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    These are the Wizkids unpainted pre-primed Elf Sorceresses (SKU WZK72606). I painted these up in April, just got around to adding basing and taking photos. For the price I think they are great, but they are definitely not as nicely detailed as the renders. I decided to paint one up in a druidic color scheme. I had issues with her face, since the faces are true scale, not heroic. Not my best face, but its for tabletop, so it will do. Also her hand didn't have any finger definition, so I painted it as a knitted mitten.
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    I finally got a chance to set up some terrain on a new battle mat.
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    I finished Reaper's Valloa, Female Elf Thief (SKU 3566), a fun little figure with a lot of attitude. I am very happy with the blond hair on this one. Her face was a bit miscast, so her one eye is a bit weird. There had to be some reason she decided on this career choice...
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    This is my rendition of Bombshell 10035, Kaitlin the Archer. Nice and clean mini without too many fiddly bits, so she painted up pretty quick.
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    I started painting this pair quite some time ago, putting into practice some of the technique I learned in Jen Greenwald's class on painting whites at ReaperCon 2016. I finally put the finishing touches on them last night. Now I want to play a cool psychic character. I don't even know if they get familiars or anything.
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    The Second thing I had to paint once I got my Kickstarter..lol. I am really happy how it turned out.
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    I decided to paint up these guys like real snakes. So they are sort of based off of a king snake, a python, a diamondback, and a black mamba. I think they make for interesting/unique yuan-ti and am pleased with how most of them turned out. Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!
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    I finished painting mr. and Mrs. Bones.
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    The following is going to be an EXPERIMENT! Please do try this at home, because I'm not a licensed professional and totally feel no obligation to warn you away from doing awesome things. My goal is to complete these 5 figures, from start to finish, within 48 hours. Whether I will succeed or not remains to be seen. It's more of a "Hey, let's see if I can paint humanoid figures quickly," and I work best with a deadline, artificial or not. Here are my 5 victims: 89009 Merisiel, Iconic Rogue (Tipsy) 89024 Holy Vindicator (Trunk SlamChest) 77480 Durok, Dwarf Ranger (Balin) 77440 Masumi, Demon Hunter (Tsunami) 77320 Galadanoth, Elf Sniper (Elrohir) Group shot: That's totally not DDS2 in the background, I don't know what you're talking about. Pay no attention to that at all, totally not relevant. So, I'll make this post my timestamp (12:00 PM PST), and away we go! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This is Jason Wiebe's sabertooth tiger, Reaper 02480. I painted it up with a lynx's coloration. WIP thread here. As a note, this is another form of the feline therianthrope also depicted here. So this is another PC for that idiosyncratic game of World of Darkness-Exalted I'm involved in. And that skull under the critter is small. (with 59037 Deadlands Noir Femme Fatale by Bob Ridolfi for scale)
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    I've never been a fan of painting blue. I needed to get over that so this is how I did it. All in all I'm satisfied with how they turned out. Blue isn't so bad.
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    I managed to find a bit of brush time and did these guys up just in time for my regular RPG session. Nothing too fancy, and I did rush the stitch golems a bit. I had fun with the flesh golem and making him look cobbled together from spare parts a bit. The Iron Golem OSL I would like some advice on. I got a look I am happy with on the head, but nowhere else. Since it is for tabletop I will settle for now but I would like some feedback to improve. Thanks.
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    Hi, I have been on the forum for quite a while but have never posted any pictures of my work before.....so I hope I'm doing this right :-) Just finished these 32mm metal miniatures for "Blood & Plunder" from Firelock Games . They are lovely metal figures & great fun to paint. These are various Commander figures.
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    This ended up being a speed paint, the patterns and fiddly bits just painted up super quick, around 2 hours. I painted her just so I could glue her cloak on. Added two mushrooms I had laying around from previous putty leftovers.
