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  1. Just found this on Kickstarter; thoughts some here with 3D printers might be interested. Project Link
  2. You mention pieces will be available post-KS. Am I correct in assuming the large pieces will NOT be available? They are labeled as kickstarter pieces, so I just want to be sure.
  3. Sorry, didn't know animated gifs weren't allowed here; they have a looped gif of figures being placed in the trees on the KS page. Here's what the trees look like:
  4. They just opened a new pledge level for those interested in their trees. 16 trees for $90. A much better deal than the 4 for $25. I really like the trees as they're the only ones I know that all you to place minis inside of them. I also like that they're prepainted. EDIT: Just as a FYI they have stated that they are widening the base of the trees with some roots to make them more stable.
  5. 28mm High Detail Pre-Painted Plastic Miniatures

    Only a few days left. Wish they were a little cheaper (~$3 each) and less generic.
  6. Fantasy Coin: Legacy Gaming Coins

    Got my coins. Still waiting on my treasure chests from their other KS campaign.
  7. Mantic Terrain Crate

    Could you go pick up a prepaid Visa debit card and do a pledge on it or even just a $1 placeholder?
  8. Dwarven Forge KS4

    People are posting some builds over on the DF forums. Some are ginormous!
  9. Dwarven Forge KS4

    I have my painted Grand Citadel pledge in my hands, minus some LEDs that will be coming later.
  10. Dwarven Forge KS4

    I just got an email from DF saying I will be getting a split pledge (45/48 items) and the first part of my pledge is in "queue at the shipper" (whatever that means). Hoping it means I'll have my castle in a few days. We'll see. The rest of the stuff should be shipped when the other containers arrive. (All 3 are LED items)
  11. Mantic Terrain Crate

    They are my favorite tents. And they have my favorite campfire and wagon too.
  12. Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    I was hesitant with Risk Legacy but once you try it; the aspect of discovery makes you WANT to change the state of the game so you can unlock new secrets. I'm a person that likes to keep things pristine as possible and takes very good care of my stuff, but I love Legacy games now. I'm in!
  13. Dwarven Forge KS4

    They have one container out of 5; they should get the remaining ones over the next 5 or so weeks. They are starting shipping with what they have; some backers will start getting full or partial pledges, but the ability to fulfill all pledges won't be available until that last container comes in.
  14. Dwarven Forge KS4

    Nate just posted on the Kickstarter comments that the first shipment is in-house and some packages are already being sent out. However there are apparently (as per the quote above) 4 other deliveries en route from China, so while shipments have started they may be delayed for some backers or some backers may get more than one shipment.
  15. Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    New beans have been spilled.