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    I've been working on these two for a very long time. Well over a year I think. It's nice to finally get them off the paint table and into the display cabinet.
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    I finished a few figures off lately, and I am really happy how they look. Enjoy.
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    One of my players bought this figure to represent her sylvan druid. She wanted her painted like a Sylvari from Guild Wars 2. I used her description from her backstory to determine her skin, hair, and eye colors. She said she thought Lily would wear "natural" colored clothing. I initially thought greens with some purples (my favorite colors) but with her hair being bright green as requested, I didn't think green leaves would show up in her hair. I decided to go with autumn leaves for her hair and wrists. When deciding on how to do her clothes, I thought of doing them like an autumn leaf. Her corset/vest and her sandals were painted bootstrap brown but when I used brown ink over it, it made it look like red leather. I really liked how it turned out a lot! I am so bad about finishing painting a figure and wanting to move on to painting the next. I have to make myself base things. A local guy here was advertising some leaf punches so I bought some from him to create leaves for the base. I painted them up in autumn colors and added them to the base. I painted a little Monarch butterfly and put it on her raised hand. The only thing I am not totally happy with is the staff/spear/whatever it is. I want to paint this figure again for myself and if/when I do, I will be modifying it and getting rid of the staff. She's a little shiny because I haven't sprayed her with Dulcote yet. C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!
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    Who doesn't like a Kobold? The sculpts are amazing. Incredible detail for such wee little pieces. I started painting these a while back, and just finished the kobold wizard this morning. I hope you like them!
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    So I had to paint this real quick for tomorrow's game of "this is not a test". The guy who plays the raider faction has a group that worship Disney and last week he found a suit of powered armor so I figured it should have a buzz light year theme. Hope you like my first speed paint in awhile. I already had the back pack assembled and some base colors down before I started
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    Seen at The Twisted Tower is YET ANOTHER of the Scary Faeries, a Fey Sorceress of unimagined powers...well, mostly unimagined. Descending from dizzying heights: ...we see the Sorceress has landed: ...AND greeted by the ever amiable Leo Sizechek (for a size check): ...my people come & go SO quickly here: ...She has graciously permitted herself to be photographed from various other angles...or else: ...there you have her.
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    i finally finished deathsleet, which i painted as a green for lost mines of phandelver. this was my first large model, and i made every mistake one can make on a large model. it was a good learning experience, though. before someone mentions it, i have yet to properly base anything i've painted since i came back to the hobby. i'll get around to it when it when i finally paint something i really like, which may be down the road a bit. no doubt i'll need plenty of advice when i get to that point, but for now i'll content myself with just ruining models. c&c welcome, of course.
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    Hi, I had very prolific holidays and in addition to Myshikn i finished some miniatures from Cadwallon board game
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    I've been painting a lot lately, but not posting so much. Time to fix that (the posting, not the painting)! I finished this antipaladin a while ago, but hadn't posted him to show off yet. So here he is: I decided to go with a rich color scheme, incorporating red, brown, bone, and three different colored metallics: steel with black, steel with brown, and gold with brown. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out. For the base, I used a technique that I learned from James Wappel's blog (wow, that guy is prolific). I made a round disc out of sculpey, and carved it with the sigil of an evil deity. Then I baked it, and after baking snapped it into pieces. It gives it a nice natural broken stone look, and I got three bases for the price of one! So now I just need to find two other evil characters to populate the other bases. I also used this mini to try out a new mini photography technique, a turntable that I made myself. I included a few details of how I did it in this old forum thread. This allows me to make nice 360 degree animations. I like the way it is able to show the shifting highlights on the metals; it's something you really don't capture with still photos. And the new forum can embed them directly. Cool! Following a suggestion from Cranky Dog, I also made a 3D version. It could still be improved, but I think the technique shows promise. Here are instructions for viewing: Hold your finger close to your screen, in the middle between the two images. Slowly bring your finger toward your nose, keeping your focus on your finger. At some point the two images in the background will merge into one. Shift your focus to the image on the screen, and behold the miracle of 3D! Laugh at all those suckers who wasted hundreds of dollars on fancy VR headsets. Please let me know whether the effect works for you! It took me a few tries to properly view it, but it becomes easier with practice.
