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    I painted this lady for the Reaper facebook contest and also for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. She is going to be a demigoddess named Vahanna. I have plans for her! I painted each scale on her skirt and cloak individually. Nuts! I like how it turned out. The hair sculpt felt a little unfinished to me. The rest of her is beautiful. Her back and her..derriere are nicely sculpted and then covered up with the cloak. Oh well. She is a cool mini and I thought she had a pretty yet stern and serious face. I included a picture of her with the Frost Giant Queen. They are my Fire & Ice ladies!
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    I painted this lady both for the Reaper facebook contest and for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. She was part of Bones 3 and is another example of a really pretty face. I love the whole mini! I didn't want top paint her skin blue but did want her to look cold. I added a little blue to the Reaper pale skin triad. I used Clear Purple to glaze in the shadows and glazed all over with very thinned Clear Blue. I ended up using my favorite colors for her clothes, shocking I know! I used my favorite wolf pelt colors for her cloak. I considered doing a snow leopard type pelt but wasn't sure if the longer fur looked catlike. Who knows, maybe I will have to get a second one and give it a try! She was fun to paint!
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    Here is our current adventuring party for Iron Kingdoms. We started a new campaign shortly after Reapercon, so I was able to make use of several of the convention minis. This party is quite an odd mix of races. Lately, I've been quite fond of having a semi-cohesive color pallet for our adventuring parties. The last one I did was all in cold blues, so with this one I went for a very warm pallet. Lil is an investigator who 'secretly' is a Thamar Advocate. She's just the stock mini of the vampire hunter from Reapercon (by Bob Ridolfi) This Pygmie Troll is very fond of hitting things and also alcohol. He was made by resculpting the head and hands from the Jason Weibe's Dwarf Brewmaster (07015) Our resident Bone Grinder was made from Bobby Jackson's River Widow (03913). I only made superficial changes to her (adding a few extra bone-grindy items to her belt). ] For our Trollkin Axe Flinger, it turns out that we already had the perfect mini. This is the version from the Undercity Board Game. This Outcast Skorne Bushwacker/Warlock was made by simply head swapping a Malifaux rifleman. This Lazy Cyclopes (under the command of the Warlock) was a sculpt that I made quite a few years ago. I showed it off to several sculptors at Gencon, and they all gave me some pointers on things that I could improve on. Still, I was fond enough of him that I decided to paint him up.
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    Hi everyone, here's another Cat Critter I completed this week, DSM8006 Scottish Wildcat Warrior. This two-part 28mm pewter model was sculpted by Dave Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures. I glued the hand holding the sword before painted it. I hope you will like it as much as it was a joy to paint.
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    Here's Niles Nimbletoe, the Rogue in our D&D group. 02769, Woody the Halfling Ranger is Dark Heaven Legends model sculpted by Werner Klocke. It's a model I had already painted a long time ago. I refreshed the colors and I added mud on his coat. This little guy is so tiny I monted it on a 20mm base.
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    Here's my 2018 Ghoulie Bag translucent smoky grey 77636, Death Shroud. I simply did a blueish highlight and painted the base on this Dark Heaven Bones model sculpted by Julie Guthrie.
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    So in between crises at work and preparing to move, I did finish off one little Burrows and Badgers mouse one day at lunch. It took me the rest of the week to get him based...
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    I thought this would make a good king, despite the lack of crown. The latest but not last of my golddigger clan. hmm lots of flaws up close. It is supposed to be tabletop quality, but I still might need repairs.
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    Howdy, International Mini Painting Month - Day 5 Kev!
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    FixedJust finished a job for a friend. She’s going to be a ranger in our upcoming campaign. It was a fun job, but the bent leg, short sword, and quiver were a bit harder to glue on being so small. The face was especially difficult, as the left side was snugged between her nose and hair. Getting the details on the eye on that side was made more difficult by the bow out in front. Let me know what would make this better. I appreciate your help!
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    Grabbed this mini just to try out some colours I rarely use and to go into a group I've painted I'm calling the rainbow girls. Think I was getting tired of pushing my limits but she just didn't grab my attention so got a plainer paint job than the others. And a photo of all of the rainbow girls. They were started as practice for different skin tones and colours. I'm pretty happy with them over all and red, green and blue in particular.
