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  1. Logos

    Wiz kids D&D horses

    This came with the wagon set. They are not bad. That being said I wish some one made horse you could put a 1" fig on. I know it would look goofy but gameplay wise it would be awesome.
  2. Logos

    Wiz kids D&D horses

    Yeah I have seen those a bit expensive .... especially when you have to ship it to Canada. Might pick some up yet.
  3. Logos

    60192: Salim Ghadafar

    Already done. I took the pic just after I put the floc on the base. Sometimes I take the pics before I do final cleanup. lol.
  4. Logos

    Homemade zombie Trex

    I saw DMScotty from Youtube make this and it looked so I easy I made one myself and I really liked how it turned out. Just a $15 CDN toy dinosaur, some hot-glue and paint. Oh and and I picked up a used Canon Powershot G15 to use instead of my phone or my Sony mirrorless. Buying that was cheaper than getting a macro lens for the Sony. Compared to my stupid expensive Sony A3000 I think its so much easier to take better pictures. The Sony is nice but the bloody menu system drives me crazy, it's defiantly going up on ebay. I am officially going back to Canon and not going back. Defiantly thinking about getting a G5X or the G7x mark II now.
  5. I don't remember where I got these but I thought they would be cool for random men at arms. I got them for $10 bucks and they are pewter so that is a decent deal I think.
  6. Logos

    03607: Lizardman Shaman

    Kinda like this one. Not sure what I am going to use it for but I am finding you can't have enough Dragon Born/lizard men. There isn't a great selection out there yet IMO.
  7. Logos

    Massive Darkness Hell"s Bane

    Well I hope I got the name right on this one......I am tyring to stick to the card art. I find it a little uninspired to paint them this way but this is another Cmon game with some many figs that if I don't do this I think the players will have a hard time finding them amoung the lot.
  8. I need to get cracking on getting these done. Starting this weekend it time to get hard core into getting things done again.
  9. Logos

    Massive Darkness Giant Spider

    I finally got started on my Massive Darkness Kick starter. Trying to follow the color scheme on the cards....little simplistic than I would like but then maybe they will be faster to paint that way.....
  10. I like this one. A little different than the file card but that is probably a good thing.
  11. Logos

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    ....well that could be arranged! lol. Next time I am taking some pics I will try to remember.
  12. Nice....I have all the whole set of the wizkids board games waiting to be painted...........which I can't get too until I slog though Zombicid, Massive Darkness, and now Green horde. lol.
  13. Logos

    60022: Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

    Too bad the pics were so bury on this one...
  14. Logos

    07002: Dungeon Dwellers: Baran Blacktree

    I actually liked how the eyes turned out on him as well. To bad the lighting causes shadows that totally hid it.
  15. Logos

    viridius dragon

    Yeah I was really proud of the eyes on this one. I tried this out on the D&D Beholder too after watching Engineer's Jeff's vid on the Wiz Kids beholder. Something I am going to try to do more of in the future...on large figs at least. I just don't have the motor skills to get this right on small figs yet.
  16. Logos

    viridius dragon

    I think I am really happy with how this one turned out.
  17. Logos

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    Need a scale stand in for the "good guys" instead of the yellow wizard. lol.
  18. Logos

    14549: Brood Dragon Rider

    I bought the dragon rider thinking I would put him on one of my bones dragons but never got around to it. Then one day I looking at the Foo Dog sitting on my painting table wondering what to do with it and then it just popped into my head to put the Dragon RIder on it with the Foo Dog becoming a copper statue. I think it turned out ok. Armour could use some better shading but maybe I will look at doing that in the future once I figure out how to do it better.
  19. Logos

    CAV - Enforcer

    Cool buuuut when I first looked at it I thought those were giant cucumbers on its arms. I do like the color scheme though.
  20. Logos

    03137 Nor’Okk

    very nice.
  21. Logos

    03040 Hobgoblins

    Nice I like the detail you got on the faces.