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    Hi all, Taking a little break from the savage avatars with a quick little paint job to clear my palette. Not my best work, not my worst. I guess if I played with my Minis I would consider him more tabletop than display. I didn't really choose the colours carefully so he's a little plain but he was fun! First 28mm bones model I have painted...aaaand I still definitely prefer metal but definitely not shabby. He came as a little surprise for me since I didn't realize he was part of the town stuff set.
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    All the Bones bears are polar bears until they get painted...
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    so i had fun in my art program playing with colors
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    I heard a great clamor as though a thousand voices cried out in squee and were suddenly breathless.
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    i can't help it....i had Ma'aldakar planned out within a few days of seeing it in the KS, now it's almost finished IRL! it's in my nature to start thinking up color schemes...
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    Saw this in a random Facebook add and thought it might be appreciated here. Not going to say that Cat-Word that Reaper has not promised us. :) J--
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    Pie! Pie piepiepiepie! PIE! Ahem. I suggest trying an apple pie. Use raw sugar instead of the white stuff.
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    I plan to do mine red and blue. ...So then I will have Red vs. Blue. It will amuse me, at least. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    After watching Sorastro's Zombicide painting videos, I had to give Army Painter's Strong Tone a try. Here are the results. I didn't spend any time highlighting after the strong tone, except the hair. He he reminds me of the opening scene of Walking Dead with the solitary zombie walking through the fields.
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    What do we want? A cat dragon! When do we want it? Meow!
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    Now I am ready to do a wash. I use Army Painter Dark Tone for my rusty metal look. I do not worry about dabbing my brush off after I dip it in the wash. I brush it right on the mini. If it puddles too much, I take a clean, dry brush and wick away the excess. I apply the wash liberally all over the rust and metal areas. I then set it aside and let it dry. Here is how it looks when dried. That's it! I have more photos and go a little more in depth on my mini page linked in my signature if you're interested.
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    Maybe they didn't want this song stuck in there heads again ... I mean there was that whole section of the last Kickstarter comments that was basically everyone typing the chorus...
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    You know, those same pie spices work really well in mashed sweet potatoes.
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    Use all the pie spices, five times. I have been accused of making spice pies with apples. My tongue has gone numb after a slice due to all the cinnamon and cloves. Just the way I like my "apple" pie
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    Actually i'm really enjoying the synergy between the gold and vibrant greens
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    This poor guy was on my shelf of shame for quite a while. A friend requested that I finish him up so that he could use it in a game, so I got him to a satisfactory tabletop level last night. Not my greatest work by far, but I like him.
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    Yeah kinda bummed we have 5 hill giants now, ALL male, ALL shirtless, ALL wielding clubs. Really wish if we were going to have 5 nearly identically dressed dudes maybe one of them could have been throwing a rock or something at least. I guess all the lady hill giants are in the kitchen making sandwiches.
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    Naw, Ron said that's not the biggest thing in store. Besides, I legit wouldn't have the heart to inflict a goblin challenge on that piece. It's just too beautiful. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Ohh you are getting three, got confused a minute:) That winter wolf would be perfect from the KSIII core set! And I think I just realized Ron was trying to be funny with that whole "fish in a barrel", you know everyone wanted the roc/cat dragon so his "reveal" was like shooting fish in a barrel
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    They are all busy mining the raw Bonezite™ ore that will be needed to produce all these new Bonesium™ figures.
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    Now we just need a Frost Giant Hunter with a Winter Wolf to complete the set.
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    Sabertooth Cat!!! Sabertooth Cat!!! Sabertooth Cat!!!
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    Our apples are also delicious fresh. So far the winner in the "bake something with the apples" category has been crisp. Pie will come later, but honestly these aren't the best pie apples.
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    Finished up Reaper Bones 89018 Sajan, Iconic Monk by Gene Van Horne as my last zombie skin trial. He was done up quick to table top level for the purpose of testing skin recipes for my Zombicide standard zombies. C&C appreciated.
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    I've been excited about all 4 of the Bones kickstarter projects.
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    not as jarring as i'd thought it'd be, maybe i didn't use bright enough colors
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    I'm admittedly biased since this is my first Kickstarter, but I've sure as heck ogled 1-3 before. Am I wrong in saying this is, hands-down, the best yet? Or am I just swept up in the excitement of it all?
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    Dance of Death looks awesome! I'm not going to buy it since I really only paint to play with, but I know I'm in for a treat in a couple of years when some some of the forumites get their mitts on that set! I LOVE the Hill Giant Hunter! That one I definitely am going to get, even if I end up having to drop the other Hill Giants from my pledge. I can't help but notice though that we're now 0 for 5 as far as female Hill Giants are concerned. It would be nice to have at least one Giantess to slap around some uppity murder hobos. . . .
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    Almost forgot to mention, picked up this a few days ago from the dollar store: Figured it would be good to experiment on, it's a bit larger than to scale but should be alright for my purposes. Checked online for size comparison, some sources say that it's smaller than this and others say that it's spot on. Will have to clean up mold line and I'm thinking that I should use green stuff to lock the joints and hinges in place, but it'll be good practice when I have the time and inclination.
