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    And here is the last of the new figures I painted for this year's Twelve Days, the Winter Elf. I think Bob Ridolfi sculpted her in such a way that you could choose different colours and easily use her as a non-holiday figure. This is the figure for the last day, December 17.
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    Hi guys, i know i havent post or comment anything the las few months. I just had lot of work, but finally got free time to finish my vanja :), some have seen her wip, but she os finally done, hope you guys like her. Sorry about the quality of the photos
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    A couple more of the roamers done. I have one more on the desk, but I also have a mob of 18 goblin archers staring me down. I'll probably get to those first.... Comments are always welcome.
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    My take on one of the LotR mice from Cartoon Miniatures. I've been told he looks like Splinter the rat cosplaying as Gandalf.
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    Ok so she is done! Not too thrilled about the out come but, hey, I'm learning. Depending on the comments I get I may go back and work on the waves a little bit. I'm a little happier with the paint job but I see room to improve. As far as the "exoskeleton" thing she is wearing, I was going for NMM Gold which I feel I failed on but I liked the way it looked anyways. Please give any C&C you may have! You can see my WIP here.
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    Mylk and her pilfered Cookies are the Twelve Days of Reaper miniature for December 13, 2017. Julie did a great job capturing the idea that a big part of the holiday spirit is all the yummy food to enjoy. The icing decorations on the gingerbread men were added with Woodland Scenics Water Effects. This is a thick gel. If you put a dab on a toothpick, it will form a sharp peak. I 'drew' the lines and dots with the peak of the substance rather than the toothpick tip. (Every few dots/strokes I reload with gel from the bottle and form that peak again.)I wanted the icing on the shape cookies to be smooth and not really have peaks, so I used a slightly thinner substance called modeling paste. Liquitex and Golden make this to create textured acrylic paintings. I am pretty sure that Liquid Greenstuff is just modeling paste with green colour added. I scooped up a small amount with a toothpick and smoothed it on, pretty much like icing real cookies. If it went astray or needed to be smoothed on top, I used a damp paintbrush. (Maybe don't do that when icing real cookies.) You could probably experiment and use either one of those substances for both functions, I just happened to have both so I used both. The Winter Elf in the scale picture is a standard humanoid size Reaper figure.
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    This one is for my mother. I think Mary's eyes are the best eyes i have ever done on a human mini
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    Posted this one on Facebook but I figured I would post here as well.
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    I don't have FB, but there has always been a lot of this. I bet - and no joke - if you dug in the internet archives for long enough you'd find somebody passionately arguing about how this newfangled thinned-paint-layering idea is stupid and wrong. Layering with thinned paint as the dominant painting method is a relatively recent invention, and lots of people being decent at it even more recent. I was talking about this with @Pezler the Polychromatic yesterday on the hangout that I'm presently "good average" but if this was 20 years ago I'd probably be pretty high up the food chain because so few even painted this way. You can even see this on some of the older Reaper products, if you look closely at the Guardians of the Heavens box set cover it's a very old style (the blonde hair has a black wash!). 90s how to paint guides are full of pretty bad ideas (my favourite being shoe polish on armor). So coming into the hobby now there's a LOT more information than there used to be, but the learning curve is still the same as it ever was. This is why I prefer to think of things as "useful" more than "right". If you've seen me and @Guindyloo in our double-WIP threads you've seen we put a strong emphasis on using your own best judgement. Anybody can learn how to do something, but the real important part is learning why to do something. That's why the secret of painting is to paint. You're going to mess things up, and since that's all part of the plan then nobody should get beat up for it. Everybody has gone through the same process, and I get annoyed at people who pretend they didn't. Sorry, M8, you didn't hatch full of talent and I know it. This is also why I make it a priority to show when I screw something up, because the truth of technique is that every single method out there - without exception - was come upon trying to fix something. That's why screwing up is so important, because that's what teaches you the why. Why thin your paint? Well, thin paint gives you more control. What does that mean? It means you have more wiggle room to screw up. See, if you paint with unthinned paint you have one shot to get it right or you're doomed. But if you thin your paint more, you can put some on and see how it looks. Then do it again. And so on until you build up a smooth, blended layer. It's actually pretty easy once you think of it as giving yourself wiggle room. It takes practice, but practice is mostly just getting a feel for it and what's going to happen. There's no substitute for practical experience, right? So people who rough up newbies rot my ever-living soul because all it does is make them paint shy and scared. That's a load of weak-bully crap and there's no place for it. Better to be bold and fearless, because that will get you to useful results much quicker. There's talent in this hobby, sure, but it's like 10% of the mix. Maybe only 5%. The rest of it is be bold, paint a lot, and never be afraid to mess something up. Everybody comes to the club holding a bunch of Error Tickets - use 'em up, and the faster you use 'em up the fewer Error Tickets you'll have left. Each and every single one of you, barring unfortunate infirmity, if you so choose, can paint to an extremely high level if you put the time and effort in. I genuinely believe that, and so should you. You don't have to, but you can if you want to. Anybody, and I mean anybody who tells you any different you can immediately dismiss because they know just about as much about painting as a snail does.
