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    I painted 2 minis for @Jasper_the_2nd for the spring exchange. I had an idea for awhile to paint a little vignette based on a funny cartoon. When I was given Jasper as my exchange partner and read his survey, I knew he was the right recipient! I painted Galladon (one of my favorite minis, don't ask me why) as a grumpy wizard who has set out to summon a demon. He carefully prepares the spell and casts his incantation....there is smoke and a "poof"! He is so excited to see what evil he has called forth. He peers into the smoke. He sees piercing eyes staring back at him. The smoke starts to clear, his excitement builds! What the..... He grabs the scroll to see what went wrong....
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    Many thanks to Corporea for the inspiration on how to paint a Magma/lava color scheme. He’s actually a practice piece for a larger mini I plan to start soon. Comments and critique welcome, since I want to do my best on the main piece. “Magma” elemental:
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    Glitterwolf proudly presents Kabuki's Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust. WIP here for those interested http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77677-bonny-ann-pirate-queen-bust-by-glitterwolf/&page=8 She comes with different options. One fully clothed with hat and bustier and one topless. The Macaw was also optional. Here is the Hatless and NUDE version, LINKED: https://postimg.cc/image/g88jq3h45/ https://postimg.cc/image/6axix24dh/ https://postimg.cc/image/a7aut127p/ https://postimg.cc/image/z0ketp0np/ The safe back and mug shot: Here is the Clothed version with all options.
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    Little by little paint some reaper kickstarterYou can write me what miniature from reaper kickstarter(2,3) would like to see in my color in comments and if I have it I will paint itMy instagram https://www.instagram.com/hard_core_unicorn
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    Some of you may have seen this one on Facebook as it was my entry in the last Reaper Bones quarterly contest. I love painting Mouslings and really wanted to enter the contest this time but at first wasn't sure how I could make my version stand out especially as you only enter one photo. Eventually, I decided not worry about it and try something I have wanted to attempt for awhile, a night time scene with OSL. I wanted a really light colored glow and really wanted to go with white but could not figure out how to do it without leaving the bee painted only white. So I ended up doing some light glazes of yellow and loved how it turned out. Its not perfect but I think it is a good start for my first attempt for this type of OSL.
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    This was one of my must-have figures from Bones 3. This is actually early in my painting of KS3 - its my 4th figure completed. I considered getting him in metal as well. but there is always something else I would rather have... When running D&D (esp pathfinder or 3.5) I was always looking for ferocious looking smaller dragon figures. The kind that moderate level heroes can fight without just being obliterated. The system I am using now is not so rigid about sizes, and im not even running a campaign at present. Most likely my spawn will play with him more than I. So he really needs a few more coats of sealer. I used a red-eyed tree frog for inspiration, but the bright orange feet were still too silly looking.
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    Presenting Ulfr a member of the Hunters Guild from the game Guild Ball, and the last mini from my 'Heralds of the Winters Moon' WIP thread. Fun to paint but surprisingly heavy on my poor old wrists! As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    Painted yoda from swetbox.
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    I painted 2 minis for @Jasper_the_2nd for the Spring Exchange. He mentioned the song Holy Diver if I needed inspiration so I decided to do a mini and cram as much of his "wishlist" in as I could. I was familiar with the song but hadn't heard it for a long time. I watched the video on youtube (what a hoot!) I decided to go with a barbarian based on the video. He has a tiger pelt because tigers are mentioned in the lyrics plus it added some color and visual interest. Jasper also said he liked rabbits. I hid a tiny little bunny on the base. He also said to try something new so I tried out spider webs that I had watched a tutorial on another page. Jasper has created a character for the mini and I am so pleased he likes him!
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    This was one of the last I finished for the set, and he deserves his own show-off thread.
