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    This is Reaper 3789 Fishwife and Crone. These are the metal versions of the miniatures coming in Bones 4 as part of the Dreadmere set. Painted up for tabletop gaming use. I painted the fish as a delicious deepwater fish from Norway called "Uer". I have fond memories fishing for these at the shore of the Finnmark fjord, where the drop off was extremely deep. I was sad to find these fish are now considered endangered.
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    Darth Sana She stared at her adversary with cool and calm calculation, the Jedi was nervous... she saw the fear in his eyes, yes... GOOOOOOD.... fear would cause him to make mistakes.. she'd cut him down with her force-imbued katana and notch another Jedi scum on her belt... She snarled at him, "Come and die, you fight the Sith Mistress!" ---------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer: White Wolf Miniatures 3 parts: Head, body, Sword. Scale: 70mm high Sculptor: Juan Puerta Casting: Sago This was a labor of love and fun for me, I decided as soon as I saw this beautiful bust that I was going to paint her up as 'evil' and the paint scheme that called to me was to paint her up to look like Darth Maul, I added the horns with copper wire and then sculpted them on with ProCreate. Towards the end of the project, I was trying to decide how to display her and it came to me that I wanted to make her part of a story, give her a bit more of the Star Wars tie-in with a completely scratch-built Tie Fighter. The title placards on the sides were designed by my good friend @Thrym and I printed them off on cardstock and glued them onto the plasticard sides of the tie fighter. The scabbard is my attempt at a sort of force rune, it is Kanji which translates into "Sith Mistress." WIP can be found here: Without further ado, I present (Darth) Sana from White Wolf Miniatures! Thanks for looking (and following along), C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
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    The first miniature I have painted after opening Bones 3 box that arrived one week ago. Also, my first reaper miniature I would like to share. I must admit that I made a very poor job on the mould lines though and the paint job isn't as neat as I would like to... More pictures: http://zgielk.blogspot.com/2017/08/na-bezrybiu-i-smok-ryba.html
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    Finished the last mini in the Bones 3 Ogre Command set. Here is the Ogre Chieftain. He doesn't have a squire to polish his armor and the goblins use spit and their loincloths so....his armor isn't in the best of shape. The shield on the back probably needs some battle damage but I hated to mess it up after I spent so much time getting it to look nice! Maybe he "found" it. So here are pictures of the Ogre Chieftain and a group shot at the end. (I need a large photo background!) I added a tutorial on how to do the rust effect.
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    So I have been in a major painting funk and I solicited advice from the community and got a lot of GREAT feedback. A lot of people recommended painting a mini to "good enough" standards and not my own exacting ones. This seemed like sage advice so, despite my innate resistance to the idea, I did just that. The mini is a WizKids pre-primed mini which I picked up on a whim several weeks ago to use as my PC in my current Pathfinder game. I really had grand designs for this mini; I was going to customize it and add some green-stuff accouterments to make it fit the character better...then I opened the package. The mini was TERRIBLE upon closer inspection. There were severe flaws, limited details and overall I was just disappointed. But it wound up being a good piece for this experiment because 1) I still needed a mini for my PC and 2) I didn't care if it looked terrible because it was already terrible. 3) This mini would not have been painted otherwise by me. The mini took me maybe 2.5-3 hours from start to finish, over two sessions of painting. I was not completely displeased with it to be honest. I do believe that it is, indeed, "Good Enough".
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    I started on it 2,5 years ago, and first finished it now. Turns out having a child takes up a LOT of your free time.. Who would have guessed? It is the Bones version from the first Kickstarter. I had to have it when I saw it, as I think it is the most amazing dragon sculpt I've seen! Comments and critique very welcome!
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    as long as you all let me go see my movie tomorrow, I don't care. But tomorrow night 7c to ~9c, I am GOING to see Rifftrax Live! The Five Doctors and if I have to miss it to update, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet... wait, wrong fandom.
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    Apparently my light box set up creates some specular reflections because these boys are not so shiny in normal lights. Anyhow, I really like these old school, Bob Olley ogres. I hope you do too.
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    This was supposed to go in ub3r_n3rds excellent Before/After thread but they got ate there (perhaps a pic/attachment limit) so since I've got the pics anyways figured i would post them... Ahh, human ranger with two swords!
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    These are the little standard bearers from Bones 3 Ogre Command set. I had considered adding bloody little handprints to the banner and then backed off because I wasn't sure. I think it turned out pretty well and I am really happy with their eyes! So here they are and a photo of them with the drummers because in my list 77567 says Goblin Standard Bearers and Musicians so I am guessing they are a set! C&C welcome!
