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  1. Friar Stone

    I really like how this one turned out. I wasn't too stoked on it at first but he really grew on me once I got some paint on him.
  2. Not sure of the name on this one. I have another mess of figures that I got done so there will be more....lots more. lol.
  3. Stone Skull fighter

    Not sure of the name on this one but he turned out pretty good. I did the eyes on this one but because of the hood the camera I was using could pick it up and the flash washed everything out.
  4. Sigurd, Mercenaries Sergeant

    Wish I had the metal version of this one I think. When you look at all the detail that was lost in the bones model...ugh he is a smooshie duckling. Good enough for an NPC though. Also sorry about the camera picks being a bit out of focus. Did them with my phone and I see now that the manual settings I was using were a little off. I was using autofocus but I don't think the camera in my motorola is any better than the camera on my old Samsung Note 3. In some ways I think its inferior.
  5. Fire Giant Jailor

    Beard did not come out very good on Camera. Otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.
  6. Sigurd, Mercenaries Sergeant

    Slowing down a little bit. It's winter and I started playing Final Fantasy 15 and Starwars Battlefront 2. Just the 10 hour free trail though of SBF2. I really like it but I don't want it to turn into the time wrecker that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was for me. Yeah think I might add a little light purple to highlight the beard. K might try that but I am getting know for the stove pics around here. lol. I think the reflections off the glass might be causing issues to.
  7. Another one I don't know the name of. But I am trying to be a stupid completionist for the Bones line for some reason so I am document it for you all to salve my ego. lol. Enjoy.
  8. Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

    I have a couple of these I am doing up. Great fig for dwarven army building I think.
  9. Herryk, Dwarf Cleric

    Turned out ok. Beard did not turn out to be as "majestik" as I thought it might be if that makes any kind of sense. lol. Sorry if the pic is a little mushy. I took 3 from the front and they were all slightly out of focus.....I love my Sony A6000 but it's not good at macro at all and I don't want to spend $300 on a lense.....camera phone from now on I think.
  10. Dar Dimplefoot

    Love this little guy. My skills probably don't really do him justice but he is a great mini. Looks cool and at the same time it's pretty durable. I dropped it twice and I didn't even bend/break the dagger.
  11. dwarf with keg from Bones 3

    Really like this one but don't know the name of it. I might have to do another cause I have a friend who wants mine to use it in someone else's game for his character. I have to admit it is defiantly unique.
  12. Bones 3 Ogres (77454 / 77455 / 77456)

    Nice. They have a cool cartoon/watercolour feel to them IMO.
  13. Nice. I picked up some of these as well. Dogs are under represented in the mini market and I needed some for my collection. Now Wizards and Piazo need to let you use a dog as a wizard familiar and I am all set. Why they don't let you is beyound me. If a cat can be a good familiar so can a dog. They are not just for Rangers! lol.
  14. 77368: Shadow Demon and Tamiya Clears

    Nice! Still waiting to get the clears I ordered off of ebay from the last model you did. I can't wait for them to show up so I can try this out. I have a few Gelantinous cubes ready and waiting.
  15. Tomb of Annihilation Stone Juggernaut

    Think I would have to agree with you. A wash and then some green to bring some of the color back. Pics are kinda small so hard to tell for sure but a wash and some dry brushing would bring it to another level. Still a nice paint job though.
  16. Nethyrmaul the Undying (77190)

  17. dwarf with keg from Bones 3

    He is worth every penny. Great display piece, great model that my PCs who play dwarves always want to use and great as an NPC. He can be a fighter, a brewer, a barkeep, a drunken brawler, a drunk, and even a dwarf!...you name it! lol.
  18. Dar Dimplefoot

    I have minis and such taking up so much room right now that the only clear space I have to take pics is my stove! lol.
  19. Herryk, Dwarf Cleric

    Try to do about 5 to 8 hours a weekend. I want to get it all painted. I have almost the complete Massive Darkness plus Zombicid and all the D&D board game stuff to do. I have so much to paint it is literally intimidating and I need to stop buying stuff for at least a year. lol. Oh and I picked up Descent, Doom, and a couple of others too.......what have I done to myself!
  20. it's Puff from a youtube show called Journey Quest. It was a kickstarter reward so I don't know if you can actually pick it up anywhere.
  21. Naga

    Did really have a scheme in mind when I did this and it kinda shows but it's done and i am happy with it. On to the next one! lol
  22. Tree monster / Ent?

    Think this was part of the Mythos line? I've done so many now it's all starting to blur...lol.
  23. Freja Fangbreaker

    Did this a while ago. Might go back and try to do the eyes proper now that I am getting a feel for it. Still like how it turned out though.
  24. Hooray I found the name for this one. Did it awhile ago but it's just a dwarf covered in armor so it wasn't really that hard to do. Base Coat, Wash, dry brush do a little detailing.
  25. Dire wolf

    Probably have the name wrong but it's a bones fig so...whatever. lol. Kinda like how it turned out.