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    Hi all, after much lurking I've decided to post some of my minis I technically posted once before but I just realized looking at the old post that it was over a year ago! I'm really going to have to pick up my painting rate given that another bones pledge is about to be delivered! So I can definitely tell I like painting the bad guys better than the PC characters, probably due to spending too much time DMing. Anyway, here's some recent ones I painted. As always feedback is appreciated! First a couple beastmen from the Warlord line: How about a golem and some undead as tomb guardians? I diced up a skeleton into the base of the bone fiend too. You can kind of see the boot. I have painted some character figures as well recently. Here's a few Elves with an Halfling. I need to work on my faces more though. Humanoid faces are so much flatter than monsters'. Anyone have any tips for varying humanoid flesh or adding details to faces that that sculp might not define well? Thanks! Much appreciated!
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    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/goldar/sku-down/03461 I'm pretty new to painting, and this guy is my first fully completed piece (based, varnished, etc) i wish I had used a few more layers on his purple cloak, because the highlights didn't get as bright as I'd have liked, but overall I'm pretty happy. Please give cc!
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    Sorry in advance for my newbness, I've been painting for a couple years but completely new to posting and taking photos. Here is my most recent project. I clipped a torch off of a goblin pyro to throw on this beasty's base. I have not sealed this one yet. I have a lot I'd like to learn and one of them is how to seal my minis without them getting too shiny or clogging up the details. Well here it is. I do not recall the paints used - I also need to work on tracking what I use especially when mixing paints - but I am pretty sure I used the yellow and orange from the reaper holiday paint set for the torch/osl.
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    So I finished up the Oathsworn Mystic Circle and Runestones from the latest KickStarter.... Pentacle by itself: Circle with the different inserts The Runestones: All together: Was a Fun thing to paint.... Thanks for looking!
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    Thank you all for your concern. To those of you who have sent me messages, please know that I do appreciate you checking in on me and I apologize if my unresponsiveness has caused anyone any undo worry. I'm doing ok but do still need some more time before I think I'll be ready to re-emerge. Thank you, again, for all of your concern, it means a lot to me.
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    ok, let me sing the song of my people. We will be shipping orders out in Waves. Wave 1 first, then Wave 2, then 3, etc. This continues until all orders have been pulled and shipped. Within each wave are 2,000 people. The order within the wave for each of the 2,000 is determined by the timestamp of the first order that user locked in. So Wave 1's first order to ship will be the backer who had wave 1 and locked in first. Even if a Wave 2 backer locked in before that person, sort order = Sort by Wave, then timestamp. (and In the event of a tie between timestamps, the first of the users to have registered their account on the PM wins. ) As an example, allow me to illustrate with 4 fictitious users, whom we shall call Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. These 4 people game together, and each backed the Kickstarter. They have an ongoing bet who will get their "your order shipped" tracking email first. Inky, Blinky, and Pinky are Wave 1. Clyde is Wave 2. Inky locked in his order on October 1, Blinky on September 20, Pinky on October 3, and Clyde on September 1. Inky then locked in another order on October 31st, to celebrate halloween, because he is a ghost. Blinky locked in first among the Wave 1 backers, so his will ship first. Then Inky, followed by Pinky. Clyde may have locked in before any of his friends, but because he was Wave 2, all 3 of theirs will ship first, although his will not be far behind, having been early (relatively) within wave 2. Blinky will win the bet, and as result, the others will have to buy him a round. Note that Inky's subsequent orders had no impact on the shipping order - he is not penalized by having his order "move to the back" because his second order's timestamp is later than everyone else's.
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    This guy has been a work in process for a few weeks and I finally got the time to finish him up! Quite pleased with how my third paint job turned out! Got some tips from a vet painter last night and also an idea that I might do later to have a bit of a glow effect coming from the visor. Will update if I do it
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    For the Role Player that can't make up their mind! I give you the Eldritch Knight! or at least that is what I think it is called. I would wear armor too if I was tossing fireballs out like a crazy scooby doo villian. Another one of those Paizo Pathfinder minis prior to Reaper taking over. My friend has a bucket of them and I chose this one due to it's uniqueness. yes those are ashes and a body shaped scorch mark. TOASTY!
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    No snow in the south! Behold, new glasses in action: I couldn't find a Sharpie for accent, oh well.
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    I don't know about a video, but there will be corgis for scale...
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    For my latest group of models I wanted to paint some monsters- preferably with tentacles. I thought this "roper" would be easy enough but I decided to spice it up a little on the base. The 'shrooms are just little acorns The kids helped me collect last fall (painted the rounder ones as pumpkins). I really don't know if I put the tentacles in the right spots but I like how dynamic they make this model look.