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    Presenting Roberto Vendetta, part of the Halfling crime family faction from the (possibly defunct) game Wolsung by Micro Arts Studio. Extremely pleased with how this little guy turned out, I honestly think he's one of my best paint jobs to date. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    He it is! Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals, DSM8036, Hamster Mage with Staff. It was sculpted by Dave Summers. This model was a little more challenging to paint. I'am very happy with the final result, I like how his red outfit and I'm glad I chose that color. I hope you like it too! Comments and critiques are very welcome.
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    A request was made to paint this guy and the Legendary Dragon Slayer Dwarf to match. I think I did pretty good. They look like they go well together. Talk to the hand
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    A friend asked me to paint this and the Grand Mystic to match. I really liked this Dwarf a lot. Part of me wants to keep him.
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    So, I've been lurking on this forum since day 2 of the Bones 3KS. You guys are a lot of fun to read and have helped keep the update withdrawal under control. But I felt the need to create an account to reply to this: You have completely transformed my perception of the potential cat dragon. Up until now, I thought it was a funny on-going joke. I mean, a cat dragon would be ridiculous looking, right? But squaring off the mouselings against the cat dragon is just too perfect. My daughter is going to be 4 or 5 by the time these kickstarter pieces arrive (depending on timing). I've been trying to think about how to introduce her to miniatures and painting and roleplaying in general. Running a mouseling campaign with cat dragons and Owlbears and Snakemen (and any of an other long list of anthropomorphized mouse predators) is just too perfect to not attempt. Thank you for the inspiration you have provided me.
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    This is one of my favorite Bones minis. This is the second one that I have painted and likely not the last.
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    ^^ Link to the WIP. My Stephanie Law Kickstarter loot pack had their first goof up! Lucky for me, they rectified the situation immediately. At any rate, I had a spare necromancer body and a spare bard arm. I decided to do my first ever conversion and connect the two! I told my friend about this, and we came up with the idea to make The Necrobard an emo-punk rock musician, with heavy influence from My Chemical Romance (specifically The Black Parade). See inspiration: Instead of a summoner, we settled on a "everything hurts" idea of the stereotypical depressed musician/comedian who has very high charisma, but hides a lot of pain. And he wears a lot of black. My friend is indeed going to play this character (his initials are hiding in red in the crook of the lute). Bardic party buffing plus necro debuffing of bad guys. I attempted to make it look like he was casting a necromancy spell by freehanding his hands to have the skeleton glowing through the gloves, and the lute glow where he holds it, and out of the center. I picked "The Punisher" character's logo for an easy skull to freehand on the back. The red stain is because the character beat his brother over the head with the lute as a backstory. I added the skull to the base for the heck of it. If you look closely at the bard-arm, it doesn't line up perfectly... but good enough for a first conversion, yeah? My epoxy was being a butt, so I settled on pins and super glue. If not for the inspiration being bleach blonde, I likely would have given him dark hair. But hey, crazy pale was an adventure to paint. As was the absurd amount of black/gray. The photos I think are over-bright, so I will be tweaking them in the future; I think less light but longer exposure (if I can hold steady) would do wonders - better ones to come in a week or so when I can pin Doug down with my camera. Comments, critique, musical expressions of sadness or joy - all welcome!
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    I was inspired by how the paint combination on the Copper head of my Ma'al Drakar turned out, so I thought it would be fun to turn a mini into a bronze/copper statue! Given that I still didn't have a fully painted Sir Forscale (@Reaperbryan owns all 3 of the ones I've painted to date), I decided it was high time I had one of my own. Those two things resulted in this: I removed him from his broccoli base and glued him onto a 20mm Reaper base, so he'd have a pedestal sort of thing to stand on. He was very quick to paint up, just Green Liner, Copper Verdigris, a light Turquoise Ink wash, then careful drybrushing of Coppery Orange. I had fun thinking about what the wear patterns on a regular statue would be, hence why sections of his base and his right foot are so much shinier than the rest. Because given any flat surface, people are going to sit on it to rest or take pictures, and prominent areas are usually kept shined from people rubbing them. And here's a couple of pics just for fun, since Ma'al is still hanging out on my desk: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Michael Proctor paint job on the Zombie dragon from Facebook
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    Something that has yet to be revealed, if it makes it (crosses fingers), because, first and foremost, I sculpted it because I wanted it.
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    A friend who had not painted anything in a while came to visit for a week. While the wives an kids were off entertaining themselves, I offered a mini from the bones 2 core grab-bag to try his hand. He picked one that reminded him of the Old D&D cartoon, and got as far as base-coating. His paints had long since dried out, so he left it here. As I "Must Paint All the Things!" I finished it up, the shield came out as one of my best freehand designs. I also took an indirect suggestion from a poster in the paint my bones facebook group, and added another highlight to the shield.
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    Reaper Troll #3 Painted for a buddy of mine. They will be coming for revenge on game night, hopefully will get a group shot then.
