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    So I'll be running some games at GenCon set in Tal'Dorei, the Critical Role campaign setting. As part of that, I made a bunch of pregen characters: one for each character class from the 5e core rulebook. Behind the spoiler you'll find the backstory for the Cleric, who is a tiefling. (Spoilered because it contains some spoilers for Critical Role campaign 1). Time passed, and one of my GenCon players got in touch in advance because he wanted to make a custom PC. And I said, "Cool, go for it, and here's a link to the pregens I made so you can see what I did." After reviewing those, he not only decided to play the Cleric pregen, he also created this awesome character art for it: When I saw that, I knew I would have to paint a custom mini for this character. There was just no other option. As pictured, I think the character is male, but it's rather androgynous or gender-fluid. And I could not for the life of me find a mini that quite matched that aesthetic. Everything was either a super-macho guy, or an incredibly buxom woman (usually in ridiculous armor). So finally, I decided that I would just have to paint one of each. Here they are: The male had a bunch of jagged plates, and the female had some pretty impressive cleavage, but I needed a comparatively flat space on which to freehand the tree design. So In both cases, I used some greenstuff to smooth out the chestplates. The reference art had a very limited color palette -- almost monochromatic, though not quite. It was very challenging to get proper contrast on areas of adjacent very similar color. But it gave me an opportunity to practice lining, which is not something I've done much in past. I have mixed feelings about the outcome. The swords are totally uninteresting, and the halberd also leaves something to be desired. Its lower blade has poor detail. The bits of freehand generally came out well. I'm particularly pleased with the tree design on the male's shield. I didn't seriously attempt to duplicate it -- the trees are vaguely similar but not identical. Also, the female has a jug of wine or something on her belt, and I free-handed on a sort of net pattern holding it, which turned out nicely. The bases are from Micro Arts Studio. I don't think you can read it in the pics, but the sewer cap under the male has words on it. They read: "Foul Sewer" across the top, and "Lyonesse" across the bottom.
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    It seems Brutus does leaves his paws alone now. So the hot spot is finally healing and already covered with hair again. Not wanting to cheer too soon, but I hope it stays okay now.
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    Elephant is modified. I thought a six pack and human feet on the elephant was silly
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    Since I went ahead and glued them down last night and flocked over the bases, I suppose that means I don't need to magnetize the mini's :D
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    Finally found one of these in the wild and had to pick it up. The pre-applied primer on the miniature was bad, far to blotchy and thick. So I stripped it bare, even with the extra work it was defiantly worth it. Had a lot of fun with the painting and basing. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    Once again, not very hobby related, but then again, think of all the hobby-things I can haul now! We went on a road trip out west to visit the family this past week and in getting the oil changed and tires rotated on the old vehicle (which we still owed WAAAAY too much on), several other concerning (and expensive) items popped up that needed to be fixed prior to a 3000 mile drive. Enough that we figured a bit more per month for a new vehicle was just as good as throwing loads of money at a vehicle with more and more problems cropping up every month.. Plus, the dealer we worked with gave me nearly half again what the old vehicle was worth on trade-in, making it a much more attractive proposition :)
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    This is the first non-reaper miniature I've done since started painting again a little over a year ago.
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    Finally finished her, she was the last of a bunch of a handful pathfinder miniatures I had ordered awhile back. Not really satisfied with how she came out, she turned into a absolute nightmare while painting and just had to say done. I don't usually like to paint the same figure twice but this time think I'll have to revisit her.
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    I was idling yesterday and decided to paint up a few 1/72 scale plastic figures to add to the portable gaming set up I'll be taking to Gencon. These figures are a mix of old Airfix and other more modern manufacturers; I don't think any two are from the same maker or set. I'm not entirely happy with the painting; my hands are steady enough and my magnification is good enough for the size of the figure, but I'm working toward trying to predict/plan/produce the right paint consistency to apply it with a Winsor Newton 000 brush without being so gloppy that it dries on the way to the miniature, nor yet so runny that it spreads as soon as it touches the miniature. At least they all meet the three foot viewing distance guideline for tabletop gaming.