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    Finished up this guy last night. He was super fun to paint. I think adding a gloss finish to him will really set him off. Give that wet look. Also my first time trying to go for an aged brass. I think it went pretty well, but could have used a bit more definition.
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    More things posted on social media and now posting here! :D
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    I'm not sure if this figure is actually meant to be a half-orc or not, but that's what I'm using it for. I have a pair of half-orc twins in my campaign, a brother and sister, and they need some figures.
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    About five or six years ago I received the Knight Models 75mm Boromir as a Christmas gift. I started to assemble the pieces and became intimidated by what I needed to do to 1) finish assembly and 2) actually paint him. Last year I finally worked up the nerve to start painting, got some base colors and his face started, then again lost my nerve and drive. A couple of months ago I at last took Boromir off my shelf-of-unlimited-opportunity and started working. I finally finished him. Front view: Back view: Three-quarter view: Does this lighting wash me out? (Some day I'm going to work out my photography settings and workflow.) Each model is a learning experience and I learned quite a bit on Boromir: how to deal with large expanses of space, a method of highlighting black, keeping colors (somewhat) in balance on a large figure, and the importance of securing the weight of a big hunk of white metal. All and all, I enjoyed painting Boromir and I'm no longer afraid of taking on larger sizes.
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    MY ANTLERS DON'T FIT IN SQUARE AVATARS. I ended up far more amused with this than I thought I would be. I may actually make this nice. Maybe this will be the avatar I'll use here, since @TaleSpinner recently commented on my avatar's antlerless disguise. It shouldn't be too hard to see, once properly outlined and colored. A voice cries in the distance. "ADD MORE CONTRAST!!" "Yeah, I know, this was just a ske-" "Contraaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssst......."
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    Strangeness. I thought I typed and posted. It's been busy at the warehouse due to holiday promotions. That means constant loading, unloading, and stocking via vehicles such as forklifts and electric pallet jacks. This also means we have strict rules about donning bright vests for workers on the floor and notifying managers (myself and another) of any new personnel to fill holes in the team. Team is stressed and I'm stressed cause I'm now watching over more people and worrying about preventing injuries and enforcing safety regulations. In strolls some unknown person without identification, without a safety vest, and is not accompanied by anyone in the company. I shout out to him, "excuse me sir, you cannot be in this warehouse please return to the cafeteria you entered from." Him: "Do you know who you are talking to? Do you know who I am?" (Obnoxiously raising his voice) Me: "No because you have no identification and are trespassing." Him: "I'll have your boss deal with you, but I'm a CEO of [customer name]!" (Angrily now) Me: "I don't care if you are a CEO or a janitor. You are stepping in my warehouse without identification. Leave or I will have you escorted." (Angrily in response) Apparently he was a customer who made an appointment a week and a half ago. Where was the customer rep? Stuck in a mandatory meeting. Where was the backup? Same mandatory meeting. Why did four customers have scheduled appointments on a day if you have a mandatory meeting for your whole customer rep team? Three of those customers at least had an warehouse escort from another team. When confronted by the manager of the customer rep team, my response was, "it was an idiotic decision to allow someone access to the warehouse without accompaniment and that person should be happy I did not write a safety violation report." Guess who wrote me up and who was the idiot who allowed the customer to show up and the idiot who forced his team into a mandatory meeting. Also guess who wrote up a safety violation report, got treated out to lunch, and had the written warning removed today. ^.^
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    I’ve just finished a set of the early doctors as a Xmas present for my brother-in-law. may have to get another set for myself. So we have Doctors 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 8, followed by Zoe and Romana
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    More things posted on social media and now posting here! :D
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    Finally finished my Kraken Diorama. Tough time lighting it sadly, to where it didn't glare >< but it came out pretty and it's done so I'm happy =) Only way I would have really liked to make it better is to be able to put it in resin but that'd be a bit much lol Most of my WIP is in my WIP thread, except that last stage where I added background panels (supposed to look like the sea under water, I'm not an artist lol) I was hoping to put more fish in but it started getting a little busier than I liked, and plus it was quite hard to show details on all the fish as well as the Kraken so I just put enough in for interest. Anyway, hope you like it =)
