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  1. Some Sci-Fi stuff for my Shadowrun Campaign

    Hey! Thanks for the praise, all. I've been using minis occasionally for SR for years, and Hasslefree's stuff's been a contender for a while... Heck, Kev White's stuff was good for SR back in the Void days, as well. Well, let's see... I'm fairly sure that my mix was something along the lines of Citadel 'Foundation Red' as my base, highlight with GC 'Firey Red', and a liberal use of 'Carroburg Crimson' wash. My final highlight was Citadel's 'Pink Horror', for sure. I'be been messing with the new Citadel paints, since the FLGS carries them all... and not a lot more. Thanks for the tip! I will totally try that out.
  2. Been taking a break from painting big dragons, and working on some stuff for my ever-ongoing Shadowrun campaign. I needed some opposition to teach my players 'professionalism', so here's Team Alpha... Mostly Hasselfree, and as always my photography is terrible :) And, some group shots: I'm just noticing now how dark these are... I need to figure out white balance!!!
  3. Okay, so I've made a little progress in the last week. With it being the last week of school for my kids, and a few off-site meetings for work, things have been hectic. I've managed to get the green head closer to complete. I added another layer of highlights to the scales... the thought here came from a conversation I had on this board a while back. I don't remember what mini I posted, but I thought I was done. Someone recommended that I take the highlights up a bit.. I said that I was comfortable with where everything was. Nearly immediately the response was 'Well, get out of your comfort zone'. I said that I'd give it a shot and *BAM* that sucker POPPED. Once I took those highlights up, it brightened the whole mini up a bit. There have been so many times ever since that once I thought I was done the thread comes back to me and I take it one... two... three steps 'up'. I think it makes a real difference, and I think it's started giving my newer stuff more of a consistent look? I also worked on the horns a bit... although they need some serious love, and I added some layers to the eyes, teeth, and gums. I may be done with them, or I may hit them with some finishing touches once the final model is assembled. I started one the other three heads the other day, as well. A layer of wash, a little lining, and I worked on the horns to establish the duo of colors that I'm working for... I know that I'm going to have problems with the Black head. Gray fading into white is 'white'... black fading to gray... is that a gray dragon? Or a black? Should I go for that 'blue/black' that you sometimes see? Or, should I just not worry about it? I've always had an issue with shading/highlighting black.
  4. I kind of buried it in the description. I used Citadel black primer and Army Painter Red. Citadel's not my favorite, but it was perfect over the red for some reason. It was my first time using the Army Painter spray, and it dried really nice and even, with good thin coverage. I'll be using the airbrush on the body, I think... just to do some shading.
  5. Making some progress... I added a few layers to the green dragon head. Then washed, then layered some more! I've decided to take the necks to a pretty firm transition, then either blend them in later, or airbrush the 'fade' to the red of the body. I'm still on the fence with that one. We'll see what happens when I finish all four heads.
  6. I'm happy with them, honestly. I got a 'Bone' colored one for some army priming, as well, and it covers nicely on plastic and metal, too.
  7. I kind of buried it in the description. I used Citadel black primer and Army Painter Red. Citadel's not my favorite, but it was perfect over the red for some reason. It was my first time using the Army Painter spray, and it dried really nice and even, with good thin coverage.
  8. Man... this thing is intimidating. I had a little bit of time after work, so I decided to try to get a baseboat down and block out some colors. I know that my greens are pretty good, and I've got a good 'formula' for layering greens up, so I'm starting with the green head. First, I black lined the horns, the eye, the mouth... You know, a mini like this makes you ask yourself weird questions like 'What color is a dragon's gums?' and 'Do dragons gums change color based on the type of dragon' and Id a dragon had five heads, would each head have the same color gums?' I also added a basecoat to the horns. I'm going to take those from brown out to khaki at the tips. I also started the teeth out at a shade of tan. The next