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    I finished up two more stands of fantasy Vikings for more portable 1/72 scale campaign set up. These are intended as “Blades” for Hordes of the Things, so I grouped all the two-handed axes I could get out of a box each of Zvezda and Orion Vikings and possible Revell Saxons. This puts me up to twelve bases for the ‘army’, with three to go, so I’ve got enough to swap the order of battle around a little bit between games.
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    So, I did a paint up of the wrapping dragon. I'm particularly proud of the eyes.
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    My dining room doesn't dress up often. I thought I would show off 100 year old China
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    They seem to be selling as fast as they can fill the bottles. Check again on Monday when people are back at work and have had a chance to restock.
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    He does look the part of The Villain...SPLENDID brushwork & a FINE selection of colors. VERY NICELY DONE!
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    I sliced about 2 millimeters off the top. It's still not attached. I think I'm going to let it sit for a while and see how it feels when I take a look again in a bit.
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    Here's a third attempt. The brim is much thinner -- I used more blue and less yellow in the mix to make it stiffer, so it holds its shape a bit better. The crown is closer to being the right diameter, but it feels slightly too large to me now. Also, note that it's not currently attached to him, just resting loosely on top. I had to excavate a bit out of the bottom for his head to fit into. If I wind up attaching this permanently, I'll definitely be putting in a pin between his head and the hat crown to keep it firmly in place.