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    As a paid Reaper employee, there is a non disclosure agreement I am bound to. There are many things that I would like to tell yall to help calm things down. I am not authorized to do so. I have expressed my concerns to the powers that be that communication at this juncture is just as important as every other stage of the process. I would like to be able to share where we are in the process of fulfillment, but it isn't something I'm willing to become unemployed over. I would like to be able to share that there were a few changes we didn't expect, like Canada because shipping notices have it public anyway. I would like to share that when we spend our entire work day getting orders pulled we are not on the Internet monitoring comments. I'm on my time right now, I don't have to be here now, but I am, after my 60 hours work week, I'd like to just be a person and enjoy my life. I am aware yall thought you'd get an update by now. I am aware yall are wondering what is going on. I'd like to share but I'm not authorized. I know no one who has authority to share will do so on a weekend. This is not a promise for them to do so on Monday, I can't promise any action by anyone, but myself. We are ALL frustrated with this project. Tempers are escalating on all fronts. Please respect our forum rules and keep your posts here appropriate. I am unlocking this thread after removing the worst of the post flare up. This is the one and only reminder to follow our rules or this thread will be locked down again indefinitely. I would really like to enjoy my family this weekend, please play nice here. Edit: it was pointed out that some of that made things sound like dire things happened. There was no dire this week, no bad things happened*, changes were made and everything is rolling. Updates would be nice, it makes my life easier, but again, I'm not authorized to do that. This was the best I can give yall. *except I did accidentally cut myself with the box knife enough times to have it removed and I have fun bandages with super heroes and dragons.
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    Cute puppy found near the corner of Crown Street and Wharf Road. Very friendly and energetic, seems to like people. Brown and grey markings and a long tail. No collar.
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    Hey everyone! Just checking in again to show off another paint job. This is the first of my group of 5 player characters that I am painting for my RP group. First off is Twynblade the Rogue, I was able to use the Eli Quicknight figure that came as part of the anniversary promotion. I hope you enjoy! This is my 6th figure and I feel like I'm starting to develop a style. I like going for the gritty realism which is why I like adding details like muddy cloaks and dented/rusty armor and weapons. Because he is a roguish type and the guy who plays him is always hanging out in the shadows I went a little heavy on the dark wash for this character. I'm going to work on being more subtle with shadowed areas for my next piece, but I like how he turned out. I took my first real stab at eyes and boy was this a hard figure to start out on, With the hood and bandanna there is very little room to maneuver the brush. I got the whites of his eyes and liked the effect. There is no way I'm getting pupils in such a small area with a brush. I was wondering if anybody uses pens to apply pupils on any of their figures? Suggestions on that front and any other comments are welcome. Thanks again for taking a look. ~WhatsEcstacy P.S. A lot of my figures came with really bent weapons including this one. I was able to straighten the dagger out a little more after taking the pictures, but any suggestions/tips on good ways to straighten out bent figures would be appreciated.
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    It's not a reaper mini but it is painted with reaper paint. C&C welcome. Human mini for scale.
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    here, happier note. Pictures from Facebook
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    I will have an Update when the informaton we wanted to share in the update is available. We will also take the time in that update to review changes that have been made to the process. I am at work today on a Saturday to try to resolve some of the issues that these last-minute changes caused, and to further try to resolve other ones before they become yet further problems. In the meantime, we are focusing all of our efforts on shipping and processing as many orders per day as possible - thousands of Zone 3 are done, and Zones 1 and 2 are simply waiting to be loaded onto their respective ships. Right now, I have a fair degree of confidence that I may be able to make an Update Monday or Tuesday. I will clarify the confusion about Canada Shipping notices in that Update, and am not authorized to say anything further at this time. And to answer Smokestack, Yes, we really would get in trouble for speaking without permission. I may have slightly more leeway than she does, but I'm not willing to risk it.
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    Hi, they wait three years for painting. When I started miniature painting i fell in love with rackham miniatures but I thought I was not enough skilled to paint them. Now I think I am:). I want to make a freehand on shields of last two skorize warriors but I have to rest a while. Making bases was super fun. All comments are welcome.
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    I knocked out a few figures over the past few weeks. The Iconic was the 3rd time I painted the model, so she turned out pretty awesome. The other ones were speed jobs and I love how they all look.
