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    Whew. I finished him. I have to say, this was a fun project. The idea came to me sometime last year, but it took awhile for me to get around to working on him. I've decided that monochrome relaxes me. It's just easier somehow to take color out of the picture and just work on shadows and highlights. I think I need to vary my levels a bit, but overall, I wanted it to read as a night scene, so I'm happy. I like the idea of an accent color. I've been wanting to try that for awhile now. Though looking at him, I could probably pop the osl on his face. the pumpkin in the back worked out better- most likely because it has larger opening for the eyes. I tried to find his sku number in the catalog and failed, but this was The Headless Mousling from 2014, sculpted by Gene Van Horne.I used a bones rat, a pillar from the graveyard set, and 2 pumpkins. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Halloween! I'm using my new Iphone and seem to have issues editing, so pics may be a bit funky...
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    Here are some pictures of my painted version of ReaperCon 2017 Sophie. Talin came up with a wonderful swamp witch concept that Bobby Jackson did a terrific job bringing to miniature life. Sophie is separate from the base, so you can use the swamp wyrm in a game or for a different character if you wish. (His head is a different piece, and look at the two connector bits for a fun Easter egg if you get one of these.) Those not going to ReaperCon need not despair! You can order her from the Reaper site from Thursday, October 19 through Sunday, October 22. I believe the cost is $17.99, but that's not my department, so don't quote me. ;-> This is a hunk of metal, so that's a fair price.
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    Well, it's been about seven years since I last painted a space marine, and I have to confess that seeing all the amazing work on the new Primaris Marines was making me want to give it a try again. I have long thought it would be cool to do a chrome (or SENMM [Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metal]) Marine, so I finally gave that a shot! The technique itself is painfully slow, but I had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty happy with the results! Oh, and I did do a little bit of conversion work by swapping in some old Dark Angels bits, in case anyone was wondering! Thanks for looking! Hopefully, after ReaperCon, I'll have time to do a YouTube tutorial on how I did the chrome for those of you who are interested!
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    Hello! I wanted to share with the broad forum my attempt to paint a Bones to a high-showcase level... pushing my limits on NMM, skin, wounds and blood. Also texturing on the leather pieces, and freehanding a wood texture on the shield. I am really happy with the piece, and it took second place in the Quarterly Bones Challenge
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    Painted up the largest mini from the Bones 3 Campaign rewards that I received. Thought I'd share. It's big. Really, really big.
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    Greetings! Just finished another Reaper 25th Anniversary mini, this time Eli Quicknight. I went with a dark gritty theme overall but with a flash of colour on his cloak. I used Reaper Master Series Triad 09701: Blood Colors for this - really happy with how they went on & the overall finish. Thanks for looking! (4 Down, 8 to go!)
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    I'm just really proud of this, my first work with an airbrush ever. Maybe it's not the best skill & craft work out there for finishing a figure, but I think I win some points for originality. What I learned... Sometimes, inspiration comes when you think your finished (my son said "I thought you were going for a nebula") Sometimes, your wife says "It needs something iridescent" when you think you're done and she's right. Sparkling Amethyst on the spines Airbrushing means mixing and getting your consistency exactly right - I got lucky on my first try Airbrushing base colors is insanely fast, uses almost no paint and produces something much more even than I could dry-brushing Dry brushing is great for aging/leathering a piece - airbrushing is all about consistency of coverage. Trying to add red-shifted & blue-shifted stars to the star field looked like birthday cake sprinkles. Nature always has better color schemes than I can come up with on my own. I still need to figure out how to layer/thin/build up my colors. After initial airbrushing with Violet Shadow and Clear Magenta and maybe a mix with aged bonne for the belly. First pass at layering for the spikes. I've got some learning to do. Another angle at the "ready for detailing" stage. My son said "nebula" and I broke out the clear blue and thinned it, but probably not enough. Here's the "finished" product. I detailed so many stars in the blue areas. Then my wife said "iridescent" and I added Sparkling Amethyst to the spines. It's a great touch and highlights the raised part of the body instead of leaving it the same as the rest. For scale against another recent work, my lizardman army.
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    Where is my cow? is that my cow? it goes 'moo' i have found my cow
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    Hi All! Here's Kyphrixis from the Bones 3 Kickstarter which I've been working on for the last few weeks. Thanks for looking!
