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  1. Feverdreams

    Desert Dwarves

    Whob, if you wanted help with those heads, I would be more than happy to talk to ya and help ya with the puttywork, send me a PM. I can't wait till you start them, you should post pics. be well, Adam
  2. Feverdreams


    I agree!! They are really good! Plauge and war look hot.. Hm, methinks the rest of the lords of death are on their way.. Adam
  3. Feverdreams

    will there be more lupine models??

    CRINOS ::raises hands over his head and growls: I want some with great burly longbows, and some in armor, with spears or halberds. A scount maybe also, thinner and younger than the rest, with a hood and great curvy knife.. RAR Adam
  4. Feverdreams

    Color choice advice...

    I agree. They are really nice though, very bright and realistic. Adam
  5. Feverdreams

    Minis you would like to see

    I have an enitre army of 1000 kingdom apes, I got them at gencon for a sweet deal. I would like to see a giant octopus coming out of the water.. Adam
  6. Feverdreams

    Whats a good army?

    True true. I expect when the rules come out that fire will affect the mummies and such more than other models. It would make perfect sense. I also expect that they will make ladders so your troops can climb up them so I might pummel them properly. All in good fun, someday it would be good to play! Let me know if you are going to any conventions or anything on the east coast, or to Gencon this year, I will try to meet up! Adam
  7. Feverdreams

    Minis you would like to see

    On the same line, a giant gorilla..like giant sized.. mmmmmm ape attack..mmmmm adam
  8. Feverdreams

    Whats a good army?

    They are a like a bandaged fist of doom.. I have Two spellcasters in the Company, one for healing and one for burning the heck out of whatever gets in my way. It is pretty balanced overall, but if I am going to go up against mages, i would change to throw a couple of dispels in there. Adam
  9. Feverdreams

    Rant: People who don't leave feedback

    :nodnodnod: I am in agreeance there. I always leave feedback, and when I ship the mini I handwrite a thank you note for every customer, and I encourage them to leave feedback if they liked the work. That usually works. Most people forget though.. Adam
  10. Feverdreams

    Whats a good army?

    Agreed, the violent sand and eternal evil will swallow the souls of your elves. You shall die parched and windburned, and vultures will eat your bones.. Heh. Adam
  11. Feverdreams

    Payment methods

    I take paypal, MO or Cashier's checks, Paypal, or Western Union for Overseas. Bilpay tends to be a p.i.t.a, and they take a hunk out of it if you are paying that way. A good tip to remember also, is that if you go early to most post offices, they will weigh a package for you for free so you know shipping. If you ever have to ship a large amount of minis, this is important. The first time I had to eat 12.00 extra for shipping, I learned my lesson. Be well, Adam
  12. Feverdreams

    Minis you would like to see

    In replying to Whob's posts about his buddy's elven army, and commenting on how they should be desert elves, that got me to thinking... Jungle elves, like wood elves but much more sinister. With minis like: *Jungle elf Shaman, riding a giant panther *Tropical/Jungle Giant, big un looks like an elf, with a club of course *Jungle elf elite fighter, with claws and a panther hood, kinda aztec. *Pack of trained gorillas, in armor, with spiked helmets *pygmies maybe? Those are my newest thoughts anyway.. Adam
  13. Feverdreams

    need some color suggestions

    I think Orchid was right, I would do a test bit and see how a teal would look. Though a grey would work too I am going to get out my color wheeel.. Adam
  14. Feverdreams

    Whats a good army?

    :scoffs: Easy if you are inking. Im only going to ink the troops, everything else is getting blended. Every paint every single wrapping? I like to show off sometimes. I get a chance to with these. Cheers, Adam
  15. Feverdreams

    Whats a good army?

    I am building an Dunemasters force for myself, and it is pretty much mummies mummies and more mummies. The similar appearence can tie the whole army together, keep the amount of mortals to a minimum. The DHL mummies and tomb guard packs are great, and for giant monsters I plan to use the giant scarabs, or golems, etc. Plus, there is some very cool terrain bits that can be bought, all the Egyptian themed stuff from Reaper is great. I am sure other folks will do it, but I love the undead. I am toying with something I posted on a different part of the forums, but doing Desert Elves, alot of conversions and a little bit of a different swing on elves. Lots of browns and tans and yellow warpaint, djinni and giant lizards, and turbans and maybe an elephant with a howdah. Dunno yet. I usually pick armies with what I will have the most fun painting, and all of these are a good idea until the Lupines come out with some more models.. mmmmmm 1000 lbs of angry fur with sword..mmmmmm Cheers,. Adam