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  1. Did him up a few months ago. Turned out pretty good...maybe too many browns but he is a boar he is supposed to be BOARING! .....I know I am terrible.
  2. This one took a while. I was working on him off and on and I think it kind of shows. Turned out ok. I have anther one with a missing horn so I think I i will paint at some point. Just not sure what color to do.
  3. This turned out good considering I was using some pretty broccolity (ok forum algorithm TERRIBLE...lol) bones Metallic paints. Ended up having to go with some distressed old factory look. Anyone else have issues with some of the Reaper sliver metaillics being a runny mess?
  4. I think these turned out really well considering how little time I spent on them. I think just an hour or 2....think I might need to go in and brown the teeth up a bit.
  5. I LOVE this figure. I am so buying another 4 or 5 of these when they hit official relaease. I think they would be great minions in a fight against the Goremaw.
  6. Well I'm ok but Reaper needs to release these immediately. I can't wait to buy 3 or 4 more to paint up.
  7. Be sure to post what you got back! I sure hope it is equal to the nice job that you did on this one! lol.
  8. Might add a light brown wash to the hair. I went and look back at it and I think the highlights took some of the detail out.
  9. I am having allot of fun painting all of the Halfling, gnome and Dwarven figs. I think I accidentally picked this one up in metal as well. I will post both when I get them done.
  10. it was a kick It was a kickstarter reward from the Dead Gentlemen webseries Journey Quest. The character is Perf. Hilarious show IMO.
  11. You better believe. The main reason I take these pics is to try to find those. You get these things 2 feet away from your face and I think they look really good. Hold it up to my eye ball and I cringe sometimes though!
  12. I was going to do something more complicated on this duster but it so reminded me of a Seal Skin jacket that a friend of mine owns that I had to make it like this. Eyes are a little bit of a mess but when not viewed from a zoom on a camera I think it looks pretty good.
  13. You running a D&D game for him and his friends or a painted miniatures game? Nothing will get him interested like getting him into a game and some monster lore.
  14. I just finished this one myself. I made some mistakes that I need to fix now that I see yours though. lol. Since you are begging for critisim. lol. Maybe add a copper or gold to hilt of the sword? It will add some contrast to the model and help the sword stand out more. Also is this the bones plastic model? My sword had this weird bend on the end of the tip that made me feel that the sword was in a scabbard so I painted it like that. Oh and keep up the good work. I just got back into the hobby myself after getting necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease) and that screwed my body up so bad it works out to be nice physio for my hands and a nice cathartic time sink that takes my mind off of the pain.
  15. I think the flame whip is a bit too yellow. Think I'll add an light orange or red wash. Thanks though.
  16. Well It's Demon posting day I guess. Did this fire demon a little while ago to try out some Citadel metallic paints I just picked up. I think he turned out ok. lol. I just realized you can't see his face in any of these pics because of the horns! Wow. :0
  17. Cool do you have a link to where you can buy those? Would mind checking them out after seeing your work. Honestly I've been hitting the bones minis so hard lately that I wouldn't mind picking up some scenery as a change of pace.
  18. For some reason I had 3 of these. So I did them in Red, Purple and Pink.....because? I have no idea.
  19. Turned out OK. Pics don't do it justice. Couldn't get a good perspective to show off the scale. Think i need to do a light application of brown ink the Spiky hands to dirty it a little bit.
  20. Did this guy the same time I did the Bones Boar Demon hence the probably over use of brown. I think i like how the pink wings turned out. I am trying to think of ways to incorporate pinks more into my models. I think it's an under used color especially when done right. I had a heck of a time with the horns on this guy. I just could not get a wash to sit right in the horns to bring out the highlights. Oh and sorry about the bluryness. My Sony A6000 did not want to focus on this guy's face....insert joke here. lol. Honestly I think the snake tale head was confusing the Auto focus off for some reason.
  21. Finished this just a little while ago. I had it primed for months and held off as I was actually a little intimidated at the thought of doing it. Then I did some of the other large Reaper Bones and this was actually really easy to do. I had to play with pinks and purples to get the guts the way that I wanted but in the end I think it turned out alright.
  22. First metallic I have done. Don't think he turned out too bad.
  23. Turned out OK. I have a tuff time doing Bright colors that don't turn out dirty. I don't know if it's the wash (well I am pretty sure that the wash is a contributing factor) or what. Any ideas as to wash bright colors without getting this effect? Had to post this one as it is another great example of Puff running for his life again. Also now that I look at this I think I am going to add a brown wash to the stones to tone them down a bit. These aquarium stones are just to bright for me.
  24. I really liked doing these. Results are not all that I hoped for but it was fun assembly line painting these.
  25. Hi: I am trying to use my space more efficiently to display all of my bones figures. I have been using some cheap spice rack stands from amazon but do any of you have any cheap ideas for 4 or 5 tier stands or something better than using book cases? Note on the black case I added cheap 30 dollar led light bars that come as a set of 4. I really like these and I am considering adding it to my other cases. Especially since they consume so little power.