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    Knarthex; hopefully this is what you're looking for. My phone is my camera, so unfortunately this is as good as it gets on my end.
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    Respectfully, I will not be passing along to the bosses the suggestion that I be included in anyone's rewards.
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    We have all of the product we need to begin fulfillment except for the container which is in customs at the moment. However, because this is inevitably the next question people ask, NO we are NOT setting up our warehouse and dedicating staff to pull the small handful of orders which only ask for paint, or only DVDs, or only paint+ DVDs. We will begin shipping all orders for rewards when all rewards are available. We did not advertise that paint-only orders would go first, and we will not be upsetting the apple cart by changing our plans this close to the end.
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    This is Dutch Agent Iron from Galaxy Defenders. I've actually had him finished for a while but hadn't completed the base (instead spending my time painting a different mini!). I finally finished the base so here is the completed Agent Iron. Overall, I'm getting better at finding that mix of quality and speed that I'm happy with and as a whole, I'm fairly happy with the paint job (but have to admit that I really need more practice painting black armour).
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    The spacefaring Chorliss are a gentle, benevolent race of doctors, poets, and scientists. Their carven cliffside cities are sublime wonders of art, where the psionically inclined can experience the ineffable heights of song. Don't mess with their nests. Or have ancestors who did. Unfortunately, this encompasses most known sentients by now. Oh well.
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    Take it easy on me, this is just my seventh mini to paint with three of them being a set of identical orcs. First time trying green stuff any tips for improvements or things you think I did well would be much appreciated. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. This is Archon the Aasimar Warlock and his familiar (which has yet to be named). He was taken as a youth by a fiend for his celestial blood. On the brink of corruption he was rescued by a paladin of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen then took over his pact and he now serves her hunting those who would defy the natural process of death.
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    Sent this out about 3 weeks ago. Tracking said received so posting photos here.
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    I plan to open mine on the Hangout. It won't be a very long visit, though, since the very first thing I'll go for will be Ma'al drakar. Next, I will pick up my Sir Forscale and a Size 0 brush, for scale. Expect insane laughter, followed by hysteria, then a thud as I pass out. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    The new mini is obviously Billy the White, stabby dagger-lovin' cousin of Gandalf the White.
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    A terror of tabbies from the Fireside Games "Here, Kitty, Kitty" boardgame, painted with The Army Painter paints. I'll be posting a painting tutorial in the BGG "Here, Kitty, Kitty" forum. The plastic, of course, is boardgame plastic, requiring quite a bit of mold line removal and gap filling. Like red and yellow, orange needs several coats for coverage, so correcting mistakes and painting over shaded colors took awhile. The remaining *thirty* cats are black, grey, and white, so hopefully won't take as long...
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    The little dwarf that could. I finished painting him, tested a few more things, then sealed him. After a very abrupt change in hair color (due to me not logging what paints I mixed before and choosing the wrong colors..) I tried freehand, which I failed, (its why the kettle is blue,) I also tested the static grass, which I don't really like how it looks, I have since bought grass I think will look better. And i tried something new for the photos, which where the photos are better I definitely need a tripod. 2 have some glare but I feel you'll forgive and overlook it. without further to do, lets examine the dwarf.
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    Just got a call for an interview for a one month contract, with option for union job afterwards.
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    I have another installment in my painting up of Reaper's Boneslyvanian Chibis. Here is Bart. A uncharacteristically bright haired zombie. Enjoy. Thanks for any C&C you feel inspired to give.
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    Picture of one of the batches of craw fish. (one batch out of 4 that is)
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    Hello, I'm a brand new to the hobby and a loving how (surprisingly) relaxing it is. I've never been an artistic person, but i got into it because i liked the idea of creating my "custom" tabletop minis. These two are first I've ever done. I think it went ok for a first try, but definitely lacking and needing A LOT of work; it looks really messy. I would love some constructive criticism. Thank you. Also just a few questions: 1. How long do you usually wait for initial base coats to dry before doing a second/third coat? 2. I'm a little confused on how/when to apply shadows, highlights, glazes, etc. Reaper Bones Kobolds (first ever). Reaper Bones Deladrin (second)
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    This is fun! Here's my first painted mini: Ah, good times. That bugbear taught me SO MUCH!!! Incidentally, it was this very figure that first clued buglips into the fact that Walnut Brown was not a good basecoat option for Bones, which led to the Brown Liner epiphany. :) And one of my most recent figures: It's really cool to see how much I've grown since that first figure. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to go back and paint him again, using colors as close to the original that I used, just for fun. *adds to painting queue* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Wow! I just discovered I can access every image I ever uploaded to the forums!