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    Little by little paint some reaper kickstarterYou can write me what miniature from reaper kickstarter(2,3) would like to see in my color in comments and if I have it I will paint itMy instagram https://www.instagram.com/hard_core_unicorn
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    This little guy caused me a bit of pain. I sliced my finger open getting him off his base. Despite that, he was fun to paint. I was using a really limited palette because he just screams redcap to me. Thus, the blood red hat. It was a quick and dirty paint job, to take my mind of things for a bit. Fun he was though! As always, C&C welcomed. Used BONES paints: 09279 - Fresh Blood 09121 - Khaki Shadow 09274 - Vampiric Shadow 09442 - Barbarian Flesh 09441 - Ruddy Flesh 09438 - Tempest Grey 09436 - Bleached Linen CAH
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    After ~6 months of not being able to work on projects, I present my first finished project of 2018- an ancient skeleton horde! The goals of the project were to: (1) Start out with a bang in my goal to paint 52 minis this year (2) Add a good deal more skeletons for horde encounters in an upcoming tabletop RPG I am running (3) Get more practice with OSL in a setting that allowed me to try multiple techniques on similar models quickly (eyes) (4) Try my hand at verdigris, again trying multiple techniques to see what I like best (5) Try out doing weapons/armor chipping and weathering. Happy to say all 5 goals were met (just took a long time)! This was a tabletop-level project, so while they aren't perfect, they are "good enough". Please let me know what you think- I relish C&C as it is a critical step in making me a better painter. I also have a question: I need to seal these guys. I want to use a matte sealer for the skeletons themselves (you can see the gloss from where I used quickshade), but I don't want to dull the metals on the arms and armor. What matte brush on sealers does everyone prefer? Thanks for looking!
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    Holy Guacamole! The company I've been contracting to for the last 11 years just informed me that I will be receiving a sizable contract bonus! now I can afford all the Bones IV things I want!
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    from Bombshell miniatures. Fear the Doombeak, the Skullcracker
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    Something different for me with the base and colors. I have a handful more to paint both Reaper and Darksword models. A few work in progress pics are in my website blog below if interested.
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    ...And bits of 80008 and 80033. I've been working on a little project to give guns to goblins for a while now. And these quick and dirty guys (not just talking about the paint jobs) are the result. Evil DM notes: "Some of the goblins immediately took to the guns, some were alright after a little training, and some just couldn't grasp the concept but were enthusiastic nonetheless."
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    Just a simple quick paint of my two Dire Honeybadgers
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    I suck at photography. Took probably twenty pictures, trying to find an angle, distance, light combo that accurately reflected how good these look, but finally gave up. They're good enough for the Black Plague table-top anyway.
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    Testing new phone. I painted these in about 5 or 6 hours for my DnD campaign. Much fun Have some other pics but they have the female wererat showing her nono's off so I'll have to take more pics.
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    My Druid is circle of the Shepard- she can cast spectral animals to help buff the party. She is also an astrologist with a huge interest in space. She also has the robe of stars... i made her spectral unicorn a space unicorn...because why not? She is also attached (although no reaper) to show the robe I painted...
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    well, he finally made it out of the house! My exchange is officially in the mail. My exchange partner had asked for something futuristic and something either goofy or scary, so of course I went with ludicrous. What do you give the giant demonic poisonous spider that has it all? high tech lasers and missile launchers! I have been building and painting some of my eldar pieces and decided that they could use a mascot. As for things I haven't done in a while. I have started to play with decals again as a way of adding some interest to my larger grav tanks and space ships so I thought I would add a few here for fun. The weapons pack is removable if my partner wants to use him as a basic giant spider (actually I got a few complaints from the arachnid union when we discussed permanent attachment...) there are to pointy pins that attach the weapons pack to the back of the spider (bones material does have its uses. So here is the Mark I demonic assault spider. I hope everyone enjoys him!
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    For those of you who remember me, I thought I would post a quick update on my my store - since I've moved yet again! Although it was only 2 miles this time, I did go from ~2100 sf to ~6000 sf - so I've got some breathing room (again). Since this IS the Reaper forums, I'll keep it relevant with some gratuitous shots of my paint and minis selection! Look at all that Bones mini goodness (with some Dark Heaven, Chronoscope, Warlord, and Pathfinder sprinkled in)...
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    When I first started planning a Chibi Kingdom Death project, I looked at all of the expansion monsters and considered which ones would just work well with chibis. I concluded that Spiderlings were already mostly head- so they'd work perfectly with almost no changes. For Spidicules herself, I just had to replace the dead survivor with a dangling dead chibi. I really love applying violent deaths to these super cute little survivors. Spidicules is pretty huge, and he's one of the most difficult minis to photograph. And the cute little spiderlings: