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  1. It's in our (Dream)works! Great job keeping us grounded though. :) On Saturday. I'll be at GenCon, so I guess I'll watch the recording next week.
  2. Removable tongue! What? That's awesome! I hope that works!
  3. Me too. I'm currently assuming they are just two of that model, although that's weird that they didn't just say "Giant Frogs".
  4. Raft! Boat! Cart! Blood Wolf! Giant Frogs! Fisherman and Fishwife! Blood Wolf - so close, but I think you misheard us, it's supposed to say "Dragon" Wolf. :) Still cool mini!
  5. Maybe we'll get a larger cyclops in an add-on option then. That's where we find most of the giants in these KS.
  6. Is 5e bigger? You could put him on a larger base?
  7. Yeah, for every helpful store link we provide there are probably 5 inside forum jokes.
  8. Would "corrupted" be better? I mean...
  9. Great colors! I personally thought your highlights and shadows were really nice.
  10. When you realize that a lot of people come to these Kickstarters with no background in miniatures or painting, you begin to understand why they don't realize that Reaper (or others) already sell the figures they are asking for. I know I wanted a Sir Forscale in Bones 1 before I found out it was already available. I still have a very poor idea of what is actually available because almost everything I have came from these Kickstarters.
  11. I don't use or care for demons that much, but it really seems like a Balrog and that's something I'd like to have. And yes, I love seeing all the different Sir Forscales.
  12. These are fantastic! I'm never know what to do with my translucents, but all of these are really good.
  13. Nicely done!
  14. That's a great action pose! And is that a wolf head on the axe? Make it a giant and it could be a Dragon Wolf's Head!
  15. Heh, the sign on the tree in the Robin Hood ending video says "Royal Rock Pile". Now I need the Roc to go with the tree of despair!