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  1. pftt worry when you use the cheap plumber epoxy that smell like a mix of drainage/ammonia
  2. i sculpted from scratch :) Thanks, yep the eyes turn out nice we need more green beasts :) i sculpted it, no retail/copy available, but you can snag this one :p is a Dire version :D it have a cartoony feel :)
  4. i made it
  5. needs more determination
  6. the enemy is the one crying
  7. yes here is unpainted
  8. It's extremely hard to work with, like gum scraped off the bottom of a desk. looks normal to me
  9. maybe i ll do a set of floor tiles with some mimics randomly inserted in the set :p
  10. with mimics all the way down
  11. never understood why they dont sell "limited" colors isnt like the license were revoked and reaper cant make those color anymore ( like blitz colors)
  12. This year you only get 3 paints and only 1 is limited, the pink cancer (the candy and the rock is not a must have) last year was better because you got 4 paints that 3 were limited colors the pumpkin orange,spectral white, pink cancer
  13. Are you gonna update the chart? I dont like the Official chart