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    Gaslands is a 2017 post apocalyptic combat minaiture vehicules game where you use hotwheels and matchbox toy cars. You buy your tem, add perks (bloodbowl style) and play a game (death race, arena, saturday night live, capture the flag and so on) . It functions as X-Wing does, with manoeuver templates. [youtube]Sq6mC0RBAjs[/youtube] Here are my first conversions. Deathwish : Hotwheels Ford Mustang Stocker Mesh : World Forge Games Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures Engine : Dice Mechanics Front wheels : autre hot wheels Front axle : paper clip Back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) Heavy machine gun : S&S models Gunner : taliban S&S Models Driver and rear armor : Ramshackle Games Spikes : plasticard middle armor : simple diamonds plasticard Gunner seat : from a german wwII bus model kit Gunshot : Hotwheels '83 Chevy Silverado Front wheels : from another hot wheels Back wheels : from another hot wheels front and back axles : paper clips Heavy machine gun and gunner : S&S models Front armor : Ramshackle Games Windshield wipers : plastic rod evergreen 0,5 mm middle armor : simple diamonds plasticard Instakill : Hotwheels Chevrolet '68 El Camino Mesh : E-bay Exhausts: Tube evergreen 2 mm Engine : original engine + Dice Mechanics air vent+ gas cylinder: Stan yohansen interceptor, hoses : computer stuff Front wheels : Monoblock Back wheels : : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) back tyre : lego Minigun : Stan yohansen miniatures Pilot and crew : Ramshackle Games Back gropped weapon : Dice Mechanics Front ram : Stan yohansen miniatures Front skulls: Alternative armies Tombstone : Maiso Leadslinger Front and back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) Trims : plasticard and plaster Back armor : Stan Yohansen Miniatures Back spikes : Toothpicks Explosator : Matchbox superfast 34 Vantastic Mesh : World Forge Games Front armor : Stan Yohansen miniatures Side armor : Ramshackle Games et carte plastique Engine: Dice Mechanics Excavator shovel and arms : Matchbox bulldozer Front wheels : autre hotwheels Back wheels : autre hotwheels Macjine gun: Ramshackle Games Gas cylinder : plaster from Hirst Arts mold #326 Prison bars : plastic rod evergreen 1 mm Prisonnier arm : from german rider (Armourfast/Häat Zundapp german motorcycle WWII) T72 : Revell model kit T72 soviet tank Tank commander and gunner : Stan Johansen miniatures
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    Methyl salicylate metabolizes as salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin, the acetic acid portion of aspirin is used as a buffer to help ease the stomach issues that salicylic acid causes by itself. As an aside, if you can't use NSAIDS you need to also avoid home/naturalistic remedies that include willow oak bark. Willow oak was the source from which salicylic acid was first isolated.
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    Same, only ours is Saturday. Husband came use NSAIDs either. The pharmacist told him that something in most icy hot will metabolize as an NSAID would. So we avoid it completely around here even though there's generally not an NSAID listed on them.
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    I always liked the earnest crudity of 1e, but I really like how it meshes well with getting old and cranky. It's a visual tell of "back in my day" and its impenetrable language is the most effective form of "get off my lawn and take your weird new dice with you". I've never been so happy to have people so unwilling to play D&D with me. Now they can't touch my figures.
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    Personally, i was sort of thinking 2 eyestalks and you have a flump...
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    I can also recommend Rhodos and Crete. We have been there a few times as well. The Greek Islands are wonderful, they live on tourism and it shows. People are friendly, good food, great weather. But you will also see some torn down buildings, poor people etc. All in all a good place to be. You can also take a boat trip to either the mainland of Greece or Albania. You mentioned you have been there as well, I'm pretty sure some of these sites are real tourist magnets so I figure you will have seen some of it as well. Thx! Wait for the full moon! To stay in the mood, tomorrow I will cook a Greek meal for me, my girl and oldest vixen. I will make a Mezes plate with all sorts of little Greek dishes.
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    I don't think your sponge is wet enough. I soak my song until it cannot hold any more water and there a very small amount resting on top. The parchment will still curl when you first put it down but will relax within about 30 seconds. I also use smaller pieces of parchment.
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    Guardian of the Twin Pass, bad guy for my campaign...still needs a touch-up or two, but looks good on the table
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    I like how there are numerous references to "giant strength" in 1e, with absolutely no quantification of any sort until you get the entry for girdle of giant strength. And no supplementary stat data past 18 until Unearthed Arcana. 8 years is a long time to wait! Maybe it was a scheme to sell Dragon subscriptions.
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    quick update. finished the crusader and almost done with mister viking..
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    For my first and probably only attempt at speed painting a large amount of figures I figured I would start with the green horde. My family is out of town for awhile so I have quite a bit of time to paint but I want to get it done quickly because I have other projects to do. I really only paint for fun and to relax but my kids and I have really enjoyed playing Green Horde together so I thought it would be fun to surprise them with a painted horde. I am going to be taking so tips from Sorastro on painting a horde but I'll be using citadel washes instead of the Army Painter. While this is a speed paint I do want to achieve a decent level of work. So it begins. The four basic skin colors.
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    At first I read that as "ice pick". Those are not the same as ice packs. I'm pretty sure.
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    My first thought was that it reminded me of the windwhales from the The Black Company books... Second thought was the flumph.
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    Ok got him/her attatched to the base, still a little work to do there.
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