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  1. I'm still a bit unclear on how to make a platypus "Dire", short of giving it a fedora. I think you mistyped "Perry"!
  2. The crispy skin is the best part though!
  3. That does make it hard to tell she's a demon.
  4. Great quote. That lends more credence to the Rulers of Hell though, doesn't it?
  5. Heh, convenient then! You may not be going insane, but I think that means I'm going blind?
  6. I think that looks better. Definitely makes them look more embedded.
  7. Since I've received a question on it, these sheets actually grew out of my unpainted minis tracking sheet (which now needs some significant updating!). That's the reason for the 3 columns E-G. I entered the quantity of each specific mini I had received in the "Total" column. Then as they were painted, updated the "Painted" column, and updated date. I'm not sure why I wanted to know when I'd last touched a specific sculpt or not though -- probably for painting progress information. Then my percentage of unpainted minis gets updated for me, bringing that number closer to 0 remaining. The notes column was originally used for info on paints used on the mini, who painted it (my kids asked to be added to it as well) and quantity on dates. My actual tracking sheet has a Summary sheet that conglomerates all of that data as well.
  8. I'm not sure if I missed them previously or not, but came across a set of bases I didn't have on my tracking spreadsheet when I was looking through the pledge manager again:
  9. Very nice find with the wooden plaques. Looks like they'll make great bases.
  10. Just have to watch out for the dragons that whip back.
  11. Hello everyone, Over in the Bones 4 Kickstarter enthusiasm thread, there seemed to be quite a few people calling for a list of the new bones figures coming because of the kickstarter. I had a spreadsheet that I'd been using for the previous kickstarters and have tacked a Bones 4 sheet onto it. This is open for editing by anyone to edit and fix things I've missed. (same as linked in my signature). Entries are group by set (core, expansions, add ons, etc) and sorted by display order on the Kickstarter images. Reference numbers are from the Kickstarter images -- for the most part, some are made up to make discussions easier. The colors of the "Reference #" and "Group" columns match the colors of the backgrounds of the Kickstarter update images or for late additions, the Pledge Manager. Specifically for the Bones 4 sheet several of the rows have red background colors. The red background "Name" entries are where I've not been able to determine the correct name from either update images or sneak preview videos. Red background "Existing Part #" entries are where I've not been able to determine if the figure is a new sculpt or what the existing figure's number is. One thing you'll notice is that there are counts in columns E-F of all sheets, and a date entry field in column G. These counts come from my Bones Kickstarter painted mini tracking spreadsheet. Column E is a full count of the figures you'd receive if you pledged for one of everything in the Kickstarter (except count of bases). Column F is a count of minis that are painted. G2 is a count of unpainted minis and H2 is a percentage of collection that is unpainted. Hopefully this is helpful to others out there.
  12. Is that plans within plans within plans?
  13. They still look pretty bright. My problem with bright colors is coverage. I probably don't layer them enough.
  14. There I go copying you again!