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    The rules

    I'll post the rules here for reference: The general rules of the forum still apply in this section, that is: no defamation, degradation, or harassment. Additionally, a few other rules apply. The content of this section is the responsibility of the poster of such information. At no time does Reaper Miniatures, Inc. or any of its affiliates take responsibility for the content of the respective members of this board. Any reference to intellectual property (IP) of another company belongs to respective copyright holder of said IP. In a gathered game, the Game Master (GM) is the final arbiter of any conflicts between the GM and the players. Reaper will not be able to be the arbiter of any conflicts. Dice rolls will be resolved by the GM. Player declares their action, weapon, etc. Player can post relevant modifier values for that action. Alternatively, the players can give the GM all of the relevant information and the GM can resolve the action in a single dramatic post. In any case, the GM will resolve the action according to the player's declaration and the GM's ground rules for the game. Any conflicts will be resolved between the GM and the player without Reaper intervention. In a gathered game, the initial post by the GM is to be the copyright information of whatever rule book they will be conducting their game with. For instance: Book X, Second Edition, Smith and Smith, Foo Press, 1989. This way, we give credit where credit is due. To gather a game, a potential GM will: a) post a description of their scenario in "The Gathering" section of this forum. This includes, Rules, Dice required, point limit on characters (if necessary), and all other necessary parameters for character creation. b) interested players post their stats and character info. c) after a gathering is made, meet in a new thread defined by the GM in the "The Playing" section of this forum. Any member can gather a game. Currently any member will be able to post in a game thread. In order to start a thread (and in so doing, create a game) in "The Playing" section, one must email or send a private message to me, and we will set up the GM with minor administrative privileges. This includes the ability to delete some posts. If this privilege is abused, we will revoke the GM's administrative access. Kit Pierce is your best bet to have GM access granted. It will be up to the discretion of the GM to delete posts to allow their game to flow properly. We call upon the members' sense of courtesy to allow the games to flow. GMs will be able to remove trolls from their games. Members who are not involved with the games are invited to limit their participation to the games to viewing only. If problems arise, we will alter the access rights of the members involved to facilitate the smooth flow of game play. Please direct any questions or points for clarification to webmaster@reapermini.com. kit
  2. This particular section of the Reaper message Board is for people to show off their works in the world of miniatures and gain feedback if desired. Here are some things to keep in mind when using the Show-Off Forum. All models that exist in one thread must be shown in the first post. New figs? New thread. Acceptable Content Remember, this is a family forum and to keep it such, please think about what you post. If your mini/sketch/picture has nudity please do not post the picture, instead provide a link to the picture and plenty of warning to the viewer. We will remove your images if you fail to comply with this. Additionally, censoring your images with black out strips (or any other option, such as Spoiler Tags) isn't allowed, they must be linked. Posting Non-Reaper Figures When you post in Show off, please use the topic title line for the name of your creation, and use the tags for the manufacturer. That way, you're descriptive and search-friendly at the same time while giving credit where it's due. Use Tags liberally, for manufacturer, name, part number, modifications done, etc. These help our members find your model! Posting Reaper Figures When you post in Show off, please use the topic title line for the part number AND name of your creation, and use the tags for the other descriptions. That way, you're descriptive and search-friendly at the same time while giving credit where it's due. Use Tags liberally, for description, modifications done, etc. These help our members find your model! Uploading Images, Some Tips: 1. Stick with gifs and jpegs. Windows IE doesn't like png and Macs don't like bmp. 2. File size is limited to 150k. If you can't get your image down below 150k, ask around. There are a number of people who can probably help out around here. 3. Please keep 'em small (or smallish, anyway)... most folks are using modems to connect and a page full of 30 and 50k images is going to lead to significant load times. Just because you're allowed 150k doesn't mean you have to use all of it all the time. Some Things to Remember Regarding Uploading: 1. Only use this feature to post images. 2. Don't try to use this to link to your offsite auctions or contests. This behavior will get you banned from the board permanently. No exceptions. (To over-explain, if you're potentially making money or winning prizes from your images, you can afford to get your own webspace.) I ask what I always ask folks: for them to use their judgment. If you can post an image and have others rate it for notoriety and fame, it's probably a good bet it counts as a contest. Hope you enjoy this feature! Use it well. Comments & Feedback If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. -Your Mother This cliche doesn't mean, "If you have a negative opinion, keep it to yourself." Instead, it's an imperative toward constructive criticism. In an ideal situation, you offer something nice before you offer something negative, and if you can't think of anything nice you keep the negative to yourself because pure negative criticism isn't constructive. You have to build and stabilize on a good foundation before you can withstand the buffeting. While we would like to see clear constructive criticism, we understand that people have their own thresholds and modes of expression. With that in mind, we offer the following do's and dont's: DO offer praise. DO offer advice and suggestions. DO ask "how did you do that?" DO lurk and never post any feedback at all. DO NOT flame or troll. Constructive criticism builds community. Negativism destroys community. Please keep that in mind. Nobody needs to use any specific format when posting. However, be mindful if you post a negative comment that it might inflame. If it does, try your best to put out the fires, or take it to PM or e-mail. Remember, comments in email and message boards are easy to misconstrue. Everybody needs to take a few minutes and calm down after reading a potentially inflammatory post before they reply, and above all try to give the person the benefit of the doubt. We're all good people here. Mean people tend to leave this community pretty fast. If you're here, that means you're probably a pretty good egg. Article(thread) on giving & receiving criticism was previously a pinned topic. Learn well from one another. We look forward to the many contributions to come! kit (Figured it was time to consolidate a number of sticky topics into one spot. The text above is gleaned from several different sources.)
  3. kit

