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    I painted the Bones Black, Bones, and Wizkids owlbears as Great Horned Owls. This is the Bones Black owlbear. Not sure why it isn't in the store, even under the special edition section. I used the number it was assigned my order form. Anyway, it is a pretty cool model! I have several of them so will be able to paint them as different types of owls. I definitely need a Hedwig owlbear!
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    I got my Freebie Stone Troll a short while ago. He is okay as is, but I have been admiring G.W's Molog, a mushroom encrusted Troll. Being one of those Guys who can not leave well enough alone, I am Mologing the Stony Fellow: I figure he will be a denizen of Compo Heep's Mushroom Caves & Bat Poop Farm; ergo, the cavern base: Did I mention leaving well enough alone? I thought so. Have a good night!
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    Hi folks, It's been awhile since I posted, and since I've been painting online with friends a lot more, I figured it was time to get back to it! Painted this one via Twitch livestream the other night when someone in chat suggested a freehand pattern similar to a marsh frog (to go with the "bog" theme). While I can't take credit for the idea, we took the concept and ran with it-- I think the freehand really makes him stand out! Below is a frog stock photo I pulled for general reference. The hardest part was picking a random pattern to draw on the wings and mirroring it on the other side. Oh, and trying not to make him look too cute, with big, cartoony googly eyes, though the sculpt is stinkin' adorable, I just can't stand it! Thanks Bob Ridolfi for creating yet another Reaper sculpt that makes me smile I can't decide whether I want to break up the beautiful matte paint finish (all Reaper MSP colors) with a gloss varnish on the egg-like-sac-protuberances on his back... part of me wants to keep it all matte, but another part of me wants it to look extra gross and slimy. Thoughts? I appreciate you taking a peek! Hope you have a great day Thanks, Mocha
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    Presenting Veteran Gutter from the game Guild Ball, a damaged young woman who used her trauma to transform into a rage-fuelled murder machine. Originally part of the Union team (haven't painted this version yet), this veteran version marks her move to the Butchers Guild team. As I said in her WIP thread, this mini had rather sever moldline and excess flash issues (she's a one piece mini and the areas between her arms, sides and chain were pretty much filled in) which has left the details in a few areas in a bit of a mess, despite that I think she turned out okay. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Mrs. Bowes makes her way into the village. It's a lovely morning, but.... She can't shake the feeling that something is not quite right. Even the sheep seem unusually disturbed.
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    Like a number of you I picked up one of the new owlbears to see what the Bones Black material was all about. Given the local weather I decided to paint it up as one of those mythic polar owlbears you occasionally see wandering around.
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    There should be some kind of fancy private club you get to join for completing this model. It's major feat. I'm going to call it the Ma'al High Club. Ma'al took me 11 months to complete, working on it a few hours here and there each week. My Work In Progress blog can be found here if interested. I wasn't able to finish in time for the Large Reaper model contest last year, so he will be an early entry into this years contest.
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    Trooper Wagner surveys the wooded area behind the church. The trees are very still. Pilot Captain Becker approaches. "You have your orders, trooper! Why do you stand here?" "Search the woods, and quickly. The Commander will arrive soon and you do not want to disappoint him."
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    Two speed painted mimics from the Wizkids line.
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    Presenting Cal and Aponne, an Ogre and Halfling duo working for the Scylla crime family faction in the (possibly defunct) game of Wolsung. Had this one sitting in The Cupboard of Unfinished ThingsTM at 75% done for about 3 years or so, so thought I'd get him finished while waiting for other things to dry. It also highlights how little my painting has improved over the years As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I never know when my minis are done but here are the two fighters from the Dungeon Dwellers line, painted as a pair. Am using more and more Scale 75 paints, most of these colours are from their fantasy line with Army Painter washes.