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    Greetings! I've been working away on these very old Citadel Dragons for several weeks now & finally I've finished - Yay! They've been languishing (half painted) in my collection since my youth & I thought that they needed some long overdue attention. The plan was to paint them in an old school style in keeping with their age (1982-ish) whilst keeping it simple. I think I managed to achieve this although I did go a little overboard with the Ice Dagon's base......... If you are interested, there is a WIP for these minis which can be found here. Thanks for looking! DGR1 - Red Dragon DRG2 - Green Dragon DRG3 - Ice Dragon DRG4 - Gold Dragon FF61 Black Dragon
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    I painted this mini for one of my friends as a gift. I love Patrick Keith's sculpts. I also love Jessica Rich's paint jobs featured on Dark Sword's gallery page for this mini - my first attempt at painting the breasts didn't look so great so I was able to use the close-ups to get them to come out much better. Can you guess what character she is supposed to be? I'm hoping some of you can get the right answer so that my friend will also be able to figure out who she is. Hint Answer
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    To continue my Imperial Assault posts, here is the figure I photographed that had the best light. I'll have to re-take pictures of everyone else. Fenn Signis is a sniper hero in the game. I did follow the Sorastro Guides, but with Reaper paints. The hardest part of this figure was trying to paint in purple sunglasses, when they are not part of the sculpt. Oh, that and BLACK! The pic is a little out of focus on that one, because the camera chose to put the tip of the gun in best focus there. I was happy with how the rebel insignia on his shoulder came out. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
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    Was just looking for a hero to change up what I've been painting lately (and since I find heroes simpler so they are easier for me to stick in the middle). Was excited to make some glue/baking soda snow and use the frozen tufts from army painter (I have a huge tuft collection!). Thanks for reading!
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    Rosy Highlight done, and I'm rather happy with it, except for the faces. (I forgot to mention, ignore Mazumi's arms; it wan't until I was partway through the midtone step that I realized those are clothing wrinkles, not weird moldlines, so I'll be painting those up as cloth). I think they may look funny be because I didn't have enough of the midtone, so the highlight covered up most of it. If I really want to fix it, I'll do a midtone glaze over most of the face on each of them and then re-highlight, and hope that makes it look better. Now that I've had a chance to look closer at these guys, I noticed just a couple of issues, which were corrected with paint pretty easily. Elrohir's left ear is missing, so I fudged one in: His left thumb is also just a blob, so I approximated one as best I could: And Masumi's left ear was pretty smooshed, since it's right on a mold line: Other than that (and Merisiel's missing nose, which I already mentioned), they look pretty decent for Bones figures. Elrohir had the worst mold lines, and the Dwarf had the least, but overall they really weren't too bad. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    My pair of REaper giant scorpions. The first was for a GW Tomb Kings army because I didn't like their scorpion. Been painted for years but I just based it yesterday. The second is from Bones 2 and I've had it mostly painted for months but finished it off today. Didn't realise he had the piece under his belly until I looked him up to find the model #. Mine's precariously glued to several feet. If I can find that chunk I might try gluing it under him for support.
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    One of my friends came over today to paint, and I painted this custom HeroForge mini he ordered. She's apparently a Yuan-Ti pureblood PC in one of his games. There was some concept art with green eyes and purple clothing, so I used that to start with. All told, she took around 4 hours. I'm quite happy with how she turned out... sitting and chatting and not agonizing over every decision made her fun and fast to paint. Now, about the mini itself. Here is a fully zoom-in version of the image above. You can easily see the 3d printed layers, particularly on the base (which appeared not to have been perfectly horizontal in the printer), and on the raised arm. The picture doesn't necessarily draw attention to the same areas as the eye, but it's pretty obvious the layers are there if you spend any time looking at the mini. That said, for a tabletop piece it should be fine and the material itself took primer (and thus paint) just fine. The material had some flex to it, and there were only a few supports. Several small details were noticable, for example the details on the bag and the eyebrow piercings (which I didn't paint), but she was supposed to have more defined abs, which didn't show up. I don't think light sanding would have helped much - you would have to take off enough that you'd be seriously damaging the mini at that point. At $30 a pop, they're very expensive, but I could see it be worthwhile for a beloved character.
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    My third attempt at miniature painting. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, though it's more green than I had originally intended and I struggled to get the large metal surfaces to take more paint after the first coat.
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    Coils for the front. The little piece can go on the post without glue and it will swing. If you don't glue the arm to the little base that will also swing. Mount the gun, if you don't glue where the barrel connects to the plates the gun will move. You have options of small steel plates on the sides.... or the large wood platforms. Glue on the crane and wheel handles and you are done!