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    So.... I got a package from Kentucky today..... So I prepared myself to open the threatening thing.... I placed it in my airbrush station, and turned on the fan in case some noxious substance erupted... I then prepared myself.... I then carefully slit open the tape closing the box.... and then opened it.... It seams that all my preparations were for naught, as the package contained GW Brown Wash Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates and Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls.... I expected Glitter everywhere..... Thanks @Thes Hunter
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    Have to say I am digging doing some NPC townsfolk for a change. I have to dig some of these out and do them. Oh and I know the color choice is a little odd but it's an NPC so I was doing some experimentation.
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    Presenting the Gentlefolk Blacksmith, a heavy-hitting Servant of the Engine from the game Twisted. He's part of my Steampunk People WIP thread. Been looking forward to painting this one for ages (mainly because he resembles Tick-Tock from Return to Oz, that's also why he's mostly bronze). Unfortunately, I did attach his chimney a little skewed, but I think I'm liking how it looks. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Exactly. There are two sides to the issue: the Get Good side of painting, and the "ay, I'm tryna relax here" side. As a rule they've generally co-existed pretty well, it's just a problem if a forum leans too far one way or the other. In the most technical sense, the gamer painting side are the plankowners. This hobby was born because people who played games purchased little people who had to be painted. It was a necessary evil. People who painted them just to paint them came later. This is why forums that go too far in pushing people to paint high-end have it wrong; they're pushing out the OG-style crowd who laid all the timbers. But, those fancy-pantsers have contributed their share and more to the betterment of all so they have earned a place, too. This is what makes me and @Guindyloo such a good team, because we're one of each. And we get along okay, I guess. I might like her a little bit.
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    Put out my decoration for the season. SEASONS GREETINGS!!!!
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    Did this without the helmet and the sword. I liked the bones ones so much I had to get this one to finish the set. Wish this was in bones too as it is a much better sculpt and it detracts from the bones models now. Oh well I have the "set" now so I am .....Oh and this figure is awesome I would tell people to pick up more than one because there is a helmet and sword option in the package which is cool.
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    Hey all, Some of you may (or may not) have been wondering why I haven't been on the forums much as of late. The short answer is : I've been busy. Here are some recent Chaos Wars units I've been painting as part of a commission for Ral Partha. Hope you like 'em. The Egg
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    Yep, @Guindyloo is pretty awesome in general. As the moderator in charge of the WIP and Show-off sections, I get the privilege of seeing every piece of art and the comments the awesome folks here make (I do try to lay eyes on every single thread, I'm a bit behind right now). Here's a few things I've noticed: -There is a TON of content! This can mean some excellent pieces slip off the front page without getting the attention they deserve -Threads that ask for specific feedback (such as 'how can I improve my blending') are FAR more likely to get useful responses than a general "Critiques and suggestions welcome" -Threads that mention (usually in the title) that the painter is new tend to attract a lot of attention, with lots of friendly welcome and helpful advice -Most people appear very hesitant about critiquing painters they perceive to be much better than they are (there was more I was going to add, but I had to give someone a ride and forgot what the rest was. I'll continue my thoughts in a later post) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Yes, many came before us and many will come after. I use us as examples to show our thinking mostly so I'm not trying to read other people's minds or intent - I don't want to speak for anyone else or put words in their mouths. All of us, the whole board, represent the machinery of the place and individually we're just parts of the whole. It's a near-certain guarantee that every one of you who posts work or tips has been, or will be, read by somebody new (who we may never meet) and helped them discover a great hobby. We're all ambassadors, and what we do and say has real impact. I hope everyone here someday has the chance to have somebody come up to you and say: "Hey, you remember when you painted X? I loved that! It's what got me into the hobby!" Any one of us can make or break a new painter and maybe never even know it, so we should use our power wisely. We were all newbies once, and when new people come in they'll take us *cough* "honored elders" seriously. Stoopid responsibility...