step here is going to be washing down the mouth, teeth, and horns, then starting on the bigger scales. I also started adding some color to the wings, just as a test. I wanted to see if the 'fading' idea on the wings would really work... and I think it did! I washed the membranes down with black ink, and brought the bones up to the same color red as the rest of the body. I think that pre-priming with the black 'fade' on the wings was a good idea, in retrospect. Doing that with a brush would have taken forever! Quick tip, if you're going to spray this bad boy, use a good miniature primer, not just 'model' spray paint. I used citadel black and Army Painter red and all the detail's there, and it dried really nice and even. I used Testor's blue on the blue head, and it is no where NEAR as good as the rest of the model. Lastly, I got one more test assembly pic, because pretty soon I'm not going to be able to take these until the end! Hopefully, I'll have some more time to sit down with this model tomorrow.
  9. So, I freaked out when I saw the green of Mal'adrakar... what... two years ago? I haven't been paining in several years for a few different reasons. For the last several years things have been up in the air, and I need to be in a certain 'head space' to calm down and put brush to paint for any considerable amount of time. I'm super glad that I've gotten the painting bug back in time to paint this one up. I did a LONG WIP post of Kyra and Lavarath many years ago, and I was hoping to followup with something similar. That one was a long weekend when I had the flu... This one I'm recovering from surgery, so I might be able to get some progress done over the next few weeks? I mean, it's a little bigger, so maybe a little progress? I think that base on Lavarath is a little deceiving... Lets try this: Okay... I'll admit it. I feel out of my depth here. This is one INTIMIDATING 'miniature'. It's bigger than anything I've ever painted... except for my garage, but that didn't have a lot of details. I know how I want to go... old school 'Tiamat' all the way... 5 heads, 5 colors... I really want to do some airbrushing on it, but I'm afraid to screw it up. My first step is priming it, and I'll be using colored primers.... I've got them, so why not, right? I primed the body in red, then test fit the heads and wings. I threw in the 6-sider for scale again because OMG this thing is HUGE. Now, I've been looking at pictures of Tiamat since I was a kid... yes, I watched the damn cartoon, and yes I'm THAT old. While looking for photo references my eye kept going back to this image: I especially liked the fade from black, to red, and out to the various heads. I wanted to recreate that! I decided to start early, and go for that 'fade' from the get go... with more colored primer. So, I wrapped up my primed miniature to minimize splatter and overspray, and went to town Then, I sprayed the heads... one green, one blue, one black... and the last one, I just washed with GM 'Nuln Oil'. And, that's roughly a weekends work. With drying time, multiple pieces and coats, and all the damn yard-work that got in the way, I think that I made some decent progress! I'll update this thread as I make more progress. This is going to be a LONG one, ya'll!
  10. Maledrakh's 02712 Eye Beast / Beholder

    I like quick paint jobs for the tabletop... they usually end up being bolder, with a little more contrast. From a few feet away they really 'pop'. Again, your basing is spot on! I see static grass, but how many other mediums are you using on there?
  11. Two from Hasslefree

    Yes! They do... It's in progress! Just taking a little longer to paint
  12. Two from Hasslefree

    I've been trying to work through a huge backlog recently to free up some shelf space for the Bones Kickstarter order... It's also giving me a chance to get some of my chops back and knock the rust off of the ol' brushes. Here's a few figs from Hasslefree... I hate my camera. I think this is the first time ever that I've been proud of free-hand work. Those lines on the suit were tough! I'm working on a 'Mystery Machine' to go with them... fun stuff for a possible Zombie scenario? It feels good to paint again!
  13. Chronoscope NOVA Corps

    Okay, so with that Bones shipment coming, I figured i needed to clear some shelf space. As always, my photography betrays every imperfection. still, not bad for barely touching a brush for 5 years...
  14. Still working on my NMM...

    I think I might be practicing my NMM skills for a few months. I'l getting there, but it's still way off... Again, until I fix my lighting situation, they're going to look better in person.