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    Okay, time to interrupt paint for actual game night! Also some drying time will come in handy.
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    A few people asked me how I painted the rust for my Ogre Commander so here is a tutorial. For this tutorial I dug through my Bones 3 to find something that had a large expanse of metal to properly show the technique I use. My genius husband grabbed the iron maiden. Perfect! You can use this on any metal that you want to rust but I wanted something big so everyone can plainly see. So the first thing I do is paint the metal just how I would if I weren't messing it up. I used gunmetal as my basecoat. I usually end up with three thin layers to make sure I have opaque coverage. I mixed dark brown (the same one I will use for rust) into my gunmetal and shaded. I used my painting lamp to determine shadows and highlights for this one but you can decide where your light source will be. I then mixed in more of the brown and did my darkest shade. (You can shade yours however you like, I just chose brown this time, I could have easily have chosen dark grey or purple!) I then used silver to go in and hit the "hot spots" where it would be the shiniest. I do not use my brightest highlight, which I use Vallejo Metal Medium usually, when I am going to muck up my metal. I let silver be the highest highlight. I use P3 Umbral Umber, Army Painter Chaotic Red, and Army Painter Lava Orange for my rust colors. This just happens to be what I have on hand but any dark brown, deep maroon, and bright orange will give you similar results. I do not use a nice sable brush for this technique. I am going to be dabbing and splotching and would ruin a good brush. I use a brush that is already past its prime that I keep around to do dirty work like applying washes or mixing colors. My husband couldn't figure out the focus so all of the next photos were blurry. I dip my brush in the umbral umber and drag it out leaving some paint behind on the palette. I do not want thin paint for this nor do I want my brush heavily loaded. I don't want the paint to run and I want to have control over how much goes on the mini. I splotch the brown on where I want the rust to be. I google images of rusted armor, rusted wrought iron, or whatever I am working on to see how the rust might form on different things. I can use these as guides or just put the rust wherever I think it looks good. I do try and keep some "rules" like I think rust forms along the edges where moisture would settle and around bolts and rivets and hinges. Continues in reply....
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    Gardening success! I found an empty moulted monarch butterfly chrysalis nestled in the bee balm next to the patch of milkweed in our front yard. That's what the milkweed was for, so woohoo!
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    Just woke up from the rain hammering on my window. Checked my laptop which was still running, playing the instrumental version of Popolas theme from the NieR game. Apparently I wrote 10 pages of summary and background yesterday night, putting an awesome conclusion to my story. How did I do that? I cannot remember. But well - don't think about how you did it, just be happy that you did it. Gotta get some food. After that ... get out my airbrush, do some stuff and then continue writing, cleaning up some stuff and correct the order of events.
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    Sympathies. As a former academic in the area of art history, I feel for you, man.
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    I just finished my binge of Defenders, but only because I just finished the last episode. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that you should A) watch it immediately if you've been a fan of the other Marvel Netflix series(and even if you weren't a fan of one or two), and B) stick around after the credits on the last episode for a teaser of The Punisher's upcoming series. Seriously, it was pretty sweet. The way they handle the meet up between everyone is good, and made even better by characters having previously made appearances in each others' series, and the larger plot works very well.
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    I just got interrupted. Apparently I have been writing for 2 hours solid and had no idea. Where did time go?! Also, hey, 1500 words just sort of happened. Where did they come from?
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    Er, have you seen his backyard? Full of holes dug to burn off his nervous energy. And those plush squeaky toys? Yeah, stuffing everywhere.
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    I'm wondering if there's been no dwarfs because Reaper knew that might be enough to push Beagle over the edge and took pity on him, I'm surprised he's been handling the lengthy delays with his Bones 3 delivery as well as he has.
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    The Mother of Dragons has really outdone herself this time. Dance of Death is so fan-elfin-tastic. Literally breathtaking. When I die, they are going to have to bury me with all my Julie Guthrie dragons. Hopefully I will have managed to paint all of them by then.
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    Dag nabbit. Reaper's going to take MORE of my money. The Dance of Death dragon thing coming up is so darn good! Gauth didn't really do it for me. Ma'al (what I see now - wasn't on previous KS's) is amazing... but not my favorite sort of dragon. This? bah hum bug. It is a good thing I don't need many calories, because money goes to dragons instead of foodstuffs.
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    i want that add on for the cat and for my dragon duel of death, still torn between red vs white or green vs gold. But luckily i have a looong time to consider it
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    Better too big than too small.
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    Sabertooth Cat!!! Sabertooth Cat!!! Sabertooth Cat!!!
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    I have been working on these guys for a while now and they're finally finished. Paint scheme is inspired by the greatest clan in Rokugan. I also finished a new priority marker.
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    Aw, man... If you were closer geographically, I'd be over there tomorrow to "help" with the apple problem... Apples also make pretty good alkeehol...
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    No no... use brown sugar and lots of pie spices :)
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    Learn to make apple butter too! If you've never had it, it's worth a try. It's like a thicker apple sauce that you put on toast, and it's wonderful. The only problem I have with it is that I love it, but I have to be in the mood for it because it can be cloyingly sweet...