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    They are! Stick around here long enough and you'll see the occasional shell-shocked survivor who went to another forum first. Some places out there produce good artists, but they are pretty Thunderdome in their approach. I guess that works for some people, but I'd bet the casualty rate of people who give up and walk away is pretty extreme. At the end of the month I'm going to post a group picture of everything I did in the past 13 months - it's quite a lot of neat stuff. Anybody who wants a closer look at anything in the mix can ask and I'll show some close-ups. I haven't shared a lot this year, but when you see it all together it's a good illustration of why I decided "okay and fast" was the route best suited to my aims. It's close on 200 minis, including some big ones, and all done with an average work time of 4 hours a night. I don't know if many would be good competitors, but they don't look half bad and Metal Mountain got a lot smaller. (December 25th is my 13th anniversary of my very first Reaper order. In 12 years I painted some 20 minis. I don't know what unlocked last year, but I've done more work in 13 months than all the years before now. I got exactly where I wanted to be with it, and it made me hungry for more) ***As an aside, for those who may not know, in 2005 a friend was showing me these boards and the WIP/Show-offs and said I should post my stuff here. And I refused, on the grounds that I would never be good enough to post here. That's a true story.
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    One of the things I noticed at Reapercon was how all of the really good painters, sculptors, and other artists - I mean the real genuine mutant-ability people - were universally humble, easygoing, eager to share, and so freakin nice it was almost unreal. Critique is useful and valuable, but critique does not mean cruelty. Critique, done right, should give a person additional things to think about and try. Critique must be utilitarian. It's all the difference between "try this and you might get a result more to your liking" and "you suck and should kys". Again, that's part of why me and Guindy decided to do the double-WIP threads (I'm glad they worked out and seem popular) because our methods are different because our needs are different. And at some point we'll switch the roles around so we have to deal with the peculiar challenges of our different approaches. We're using largely the same basic techniques and methods, but there's still extreme variance. Generally hers tend to be more refined and nicer, but mine are faster. Theoretically, one could make the argument that nice automatically means better and the superior method. While reasonably valid, it's not going to help somebody with 500 Bones to paint unless it comes with coupons for Life Extension Therapy. Critique done right is all about sharing new ideas. This is good, everyone should try out all the new ideas they can - and then pick the ones that best suit their needs. When me and Guindy switch places, I'll learn some new things about making my stuff look prettier - and she'll learn some tricks so she can paint all her stuff before she sheds her mortal coil. Mutual benefit!
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    Ermergerd!!! The professor in British Columbia got back to me! I need to make a CV to send, and to send a transcript over. Sir Cyr's awesome mom is coming over tomorrow to help me write a half decent CV. *SQUEE* Okay, no assurances due to funding and competition... But I think I can prove that I'm better than the other mineral dweebs. So that's a good thing in my favor. *nervous*
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    Amongst the Bones Kickstarter III offerings is a set of pieces to dress up your friendly local torture chamber. One of them is this one, an iron maiden. I've used a couple of Vallejo's GameEffects rust paints on it, and I quite like the effect they give. You can slop them on straight from the bottle, but I find they work best when applied in several layers of washes, not too thin.
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    Quick paint job as a for my kids Hero Kids crawl this weekend. Easy but a lot of fun. Reference pics of wolves and wolves with bloody faces for the win.
