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  1. Cassu

    Kev!'s Dread Wolf #2 (InMiPaMo day 26)

    He is vey icky! (In a good way.) beautiful paint job, the details pop beautifully.
  2. Cassu

    Barbarian Force Four

    I adore the colour scheme! They're a barabarian rainbow! Your highlights are gorgeous, especially on their cloaks. That archer is divine!
  3. Cassu

    Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    You have certainly come a long way! That is a beautifully painted miniature.
  4. Oh wow they are gorgeous! I love the colour schemes you went with too! The details in the eyes are a lovely touch.
  5. Cassu

    Nethyrmaul the Undying (77190)

    Really loving this colour scheme. The shading on the purple scales is really impressive!
  6. Cassu

    Father Mordicai - The Lord of Corruption

    Loving the shading and the colours on this one! That green shading, like woah! Really beautiful highlights.
  7. I attended PAX Aus this weekend on the Saturday and Sunday and stopped by the Reaper Paint and Take area on both days! I was excited since I didn't get to spend any time there last year. Saturday I entered the speed painting competition, we were given an hour to paint the Townsfolk Mom and Kids. It was such a fun challenge! I won! I won an amazing little medal! Eeee! I was so flattered. The next day I also entered the 'paint and take' competition, which was to sit down and paint a miniature on the day. I spent two hours painting upthis Bones Terezinya figure: And I won another trophy! I had so much fun, and everyone working hard at the Paint and Take area did such an amazing job. It was an amazing weekend. I don't often get to paint around other people or be exposed to so much Reaper-y goodness! One day I will make it to Reaper Con, one daaaay!
  8. I played it over the weekend and am finding this as well, even with the cards it's hard to tell which figure is meant to be which when it comes to the Goblins and Dwarves. Had an epic 3 play-throughs on Sunday! First time playing the game, started with a friend at my local gaming den and we had two play-throughs of the tutorial quest to wrap our had around the rules and all of the components. Then another joined us for a 3-player game of the 1st quest. We super fun and inspired me to apply more paint to my minis! Added a wash and just started applying my highlights to the hammer hilts and back pockets. Still need to higlight other areas. And tossing up between using metallic paint for their weapons or just some NMM.
  9. Cassu

    The Tiefling Ten

    Loving these paint jobs! Especially on those horned ladies, gorgeous colour schemes.
  10. Nice paint jobs! Love demonic elephant looks really badass, the pink details are really well done.
  11. Cassu

    Massive Darkness Wandering Monsters

    Love the hell out of your purple troll! I will be eagerly watching this thread, I understand your feels about the never-ending stream of minis to be painted for this game!
  12. Cassu

    Massive Darkness Agents

    These look fantastic Cash! I adore the colour schemes, this just inspires me to slap some more paint on my MD miniatures.
  13. Cassu

    Zombicide Season 1 Walker

    A detachable zombie arm perhaps?
  14. Cassu

    Arcadia Quest Finished

    These are epic! So bright and vibrant and full of character! The shading on those orcs in particular is top notch. I also picked up a copy of this game and will need to paint up my soon.
  15. More progress! Blocking in my colour now to wrap my head around the colour scheme. Pencilled in my gaming day to crack this open with my friends, it will be the 24th of this month so I want to get as much of the core set painted as I can.