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    So, here are two miniatures I just got done painting and basing last night. I ended up painting these two as well as another figure (front with a link for nudity) at the same time because I was starting out with the same skin colors, beginning with Tanned Skin. One thing I did with the female pirate's sword and metal was I used Ashen Blue as my base color, then used deeper blues, then dark elf skin and shadow, then black, and worked upwards with lighter greys and finally white. With the bases, which I also do very simply, I did the pirate bases starting with a base of blonde hair, then terran khaki. The thought was to make sand, but who knows how well that worked out. Here is the link to the third miniature: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:02-806_flute8.JPG And here is the photo this figure came from: And a question, one of the doubts I had was about the female pirate, should I have lightened her eyebrows?
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    My next two sets of hobgoblins and hobgoblin veterans. I was not as pleased by how well my first set turned out (first set) as I still struggle to paint anything in white very well and felt like there wasn't enough contrast or detail on the armor. So instead this time I tried a sort of a paint, then dark wash, then highlight to get the detail out on their armor. I was hoping the green armor would look more jade (I have those foo dogs to paint up eventually) and it didn't quite turn out like I wanted to, but I am pleased that at least the detail in their armor wasn't as lost this time around. Anyways, thanks for reading!
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    Izzy's spirit beast concept on facebook And she says: " Spot art for Reaper's Dreadmere adventure setting: A Bonehenge witch summons a forest spirit. " also: " I think with this one, part of me was trying to say that even in the most dismal, foreboding place, we can find beauty and wonder. Also, I kind of wanted to establish the Bonehenge witches as being more folkloric than camp. "
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    I feel better, thank you! The rowboat in dreadmere is cool. But sometimes you get lucky in the consignment shops too. Check out what I found for the short pirate campaign I'm starting today :D
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    so i had fun in my art program playing with colors
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    Every now and then I get a notification that someone has "Liked" something I posted on this thread a day or two ago; and all I can think is, "Good, job, buddy! You can do it; you can catch up! It's only 20 pages more to go to the end!"
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    My daughter has stolen and will steal any pony, unicorn, pegasus, alicorn, lady minis with wings that I have for her own painting desire. This is despite owning 8 million My Little Pony minis already. She even uses my Reaper paints to mod her duplicate ponies to make them into her own creations.
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    Here's the WIP thread. I really like this model for its personality! Though I did find it difficult to keep the lines clean. Still, I think she turned out okay. The runes in her book spell out "Jolie" in the futhark. The base is from Micro Arts studio.
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    These crocodiles have been on my "I want to paint" list for a long time, they finally made it to the front of the line. First up some Ral Partha Crocodiles from the RIver Denizens set (31-033). The set also includes a hippo and a submerged hippo, which is somewhere in the lead mountain. I had picked up an extra crocodile at a convention long ago. I also painted up the Reaper lead Dire Crocodile (65107). I was happy to see his brother in the Bones 4 Kickstarter, it would be swell if this guy made it into bones as well. I was about to start the lead version of the brother as well, when my husband piped up and said he wanted to paint it.
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    So I got bored and said hey I am going to build the meeting where Eclavdra met with Giants to approach them about and alliance. I put storm Giants because I thought maybe they said NO. I also thought they would bring bodyguards and queen would bring her pet (womenand their chihuahuas!). Lol. Anyways ... been painting to gather up minis to run the modules for my kids and buddies.
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    I didn't have a box big enough, so I rolled him into the fabric I use for a backdrop and poured the lot into a bag. This.. worked surprisingly well. Make sure whatever you use is pretty soft, though; rough fabric probably will rub paint off. Anyway. Done. At about 1PM, so there has been a lot of fiddling with cameras and graphics programs in the nonce. I couldn't figure out how to get the real camera to focus, and I'm not smart enough to get the camera to time-stamp its photos. .. If I ever do another of these, I'm picking up one of those little travel clocks. >.< Look! Shiny! Sadly, the shimmery gold is not really visible because I went subtle with it (yes. Subtle glitter. It /can be done/. The rainbow insanity that is the backs of the wings was one of those happy accidents. We also have a decent closeup of the multicoloured madness that is Maal's leg and side. I admit it, I had fun working out what colours would go where. Had to take the picture twice; the first one, the tail wasn't properly seated.. which is also visible in the main shot. Fraggit, I'm tired, anybody complains is getting a mouthful of dragon peppers. I went back over the hide and some of the scales with Dragon Red, mixed with a little AP wash medium. That stuff got a lot of mileage. And! The hero of this week-long saga of madness! The brush with all the paint on the handle is the one I actually used; the one that shows size and brand sat this one out. The lower one still has a decent point, despite having been used for everything; dry-brushing, glaze-slopping, detail work on eyeballs and mouths, glue application for flock... it's showed remarkable resilience! Also, we have some of my reference materials; a carved lapis lazuli turtle, a big hunk of mahogany obsidian and a little piece of tumbled malachite. ... whrug. This was my second Goblin Challenge, and ... disqualification aside, I'm actually pretty pleased with it and myself. I finished under the wire, and I managed to do it with one brush, which.. I realise isn't actually part of the challenge, but it amuses me, so.. mleh. My most immediate piece of advice is really just to /do it/. The prize at the end is the finished miniature itself, and the feeling of accomplishment that is probably all that keeps you afloat on a sea of sleep-deprivation and exhaustion. .. and hunger. I didn't bother to eat breakfast before charging up here to finish this beast, so I'm going to go eat something before I flood the thread with drool.
