that they come in & stick in the hobby room where ever I have space.
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    Finally back home from the race..my time wasn't as good as I'd hoped, and I'm pretty sure my everything is sore. And now to go pass out.
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    Posted to kickstarter Updates: ***************************** We've had a busy week, and not everything went as we originally planned. We know that this caused some confusion, and it definitely caused delays, and while we were squaring it all away, we were not communicating. We chose to resolve the issues first, and explain later. This was not a choice many of you were happy with, and we apologize. We're on target now, and we're moving at a good clip, so we're taking minute to explain the new situation. Europe Zone Orders To begin, Euro-Zone (Europe, Africa) orders are loaded on a container, although I do not have confirmation on which ship that container is assigned to, so I cannot give an ETA for when it will arrive in the UK. You will receive tracking from the UK facility when they apply postage, we will keep you updated with the container progress as we can. Pacific Zone Orders Pacific-Zone (Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands) orders are likewise loaded on a container, although this has not been picked up by the carrier yet (it is scheduled for pickup tomorrow). You will receive tracking from the Australian facility when they apply postage, we will keep you updated with the container progress as we can. Americas Zone Orders Americas-Zone (North America, South America, associated territories, APO) have begun. We did a test run on this zone last week, processing Canadian orders, and there was some additional confusion caused by this, we will clarify below. We are currently shipping now US & all other Americas Zone orders in Wave Order. You will receive tracking emails as your postage is applied. Tracking frequently takes 24-48 hours to become "live", as the processing facility must scan the parcel in as received before the links work (in many, but not all, cases). These orders may ship via UPS or USPS, and your tacking will indicate this. Canadian Orders We were once again asked by our carrier to ship Canadian Orders all at once. We have done so, and your orders are on their way to the facilities in Calgary and Toronto that will handle the Customs and then process outwards from there. Your Tracking emails work, but may show no activity for a few days as this international transit occurs. Your return addresses will say the facility in Calgary, but the orders were pulled and postage was applied here in Denton. Tracking Our Progress We've got a progress tracker ready, and it can be found at http://forum.reapermini.com/ks/ This tracker shows how many orders remain, how many we have shipped since Midnight Central Time, what Wave and what City, State (or city, country for non-US Americas-Zone orders) the last order processed was for. See the example screenshot below. In this way we give you up to date information, without revealing confidential data. This tracker refreshes itself every minute, so there is no need to obsessively F5 (and crash our server). Bear in mind that the Orders Remaining number includes orders for the EU and Pac zones, which are not being pulled here, so when we finish Americas Wave 10, there will still be several thousand orders still showing as remaining. This is a feature, not a bug. We take lunch breaks at noon Central time, (-5 GMT), so for that one hour period, the counter will not increment. We also end pulling each day at 5:30 Central, (10:30 GMT) to clean up and restock supplies for tomorrow's pull, so the counter will not increment during those times. We hope that clarifies everything, and we will turn our attention now to completing fulfillment as fast as is humanly possible. Thank you for your patience Reaper **************************** and now, I must go back downstairs and help out, It took waaaaay too long to type all that out.
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    I now know of three metal bands that use hurdies-gurdy. This is a positive development.
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    I skyrimmed all weekend. At least I stuck with my diet while doing it though...
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    The entire town is quiet and peaceful since everyone is gone for the long weekend. Such times makes me see the merits of a zombie apocalypse.
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    Congratulations! There's a lot of demand for kittens in boots!
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    Took me forever to get to this guy, mainly because I felt Boromir was lame lol. I just finished it. I think he came out killer though. I'll likey touch up the left side of his face.
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    Some paver work on the fountain.
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    Life was a bit busy lately, so I didn't get to paint much till today. I managed to get some blocking in of the shadows of the skin. So I realized I should have mentioned the color's in the last photo. Skin is SFG (scale fantasy & game) 16 - Hellbound Flesh. I then blocked in the shadow area with SFG 13 - Undead Flesh. I then furthur deeped the shadows with a mix of SFG 16 + SFG 10 - Misfits.
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    Finished up a couple of figures from the Temple of Set project. The guy on the left reminds me of someone I saw in a movie once [wink]. The cultist originally had a flail or scourge in his right hand, but it broke so I replaced it with a second blade.
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    Mine just got postage, I am wave 1 us.
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    It's done y'all! We finished cleaning yesterday. I have a few things of daily maintenance that needs doing (making the bed, bagging up the trash, etc.) but it's done. Now to get my new paint area set up and I'll be golden.
