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  1. You'll have stiff competition from me apparently!
  2. I haven't looked, but if you're #1, I must be #LAST!!!
  3. All in all a good draft everybody. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Got the keeper situation fixed, but now we have standard snake format, so unless anyone objects??
  5. Reminder: Draft Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 Time: 11:00 AM ET Keepers Lock: Fri, Sep 2, 2016 Time: 11:00 AM ET
  6. That sounds more than reasonable. I have made the change. Keepers lock on Friday, September 2 at 11am Eastern Time.
  7. It's set to drop rosters 1 hour prior to the draft. I think that I can change that though if we need to.
  8. Thanks, Squishy! Hopefully they got the emails from ESPN, but always good to double check!
  9. It's been pointed out that the system will actually let you add players to your team right now. Please don't do this!! You can drop players if you want to, but you don't have to as the system will purge all but the players that you marked as keepers prior to the draft. I will be clearing any players that weren't on your roster at the end of last season myself if I see them on there. Thanks for understanding! Stefan
  10. If we use last season as an example, there were 4 teams in the losers bracket (since we started with 12), using the old system the Muffin Isle Muffins (no longer in the league) would have had the #1 pick by default of getting annihilated for 3 straight weeks of the playoffs. Pillagers Plunderers on the other hand won two of the last three games (beating me in the final week) to earn the top spot of the losers bracket and by the proposed system would then have earned the #1 overall pick.
  11. Yes, Randy is correct. Traditionally, we would just go in the worst to first order (and I think that we'll keep that for this year) but I would like to see the #9 and #10 teams actually have something to play for by making their 3-week matchup be a winner take all for the #1 pick.
  12. If you need me, I'm game.
  13. Not sure what you mean, Randy. The way that I see it, normally we draft a player and get to keep him twice (for a total of 3 years). So, what Heisler is saying is that anybody we keep this year will have already been on our team for a year so in essence, we would only get to keep them two more times. The other option is to pretend that this year is year one since we're just starting this, so we'd still get two more keeps. Oh, and if you want to drop go ahead, but you don't have to drop anyone if you don't want to, either way just remember to click "Select Keepers" at some point and check the four that you want to keep or the system will dump your roster just before draft time.
  14. One more question: Does this season count as year one or year two for keepers?
  15. LAST POST EDITED TO REFLECT UPDATED KEEPER INFO. Also, pared the league down to just two divisions: Legends and Warlords. Teams were randomly assigned to a division (using a D20, of course!)