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    Nah, I'm back on a healthy sleep schedule (for now). I'm going to be off to bed right after I'm done typing this post. I actually finished all the eyes in the space of about an hour, but after focusing so intensely for so long, my eyes felt kind of strained so I took a break from both painting and screens for a bit. Next is the Linen White step, which I've found tends to take the longest as I use this step to refine the overall shape of the eyes. The dwarf, whom I've decided I'll call Balin because I always liked him, was first since I knew his eyes would be tricksiest to get to with his hood in the way. Next was Big McLargeHuge, and here you can see that I definitely made the black oval for the left eye way too big: A little Tanned Skin to shrink the side of the eye... And a redo of the black outline later, and he's ready for the next step. Elrohir actually went pretty quickly; sometimes I get lucky and the white step goes down nicely the first time. His left eye looks a bit odd since the whole left side of his face is oddly misshapen, but that's only apparent if you look at him dead on (like where I took this picture from). I also use this step to tidy up the outside of the black outline, using the skin midtone. Tsunami (because I keep forgetting her actual name) took me the longest, even though her eyes are the most nicely sculpted in this group. I think it's because I like her the best out of all of them, so I really wanted them to look nice. Here's the first pass, and I was only 90% happy with the right eye, so I decided to fiddle with it. Not pictured: a good 15 minutes of my going back and forth with Tanned Skin, Linen White and Brown Liner, trying to tighten up the bottom of the right eye and get it to match the left. I'm pretty sure this was the cause of most of my eye strain. Eventually, I wrangled the thing into a shape I was happy with, as well as darkened the outline around the left eye: Tispy's weren't too bad, probably because there wasn't a nose in the way interfering with my ability to paint her right eye. And real quick, here's all of them again, but with actual pupils! Balin: Tsunami: Tipsy: Elrohir: Crunch Beefsteak: I think I'll be doing the hair when I start again tomorrow, or perhaps blocking out clothing colors. Or maybe both at the same time, I dunno. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    One of the first things I had to paint once I got my Kickstarter. I can't wait to use it in a game.
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    These two went WAY faster, since there was so little skin showing. Suntan flesh for the shadows, Tanned skin for the midtone, and Tanned Highlight for the, um, highlight. Sorry the picture isn't very good; the skin is a lot more distinguishable from the surrounding liner in person. I think Slate Fistcrunch's face came out better, since I deliberately tried to make the midtone places bigger and the highlight spots smaller. He did end up with cheekbones sharp enough to cut bread with, though. As far as issues, just another smooshed left ear, on Thick McRunFast: I dunno what the Bones molds seem to have against left ears, lol. I'm going to be taking a break to figure out which colors I want to work on next, plus get dinner and a couple chores out of the way. I think I'll primarily focus on the Demon Hunter first, since she has the least amount of fiddly stuff. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This figure is from a set of fun modern street fighters from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. (Many thanks to FishNJeeps for pointing them out to me at Adepticon.) This figure is from the "Murder Cult Girls Gang" (I had to remove a large knife from her right hand). I'm currently involved with a campaign of "Exalted" (2nd edition) set in the World of Darkness ("Vampire the Masquerade" (2nd edition), "Werewolf the Apocalypse" etc. etc.). One of the PCs is (and I'm sure this will sound like glossolalia) a member of a South Korean girl pop group who Exalted as a Sidereal of the Maiden of Serenity (Venus). She dresses fashionably, mostly in the color blue (the five Maidens have planets and colors associated with them and I swear they are totally cribbed from "Sailor Moon"). Her hair is dyed bright pink; her eyes are preternaturally blue with white pupils; and she has a "caste mark" of the sign of Venus (a.k.a. the symbol for "female") in glowing blue on her forehead (I wasn't able to paint that clearly; there's just a little interference blue under her bangs). The character has a hand-sized green spider familiar named Jadie. Since she had a slightly blobby hand (from removing an unwanted knife from the figure), I painted it up to look like a spider. There is a WIP thread here.
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    This is another of the PCs for the "Exalted" campaign set in White Wolf's World of Darkness which I'm currently involved in. This character was a medieval Persian vampire who reverted to human when she Exalted as a Zenith caste Solar. Among other things, she has a sword which shines with the light of the Sun. The figure is from Hasslefree, HFA004 "Kat", sculpted by Kev White. There's a WIP thread here. The lighting effect changes a lot at different angles so I included lots of pictures.
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    Introducing the newest demon lord in my miniatures collection... The Minotaur Demon Lord, aka Baphomet, aka "the Horned King", aka "the Prince of Beasts." This miniature was quite a bit bigger than the metal demon lord minis I've painted previously. A bit of a challenge, but I'm pleased with the result! If anyone is interested in the play-by-play of me painting this miniature, feel free to check out the work in progress thread on the forum. Cheers! -E.E.
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    I have gotten allot of kick-starter backlog done in the past few months here are some Orcs that I did last year. First thing I painted in 15 years....It took me a long time and I have to say I don't recomend "army" painting as a way to get back into the hobby. lol. I quite doing it for a couple of months after that. It was so monotonous. Glad to be back in the hobby again!