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    I teach. I teach Special Ed. I teach Behavior. Patience is a prerequisite. Patience is a job skill. Patience is necessary. As to impatient, once, many years ago, I opened a paycheck to find a grand total of seventy-eight cents on the payout line. This was an error, and I went to Payroll to straighten it out. They told me I hadn't been to work in two weeks. I explained that I'd been on vacation, and had filled out the necessary paperwork, and could we please check? Sure enough, the computer explained that I had been on paid vacation, and that I was due two weeks' pay. And the Payroll lady agreed to correct the error... on my next paycheck. I explained that my rent and car payment were due on THIS paycheck, and that it was Payroll's error, and that I should not have to suffer due to someone else's mistake. She kindly explained that to cut me a check NOW would require a Senior Manager's approval. And then left it at that. I asked if a Senior Manager could be contacted. She fumfuh'd and duhduh'd and implied that one did not bother Senior Managers for such trifling matters, and that I would simply have to wait two weeks, and didn't I have any savings, for paying my piddly little bills? And I might have lost my patience at that point. I explained that my finances were no one's business but my own, and that I had committed no error, and that I expected to be paid, regardless of any errors made in or by Payroll. Now, please. Contact the Senior Manager in charge, and inform him that there is a problem to be addressed. Now, please. This sounds a bit more reasonable than it was. Around the words "my own" in the above speech, I took hold of the corner of the desk, lifted the desk an inch or so, and then dropped it. She reacted with shock. I found this faintly gratifying, so I did it again. And around the first "now, please," I did so to punctuate each word. She called the Senior Manager, who was shocked, and completely understood my disgruntlement, and authorized the cutting of a check, right there on the spot. He was really nice about it. No trouble whatsoever. Had a bit of a rep in Payroll, after that. EDIT: Now that I think about it, they accidentally overpaid me... the original 0.78 from the first check...
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    And they* said 3D printing poses no threat to traditional miniatures... well maybe not yet, but still: There are a few more pics at my blog. This is a 3Dprint I printed out myself on my cheapo Flashforge Finder. Printed in PLA with .01 layer height. I scaled it a bit randomly to make a large one. The original model is by Axolote Gaming, an unexpected bonus item from their second Kickstarter, and also one of the better models of a Beholder I have seen yet. You can see the stepping from the printing process if you look closely. This is particularily obvious in the teeth and the eyeball as.the gloss varnish I used on the eye really made the stepping apparent. It was not half as bad before. At any rate, the stepping is really only apparent when looked at closely, or when magnified such as in the pictures. The fangs are a bit misshapen here and there, mostly from my printer not being all that great. I have not used a file when prepping, just clippers and a sharp hobby knife. Maybe a file would have straightened those teeth out properly. Something to try next time. The tentacles are hollow as their cross sections are to small to include any infill. This means they are quite brittle and prone to snappin off. Luckily only one of them broke during the removal of the supports though. My printer also left a lot of extremely fine hair-like strings attached to the finished print, so together with removing the print-supports there was quite a lot of prepwork. At least I did not have to wash it to get rid of the mould's release agents, as I have realized the truth: there is no mould. A note about painting 3D models: Neither drybrushing nor washes are good techniques for them, as the stepping will get accented and more pronounced. (and here I am with drybrushing and washes as my favorite techniques... argh!) I used a 50mm lipped base with a paperclip to make the stand. Beholder model by Axolote Gaming 3D printed at .01 layer height PLA 50mm base *They still being Tom Kirby CEO of Games Workshop in the 2014 GW Chairman’s Preamble to the Games Workshop CEO annual report.
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    I finished my current semester of school a few weeks ago and wanted to ease back into painting with something simple and something from my shelf of shame. I'm not real pleased with the highlights on the cloak, overall I'm happy with him as he ended up in a nice muted tone. Feedback welcome and wanted.
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    Well I know that there's at least a couple of Japanese models who've had plastic surgery done to make them more doll like. Which is cool, whatever makes them happy. I just find them super creepy. And I collect dolls too. Omg, one of those doll ladies in a zombie apocalypse... I would scream so much
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    The Lolita fashion models who look like dolls creep me out. Like, if they're happy that's cool, but if I saw one of them in real life I'd probably try to kill her thinking she was some scary possesed demon doll. I've seen too many movies...
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    I've just felt all sorts of "off" today. I swear it's because my sister called and woke me up to yell at me that I needed to be at my youngest nephew's dedication this morning. That was after 4 hours of sleep, and with sleep meds still in my system. So I had to force myself awake, drive half an hour, sit and listen to a bunch of droning about religion, then pose for pictures, before driving back home and being able to pass out again. That was almost 3 hours of crap that meant absolutely nothing to me, because I'm not a religious person and loathe such ceremonies in general. I spent another 6 hours or so asleep after that, and ever since I woke up I've barely wanted to move. I had planned on doing some painting and some cleaning today. But all I've gotten done is 2 loads of laundry. I have managed to feed myself at least. Not the most impressive accomplishment, but with how little I feel like moving it came as a surprise to me.
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    I don't think I have any minis from the 70s still in boxes. Which is not to say that I don't have minis from the 70s or that I've painted all of my minis from the 70s. Just that I don't have original boxes for them.
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    If it's anything like the other Bones KSs you can get into the PM with a $1 pledge. You shouldn't have any problem adding for the stuff you want later on. Lots of people had to do that in Bones III.
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    From what I saw any other apple tree at all including crabapple will do just fine so long as it isn't too far away. Double checking.... max 100 feet but ideally 50 ft. The hope is the bees go right from one to another.