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    I move from "I hate it" - to yeah "close enough" really fast. I may tinker with it a bit more, and I have basing to finish - but this is a near final stage before I move to show-off.
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    Starting this one up as it now has my attention due to a contest on bookfarce by the 'eavier metal facebook group. This is Distracted by Kingdom Death, she's a 54mm 1st run collector's edition resin miniature that I couldn't pass up a while back when she was released for a very limited time. This figure is completely nude so she is definitely NSFW and I'll make sure to link any pics that would violate forum rules. Let's start off with the 2 pics I can show! The NSFW pics that show the body parts - Front Side Side As I go along, I would like very honest and forthright comments and critiques to push me as she will be a contest entry and I may bring her to ReaperCon as well!
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    It is too late to join the project that ran on Kickstarter July 2015. It is also too late to join through our pledge manager that closed in June 2016. It is not too late to purchase these items when they are released to the retail markets beginning Summer 2017.
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    So there is this skirmish game, "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. Member FishNJeeps alerted me to it at Adepticon last month after I told him I was looking for minis of unarmed women in good street clothes for some friends. (Thanks, FishNJeeps!) I'm really grateful he did, because they had two sets of skirmishers that had a lot of promise. This figure is from the "Murder Cult Girls" set, which otherwise is a little goofy but has this one figure that really appealed to my friend. (I also got the "Goth" set which looks like it will prove mighty useful.) I just had to get rid of the big knife in her hand (the Goths are mostly unarmed, interestingly). I'm no expert with a knife, but I clipped and filed until ... well, until she had a sort of a clumsy mitt of a hand a little awkwardly held out. Hum. Not to worry because I had a brainstorm a little later. Here she is (left) primed with a thin layer of Titanium White and a wash of Burnt Umber. I've already started painting her skin in with mixes of Titanium White and Burnt Sienna with a little Yellow Oxide admixed because she is supposed to be Korean. With skin, at least for me, I add layers and add layers and it looks weird ... ... until it doesn't. I've painted a little transparent Quinacridone Crimson on her lips and her eyes are preternaturally blue and pupil-less on purpose. Her hair is only sketched in for the moment, but yes, it is supposed to be bubblegum pink. She is a wee bit of a Gothic Lolita. And then I worked out something about making her hand look okay. The character she represents has a green spider familiar. A big one, hand size. ... Hand size ... So I figured okay fine, I'm going to try to paint that lemon-shaped lump in her right hand as a big green spider. I'll work out how as I go along. To start with I painted it bright green. Phthalocyanine Green, my favorite green pigment, is completely transparent. It's great for color glazes but needs something opaque added to give it body. I decided to do a two step process to give it a really intense, glowing color. This is something I do a lot when I want a really eye-popping bright color: Paint a paler, solid version of the color underneath and then glaze over it with a more intense, transparent color. Here's my palette (Normally I use a wet palette but this was for a single quick effect): From left to right the colors are: Phthalo Green (looking super dark because of its transparency -- it's actually a brilliant peacock blue-green), Hansa Yellow Opaque (a brilliant warm yellow with only a little opacity, despite the name), and Titanium White. Above the Hansa Yellow is my mixed color with a ton of yellow, only a little green (it's a really strong green) and enough white to make it fairly opaque but not too washed out. Here's the first layer on her hand: Notice even "opaque" the color underneath shows through. I like this because it harmonizes the colors. There's something in fine art I've heard called "airlessness". It's when adjacent colors have nothing to do with each other, no reflections, no harmonics, just separate blocks of color. Maybe it's just a nice excuse for sloppiness, but I like colors bouncing off each other. Once the undergreen was dry I mixed a medium green with the yellow and no white in it, and glazed it lightly over the paler color. The under-color comes through and it's as close to a stained glass effect as regular paint can get. This is the state the figure was in for our first gaming session (Yeah, I'm slow.), and it was recognizable enough for the player to delightedly figure out that that was her spider. And yet there shall be more ...