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    Recently finished up another jarred mini, this one a Beholder. Beholder mini - Built on the base with a coin pile and treasure chest (also from Nolzur's/WizKids) as well as some hand punched loose coins and lots of sculpted resin Close ups. In jar - Client wanted a nice, small, display piece for his desk that he doesnt have to worry about the piece getting dusty. Metal plate on bottom of beholder, and magnets inside bottom of jar, if he chooses to use it for tabletop. Also more handcut coins glued inside the jar. writing on top was a found fantasy script that he liked, I translated 'Imprisoned Nightmare' as the writing. Have to say that I had so much fun painting this mini that I ordered 2 more to play around with later this year. Think I want to zombify one, and the other will be similar to this but with more elaborate basing.
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    I painted the Bones Black, Bones, and Wizkids owlbears as Great Horned Owls. This is the Wizkids owlbear. When you put the three together, they make a crazy singing group!
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    Love owl bears and really like the pudgy but dangerous pose of this one. Although he does look a bit like a flamenco dancer. Really simple brown primer, dark brown rush then Zandri Dust and Ghost Grey (Vallejo Game Colour) highlights.
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    My bride asked what I was doing last night. Reorganizing my bones miniatures so that when Bones 4 arrives, I'm ready to incorporate it into the collection I replied. There was a pause... And she asked a question that maybe she shouldn't have... "How many minis are you getting?" ... ... And because I am both honest and foolish I said "A little over 20 400" She said I said she said.
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    Had a lot of fun painting this.
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    Yesterday i was discussing this forum with a friend I have been gaming with for 25+ years. Like myself at first, he was surprised to hear of a forum that has not been overrun with the rude, obnoxious and trollkin. I mod on a couple other forums where we have to work to keep them friendly, regularly banning those who would ruin it for everyone. This place is a welcome oasis and I am so glad to have found it! I have learned so much andmade several friends here. Just... thanks.
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    today was a rough day, with the FiL's funeral. My wife finally got a good cry in, something she said she had been unable to do for the last week. The realization that he won't see his grandfather again hit my son hard today, too. The church the service was in was beautiful, something many here would appreciate. Old stone building built in the 1860s or 70s. Found out that my FiL had helped rebuild/restore a major portion of the church flooring and pews. I knew he had done a complete stained glass window mural for them and restored several other stained glass pieces, but didn't know about the rest. And as of today, my wife now has a piece of her stained glass there, too, a memorial piece they asked her to do for him.
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    Presenting the irrepressible Monkey, his group have journeyed to the west to represent the Guild of Harmony's Far East branch in the game Twisted. Was rather intimidated by this guy at the start, the whole set are pretty big on tiny details, but he turned out to be rather straightforward to paint. I've got to stop painting things Andrea Blue until I've figured out how to layer it properly though. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Part of the RP Challenge was to paint 4 forgotten & unfinished minis. So I did up a bones Temple Dragon, Sir Scale a lot, a Kitsune and a wolverine. Hope they pass inspection!
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    Glo snatched this out of the Box of Goodwill last year. The fur on the owlbear is her first time drybrushing. She imagined the creature crossing a stream and painted the base accordingly.
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    Ok, this is awesome. Guy painted a bust of Bob Ross and for added effect he did a small oil painting by following a Joy of Painting episode. It's seriously great.
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    This lizardman was once a test subject for a number of different paints. With no real way of knowing what was what I just visually picked out some paints and inks that looked like proper shadows and highlights and finished it off.
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    This is my first of four minis for the "it might not be perfect, but get it finished" part of the Jan/Feb 19 RP Challenge. I started this miniature a loooooooong time ago, made some mistakes, and set him aside. The challenge gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to come back to him though. I think it's a very lovely sculpt by Sandra Garrity and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. I'll be re-basing him later, but I'm out of 1" bases and I'm just waiting on Bones 4 to arrive to replenish me.
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    I have had some VMA Signal Red (metallic) gathering dust for quite a while, so this morning I decided to try it out. Three hours later (including finding and shaking the paint) I have a complete test subject. I think that given the time to really work with it a person could do a decent TMM red with it. As is, I have a tabletop ready dwarf.