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  1. Well I'm ok but Reaper needs to release these immediately. I can't wait to buy 3 or 4 more to paint up.
  2. Be sure to post what you got back! I sure hope it is equal to the nice job that you did on this one! lol.
  3. Might add a light brown wash to the hair. I went and look back at it and I think the highlights took some of the detail out.
  4. it was a kick It was a kickstarter reward from the Dead Gentlemen webseries Journey Quest. The character is Perf. Hilarious show IMO.
  5. You better believe. The main reason I take these pics is to try to find those. You get these things 2 feet away from your face and I think they look really good. Hold it up to my eye ball and I cringe sometimes though!
  6. You running a D&D game for him and his friends or a painted miniatures game? Nothing will get him interested like getting him into a game and some monster lore.
  7. I just finished this one myself. I made some mistakes that I need to fix now that I see yours though. lol. Since you are begging for critisim. lol. Maybe add a copper or gold to hilt of the sword? It will add some contrast to the model and help the sword stand out more. Also is this the bones plastic model? My sword had this weird bend on the end of the tip that made me feel that the sword was in a scabbard so I painted it like that. Oh and keep up the good work. I just got back into the hobby myself after getting necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease) and that screwed my body up so bad it works out to be nice physio for my hands and a nice cathartic time sink that takes my mind off of the pain.
  8. I think the flame whip is a bit too yellow. Think I'll add an light orange or red wash. Thanks though.
  9. Cool do you have a link to where you can buy those? Would mind checking them out after seeing your work. Honestly I've been hitting the bones minis so hard lately that I wouldn't mind picking up some scenery as a change of pace.
  10. How many done? .....I think I probably have over half of Bones 1, 2 and 3 done so far in the past year (plus some duplicates). I have a few to purchase yet. But I have most of the large scale stuff done or I am in the process of doing. I need to get cracking on the standard size stuff next. I think if I can keep on track to getting 3-5 minis done a weekend I can have all three kickstarters done by sometime after Christmas. The only bones fig I will not pick up is that large 5 or 6 headed dragon. Whatever it is called. I just don't have the room for it and it's like $150 now so it's bit expensive compared to what it was on the kickstarter.
  11. Yeah I need to do one in: red, green, yellow and then maybe one in brown as soon as these figs are out for regular release. I think these are great figs that could be used for so many differant monster classes to use on your characters from Carrion Worms to the babies in a Goremaw nest!
  12. Yeah but I go for a cartoon look on my figs so I think it's ok. lol. Still working on my process for trying to do blond hair so it's Ok for now. I do try to do a brown wash to the hair but I am never happy with the result and when I add the "yellow" highlight after I end up with the effect you see here.
  13. It's super easy and I even did it with the crappy craft paints that come in large bottles. Using a large 1" brush I paint on a black primer to the whole model. I then dry brushed on a dark brown. Then while the brown paint was still wet I lightly dry bushed a tan color with a little bit of the brown paint mixed in. I am not very skilled and I did it in 15 minutes. A little bit of metalic paint and a different light tone tan that I dry brushed onto the rope and I was done. Note that mine was warped and I do recommend putting it on a base.
  14. LOL. I think it is the same sword and the same length as the others honestly.
  15. Yeah I primed it dark red though...lesson learned! lol. Think I might add some green flock the rock crevices. If I do I will post another pic.