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    I like the idea of yellow and orange skinned ogres and I've seen a few before. This is my first foray into yellow skinned ogre territory and I liked highlighting Witt a mix of orange and shading with a bit of green. This was a heavy one though, so I'll be looking forward to the bones ones coming soon (tm). I stamped some green stuff for the base and sculpted a couple extra bits while I was at it. It's supposed to be a bit of cloth and some rope. Also there is a pile of round objects that honestly looks like massive deer poo. Well, why not? Painted the cloth red, which maybe makes it stand out a little too much. I'd appreciate any feedback or advice on what to improve before I get started on the bones 3 ogres. thanks for looking!
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    If we aren't shipping from Denton the what the broccoli did I spend all week doing?
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    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and I'd like to share one of my so far painted miniatures with you. I personally enjoy painting together with other people more than alone. How do you guys do it? Do you meet up with friends? Go to a store (I think I saw some painting lessons at one in Berlin)? Would like to hear what you guys think!
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    Hi all, It has been a while since the last post, but here is a quick, step-by-step painting guide to the Silver Death Fish for DeepWars. This model is suspiciously similar to an ancient Xiphactinus fish, but has slightly different fins, with a few finlets near the tail like a tuna. This model was primed in white and painted using the techniques very similar to the Dire Fish-Lizard from the AMG painting guide, Painting Scaly Beasts. The key was to use washes and glazes to give it the basic colors, then lighten sections with thinned white paint and make edges pop with pure white. The majority of the colors were Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink, while paint was Golden Fluid Acrylics and Americana white and black. All ink was mixed with Liquitex Matte Medium and water to give it more body to flow into the cracks. Otherwise it tended to stain the scales instead of flow into them. So the first step was to paint the upper sides, back with very thin washes, almost glazes, of Deep Turquoise ink and medium. The mixture was around 20% ink, 40% medium and 40% water. These are not exact numbers, but the mixture was light enough to apply color and flow into scales but left a lot of lightness. A key here was to set the model upside down while it dried so the color did not flow down the entire body. When it was dry, the next color applied was Quinacriadone Magenta ink, painted in a very light glaze around the middle of the body and onto parts of the head and the fins. The mixture was more about the same density as before but less was held on the brush so it did not run everywhere. The model was held upside normally while applying this glaze also. Next, The head, belly and lower body was painted with a glaze of the original turquoise mixture. Finally, a wash of Pthalho Blue ink (same medium and water percentage as before) was applied on the top of the back. The model was inverted and light brush strokes were used to push the glaze further down the back and blend it with the Turquoise scales. The next step was basic shading, done with more glazes or Pthalho Blue ink on the back and Turquoise ink on the sides, going over the Magenta scales. This glaze was very thin, closer to 10% ink, 40% medium and 50% water, with the here to tie all of the colors together with blue. Also applied were glazes of black paint mixed with Pthalho blue ink onto the top of the back and in the mouth. It looks pretty messy now, but you can make out the basic idea of the light and shadow. When all of the color had dried, the next stage was adding basic highlights. This was done with slightly thinned white paint, maybe 60/40 paint and water, applied lightly onto areas that would reflect light. This mixture was used with very careful drybrushing in multiple layers on the scales to build up edge highlights. It is important to brush perpendicular to the scales and not scrub in all directions here as otherwise the scales just get a coating of white. The goal is to just do the edges of the scales lightly and build up layers. Also, a glaze of white was applied along the upper third of the body to increase lightness there, allowing it to flow into the cracks and all. This glaze is just paint and water and was "scrubbed" around a bit with the brush to blend it. This technique is also called "feathering" but is basically just quick brush strokes to reduce the sharp edge of the glaze. The final stage was done with edge highlights of more white paint, mixed with less water, around 80% paint, 20% water. This mixture was used for some edge drybrushing on the scales, and on the fins and teeth, with some additional black paint glazed in the mouth and around the base of the teeth. This mixture was uses with a fine brush to pick out scales using the tip of the brush to add highlights where the drybrush missed. Some pure white paint was used on scales that were lightened in the previous step. On the fins, the edges were highlighted with 80/20 white, but some fine line details were added with 50/50 white using a fine-tipped brush. To finish off the glazes, a light mixture of Raw Sienna ink and Primary Yellow paint (10% color, 40% medium, 50% water) was applied along the middle of the body, above the magenta section, and on the head and around the eye. The eye was painted with a mixture of yellow and white paint, with a black pupil and a tiny dot of pure white for a hotspot reflection. The base was done in steps similar to the body, with a wash of Burnt Sienna paint, medium and water (20/40/40), then when dry, two washes of Pthalho Blue ink (20/40/40) to build up color. The base had some small cracks in it that were filled with extra Matte Medium and allowed to dry, then painting over them. Sections of sponges were painted with Pure Burnt Sienna ink and the starfish was done with Dioxazene Purple ink + white paint. Some Sap Green ink was applied as a glaze to add more color to the rock.
