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  1. Gorgeous work; especially love the flames!
  2. This is one of the harder to find Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Barbarians as he is not currently in production - I gave him a club and shield instead of the halberd he inexpicably had in the USA pack (he had a sword in the UK pack). I used the Reaper Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh triad, along with some Olive Skin Shadow as a glaze over the basecoat and mixed in the first few layers. The pictures are a little overexposed I think, but I am pleased with the skintone results! This is also an example of how well Tamiya Smoke can work as a glaze over metal - I really like the tone on the shield.
  3. Great facial expression and color scheme!
  4. Very nice work - the horns are gorgeous!
  5. Got the shield done - I love the tone I get from Tamiya Smoke glazes.
  6. A bit more done, the fur anyway, leather parts just basecoated. Trying to decide on the metal parts - bronze or iron. I am thinking since the fur is grey the iron might be better but open to ideas!
  7. Love the color scheme!
  8. This is looking amazing so far!
  9. Nice conversion work - barbaric splendor!
  10. Skintone and hair done, this one is a pleasure to paint, I love Copplestone sculpts.
  11. Yep, one of their MtG miniatures I believe - nice work on him!
  12. Well I did try this as a result of your barbaric steps lol :)
  13. Still trying to master this one, added in some Olive Skin Shadow for a glaze over the basecoat of Ruddy Flesh, then moved to a layer of Ruddy Flesh+Olive Skin Shadow, then 2 layers with Barbarian Flesh added in...I think I will go with layers of just Ruddy Flesh and Barbarian Flesh from this point, as I think the olive tone I want is established in the shaded areas. I still may wind up doing another very thin Olive Skin Shadow glaze somewhere along the way. I'll post when I have done more, but thought some might like to see how these colors are working!