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    These were done in two batches, the first almost a year ago. The whole crowd. The Band. The Staff. These were part of last year's batch and I tried to give the Innkeeper the Perpetual Bartender Sneer. The Drunks. The two on the sides were last year's batch.
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    Hello all, another Shadowrun figure I just finished working on, a Tom Meier piece, Shadowrun Female Street Samurai with Gun. There is also a male version of this gal that I'll be painting one of these days in the near future. With the rest of the Shadowrun figures I've done recently, I've done lots of vivid colors and makeup, but this lady looked a little more military-ish to me, so I kept her with a natural hair color, a white tank top and some military green shorts. I just did a very single colored base that I might afterwards actually mount onto a plastic base, not sure about that. It's kind of weird the glaring errors you don't notice until you get these hugely closeup photos, like the seam on her weapons side. Oh well, when you look at her head one you don't really notice it I guess. This hobby is just a continuous learning process! So anyhow, hope you enjoy, even if you can see tons of imperfections!
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    I got the results of the genetic test! Baby doesn't have Down's syndrome (yay!) and is a girl!!! Double yay!!!
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    It has been SO long since I actually posted anything in the Show Off Forum. Since my move to Portland, Oregon, I have FINALLY gotten my apartment set up, with my painting table in front of a window with direct sunlight. So now that I got motivated, here is my first completed miniature from Portland. I was afraid I could NO longer do this.. So here are four photos: Please let me know what you think.
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    Got this from a bin of bulk metal at the Iron Wind booth at Origins this year. It was great fun to paint up this afternoon. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the model name is or even what kind of beast it's supposed to be.
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    Here is a conversion using a couple old school Ral Partha recasts I picked up from Iron Winds Metals at a con a few years back. I did some research and found out that the lizard is called a Death Jaw and would originally come with a variety of orc riders. The amazon is Glorinthia - Amazon Guard who was originally a standing character. I think her face looks a little derpy, partly the paint job and partly the sculpt. Love that poofy 80s hair. Changed the saddle horn and added some GW skulls along with sculpting in a few extra tusks and horns on the model's existing heads so they were more monster than human.
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    I finished these three late last week...yesterday. AND took an obscene amount of photos of them Fortunately for you, The camera of Continual Contrariness III was asserting herself. Eliminating the out of focus pics makes the number I will inflict on you far more tolerable. SO.. The Scarecrow: The Witch: The Voodoo Man: AND The Trio: I hope you enjoy the Gang.
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    I bought this fig a long time ago, with a ton of ideas and options for what to do with him. Although I'm definitely on Team Cap, I decided to go with an Iron Man look. I was really happy with how he turned out, especially the sword and faceplate. I'm considering going back and adding a little bit more gold in a few spots, especially in the back area, but for now I'm satisfied. Critiques and advice are always welcome! Thanks in advance!
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    Yesterday, I worked on the the voluminous folds of the clerics robes: Today, I worked on the voluminous folds of his many chins, his breast medallion, and eyes:
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    Howdy, International Mini Painting Month - Day 7 Kev!
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    I've found out that I can wear a hoodie that I couldn't wear when I bought it. It was an online purchase, of a limited item, for a show that I love, that was in the same size of everything I always wear. It was one of those situations where I was disappointed that their sizing ran small. But now I can wear it! I has a happy!
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    Hi everyone, here is DSM7999, King Richard the Lion. This majestic 28mm pewter model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals. This miniature is a three-part model. I glued the tail before applying the primer but painted the right arm separately before assembling.
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    My phone is really awful. I'm sorry, friends. I have a webcam that I'll be setting up to take better photos once I can get this old laptop behaving. But here are some gaps I've been working on. I like adding little scales in between to better blend the pieces together. Because these lizards prefer rainforests or temperate climates, I decided to go with an Australian rainforest theme for the base. I really want to add part of a waterfall!! I did a quick little digital overlay to test how it would look. :D I've never done water basing before. I'm excited to try it! The bottom right two images were taken in Queensland's Daintree Rainforest.