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    Hi everyone. In an attempt to put some non Bones 3 items on the forums, I present some Storm Troopers. It's been a while since I've posted my own pics. I've been working diligently for the last 15 months trying to finish the first set of Imperial Assault miniatures. I'd previously posted my Probe Droids and Imperial Officers. Below are my Storm Troopers. I did follow the Sorastro guides. If anyone doesn't know about those, it is a well produced set of You Tube videos worth checking out. These storm troopers almost killed the desire to do the whole project. I have been using almost exclusively Reaper paint, despite the tutorials using GW paint. This means I sprayed the troopers with white primer, then slathered on a bunch of Reaper Black Wash. It took 3-6 layers of paint to get them reasonably white. You can't tell too much in the pics, but there are areas which were left less white in shadowed areas like under the calf. By the time I was happy with them, I didn't want to add any battle damage or dirty feet, but I did it anyway in the spirit of following the tutorial. I think the gloss coat really makes these fit the full nostalgic effect. Let me know what you think.
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    I gave the new Sepia liner a try, and I like it quite a bit. It's much lighter than Brown liner, even unthinned, with a nice golden brown. The two on the left I thinned 5:1 Sepia liner : water, the next two were 6:1 liner : water, and the lady on the right I tried it unthinned. It got a tiny bit bubbly when I thinned it, so I think going forward I'll just use it without thinning it. Which I'm totally down with. :) I discovered that Merisiel hasn't any nose, so I'll have to paint it on, but that doesn't really bother me much. I think I'll trim off the worst of the mold lines, touch up the liner, and then proceed with skin tones. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    As some of you know I went to France to participate in the Nato Tiger Meet 2017. I can't post all of course, but here is an impression of some airplanes , some badges, and some of the sight seeing. Badges I acquired, including one from last year I missed then. Jets and stuff that was safe to take pics off.
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    Earlier this week I got my hands on a set of bones 3 mythos cultists. I'm not really that into cthulhu, but I do love a crazy looking cult. So I went with purple robes with bronze weapons, and painted the faces as masks. Not really sure if they were meant to be masks, but I think it worked.
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    I needed a peacekeeper (think paramilitary wasteland cops) in a suit of powered armor holding a blast hammer for my warband in the post apocalyptic skirmish game "this is not a test". The corsair was a good fit so I used the warhammer from one of the weapon sprues and Wild West Sophie's sheriffs star base as a shield, the head is an alternate from a peacekeeper mini. Lots of fun to paint the corsairs are great minis. Hope you like him ;)
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    Feel free to publicly judge it too, I don't mind. Oh yeah, the skin tones are going on with far fewer coats than usual, even though I'm thinning it slightly. It's very nice. It seems to be nicely durable too, since it reacted the same way as Brown Liner when I tried scratching it off with my fingernail. It came off slightly on the figures that I put the thinned liner on, and it barely came off at all on the one with the unthinned liner. Awesome! So, I was going to just do all of the skin tones and then post, but I figured this is a WIP thread, so y'all might want to actually see the progress. Here's Lady Masumi with 3 coats Rosy Shadow, and 2 coats Rosy Skin, both slightly thinned: I should note that I'm sort of terrified of painting skin, female in particular, so this is totally pushing my boundaries. :) And here's Merisiel and Galadanoth (what a mouthful; I'mma change his name to Elrohir), with 3 coats Rosy Shadow and only 1 coat Rosy Skin; that second coat makes a big difference, as you'll see: I'm doing my best to follow all of the excellent face painting advice @Corporea has given in her threads, but to me it just looks like they're all wearing light-colored war paint. Hopefully it will look okay at tabletop distance, though. And here's Merisiel (I'm going to call her Tipsy from now on, since even after boiling she won't stand straight) and Elrohir with a second coat of Rosy Skin: I'm going to do a Rosy Highlight layer on each of them, and then I've got a different triad I put together for the other two. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Filling in more areas...
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    Well; It has taken me a bit longer to get these mini's assembled and painted. It is such a joy to look at one completed. I went with the white horse because the color is so difficult. I used red just to experiment with the color on the surcoat, and gold for the emblems just because they are small and I wanted them to stand out. So here is Tom Meier's Sir Tristan (on Horse and On Foot). Hope you enjoy the efforts. Jay
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    After all the medical issues I started the year with, I've finally managed to finish something! A couple of the Bones Starship Generators. Generator_front by Mckenna35, on Flickr Generator_back by Mckenna35, on Flickr
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    Here is Degan the Mousling Accordionist sculpted by Gene Van Horne. He's part of Reaper Miniatures 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set. Happy Fathers Day!