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    Hi all! Finished up my Slaaneshi Cult with some cheerleaders! (Inner Circle painting comp) Used the Golden Skin triad with nice results (to me!) Still working on the edge blending, but I'm happy with them for gaming level! Hair is craft store pink with Reaper Punk Rock Pink wash Metals are layering and washes of three different companies (craft, reaper, citadel) Tried a technique I read here for the eyes, using reddish liner/wash to accent the green eyes Drummer's beard is the auburn and redhead triad (Now back to painting my RPG groups characters (yay Bones!)) Chris the Tall
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    After spending the last hour dealing with KS backers who apparently couldn't be bothered at any time in the previous 19 MONTHS to fill out their pledges (PM was open for 9 months. Then, for the 10 month period following that, we opened a private instance of the PM for each backer that contacted us having missed the first 9 months) and having to tell all of them that it is too late, we've already sent out over 2,000 orders and I cannot take the chance that you adding one more order* to the stack will upset our planning and cause cascading supply problems across 3 warehouses, am in no mood to be ANYBODY's role model. I want to smash things with the heaviest sledgehammer I can find. Right now, if i was in the Arena with Thor and Hulk, I'd feel confident I could take them. Honestly, at the moment, I think I could dominate the entire red lantern Corps. I'm a little irritated. *(over two dozen "one more orders") Because it's not JUST YOU, Random KS Backer who sat for nearly two years and DID NOTHING. It's all of your spiritual cousins who also did nothing and care nothing for whether you upset the apple cart as long as you get to simultaneously ignore directions and also still get your way.
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    Here is my finished "spirit of the forest" diorama. Including a bones bird familiar and metal squirrel familiar from 02756. (The axe was from a Frostgrave plastic sprue - cultists or soldiers?) wip is here Pics Oops - meant to put his in show off. How do I fix it? Mod help?
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    Took me forever to get to this guy, mainly because I felt Boromir was lame lol. I just finished it. I think he came out killer though. I'll likey touch up the left side of his face.
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    Finished up my old Ral Partha Mimics I purchased years ago. I painted the chest years ago, but been siting on these. The GW Nurgles are in the same boat. I still have a few more of them to paint. I included the first Nurgle I painted years ago for comparison. The mini's are a bit too shiny for my taste so I may brush on some matte varnish since the spray matte showed up shiny.
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    So I've been painting up this fella for Frostgrave. I went classic blue ice troll with him. After taking pictures I see that I could add some depth to the winter wolf fur he is wearing. If it still bothers me, I may revisit it later. For now, he/she. Is done.
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    A good news bad news situation. Bad News. My FLGS is going to stop carrying Reaper paints. Good News. I've acquired a storage solution for my paints.
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    I know my involvement with the forums have been fairly little for quite a while and I feel as though I should explain my absence. I consider may on here to be friends and I hope they don't feel that I've abandoned them. Initially, my family had lost a fairly important member. My father in law had passed away and my wife and her family needed the support so I wasn't really able to be on here. Its taken a while to get back to some normality but I think the family has achieved that now. I hadn't really been painting either with the exception of some GW figures which I posted. Secondly, my wife and I are planning a fairly big move for us. We are planning to move from Chicago to Indianapolis by august 1st. Part of this is so I can go back to school. This means both of us leaving our well paid jobs and likely taking some significant pay cuts. We have been busy driving back and forth looking at schools, houses, and jobs as part of this which has kept me from painting anything else. Actually, most of my painting supplies and minis are now packed up as we are going through and packing things we can and going through boxes that we never unpacked from the last move as well as getting rid of things we really don't need and don't want to move. As for school, I've decided to attend Ivy Tech and will be pursuing my associates degree in machine tools and CNC Machining. Its a field I've always wanted to get into but have had a hard time finding a door to put my foot in. So, that is a glimpse into why I've been absent. once we have found a place to live and have settled into our new routines I'm sure I'll be back on here more often. I'll try to pop in when I can. We still have a long way to go and a short time to get there, but we're going to do what they say can't be done. (or shouldn't?)