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    I've no idea if this is one of Hasslefree's originals or one of their tributes to media characters. At any rate, I'm painting her up as a slightly unnerving Russian bodyguard named Petra for a modern-day game. Here's my standard priming: A layer of thinned down Titanium White followed by a wash of thinned-down Burnt Umber. I love all the little details Kevin of Hasslefree puts into his sculpts. I especially love how plausibly backside-kicking his women warriors look. Here are a couple of the in-between states of painting up her skin (which is to say her head, since she's wearing gloves). I'm including them because they're messy, because sometimes people get worried when their painting doesn't look great at each step. Don't ever be worried that things are looking messy! Paint is made to smooth things over. This first image shows a single thin layer of Titanium White mixed with Burnt Sienna sketched in leaving the darkest shadows. This I find is when faces look their creepiest (Ignore the other two figures; they are for other WIPs). This shows some shading developed with thin, translucent layers mixed with more or less Burnt Sienna. Burnt Sienna is a warm orangeish brown which lightens into peachy tones which seem to work for generic white people's skin. There's also some Burnt Umber in the deepest shadows. Here I've washed a little Quinacridone Crimson on her cheeks (very thinned) and lips; slung some buff yellow mixed from Yellow (Iron) Oxide, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White on her hair; and done up pale, slightly staring eyes (Grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White) with a sort of dramatic dark eyeliner I've sometimes seen used by pale blondes. The eyes look a little more disconcerting because I haven't put highlights in. She has no eyebrows because she's so fair. I also primed her guns black. I'm probably going to refine her features a little, especially around the hairline. But she's okay for now. I mixed up a blue for her jumpsuit, which I am trying to imply is shiny spandex. It's a mix of Phthalocyanine Blue, Burnt Umber, and a little Titanium White (more white for the highlights, natch). As with everything here, it's still rough. And there she is, a modern female mercenary begun ...
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    Herman, I think you need to increase the troops' rations:
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    I was busy auditioning for a short production that the local film club/company is putting on. It's going to be a small thing, just a 4-5 minute "just for fun" film to unwind from their longer piece they just finished, but since I had so much fun working with them during RadCon, I was all for helping out again, whether that's in front of the camera or behind. I texted MrBoot to let him know that I was auditioning and might not be home when he was off work (had a special project for today). His response: "Ok. Good luck. Wait no, I should say, 'may horrific violence, misfortune, and calamity befall you and all you care about.'" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    One of the Fellow from the Lead Adventure Forum gave me a link to Bog's Miniatures on FaceBook. Their ambulatory Mushrooms were so like my stationary ones that I had to give them a try. This is the result: Emerging from the depths of Heep's Caverns, The Meandering Mushroom Mob: The Lantern: The Wizard: The Flunky: ANDThe Muscle: ...Than Gang with a shot of the setting at Heep's: ...they may not see any games, but the boards are splendid puppet stages for photos. The Fellow seen exercising the better part of valor is a plastic miniature that is part of G.W's plastic Giant boxed kit. He is my surrogate for Sir Forscale. From the bottom of his shoes to the top of his hat, he is 32 mm. I feel he shows the proper appreciation of the situation my World offers.
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    Ugh. Last night I dreamed we had a 4y/o placed with us despite us not being foster parents any more, and DSS took our adopted 7y/o because of that placement. We were all really angry and talking with lawyers about lawsuits with Extreme Prejudice. Then our dogs joined the neighbors dogs in singing us the songs of their people. At 2:30 AM. Then I dreamed I was in a pirate world and because someone took an artifact there was a line of burningness traversing the world. I didn't get to shelter in time and was transformed into an aquatic Agents of Shield type Inhuman. It was really fun, until my alarm went off. Uggg.
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    Hugs, dear @Guindyloo. Don't worry about us worrying about you, we just like to know you're safe somewhere. ^^ Surprise eye exam! Our new optometrist could see us today, which means we'll get new glasses before our cruise! That's great because our prescriptions were 4 years old. And for the first time in almost 20 years, I'm getting a pair of glasses -I- like on my face. My eyebrows are big and bulky frames just make my face one big eyebrow..... But my prescription needs bigger frames to cover the bulky lens. I found cute frames I actually liked, and I decided to pay a little more for higher quality, thinner lenses. I'm excited!
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    That does look rather like it came from the wrong end of the unicorn, yeah.
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