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    This is the kind of wisdom which is much needed in the world today. This weekend has been utterly unproductive, and today I did virtually nothing but relax. I know some of you may be envious, but I am frankly disgusted with my lack of activity.
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    Got my stuff and built a castle right away to test it out.
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    Moo hoo ha ha. Dang, Pez, the umber ones are hard ENOUGH to get at a reasonable price. I'd have to be Bill Gates to get the PINK ones...
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    I knew that ! ...and here we are, centuries later, aligned with the Kurds...some of them anyway.
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    Had a little paint sesh with the elder digit today. Can you guess which I did and which was the ten year old's?
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    Hi all, It has been a while since the last post, but here is a quick, step-by-step painting guide to the Silver Death Fish for DeepWars. This model is suspiciously similar to an ancient Xiphactinus fish, but has slightly different fins, with a few finlets near the tail like a tuna. This model was primed in white and painted using the techniques very similar to the Dire Fish-Lizard from the AMG painting guide, Painting Scaly Beasts. The key was to use washes and glazes to give it the basic colors, then lighten sections with thinned white paint and make edges pop with pure white. The majority of the colors were Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink, while paint was Golden Fluid Acrylics and Americana white and black. All ink was mixed with Liquitex Matte Medium and water to give it more body to flow into the cracks. Otherwise it tended to stain the scales instead of flow into them. So the first step was to paint the upper sides, back with very thin washes, almost glazes, of Deep Turquoise ink and medium. The mixture was around 20% ink, 40% medium and 40% water. These are not exact numbers, but the mixture was light enough to apply color and flow into scales but left a lot of lightness. A key here was to set the model upside down while it dried so the color did not flow down the entire body. When it was dry, the next color applied was Quinacriadone Magenta ink, painted in a very light glaze around the middle of the body and onto parts of the head and the fins. The mixture was more about the same density as before but less was held on the brush so it did not run everywhere. The model was held upside normally while applying this glaze also. Next, The head, belly and lower body was painted with a glaze of the original turquoise mixture. Finally, a wash of Pthalho Blue ink (same medium and water percentage as before) was applied on the top of the back. The model was inverted and light brush strokes were used to push the glaze further down the back and blend it with the Turquoise scales. The next step was basic shading, done with more glazes or Pthalho Blue ink on the back and Turquoise ink on the sides, going over the Magenta scales. This glaze was very thin, closer to 10% ink, 40% medium and 50% water, with the here to tie all of the colors together with blue. Also applied were glazes of black paint mixed with Pthalho blue ink onto the top of the back and in the mouth. It looks pretty messy now, but you can make out the basic idea of the light and shadow. When all of the color had dried, the next stage was adding basic highlights. This was done with slightly thinned white paint, maybe 60/40 paint and water, applied lightly onto areas that would reflect light. This mixture was used with very careful drybrushing in multiple layers on the scales to build up edge highlights. It is important to brush perpendicular to the scales and not scrub in all directions here as otherwise the scales just get a coating of white. The goal is to just do the edges of the scales lightly and build up layers. Also, a glaze of white was applied along the upper third of the body to increase lightness there, allowing it to flow into the cracks and all. This glaze is just paint and water and was "scrubbed" around a bit with the brush to blend it. This technique is also called "feathering" but is basically just quick brush strokes to reduce the sharp edge of the glaze. The final stage was done with edge highlights of more white paint, mixed with less water, around 80% paint, 20% water. This mixture was used for some edge drybrushing on the scales, and on the fins and teeth, with some additional black paint glazed in the mouth and around the base of the teeth. This mixture was uses with a fine brush to pick out scales using the tip of the brush to add highlights where the drybrush missed. Some pure white paint was used on scales that were lightened in the previous step. On the fins, the edges were highlighted with 80/20 white, but some fine line details were added with 50/50 white using a fine-tipped brush. To finish off the glazes, a light mixture of Raw Sienna ink and Primary Yellow paint (10% color, 40% medium, 50% water) was applied along the middle of the body, above the magenta section, and on the head and around the eye. The eye was painted with a mixture of yellow and white paint, with a black pupil and a tiny dot of pure white for a hotspot reflection. The base was done in steps similar to the body, with a wash of Burnt Sienna paint, medium and water (20/40/40), then when dry, two washes of Pthalho Blue ink (20/40/40) to build up color. The base had some small cracks in it that were filled with extra Matte Medium and allowed to dry, then painting over them. Sections of sponges were painted with Pure Burnt Sienna ink and the starfish was done with Dioxazene Purple ink + white paint. Some Sap Green ink was applied as a glaze to add more color to the rock.
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    Well, huh. Tis correct. Luckily the neighbor has a apple tree that is not a Honeycrisp, so I may be good.
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    Not to cast aspersions but that salad looks a bit off to me.
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    More stuff added to the altar. Treasure and gifts. Serpents crawling out of the openings and all over the altar. Also started on a bird, a skull and did some more work on Alsnia.