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  1. Bones 3 Ogres (77454 / 77455 / 77456)

    Nice. They have a cool cartoon/watercolour feel to them IMO.
  2. Nice. I picked up some of these as well. Dogs are under represented in the mini market and I needed some for my collection. Now Wizards and Piazo need to let you use a dog as a wizard familiar and I am all set. Why they don't let you is beyound me. If a cat can be a good familiar so can a dog. They are not just for Rangers! lol.
  3. 77368: Shadow Demon and Tamiya Clears

    Nice! Still waiting to get the clears I ordered off of ebay from the last model you did. I can't wait for them to show up so I can try this out. I have a few Gelantinous cubes ready and waiting.
  4. Tomb of Annihilation Stone Juggernaut

    Think I would have to agree with you. A wash and then some green to bring some of the color back. Pics are kinda small so hard to tell for sure but a wash and some dry brushing would bring it to another level. Still a nice paint job though.
  5. Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    I have a couple of these I am doing up. Great fig for dwarven army building I think.
  6. Nethyrmaul the Undying (77190)

  7. dwarf with keg from Bones 3

    He is worth every penny. Great display piece, great model that my PCs who play dwarves always want to use and great as an NPC. He can be a fighter, a brewer, a barkeep, a drunken brawler, a drunk, and even a dwarf!...you name it! lol.
  8. Dar Dimplefoot

    I have minis and such taking up so much room right now that the only clear space I have to take pics is my stove! lol.
  9. Herryk, Dwarf Cleric

    Try to do about 5 to 8 hours a weekend. I want to get it all painted. I have almost the complete Massive Darkness plus Zombicid and all the D&D board game stuff to do. I have so much to paint it is literally intimidating and I need to stop buying stuff for at least a year. lol. Oh and I picked up Descent, Doom, and a couple of others too.......what have I done to myself!
  10. it's Puff from a youtube show called Journey Quest. It was a kickstarter reward so I don't know if you can actually pick it up anywhere.
  11. Herryk, Dwarf Cleric

    Turned out ok. Beard did not turn out to be as "majestik" as I thought it might be if that makes any kind of sense. lol. Sorry if the pic is a little mushy. I took 3 from the front and they were all slightly out of focus.....I love my Sony A6000 but it's not good at macro at all and I don't want to spend $300 on a lense.....camera phone from now on I think.
  12. Freja Fangbreaker

    Did this a while ago. Might go back and try to do the eyes proper now that I am getting a feel for it. Still like how it turned out though.
  13. Hooray I found the name for this one. Did it awhile ago but it's just a dwarf covered in armor so it wasn't really that hard to do. Base Coat, Wash, dry brush do a little detailing.
  14. Tree monster / Ent?

    Think this was part of the Mythos line? I've done so many now it's all starting to blur...lol.
  15. Dar Dimplefoot

    Love this little guy. My skills probably don't really do him justice but he is a great mini. Looks cool and at the same time it's pretty durable. I dropped it twice and I didn't even bend/break the dagger.