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    Apologies. Try uploading now.
  4. kit

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    Oh no, not going to nuke the forums. Just evaluating other options than Invision. You know, in my copious amounts of spare time.
  5. kit

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    Yep. I'm getting ready to burn it down with fire. This version of invision board is apparently slow as heck. I've spent all day trying to tune up the back end just to make the thing run better. It's maddening -- the server isn't under any significant load, yet the forum is dragging and timing out. I'm kicking about some solutions. You guys will figure them out sooner or later.
  6. kit

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    Nah. It's a security update that broke the template. And that's four hours of my life I'll never get back...
  7. kit

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    I'm watching it. The server isn't under appreciable load, so not exactly sure. I'll wait until the wee hours and try to run a database check.
  8. kit


    Had some inconsistent settings for downloading from this forum. I blew it wide open. Everyone should be able to download it now. Please let me know if this is not the case.
  9. kit

    Beekeepers Forum

    Topics of a controversial nature belong in a little forum we call "Beekeepers." This includes inherently sensitive political, ethical, and moral discussions. And if a tame topic starts to develop into a topic for the beekeepers, it will be dutifully moved by one of our excellent mods. If you don't see the Beekeepers, that means you don't have access to it. If you want access to read and post with the Beekeepers, PM ladystorm. The board code of conduct still applies in the Beekeepers. Any abusive or pointedly offensive behavior reported will result in immediate temporary suspension of your account. Multiple infractions will result in getting your account banned. Participate at your own risk. kit
  10. kit

    Factory Tours?

    Since we're a pretty small company, we don't have someone dedicated to do drop-in tours. Just give us a heads up before hand, and we'll see if someone is around to give you the tour. More likely to find someone available M-F, regular business hours. We like friendly visitors.
  11. kit

    The recent downtime

    Hi there! And to everyone who pointed out to me that the forum was down, thank you. You delightful denizens of the forum outgrew another server! We had to migrate to a larger box with more drive space to accommodate the bulging-at-the-seams database, but then I found out that a table had crashed and had to rebuild a few indices from backup. Took longer than I hoped it would, but we're back on now, and hopefully it'll be at least a little while before y'all outgrow this box, too. Happy posting!
  12. kit

    The recent downtime

    ... maybe...?
  13. kit

    The recent downtime

    New server does have more RAM, so that's a good thing.
  14. kit

    Unusually high server traffic

    Found 'em. Blocked 'em. Traffic was coming from a block controlled by a known hacker group probing for exploits. So, that was fun. Should be fine now.
  15. kit

    Unusually high server traffic

    For those of you who are lucky enough to connect and read this message, we're experiencing an unusually high spike in server traffic right now. I'm trying to tweak some settings to account for it, and I appreciate your patience while I work through this.
  16. kit

    Reaper Site

    I'm not sure what the issue is: I can't recreate it. It's looking like it may be DNS issues at our co-lo hosts. I'm following up with them about it. Right now, here's this: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/reapermini.com Sorry I can't be more help than this at the moment.
  17. Who didn't love Jordan? I even saw Space Jam in the theaters.
  18. Not possible, so there we are.
  19. Things happen often enough to me on 23s that I've noticed its coincidental occurrence in my life. Good and bad both. It also feels like a random number, even though it's not really. And its arbitrariness in this case felt whimsical to me.
  20. kit

    Hidden Board?

    The thing to remember about beekeepers is that if you take a job eating bees, you're not allowed to complain if you get stung in the mouth.
  21. kit

    Steam Profile Names

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/wallyfoo/ <-- me
  22. kit

    Steam Profile Names

    Seriously, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. I about cried.
  23. kit

    Steam Profile Names

    I loves me some Borderlands 2. Tiny Tina's RPG was some of the best content I've seen in a looong time. Second to the Portal series as far as I'm concerned. And when I got the hang of the drop in/out co-op, I was hooked. Loves me some Portal 2. I enjoy finally being able to play a game with my son that doesn't involve perforating bodies. Any of you try out the Stanley Parable? It's a short but sublime gaming experience if you are ever into games for the story.
  24. kit

    Steam Profile Names

    Sure thing! We set the group up to facilitate L4D2 play, but it's my fervent hope that Valve will learn to count to three and continue the L4D saga. You'll see much more activity from the ReaperGamers if that transpires.
  25. kit

    Steam Profile Names

    You can find me as Cannon Fodder. We also have a group called ReaperGamers, if you're interested.