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    Hi guys, I haven't been here for the better part of a year, but I'm back with a huge "miniature". Its the Lysander model from Toscano, more of a statue than an actual miniature model. There have already been at least two of those in the forums, and they inspired me to paint my own. Also I paint to use the minis for D&D, and we were finishing a specific campaign where I needed a Tiamat miniature. Lysander has five identical heads, so I modified them to resemble the five evil dragon types from D&D lore. If you want to know more, please visit the WIP thread here. So may I present to you Tiamat, the Dark Queen of Dragons. I actually finshed painting the beast last December, but just got new photo hardware today to shoot the thing. Sir William Peacekeeper is facing Tiamat and Severin, the Cult of the Dragon's leader alone. Poor fool.
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    Greeting Folks! Presenting Hecklemeyer & Styx. " I'm a joker, I'm a croaker, I'm me-di-ocre, I get my heckles on the stage. I'm a chancer, I'm a prancer, I'm a nec-ro-mancer, Reanimatin’ the deranged. I'm a joker, I'm a choker, I'm a life-re-voker, Tellin’ jokes beyond the grave. W-o-o-o h-o-o-o! W-o-o-o h-o-o-o! " I really enjoyed painting this mini, I love the sculpting on it! I was inspired by another Joker for the colour scheme...... Thanks for looking! (3 Down 9 to go!)
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    In the third Bones kickstarter, one of the dragons was made available in clear Bones material, in addition to the normal offwhite the Bones usually come in. Naturally, I opted for the clear one. Reiterating how to paint translucent minis: Clearly, it is nessecary to use paints that in themselves are translucent, such as inks or quickshades to preserve some of the dragon’s own translucency or it will all be for nought! From bitter experience I know that the usual opaque paints will *not* work if you want any sort of translucent effect, even if they are thinned considerably. Many acrylic paints such as I use, (e.g. Citadel, Vallejo, Army Painter, Reaper, Scale 75 etc) will cover in a certain way which obscures the translucency, also when thinned. Some will leave a “chalky” look. This is mostly apparent in pale and whitish paints. So anyway: The key to painting a transparent mini is first to scrub it in warm, soapy water to remove any mold release residue (silicon, talc or whatever. It is greasy and stops the paint from sticking properly to the mini.) The plastic/resin is in itself also somewhat paint repellent on it’s own, so: When dry, undercoat it with clear, (preferably matte) varnish. This lets the paint adhere to the mini just like a normal opaque undercoat. Then, knock yourself out with inks or quickshades. Experiment with several layers and different colours, even wet blending as you go. Take care to remove any unwanted pools of paint that might gather. I use a clean, damp brush for this. Opaque paints should be kept only for extremely light highlighting and any bits that are to be opqaque, such as the base, or for effects such as making eyes pop. I used Army Painter Soft Tone quickshade ink (the water based stuff that comes in a dropperbottle, not the horrendous and smelly dip that goes by the same name). In additon I used Army Painter Green quickshade, with claws and eyesockets in Red quickshade. Eyeballs were done in old Citadel Golden Yellow, and the entire body was given an extremely light drybrush with Reaper Dirty Bone on a broad brush. The teeth were picked out in the same dirty bone. The bedrock was glued down to one of my custom oval 3Dprinted bases, and painted in opaques in the same way as I do most rock these days: Dark green/grey over black, heavy drybrush in sandy yellow followed by a lighter drybrush with off white. Some tufts, thinned pva glue and my magic flock /scatter mix later, voila. I kept the dragon and the base as two seperate parts when painting to avoid slopping the wrong kind of paint where it was not meant to go. I even remembered to paint the plugs on the underside of the feet that were to be in contact with the base to avoid ugly bright patches there. I opted for a relatively heavy stain. To make the colour less colouring. thin the quickshade with preferably acrylic medium, or water. This needs a bit more shepherding and brushwork up until the ink starts to dry enough to stay still, to avoid an uneven result. Kyphrixis (clear variant) Reaper Bones KS3 Translucent bones 125mm x 90mm oval base
