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  1. ThePolo

    Several misc minis from December 'break'...

    Thanks for the feedback, and the input everyone! I'm really sketchy on contrast for metals, other than washes and highlighting. I made it a point for like, a year, to push my highlights outside of my comfort zone... go one or two layers past what I thought was 'good'. I guess I need to start doing that with the metals? NMM is still a rare thing for me, but I've never really given as much attention to my metallics as I have my other colors. Thanks for the tip! Exactly the sort of advice I've been looking for! Once upon a time my pics were 'okay', but I've never been consistent with them! I'll try the index card, and post the results next time! Thanks!
  2. ThePolo

    Several misc minis from December 'break'...

    Look like it still is on their site? It's under 'heroes'.
  3. Had some time off, and managed to get a lot of room cleared off of my 'waiting to paint' shelf for the February Bones shipment! Now, if only my photography skills could improve as much as the size of my unpainted mini collection... I swear they look better in person. I'm thinking it's my light setup, but it also could be my terrible vision. I painted about a dozen dwarves, just to get them out of the way. I assembly lined them all, and tried a lot of new 'speedy' techniques... heavy on washes. And, because I always like seeing the 'metal vs bones' pics... Metal on the left (from a few years ago), Bones on the right. Not a reaper... Not sure where this is from, actually. It's old, though. At least 10 years... maybe 15? A Bones dragon that I slapped together in a few evenings just to get it on the table... Really fast paint job, I'd barely call it 'done'. And, an old Reaper demon... I think it's 'Abyst'? Again, we're dipping pretty far back into my 'unpainted' stuff here... And, lastly, some non-reaper stuff. Butt-Kicking for Goodness... Obligatory Eye Tyrant... Rincewind the Wizzard Lastly, not really a mini, but I ended up getting myself a present for Christmas this year... I've never felt to organized!! It's a huge improvement over my old 'buckets o' paint' setup... As always, C and C welcome.I really feel like I've plateaued over the past year or so. I'm spending some time this Spring reacquainting myself with an airbrush (and getting some bigger stuff off of the shelf and onto the tabletop), but I'm really not sure what techniques I should focus on (brush-wise) to take that 'next step'.
  4. The figures are the "Urban Achievers", by Impact Ministries. Got these suckers at GenCon for my fiance, since she's a big fan of the movie. Been saving them for a Christmas present, but she's got a bit of a cold, and I'm terrible with saving surprises. A quick paint job, all in one sitting, and they're done. The base is just printed on an interesting jet printer and mounted on some bass wood. Comments and critiques welcome.
  5. I've been staring at shelves and shelves of unpainted miniatures for too long! Too many big pieces and figures that I'm spending too much darned time on have reduced my productivity to a trickle. With the start of our new D&D campaign a short while back, I decided that i'd focus on monsters for the tabletop. Because of the Bones Kickstarters (and just buying too many minis, in general) I've got lots of 'hordes' of baddies that have sat unpainted for a long time. About 4 weeks ago I decided to try assembly line painting some of these suckers, and work on getting them on the table, and off of my workbench. I've managed to crank these out in a few sittings for each group, instead of a few sittings for each miniature. I've been watching more paint vids and tips on YouTube recently, and I figured I'd give some new techniques a try. I've never used 'Dip' or 'Quickshade', but some of the techniques for getting fast results looked interesting, so all of these minis are VERY heavy handed on the washes. I've also been aiming for high contrasts, for that 'pop' on the tabletop. Here's a big old picture dump of my last few weeks: It started with all the bones Lizardmen... I think that's 20 figures total that I did? Started with these, for a specific encounter in our Thursday gaming group. Heavy on the wash, and light on the details. I just wanted to get them out of my work area and into the 'game' room. Two short sessions and lots of drybrushing... I tried the old 'Backing Soda snow' technique for the first time and I'm in love with it. Continuing with the drybrush theme... I've had these guys for YEARS. The Ogres! I painted up 8 of these guys in about a week's time: I've had these two ettins on my shelves for at least 10 years... Finished these up yesterday.... All in all, 10 'Astral Reavers', in total... just in time for today's game: I managed to sneak in the occasional character mini, as well.. .as long as I was on the same color scheme, I'd sneak in a coat or three... Again, I went light on the detail, but high on the contrast. A bit of a conversion. Sea Elf Bard/Warlock just isn't that popular of a character choice, apparently. I learned a bunch this month, and I went through a TON of brown ink! I think that I might push forward with a few more groups of minis like this for a bit... Up next, some Mind Flayers, and a TON of gnolls. Questions & Comments always welcome.
  6. ThePolo

    Razig's crew...

    Well, I painted up Razig years ago. Quite honestly, I've taken a 5 year (or so) hiatus from painting regularly, with a few minor exceptions. Life sometimes gets in the way, and all that. I finally been painting on the regular, again, and I'm getting around to working my way through the 'shelf of shame'. This week I assembly lined some undead pirates that have been primed forever...Once upon a time I was planning on putting together a nice little Razig's Crew warband...First off, I painted Razig himself, painted way back in 2006. In fact, I posted about it here. Now, 12 years later, I've finally gotten around to the rest of the crew: And the inspiration for these? I dug up all these old bases...
  7. ThePolo

    A few random new ones...