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    Here are two minis that I really love. I love how the Super Dungeon Explore setting has the princesses as the prophesied heroes that will eventually overcome the dark lord. No waiting around to be rescued for them. Princess Emerald is really full of character. I love the steampunk feel she has. I chose a color scheme based on her namesake. I'm planning on doing this with the other princesses as they come out. This Princess Ruby is a re-sculpt. To be fair, I was quite fond of the original sculpt for Princess Ruby, but I recognize that as the style of Super Dungeon Explore evolved, she was a little left behind (Ruby would be far shorter than her sister princesses at least). And I was quite happy to paint her up again. As with Emerald, my color scheme was based on her namesake: So we're waiting on the Super Dungeon Arcade box to come out so that I can have a go with Princess Amethyst next.
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    I swear, that fish was THIS BIG! (arms splayed wide, knocks over own beer)
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    Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize I needed a pack turtle until I saw this update! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    On my birthday last week I spent the whole day playing PF and painting. I speed-painted this guy:
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    If it is well received, we will do more than 1
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    Hi all, Taking a little break from the savage avatars with a quick little paint job to clear my palette. Not my best work, not my worst. I guess if I played with my Minis I would consider him more tabletop than display. I didn't really choose the colours carefully so he's a little plain but he was fun! First 28mm bones model I have painted...aaaand I still definitely prefer metal but definitely not shabby. He came as a little surprise for me since I didn't realize he was part of the town stuff set.
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    A long time client of mine recently requested a set of 4 bunnies. Each is to be about 10mm at the shoulder. He sent me 4 pose photos and I created armatures. Here they are, each with it's respective photo: Today, I underpinned the sculpts, fleshing out the bodies: Have a great day, Andy
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    For your consideration, I offer Nolevniss Azrinae: Reaper Miniature 60162. Or in this Multiverse: Elariel Moonshadow This elf Magi was an active sculpt to paint. The robes and cloak are dynamic in portrayal of wind movement and direction. The robes were long and laying folded in back, which suggests weight and volume. Limited palette with work on suggesting different textures of cloth. Teeny eyes. Delicate sculpt too with the hair and features. And the familiar was an enjoyable if not surreal sculpt. I was told by the person who wanted this painted, "And paint the baby dragon gold." When I popped my Opti-visor on I was like, "That's not a dragon..." This creature reminded me of the haemonculus familiar from earlier Dungeons and Dragons editions, while the head reminded me of an eye-less vampire bat. What you see is the result. Cute. (But you don't want to be left alone in the same room with it.) The staff is a weapon of Power - like Purple Name power. Spell book and scrolls along with bandolier pouches told me a story of a travelling Mage - even his staff clutched a simple stone at the foot to act as counterweight. But not a nice guy. I hope you enjoy him. :) Peace and blessings.
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    I just got into miniature painting and decided to post on the forum to get some feedback and advice. This is only the second miniature I've ever painted. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out despite my lack of experience. I'm thinking of dry brushing his back a bit more for an even more intense frost/ice effect. I plan on varnishing and basing him as soon as the bases I ordered arrived. Any CC is welcome thanks for looking!
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    That's called the Suck Fairy paid it a visit. It's when you remember some wonderful childhood story or movie or thing like that and you return as an adult and find it inexplicably terrible. On a brighter note, I hear the new "Voltron" series came about because people who loved the old "Voltron" were appalled at discovering as adults how bad it really had been and decided to make a new series that was like the "Voltron they had thought they remembered.
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    The four adventuring kids and their faithful companion are now finished.
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    I stumbled into my kitchen this morning, cranky about the thought of toast for breakfast. Then I saw the pan of cinnamon rolls I made last night and a beam of light shone down from the heavens as I realized what my breakfast was truly going to be. Prior planning for the win!
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    So I travelled to my FLGS in NYC today, hoping to gate last months and this months mini of the month, and saw neither.... So I grabbed some GW paints I needed refills of, and after checking ou, I spoke to the owner, and asked about the minis... He said "Oh you mean this one?" and reached down into a box behind the counter and put Elanter on the counter, and said, "It hasn't been released yet." I asked if I could buy it or would have to wait, and he said, "You can HAVE IT, as I don't feel like writing up a receipt!" I have been going there since 1978.....