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  1. Amazing greens! Those are some fantastic highlights and such smooth blends.
  2. Love the colours on this! The greens and the oranges look so lovely together, the metal is gorgeous too.
  3. These are so lovely!
  4. Oh wow those highlights are gorgeous! No wonder what you want to keep him, I bet he pops off the table.
  5. Those Zabrak horns wow! Those face markings are lovely too.
  6. Those colours are fantastic, are they inspired by a real spider? (As an arachnophobic I try not to look at too many spider photos teehee!)
  7. Those books are gorgeous! Can't wait to see this one take shape.
  8. I pledged $300 because I know I am getting some add-ons, especially paint add-ons yay!
  9. Awww I wanna see them too! *pouts*
  10. I remember this figure from last year, your progress is amazing. Her cheekbones... woah!
  11. Oh wow this is an epic mini! I can't wait to see what you do with her.
  12. Awesome! I love that the rats have different patterns. Also love the work you've done on the worm.
  13. Loving these colours!
  14. Oooh his face is amazeballs! Really draws the eye in nicely. Some of your shadows could use a little more blending / have a softer appearance, maybe you could water down your layers a little more?
  15. Beautiful colours, her green make-up is especially lovely. Your shading is lovely but I do think you could push your shadows and highlights some more, but a really stunning piece either way.