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    This may actually be a more interesting story than it appears, so I'll tell it. Also it has some useful updated info that may be helpful to some people. As everyone knows, this year Reaper has 25th Anniversary free minis at a certain price threshold. As maybe less of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the Dark Heaven back catalog figures. Thus the former provided me a golden opportunity to fill out my collection of the latter. At one point, in February, I got some odd-looking figures that appeared to have miscast bases. The figures themselves were fine, the bases just looked a touch mangled and did not match the pictures in the store. This is something most people wouldn't be bothered by, but my collecting habits (some of this comes out of collecting old OOP Ral Partha) drive me to try and find miniatures in their original production format, or near enough as is possible, and to preserve them as such. (If it helps to visualize, picture me on eBay looking up an old Partha and screaming "That belongs in MY museum!") Thusly, it was important for me to try to get these Reaper figures with their bases intact for my collection. So I wrote in about it and described the issue, and got replacements - with the same defect. This went back-and-forth for 8 months, and somewhere along the way I believe there was a touch of confused miscommunication, until eventually it came about that these were, in fact, not defects. At some point between 2008 and circa 2010, Reaper made the decision, in an effort to keep figure costs low, to trim the broccoli bases of many DHL figures so they used less metal. These figures were thus remastered, with new molds, effectively making the change permanent. However, presumably for logistical reasons, new pictures were never updated to the store. So remastered figures now have less broccoli, and some have quite a lot of broccoli trimmed off. This thusly created quite a quandry for me, given my collection requirements above. I understand the idea, but I'm not happy about it (I have half-jokingly referred to it as "The Great Vandalism"). In any event, it is unrealistic to believe it will ever be reversed. As this significantly lessened my enjoyment of the figures, I was compelled to find a solution. Said options boiled down to: 1. Tracking down which figures were remastered, which may be many and of which there may be no record (and no store pictures to show it), and finding them on the secondary market. Okay for one or two, but I have 400 SKUs still on the get list. This is impractical. 2. Throw my arms up in frustration, declare Reaper The Worst Company Ever, take my ball and go home - never to buy a Reaper mini again. That seemed a bit of an overreaction. 3. Find a way to live with it. I chose option 3, and thusly set about using greenstuff and learning how to make broccoli so I can restore the broccoli bases for my collection. I am therefore likely unique, being the only Reaper customer to have loved the broccoli bases so much I'm making my own. I am pleased to report that this has worked out nicely, it's an acceptable solution for me, and thus an entirely amicable resolution to the issue. Also, it means that people who really don't like broccoli now have, in many cases, a whole lot less to trim away.
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    Finally have gotten back to painting; what a joy !!! Felt like a major portion of my life had gone away. Poor Alfyn has been sitting on my desk forlorn for over 30 days. I finally said enough, and here he is finished. He is such a majestic Viking I wanted to get him elevated as he reminded me of my beloved Fjords. Well here he is at the pinnacle of a fjord looking at his dragon boat pulled up on the shore. Feel free to make any comments, criticisms, they're ALL appreciated. So here is Alfyn Crowkiller Wilding Captain as I envisioned him. Jasonator.
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    Queen tiamacrab overseeing her minions.
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    Intellect devourers were always one of my favorite D&D monsters, so I'd been planning on painting this mini eventually, but I never got around to buying it since it was kind of plain compared to most other minis. As fortune had it, though, I got it as a bonus with my last order from Reaper, so I decided to just do it. Color scheme was based on a mixture of the AD&D 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual intellect devourer, the more "realistic" 3rd edition version, and a smattering of actual crabs. As usual, the process of working on it is on my blog: link Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how to handle holding a mini without a base that I could stick on top of a shot glass. I held it by unpainted parts for as long as I could, but in the end, I held it by the brain to finish off the talons. Sadly, that led to some of the paint getting rubbed off (probably could've avoided at least some of that if I hadn't been squeezing it so hard, but it's easy to forget my strength at times). Aside from that, though, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out . It was a simple mini, but I enjoyed it. C&C welcome (especially any tips for how to avoid damaging finished paint on baseless minis, short of varnishing a completed area to hold it by for the final parts).
