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  1. I really like this one. When I found out it came with 2 weapon selections I had to get another one. Not alot of Dragonborn minis out there....wish there was more.
  2. 60178: Enora, Iconic Arcanist

    Camera was overexposed on this one so the pics didn't turn out the greatest but I really like how this one turned out.
  3. Bones Pack animals

    Picked up some more of these. I really like them especially the camel.
  4. Did up all my NPC Bones Guards. I kinda like how they turned out. Oh and he colors differences are for players so they can e them on the board.
  5. 01610 Dain Deepaxe

    Another I can't find on the site to list the name for.....any help? I think it was on of the Reaper monthly collectables from last year.
  6. 01607 Elantor, The Lost Prince

    Someone will correct me but I don't know the name on this one and I can't find it on my reaper list. Anyway it turned out ok...nuff said.
  7. It's Ok....Glad I did not pay allot for it but I was looking for a wagon so this works.
  8. Picked this up for a decent price. I used Tamiya clear inks to do the bottles.
  9. Formorian Giant

    Thanks was not a huge fan of the figure but it's a Fomorian Giant it's supposed to look weird. Grew on me a bit once I got him painted.
  10. Made some Trees

    Yep! Saw it on Black Magic Craft. I start doing this on the bases for my figures as well. Not quite happy with the effect it leaves on fine flock but it now gives me the option to flock bases for board game minis and not have to worry so much about it all coming off while jiggling in the box.
  11. Eye beasts

    Yeah I am working on my skills to get better at eyes. Definitely gotten better since I did these. Might look at redoing the eyes in the future...if I can find the time! lol. So much to paint and I should get CMON Green Hord this week.....I only start painting Massive Darkness! :( :)
  12. Jurden, Half Orc Paladin

    I don't do it for my "Hero" figs.....but maybe I should find something for them. Will think of something for the future. Maybe a Pathfinder Goblin or something..lol.
  13. Umberhulks

    Except I don't recomend using the Wizkid bases. If I did it again I would use my own thicker bases. The Wizkid ones are just to thin and don't make a great presentation.
  14. Behemot Beholder

    Trees are from a Scenics kit I got for like $15 Cdn. I added a mixture of white glue and water to harden and tighten the flock and they are much better.
  15. Displacer Beasts

    My only recommendation is don't use the provided bases. I did and they are to thin. Use a thicker base if you have one and save these for a crafts project or something.