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  1. Bertrand & Lorielle Repaints

    Very nice! I like the elf's eyes and hair. How did you do them exactly?
  2. I like DF better. Visually and from a materials perspective.
  3. Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Latest KS update had a bunch of factory pieces in it. I personally am pretty excited about the puzzle floor; I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in the photos.
  4. Fantasy RPG Pre-Painted Miniatures

    Yeah, it's a relaunch. I find many of the poses kind of stiff...
  5. Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain - Round 2!

    These do seem a little pricey. DF's unpainted dwarvenite ice cavern is $65 for 23 pieces ($2.82/piece) with a lot more variety, while this kickstarter is $114 for 31 pieces ($3.68/piece) of only 3 varieties. I already have a bunch of DF's ice caverns, so I'll pass.
  6. Beholder

    What wash did you use exactly? Did you drybrush highlights afterwards?
  7. Dwarven Forge KS6 Return to the Caverns

    Yes, I have several minis that either have only been used once or haven't been used at all, and I still am a collector as well. I guess what I'm saying is while people say the DF tiles are expensive, if you look at the cost per hour of use they are likely cheaper than your typical mini in most circumstances.
  8. Your main competitor for this type of specialty dice set is Polyhero dice which use plastic instead of metal and are almost 1/3 of your price. My wish would be plastic dice like Chessex instead of metal and getting those costs down. You're out of my budget. Usually I love kickstarters like this but I just can't get on board with this one as it's out of my reach. Those are my wishes. :) Just being honest here....
  9. Dwarven Forge KS6 Return to the Caverns

    Yeah, but you can use your DF terrain more often than your typical mini from Reaper, unless it's a PC. DF typically only has 3 environments: Stone walls (with themes), Cavern, and City. Get some of each and you can make almost any setting with the exception of outdoors. Caverns can be painted to be limestone, underdark, underwater, etc. Stone walls can be fieldstone, sandstone, brick, etc. With minis it's harder to creatively use them to represent a creature they weren't intended to be. What I'm getting at is you may pay more, but that's due to larger, heavier pieces and more opportunities to use them.
  10. Just found this on Kickstarter; thoughts some here with 3D printers might be interested. Project Link
  11. You mention pieces will be available post-KS. Am I correct in assuming the large pieces will NOT be available? They are labeled as kickstarter pieces, so I just want to be sure.
  12. Sorry, didn't know animated gifs weren't allowed here; they have a looped gif of figures being placed in the trees on the KS page. Here's what the trees look like:
  13. They just opened a new pledge level for those interested in their trees. 16 trees for $90. A much better deal than the 4 for $25. I really like the trees as they're the only ones I know that all you to place minis inside of them. I also like that they're prepainted. EDIT: Just as a FYI they have stated that they are widening the base of the trees with some roots to make them more stable.
  14. 28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures

    Only a few days left. Wish they were a little cheaper (~$3 each) and less generic.
  15. Fantasy Coin: Legacy Gaming Coins

    Got my coins. Still waiting on my treasure chests from their other KS campaign.