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    Although there was a tragic sealant malfunction, I managed to save the first set of minis I've completed in some time using some tips and tricks...and having a better can of sealant available to fix the foggies. Since I am still running Storm King's Thunder, I thought the first minis from the Kickstarter I would paint should be the Giants of Bones 3. First, we have the whole lot, with Sir Forscale striking a pose. Then, we'll just get frosty: The King: The Queen (clearly the one in charge) A Frost Giant standing guard: A more eager Giant: Then, we heat things up with the Fire Giants! The King says, "That knight went that way!" A Warrior pursues. I removed the spiked ball and chain from his belt...I wasn't a big fan of that look. I left the bases as a decoration. Another Fire Giant guard stands by, in case Forscale returns. The Jailor stands by, awaiting the Knight's return in chains. You may notice the Fire Giant Queen is missing...I thought she was too similar to the original, and wanted to convert her to a more active pose, since Bones are so much easier to cut. She's been set aside for now. Overall, I think the recovery process from the sealer foggies went well. Looking at the photos, the process de-flocked their bases more than anything, which I'll fix. Eventually.
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    I got a new lightbox today... I used to have one made from plastic bags and a cardboard box, but my kids found it. This one is a collapsible plastic dooey with a built in light strip... Kinda snazzy! Unfortunately it won't be big enough for dragons and things. These guys are part of my "paint twenty four skeletons in twelve hours" initiative, which actually succeeded! At least i think it did, I didn't really track the time closely.
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    I got a late start this morning, which was compounded by a complete lack of desire to paint anything. My brain picked a fine time to step back and go "Why am I even doing this? I could be do so many other productive things." I managed to push past that, though, and got all of the hair done. Tsunami and Tispy became brunettes, with layers (in order) of Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Brown (which did little), Oiled Leather, and Leather Brown. The transitions weren't as sharp as I would like, and on Tipsy they're downright muddy; I haven't found a good 'recipe' for brown hair yet. Elrohir and Rip Steakface got the blonde treatment, with Golden Shadow, Golden Blonde, and Linen White (with a touch of Golden Blonde mixed in). The results were a bit more platinum blonde than I was expecting, but it looks decent enough. Blonde hair isn't actually yellow, after all. I was happiest with how Balin came out! He had the honor of being the lone redhead, and the red hair triad of Auburn Shadow, Carrot Top Red, and Highlight Orange look absolutely fantastic together. It's almost like Anne totally knows what she's doing when she designs the triads! I'm gonna start on basecoating the main clothing next, since I plan to use a single primary color on each figure, with accessories and accents in complimenting colors. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Thanks! That's left over from the little film I was in last weekend. It's kind of driving me nuts, though, since I never wear nail polish this bright, and it keeps distracting my eyes. I think I'm going to take it off before too long. I've considered that every time I do a Brown Liner wash over a bare figure too; it just looks so darn cool! I touched up the faces of the two ladies and the elf, and I'm a lot happier with them. I used a thinned...not quite a wash or a glaze, too thick for either of those, but a very thinned Rosy Skin to expand the midtones, and then used very tiny touches of the Rosy Highlight to reclaim the highlights. They're not super awesome, but much better. Tipsy's features, despite the touch-up, remain kind of muddy. In my defense, she has almost no features to begin with, so I'm sort of guessing on a lot of it. I mean, check out her profile: Her nose and mouth are practically invisible. :( I think I'm just going to have to settle for "good enough" with her. Next, I thought eyes would be nice, so I pulled out my trusty eye colors: Brown Liner and Linen White. I use a simplified version of the dks method of painting eyes (basically I just do steps 1-3, and sometimes 5). Here's a link: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/36753-how-i-paint-eyes/ . I personally find it a lot easier and more intuitive than the Bette Davis Eyes method (link here), since I feel like it involves my paintbrush touching the mini less, and any time my brush touches the mini is a chance for me to mess something up. The first step is my favorite part, because the minis all look like soulless monsters. MrBoot commented that they looked like they'd been possessed: Note that the outlines aren't all neat and tidy; that's okay, I'll straighten those out after I've finished painting the eye, because it's easier to adjust the outside of the outline than the inside. I'll post again once I've painted more. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This is a figure from the Goth set from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. Thanks to FishNJeeps for directing me to them when I needed miniatures of modern people in goth-punk wear for a World of Darkness game. I painted up the figure as a vampire. It didn't originally have any facial hair; that's all painted on. There isn't a WIP thread. So as a quick note, although I have seen people able to do wonderfully subtle and menacing vampires who still look like vampires, I find that unless I paint mine in stark black and white they look like regular people.
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    Finished this awesome guy today. Gave him a coat of matte finish (wish it was more matte and less glossy) for a little extra protection. Gave the veins on the wings a odd color to have them stand out a bit.
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