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    I had a lot of fun with this guy, even though I was initially a bit intimidated by the colors I rolled and am not thrilled with the scale pattern now that I've worked on him... Contest Thread Combined Show-Off thread WIP The colors rolled were 1) Orange Brown, 2) Cloudy Grey and 3) Imperial Purple and after a couple of base layers, he started to look too much like a pumpkin to not call him Pumpkin Spice.. It will be noted that I did a completely terrible job on the flocking - only my second attempt at flocking ever and doing it with a headache and lots of kids running around meant that I didn't notice until it was way too late that he's got grass growing all over his feet now! Also, pay no attention to the goldish mush-piles.. again, trying to mold with distractions didn't work out too well (not that I'm particularly adept at that either ) PS's frontmost foot was badly bent even after a boil bath, so I made him stepping on a shield. The shield, sword and bones were donors from the Ghouly Grab Bag since I got a 77242 Skeleton Warrior in my October order. oh, and I need a better photo-booth than white paper taped in front of my paint stand!
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    Second attempt at a dragon. I have wanted to paint this guy for a long time. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    Now I'm picturing @buglips*the*goblin lovingly restoring mold lines that some vandal removed from a Reaper figure that he got second hand off Ebay.
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    Started painting the core set heroes of Sword&Sorcery, very nice dungeon crawler. Hope u like it!
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    I have been completely indifferent to my imminent travel outside of doing what things are necessary to make it go smoothly and trouble-free. My mom, on the other hand, is reacting to my Texas trip like I'm shipping off for a tour in Afghanistan. I have never, in my whole life, had somebody so up my butt about something. Just relax! The evil part of me wants to text her from the plane: There's a gremlin on the wi
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    Been feeling the Fall season, and have wanted to try a rough burlap texture....soooo here comes Patch! first time making a corn stalk from raffia, it's not bad but I'll need more practice before truly jazzed with it. The pumpkin is from the Reaper Pumpkins set. C&C always welcome!
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    So... To set the scene... June of 2016, Guindyloo, Buglips, and myself are starting out on the Google Hangouts, talking painting etc, pretty much every night... so one evening, Buglips says he won't be around tomorrow, as he is "playing wing man for a buddy in Cougar Town..." Needless to say, we teased him about it for a while, then forgot about it... Fast forward to ReaperCon, and Guindyloo and I are shopping, and I see a Kabuki mini of a goblin berserker... I say to her, you should get this guy, and sculpt little tasselled pasties on his nipples, ditch the shield, paint him up and give it to Buglips... She thinks it's a great idea, buys the thing, and as we are walking around more (Any guesses about what happened next?) She hands me the mini and says do it... Fast forward to spring, and I find a Valiant Miniatures figure of a kobold strumpet... Then, from Scenic Express, I find a light up sign with options for motel and lounges... This is the result of my big mouth.... We will see how it does in the diorama contest... what do you all think? Thanks for looking! George
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    @TaleSpinner doing his thing.
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    Morning! Didn't get a chance to appreciate the swag bag and vip bag yesterday. Wow! Not pictured: Mini case, pens, notebook, and bag.
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    So, The very first mini I pulled out of the BOGW when I got it, was a Malifaux mini.... As soon as I saw it, I knew how I had to paint it! So I give you @Sylverthorne the Girlblin! Hope you like it!!!!!! George Abbreviated WIP here (Didn't have time to record everything with the need to get it done for Wednesday.....)
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    Not gonna read 40-odd pages to catch up. Sorry not sorry. Fill me in if anything exciting happened that I really should know about. I was busy this weekend! But not with hobby stuff... mostly. I was visiting my girlfriend, and we threw her a small (but very fun) birthday party on Saturday night, and I gave her her birthday present then - a Bones 3 Sophie. Her bestie is a musician and her latest CD has a track called "Little Devil" and the ongoing joke (but not wholly a joke) is that my girlfriend is the "Little Devil". So a miniature succubus is pretty much perfect for her. Also spent a bunch of time just visiting and getting in some quality snuggling. (I seriously have no clue why I was so reluctant to snuggle before coming out. Good grief I was missing out. ) And when I got home today, I checked mail... Birth certificate finally came in! I am now legally recognised as female. And I feel like some of you (especially @Pingo) will appreciate my name: Christine Esmerelda.
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    Been excited to paint this guy and finally got around to it. I wanted to stay away from the green everyone else does, so I modeled him after a blue ringed octopus. Very happy with how he came out!
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    If us releasing new metal models every month is a chore for you, MudHead, feel free to take your business elsewhere. I refuse to apologize that we make models you don't always approve of.