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    Just finished up Garrick the Bold. Painted with Army Painter matte black undercoat, dry brushed Necron Compund then finished off with Reaper HD paints. Basing done with the Army Painter basing kit. Pay no attention to my paint fingers. comments and critiques always welcome.
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    So for the last March/April challenge NomadZeke asked for a jumping figure. I was a little late, I had the idea quickly of using this leaping woman, and I had this premade snowy log base that I wanted to use for something.... Her arm positioning wasn't right, no one would jump over something with a blade held up like that , so I cut it off and moved it trying for a more natural stance. then I tried TMM on the blade, over and over. this is try number 4 at least, if I had Kept all the photos, I might try a collage of them. I have 3 saved, so perhaps ill do a follow up post.
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    I painted this guy over the weekend to toy around with the LED Blue paint I haven't gotten to use much since I got the MSP 2014 expansion set last holiday season. I'm not terribly happy with the OSL, and could have spent hours more doing more glazes and highlights, but he's going on a shelf for sale at my LGS and I made myself limit my time for extra details since I've found there's an upper limit on what the local D&D players are willing to spend. Anyway, I really liked the sculpt and had a lot of fun with him. Here's hoping he sets something on fire on a gaming table soon!
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    Here is a little angel chibi that I painted up a little while back. For whatever reason, I just never got around to posting her before now:
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    I finished my Display Board for the competition. And the competition was this past Saturday. 7 people entered, and I didn't get any pics of their stuff. But, and this is important to me because it was pretty unexpected- I won! Apologies for the excessively large images.
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    So I painted these ogres originally in X, but with my rebasing spree they came up again. I don't have pictures of the originals anymore, but I redid most of the base. :) So old paintjob, new base work. Enjoy.
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    The fleet of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick grows: Here are five 100-gun ships at 1:900 by War Artisan. I elected to omit the halyards and backstays, as I couldn't keep the lines tight and they made the ships look messy. PDF by War Artisan. Construction and rigging by me. Yes, I forgot to make a WIP thread.
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    A kitten in a boot for you, OneBoot! Hope you feel better! Sleep well :) -E.E.
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    As requested, here are some break out pictures of my Sisters of the Blade Warlord Army. Dedicated to all the women that I know that have survived breast cancer. If you are interested in contributing your paint, I will happily exchange with you or simply send you a figure, just PM me.
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    This is the Predator Xeno-Hunter from Galaxy Defenders. I actually managed to finish this mini last week but never got around to taking the picture. I really enjoyed painting this mini which was part of the reason that Agent Iron was sitting around with an unfinished base for so long. In particular, I enjoyed painting the skin and think I did a good job with it. As I had two of the mini's, I painted one of them with blue highlights and the other with red highlights. Naturally, I had to take a picture of the Predator Xeno-Hunter together with Dutch Agent Iron.
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    Finished up a couple of figures from the Temple of Set project. The guy on the left reminds me of someone I saw in a movie once [wink]. The cultist originally had a flail or scourge in his right hand, but it broke so I replaced it with a second blade.
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    Finished up all the bones 2 Mouslings. Can't wait for the Bones 3 space marine ones.
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    Let me rephrase. Zone 2 is waiting to be loaded on the ship. I lumped them both together in a way that was misleading. I'm in a bit of a foul temper reading the things people re saying about me/us and I didn't speak clearly.
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    So here is my rendition of a figure from Crocodile Games, Hecate sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick. She's a bit bare chested, so you can see a shot of her front here: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Crocodile_games_hecate_front_(2).JPG and here is her view from behind:
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    Hello everyone! The last entry from my Learn To Paint Kit: Layer Up! I am very pleased with this mini. It's not perfect, and there are some parts which didn't come out like I had hoped, but I learned a lot and I think some parts came out very well. I tried to focus a lot of attention on the little details. I would really like to hear what you all think, I am trying to improve with each mini. The parts of this mini which I think I struggled with the most were the True Metallic Metals. I don't like them. I really want to try to learn how to do NMM, as I think those look so much nicer. Thank you for your advice!
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    I finished my current semester of school a few weeks ago and wanted to ease back into painting with something simple and something from my shelf of shame. I'm not real pleased with the highlights on the cloak, overall I'm happy with him as he ended up in a nice muted tone. Feedback welcome and wanted.
