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  1. I like this one. A little different than the file card but that is probably a good thing.
  2. Logos

    Massive Darkness Giant Spider

    I finally got started on my Massive Darkness Kick starter. Trying to follow the color scheme on the cards....little simplistic than I would like but then maybe they will be faster to paint that way.....
  3. Logos

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    ....well that could be arranged! lol. Next time I am taking some pics I will try to remember.
  4. Nice....I have all the whole set of the wizkids board games waiting to be painted...........which I can't get too until I slog though Zombicid, Massive Darkness, and now Green horde. lol.
  5. Logos

    60022: Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

    Too bad the pics were so bury on this one...
  6. Logos

    07002: Dungeon Dwellers: Baran Blacktree

    I actually liked how the eyes turned out on him as well. To bad the lighting causes shadows that totally hid it.
  7. Logos

    viridius dragon

    Yeah I was really proud of the eyes on this one. I tried this out on the D&D Beholder too after watching Engineer's Jeff's vid on the Wiz Kids beholder. Something I am going to try to do more of in the future...on large figs at least. I just don't have the motor skills to get this right on small figs yet.
  8. Logos

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    Need a scale stand in for the "good guys" instead of the yellow wizard. lol.
  9. Logos

    CAV - Enforcer

    Cool buuuut when I first looked at it I thought those were giant cucumbers on its arms. I do like the color scheme though.
  10. Logos

    03137 Nor’Okk

    very nice.
  11. Logos

    03040 Hobgoblins

    Nice I like the detail you got on the faces.
  12. Logos

    Spring Exchange 2018 for Cerebro1974

    I really like the highlighting you did on the axe, armor and shield. Can you tell me the process and colors you used?
  13. Logos

    viridius dragon

    I did use some quick dry modeling clay to fill it in a little bit. Honestly a little clay or some green stuff and it's really easy to fix those issues. IMO. I have one giant bones 3 dragon to do yet. I want to do it but I need to commit to a color and I haven't decided yet. ugh.
  14. Logos

    07002: Dungeon Dwellers: Baran Blacktree

    Not much different from the "stock" paint job but I just thought I would try to use purple and red. Might need to redo the sword a bit to make it pop more I don't know. I am terrible at doing metal highlighting unless it's a dry brush.
  15. Logos

    viridius dragon

    I think I am really happy with how this one turned out.