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  1. We did something similar years ago. There was this one spell. It would put a building into elsewhere and the place would only return to creation when specific conditions occured. Our Exalts ended up in an ancient tower under one of these spells and stayed there too long, and got trapped along with an abyssal and his zombie hordes. DM then shifted to a Vampire campaign that involved some hunt for a mystery Clan founder. Said campaign ended up at, you guessed it, a mysterious tower that appears out of nowhere. Our Vampires were annhilated and a small pack of Exalts walk out of the tower into the modern world. Full Circle +1 Lunar. From what I remember we had no access to Peripheral essence at first. Personal only. Which seriously limited the damage we could do to the world. Was fun.....turn full on apocalypse bythe end but yeah lots of fun.
  2. There is a kind of nice family game called Ryutama. It's a fantasy setting and the players are, people going on a journey. They are Farmers, Merchants, Craftsmen maybe a Princess. Meanwhile the GM plays a sort of hidden guide and guardian who is collecting the story of their journey in order to feed the story to a dragon. The game is mainly a shared world building experience, for example when you come to a new village the GM passes around a "village worksheet" and each player fills in one part of it, and then you explore the town you've created together. There is some combat but it tends to be pretty simple, the focus of the game is the journey itself.
  3. So with Bones three we got a nice batch of grey, hard plastic weapon sprews. I've never been much of one for Conversions so I'm asking What is the best way to use these things with Bones. A few I figure I can just glue on, particularly the Swords in Sheaths or the loose Crossbows, but how would one go about replacing say a Floppy Bones Sword or Spear with one of these cool looking grey (and not floppy at all) weapons?
  4. It certainly is taking some getting used to. I figure I would start with the large figs and work my way up (down) to the smaller ones. Although having used it a bit already, I can't imagine trying to do Khanjira by hand anymore
  5. Well this here is my first attempt using an air brush. little tricky to get the hang of but I think it turned out ok. finished off the details with a regular brush. Not enough confidence to try doing eyes with an airbrush. This here is Reapers Frog Demon from the Bones 2 kickstarter (standing ontop of Fat Dragon Games, Castle Winterhawk ruined Tower) any advice for someone new to air brushes?
  6. I think the flash on the camera gets part of the credit for that. Although I am apparently a bit of an odd-ball among my friends who paint minis. Everyone tells me I should be using an air-brush, but I just like using regular brushes for everything. down side of that of course is they wear out a lot and I have to get new ones every couple of months.
  7. Ok so here are a few more shots We got a Skeleton Giant and a few characters plus a big nasty demon fellow
  8. And DONE I'll probably put up some more photos later but here is the whole set I got, plus a few from other kickstarters I got at the same time Now on to Bones 2.
  9. Seems like forever since I got Bones 1 but I'm nearly finished with them, only a dozen or so left to paint. As I wait here for Bones 2 to arrive I figured I would show off a couple of the ones I've done from the first batch. I'll do a mass shot showing everything once they are all done. like Good old Kaladrax (77192) and the Great Cthulhu (77194)
  10. Delayed

    This isn't a miniature's Kickstarter but I find many who like minis and gaming tend to like cartoons as well Fredanator is doing a Kickstarter to fund Bee and Puppycat. They have the first episode up online for people who want to check it out and it's a fun series that deserves to be made. More importantly it deserves to be made without a production commitee ruining it by insisting on a checklist of "marketable items" to include. So if you want to pitch in or just want to check out the first episode here is the link
  11. Probably your hand will get more steady in time. tough I'm only 37, so can't really compare ;). The models that you chose are quite tricky to paint the eyes in as well. Nice work on the flames! looks really good. Are you using some kind of varnis at the end? Some parts of your miniatures seem to be really shiny, while other parts aren't. I was using a gloss seal when I was finished but I've run out and ened up getting a Matte Sealer cause that was all the store had at the time. Not sure which I like better yet
  12. Thanks I'm finding Eyes bit harder than they used to be. I'm 40 now and my hand isn't nearly as steady as it used to be.. Finding more than a few guys are coming out Crosseyed. Thinking might be best to avoid doing pupiles from now on.
  13. Changed my location for taking photos...still not great at it but I managed to get some decent pics
  14. managed to finish a few more but only 1 photo turned out any good. Got the fire the right way round this time though
  15. Did not even think of that till you mentioned it. Good thing I was using those fireballs as test runs