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    Hey everyone, I received my first paint commission 2 months ago and I was super nervous. At the time I’d only been painting for 5 months and he wanted Tiamat done. Well I finished it up and he was so happy he said that I should post some pics to the forum so enjoy!
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    Frodwine the Young by Red Box Games Sculpted by Tre Manor I painted this one in an effort to cross two or three lines together; 1800 trapper, Final Fantasy wizard and Nordic(in terms of the way Tre Manor sculpted it). I wanted to try some OSL on this one so I went with making his eyes glow. I was "o.k" with the way it turned out. The base is a metal base from a set I got in the Box-of-goodwill a few boxes ago. I'm on a NMM kick right now so no TMM on this one. Over all I am luke-warm with out this turned out. The matte varnish (Vallejo) kind of glossed up for some reason when I sealed it... You live and learn. Hope you like it.
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    The crew outside our house fixing the broken (again!) water main are a loud, cheery lot. I imagine this may be what dwarf worksites sound like.
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    Mooooo watch this cow get judged instead of the Ma'al I shipped all the way to Texas to enter
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    Howdy, My Weird... Thanks, Kev!
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    I shall leave this here... since it is a photo, and the photo contains my husband (Matt). (sssssshhhhhh)
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    Today he came home with half a bag of pretzel sticks. Girls are giving my sixteen-year-old food!
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    I did this figure up for the quarterly painting competition. I made a weapon swap to turn her into a female gladiator, with a gladius blade pulled from the spare parts bin and a scratch built fantasy scutum, which was made mostly from sheet styrene. The scorpions are freehand. Apologies for my rather sub-par photography!
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    Random pic from the internet. Shines a whole new light on how medieval battles went.
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    Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it! For the wings, because it's such a large space to cover and the blending is really important, I used mostly wet blending and some glazes. Warcolours are really great for wet blending and they have some gorgeous, bright colours. I used Yellow 4, Orange 3, Red 2. Then the purple is Scale75 Eldandil Violet and the shadows are MSP Gothic Crimson. I've been using that paint a lot on Ma'al and have really fallen in love with it. It's pretty translucent and almost has the same kind of gel consistency that Warcolours paints have, which makes it perfect to use with them and for glazing in shadows. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that it was one of the LE paints from last year's Reapercon. I really should have painted the 2 wings simultaneously because I was mixing paints both on the model and on the brush so that made it difficult to recreate the same look on the second wing, but I think they match reasonably well. So yesterday morning, I threw some greenstuff on the tail to fix up the horrible patch job I did during the 7 day challenge. And here it is post painting: Not great because I'm not great with greenstuff, but I think it's much better than it was, so that's something. Then I had a whole bunch of non-painting stuff I had to take care of. I also got hit with a big case of the don't wannas, but I pushed through as well as I could. My back is also rebelling quite a bit, so I've been taking a lot of breaks. But here's where the body scales are. I will almost certainly do one more highlight, but it'll be after I attach the wings, as I'll have some repair to do then. The base coat was the work I'd done during the 7 day challenge. lol In some areas, I re-basecoated with Eldandil Violet and worked up from there. I approached the scales a little differently than I did in the 7 day challenge since I'm going for much higher contrast. I wish I'd taken a picture of my wet palette, but I forgot to do so before I dumped it since I didn't have any space left. I believe I did about 7 paint mixes (working in a paint spectrum like I've shown y'all with my previous wet palette pics) working my way up from Eldandil Violet. I mixed in a little MSP Sunset Purple at each stage, then after I hit 100% Sunset Purple, I mixed in a little MSP Bright Skin Shadow, then a bit more. I'm thinking the final highlight will likely be about 50/50 Sunset Purple and Bright Skin Shadow. The shadows are Gothic Crimson glazed over what was already there. So today's plan is to finish the mouths/teeth, all of the spikes/claws on the body and then attach and greenstuff the wings. While that's curing, I'll do the horns/spikes on the heads and start working on basing elements. My hope is to be 100% done by noon on Tuesday so I have the rest of the day to stress myself out with packing. lol
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    Passed the kitchen to hear PingosHusband speaking to the sixteen-year-old: “And how did you come into possession of this sandwich?”
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    Shading's done and then I did a glaze of MSP Lantern Yellow.