    And, I got a new lighting setup. Amazon gift cards are great, aren't they? I don't know that it's making much of a difference... but it might just be that I have no idea what I'm doing with a camera? It looks like the lighting's a little more even, but I'm still having issues with 'harsh' color transitions. Maybe it's my painting style? Anyway, here's a Reaper Bones mini. I've been on the fence with Bones for a while, but this mini really turned me around... I'm officially a fan. I painted this sucker up in metal a few years ago, and re-painting it as a bones mini was pretty cool. The Detail was all there, which has always been my concern... And some random Hasslefree stuff... I got a big shipment from them a few weeks back... I've got about a dozen Reaper figures that I'm assembly line painting 'on deck', due to a new DnD campaign starting in a few weeks. I'll get those suckers up soon, too!
  8. I picked up a super cheap remote control strip light package from Amazon... I thought about going to Ikea, becuase their lights are a bit more polished, but these did the job. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075F6NTKP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Ah! Also, whoever moved this... thanks! I wasn't really thinking when I posed it where I was posting it :)
  9. It's a 43" LED TV ... For reference, the white mat around the screen is 12" out from the TV in each direction, and the stained area with the cup holders is 5.5". It's not huge, but it does the job. If more space is needed, I typically throw a mat on the table. Most 'rooms' are much smaller than the TV can handle.
  10. ThePolo

    Two from Hasslefree

    Exactly why I painted these up... My GF just found out about the show in December. They're really well done, too. For some reason, if there's a TV / Movie character model out there, I end up buying the durn thing... If you search their site for 'Cartwright' you'll find them.
  11. Thanks, and I certainly am an 'old' face these days ;) I'll try not to be such a stranger, but being an adult takes up so much damned time...
  12. So, aside from my gaming group, I've got no one to share this with. Most folks just wouldn't understand, but I know that there's a lot of RP'ers on the forums (or, at least there used to be?) Long story short, my gaming table in the basement has been an 8x4 whiteboard bolted onto an old kitchen table for years. It works great for miniatures, decent for board games, and it's alright for DnD or the like, but it was wobbly and the whiteboard's starting to wear off and stain... I've needed an upgrade for a while. This year's tax return went to some power tools that I've been needing for a while, and a few hundred bucks in parts for a new table... I think I went overboard? Yes... I decided to do the whole 'TV in the Table' thing... I've never built much furniture, but I've built shelves and framed out walls... similar concept, right? I very quickly deviated from my plan due to some mis-measurements. You know that whole 'measure twice' thing? You should totally do that. The plan was to have a nice 6x4 table, and an addon GM Station... The 6x4 ended up being closer to 5.8x4.6... like I said, measure a few times, folks. I haven't stained anything since I was a kid... all told, I think it came out okay. I ended up covering the top in fabric covered rubber... the same stuff some play mats, or mouse pads are made from. Like a lot of other folks, I'm using Roll20 to control the center screen. Works pretty well, but I'm often just dragging photos out there, as well. Yeah.... I installed mood lighting, and I wired the table for sound. I never realized how big of a difference background noise makes. I've been using soundboards at https://tabletopaudio.com/ for the last few weeks, and it's amazing how much you can crank up the tension with a few well placed creaks and clanks. Anyway, like I said... I wanted to share with some folks who would 'get it'. Super happy with how it came out!
  13. ThePolo

    Two from Hasslefree

    Hey everybody, long time no post. Painted these two up for my girlfriend as a late Christmas present, and just thought of posting them (since I made a big Reaper order yesterday). It's the 'Cartwright' brothers. Resin figures, and my first time ever doing a diorama of sorts. I've built and painted terrain before, but never something for display. Hope you like it (I didn't make the car, obv).
  14. ThePolo

    Some Sci-Fi stuff for my Shadowrun Campaign

    Hey! Thanks for the praise, all. I've been using minis occasionally for SR for years, and Hasslefree's stuff's been a contender for a while... Heck, Kev White's stuff was good for SR back in the Void days, as well. Well, let's see... I'm fairly sure that my mix was something along the lines of Citadel 'Foundation Red' as my base, highlight with GC 'Firey Red', and a liberal use of 'Carroburg Crimson' wash. My final highlight was Citadel's 'Pink Horror', for sure. I'be been messing with the new Citadel paints, since the FLGS carries them all... and not a lot more. Thanks for the tip! I will totally try that out.
  15. Been taking a break from painting big dragons, and working on some stuff for my ever-ongoing Shadowrun campaign. I needed some opposition to teach my players 'professionalism', so here's Team Alpha... Mostly Hasselfree, and as always my photography is terrible :) And, some group shots: I'm just noticing now how dark these are... I need to figure out white balance!!!