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  1. Did these a little while back. i really liked how they turned out and they convinced me to tackle my Cthulhu and get it done.
  2. Hey if you're happy with it and you had fun doing it it's good. As to the flash if you can try pointing the flash to the ceiling or find a way to reflect it upwards. It's called fill flash and you will be surprised with the results. As to the Ax try adding a slightly lighter shade of red to the edge or to the "Scandy" grind of the axe. It should add some pop to the blood effect you are going for. Otherwise it think it looks great. I always have to tell myself to remember to look at it from 2 to 3 ft away. If it looks good from there it's all good in the end. It's only your inner nit picker that makes you feel like you have done a terrible job sometimes. lol.
  3. Did this before I did my Reaper 3 Ogre set so the colors scheme does not quit match up but I like how he turned out. I had some leftover paint in my palette from doing another figure and just went with what is there. Some of my best work comes from that kind of Randomness for some reason. If I do anything to this model now I might add some dark orange shade to the moss to tone it down. I already added a touch of brown shade to the white to bring it down a bit. Didn't take a pic after I did that though.
  4. I really liked how this one turned out.
  5. Sorry it's out of order. I tried to edit it but it won't let me change it.
  6. Ok so alot of pics here! lol. I had allot of fun doing these. Took a while too. One of these isn't an Ogre but some kind of aquatic thing from Bones 3. It looked like an Orger though so I just figured I would do an aquatic Ogre. It's allot of pics but let me know what you think. Basically did them all marathoning 2 seasons of "Orange is the New Black" if you want an idea as to how long it took. lol. Definitely not a speed paid but I had fun doing it.
  7. So I have been doing some pics with my phone for figs but that sucks so I broke out my A6000. It is definitely not a fun experience trying to Macro shoot with the kit lens on this camera. Right now I am using Shutter priority mode but I just can't get in close enough. I am shooting wide open with the kit lens at 1250 iso, 1/30 shutter and I just can't get in closer than 8 inches or so. If I try to zoom or move the camera closer it just won't focus on the figure. I think there is a solution somewhere as shooting in Automode or Macro mode will get me the results I want but I can't control the iso in those modes and it usually shoots at ISO 3200 and I don't want that. God Sony menus suck! I really miss my Canon G10 sometimes. I know the sensor sucked compared to more modern cameras but that was a super friendly camera to use when you wanted to dive into manual control. Any advice would be appreciated. Note that I do have a light box but I mostly just take the pics so I can look at them to find any issues I don't notice first hand. Setting up that think with the limited space I have is a sever pain in the broccoli. Hence why all my pics are one the stove.....lol. Also any advice for an affordable Macro lens for an a6000 please.
  8. That's really good. What's the scale?
  9. Cheap too. Just some aquarium rocks and some moss from the back yard. lol.
  10. I think the 25th anniversary figure could be better. I 've do some many dry brush coats of paint trying to find something I like I think i've gone to far. lol. Maybe a light wash will help.
  11. Needed some wizards for my game recently so I did these up. They turned out not bad considering I am terrible at humaniod faces.lol. Sorry about Galladon. No matter what I did I could not get a good angle on the face to get it out of the shadows.
  12. Did another one with a more "natural" skin tone. lol.
  13. Did these a while ago. I have updated them with brass rods, painted matt black, in the middle of the models to give them a higher stance. If I find the pics of those I will update this.
  14. Did this a little while ago. Turned out not bad.
  15. I did end up putting in a brass rod to the belly to stop the sagging on the model. I paint the rod mat black and it's not very noticeable. If I remember I will take an update pic.