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    While waiting for water effects to dry (more boring than paint) I finished up a couple minis that have been on the desk for a while. His one here is a favorite. Got all rainbow inspired when painting up a great worm. This was the first mini where I'd used the sand/gravel and glue mix to "sculpt" a base. Had lots of rocks to stick into it as it dried. After a dark primer and light drybrush, I liked the look of it so much I didn't want to paint over it for a few months. Well I finally brought it back to the painting desk about a month ago and have been hitting the rocks with various leftover Browns and grays. I was not entirely happy with he underside until I thought to drybrush a fleshy color (suntan flesh) and it really did it for me. What do you think?
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    Ah, to be new to it all and think that 35 minis is a lot. I've been collecting for 30 years and the unpainted numbers have slowly grown in proportion to painted every year. The speed I paint I have at least 10 years of minis ahead of me even if I don't buy more. But looking at and buying minis seems to be the biggest part of my hobby.
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    My Dad turns 84 on Saturday. He's past Birthday gifts as such, but he wants to spend the afternoon at a local heritage village followed by going down to the waterfront shops of one of the older sections of town and then heading to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I'll have Birthday cake waiting for when we get home. Should be a good day.
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    This is my first completed Bones figure. Since spray primer is too high of a risk on ruining them and washing them didn't help the water bead up on some of my paint brands I opted for a brush on sealer that seams to work great. With this being a brain I wanted it to look gooey. So I just focused on it and did a single coat on the legs. I gave it a gooey look with gloss varnish.
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    Had a Grrreat day with my Dad celebrating his birthday today! Part of it was spent visiting Burnaby lake. It was a beautiful day. The best one of the year so far.
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    Mass shipping is complicated, period. To be safe, I'll blame Buglips, that way no one gets offended.
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    Hey everyone, I took a stab at speed painting. Well for me anyways. I allowed myself two and a half hours to complete these four Goblins (not including prep and priming). These are not my usual 'quality' but I wanted to see what I could do under a tight timeline. 2 hours 48 minutes... I had to include a second picture of the two handed sword fella. It surprised me, I totally missed what was hanging off his belt until I was painting. I hope you like them!
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    i don't feel great about this one, but i haven't seen many photos of this mini painted, so here it is. it's for my buddy's gnome bard, gerbo timbers, which is a pretty great name, honestly. out of curiosity, has anyone ever gotten good results from gw's white scar? for me it's either thinned to the point of uselessness or chalky as #%*&. i can't speak to gw's base white because every bottle i've tried to shake resisted. i couldn't even stir the last pot i had into something usable. looks like i'm in the market for a new white. anyway, hope there's something about it you like. cheers.
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    ....Oh gosh, I just realized I need to get probably two more tool boxes to store all my new Bones in. This is going to throw off my whole sorting system! D: /drama Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    One thing I consider when painting big critters is weight. I have a metal cinder and I probably will never finish her because she so hard to hold for any length of time. There are some projects I would never have even attempted in metal. I hate using saws to chop things, so if I'm going to do a significant amount of conversion, bones are my go-to. One a basecoat is down, they paint similarly to metal, though I do note if I leave them for a long period of time the paint seems to absorb some property of the plastic and the layer becomes hydrophobic again. I can get pretty decent detail in bones, but I have to admit, it is easier to paint metal and resin. I love bones for gaming, practice and economic awesomeness. It is possible to make bones look exactly as good as metal and I know there were a few threads on the forums comparing minis of each type. I just have to change slightly the way I start a figure. I would never have done this one without bones: that's mostly why I love them!! I can create monsters for very little money!
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    For painting to display level and putting a ton of hours in, I prefer metal (well I prefer resin if that is an option). However, even if someone has no intention of using figures for play, Bones are still useful to the display painter IMHO. To do a test paint or practice on a Bones requires me riffling through a few boxes for a few minutes to find something that's in a similar pose or has similar folds or something else related to what I want to test/practice. Then I wash it, if I haven't already, and a few minutes later I'm slinging paint on it, and likely 10-30 minutes after that I've figured out if my test worked or gotten some practice in on a technique before I do it 'for real' on the intended figure, and then I toss it in a box and maybe I'll finish it one day, maybe I won't, but it's no big deal either way. In my previous all metal days, I would occasionally do the same thing, but usually I'd feel compelled to fully prep the mini and file off the mould lines, then wash, then definitely have to prime, and by then I feel like I'm 'wasting' it to just slap some paint on it for a few minutes to test something.