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    I'm calling this done. A good friend made the base - which helped set the stage for this fearsome beast. (Model from Pacesetter Games). Fun to paint!
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    Just finished up a 1/56th scale M18 Hellcat from Warlord Games. First time to do a "realistic" vehicle and had a blast!
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    Found him in the pile and I figured I would do a quick paint of him. I was going to to use him in my picks but people seem to get a kick out of the wizard Perf.
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    I'm so glad you found it helpful! I changed jobs and have found myself unable to peruse the forums like I have in the past and thus I know I'm missing out on everyone's posts. That might change if things calm down, but it might not. But if someone @ tags me, I will come and take a look when I have a chance and if you're asking me for my advice/critique/thoughts on something, I absolutely will give them as soon as I have the time, you just might be waiting until the weekend or longer. So please feel free to poke at me.
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    Holy cow, the professor in Vancouver replied after I sent in my CV and transcript this morning. He might have a project that needs someone in a remote area of the Northwest Territories. I've not done anything like that before, but it would be AWESOME. *nervous* *excited* *really need to pee but stuck proctoring another exam*
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    A thing happened today that reminded me of the pants. There is a tale that is told among my friends and loved ones come the Christmas season. And because you are among these, I share it now with you. It is the tale of the Seven Pairs Of Polyester Slacks. Back in the early seventies, there was a fad of making clothing out of plastic. ALL plastic, no natural fibers. The worst of these was the Polyester Leisure Suit, but there were other crimes. My dad loved them. In my entire childhood, my father bought me three suits, and all of them were polyester. Purest polyester, plastic fiber, woven into formal horror. He loved them because they were easy to clean and held a crease forever. Dry clean? Ha! Just wash in cold water, and dry on low heat, and then hang; it'll all snap back into shape. Dad didn't wear a suit to work, but dress shirts, ties, and black polyester slacks were his uniform. And he loved his black polyester slacks with eternal creases and stain proofed techno wonder. Moonshots, lasers, and satellite TV be damned, as far as Dad was concerned, the millenium had arrived with black polyester slacks. But then... the dark times came. People rose up in rebellion. The rage against polyester had begun. By the early eighties, polyester clothing had vanished (along with Corfam shoes, another thing Dad liked) and he had to search long and hard to find replacement wardrobe items. Someone tipped him off that Goodwill often had polyester slacks, and he began stocking up. Polyester slacks last a long time, but they do wear out, and he needed enough pairs to get him through to retirement! (Dad was a high school guidance counselor. I can only wonder what his students in the eighties and nineties thought about this tall, Dick Van Dykish looking man in the wide ties and the black polyester slacks with Corfam shoes. I know people -- my sister in particular -- tried to explain to him that he looked like some sort of dinosaur from the Age of Disco, but he wasn't having any of that. They held a CREASE! FOREVER! AND THEY NEVER STAINED!) Anyway, this led to several people he knew giving him THEIR old polyester slacks. And one day, my father realized that he had all the black polyester slacks he was ever going to need. And then some. And that was the time that I came home to visit for Christmas... it would have been back around 1991 or so. And Dad gave me nine pairs of black polyester slacks. Or did I say seven, back up there at the top of the column? Seven? Or was it nine? I dunno, to be honest. I know it was at LEAST seven, and it might have been nine, and I don't THINK it was eleven. The upshot is that he could have given me ONE pair, and it would have been more pairs than I would ever need, thank you, I'd been living on my own for a decade by then, and wouldn't have been seen dead in a pair of black polyester slacks. This disrupted my father not at all. He had decided. He had all the slacks he needed, and he would pass the remainder on to his only son, that his only son need not languish in the absence of dress slacks that stayed creased without pressing. The Decision Had Been Made. The Slacks Would Be Given And Accepted. Now, I tried. "Dad, you're four and a half inches taller than I am, and it's all in your legs. Those slacks are too long, and clownishly so." "Well, they can be taken in, shortened up. It's easy. You know how to sew, don't you? Here, I'll give you a sewing kit to take with you." "Dad, these slacks went out of style around the same time the Village People did. In fact, some time before." "Well, those style folks don't know what they're talking about. These are amazing slacks. You know you don't need to iron them? They'll keep a crease forever. And they don't stain!" "Dad, I will never wear these slacks. They're ten years out of style. Flare legs went out with the Captain and Tennille." "Well, I don't see why. They're great! They last FOREVER, they won't stain, they'll keep a crease--" "Dad, I would walk into a biker bar butt nekkid with FREE BUTTSEKS written on my buttcheeks in lipstick before I wore those pants in public." "Well, now you're just being silly. These pants are GREAT, and you can't GET them any more! They'll keep a CREASE, they'll..." (I think he got it from his mom, my grandmother. She was the same way. She'd get a thing into her head, and would not stop until the universe bent to her will. Not OFTEN, but it happened. Often with being cold; it could be hot enough in the living room to melt lead, and the lawn could be on fire, but if SHE felt cold, every human within reach had to put on a sweater before she would finally drop it and relax, having saved us all from frozen death that none of us had the sense to avoid on our own.) And so I took the pants and put them in my car, right then and there, because there was no other way to hit the reset button; no other topics would be discussed until I accepted the fraggin' pants. And then we could have a family visit without a pants interjection every few minutes. I actually kept those pants for a couple of years. If he'd come to visit and I couldn't show him those honkin" pants, I'd never have heard the end of the horror of throwing away perfectly good pants. I did eventually discard them. They rest now in a landfill in New Braunfels, Texas, presumably with immaculate creases; I expect you could dig them up, shake the dirt off, and wear them home with pride, if you didn't mind being laughed at by passersby. And now, Dear Reader, you know why I avoid my relatives for Thanksgiving, and how for Christmas, I send my father a jolly email, and he responds by printing out a Christmas card he makes with a program he found for Windows 95 and then he sends it to me. In black and white. Color ink costs money, you know.
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    I haven't poked @Guindylooyet today. I try to leave that to @buglips*the*goblin. Seems safer. Besides, I'd hate to give @knarthex an excise to talk about his snorkel. Then, before you know it @Morihaldais blushing, @OneBoot is stomping, @Aryanun is not *BONKing* (because Knarthex wants it too much)... And then it all just spirals out of control...
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    Turned out not bad. If there is a metal version of this I would look at picking that up instead of the bones version though.
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    I know these are from Bones 3 just not sure what they are called. Anyway it's got perf in it and I know people like seeing him in my pics. Come to think of it he is not a great for scale figure as he is definitely at little bit larger than standard 28mm. Oh well .
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    For doing the right thing and following proper safety protocols, even though it initially caused you trouble. You're a good man, pckt. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Painted this dwarf last night and was pretty happy with how he turned out. I free-handed some patterns on his cloak that turned out OK, but I was mostly proud of how the color scheme ended up looking. If I had to do it over, I would make the boots a different color, as well as use a lighter pink with the plaid. Critiques and advice always welcome, thanks!
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    Did another random pull from the Box of Yesteryears, this time drawing yet another oldie, Nicole of the Blade: Nice bright pics this time, but they have washed out the darks slightly. So. Garrity Eyes strike again, and these were the smallest yet. The first thing that caught my eye was her chain mail. In the past this has been steel/silver, so I wanted to change it up and do a nice bronze. Unfortunately, the closest I had was Antique Gold, so I went with that. Basically everything not flesh or hair got a base coat of Cloudy Gray, then went metallic with Honed Steel, Blade Steel, and Polished Silver, with Antique Gold for the filigree work and the dragon on the shield. Then hit everything with a light Black Ink wash to grunge it up and fill the cracks, and a little bit heavier to line around her legs and skirt and such. Her hair is a mix of 3:1 Desert Sand and Leather Brown, which I only note because I don’t want to forget it. Again. And finally some purple for her hair ribbon to counter the grungy and morose. C&C welcome!
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    I find humor in the fact that we are discussing how to be civilized with a goblin. Don't worry @buglips*the*goblin we adore you
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    .. This has been one of those combats. Half the party is ON FIRE, and the other half is cheering them on. The group's fighter just used one of the group's pair of flaming spheres to beat three swarms to death ... I don't even know what's going on, and I'm the GM. It's insane.
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