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  1. YronimosW

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    1. ...and perhaps an old-fashioned chain-gang... Giving them picks, shovels, and sledgehammers (for doing hard time, turning big rocks into little ones), and shivs for the squealers, are totally optional.... 2. Toss in a prison warden and guards, while we're at it. (I'm shakin', boss, I'm shakin'!) 3. Some Call of Cthulhu-friendly pulp mental patients - a guy in a straightjacket, a maniac with a big Renfield grin on his face, the usual delusional and paranoid Bedlamites in Napoleon hats, etc.... 4. Add the friendly orderlies and nurses and doctors from St. Snakepit's Home for the Criminally Insane, including Dr. Lobotomy and Dr. Shocktreatment....
  2. A couple Bones royal families might be nice, now that Phoenix Rising has mentioned giant kings/queens. Human kings, queens, princes, and princesses, court jesters, advisors, court wizards, bishops and high priestesses, generals and admirals, mayors and sheriffs and functionaries, grand viziers and tribal chiefs and such... wholesome looking royal families, evil-looking ones, non-human NPC leaders and such like elves and halflings and whatever, etc.... I could put these characters to all sorts of NPC and PC use - quest-givers, villains, background NPCs, characters in costume, statues of long-dead historical figures in ruined cities, etc., but currently, I think we've got a Dwarf King and his court and maybe a couple nondescript orc and goblin chiefs in Bones so far, and that's it. And I think the request for Bones sprues of heads is a great idea - human heads, elf heads, catfolk heads, demon/devil heads, dragon-folk heads, etc. I know that cat-people and dragon-people and demon-people were pretty popular in the last couple Kickstarter polls - with so many Bones human and elf characters out there, and so many of these less-common PC races that are generally head-swappable with human bodies, I think head sprues would be a great way to go for those who want to create their own character models. I'll take the time to add hat and helmet sprues, too. For those relatively "generic" armored fighting-men models like Reaper's recent bandits, crusaders, and such, you can get a lot of mileage for adding variety to them with some simple helmet and weapon swaps.
  3. I agree completely with CorallineAlgae about the Saproling warriors... in fact, I'd really like to see a lot more stuff in that sort of Haunted Woodland theme: Saprolings Treants (the big guy in Bones4 is a fantastic setpiece, but how about some smaller ones?) Satyrs, Dryads, Nymphs, Green Men creepy, ugly, unfriendly, mischievous small faeries and fey of all sorts (throwing stones and pulling awful faces and so on; see Arthur Rakham's classic illustrations for faerie tales) Animals Behaving Badly - the Big Bad Wolf, Sly Fox, and their buddies, up to no good Anthropomorphic rocks and stalagmites with unfriendly expressions and big, hungry mouths Twig Golems and Mandrakes (little "stick people" and animated humanoid plant roots) Swamp Shamblers muggle woodland animals (for use as familiars, animal companions, summoned animals, etc.) scenic bits (maybe like those creepy Blair Witch Project stick-things?) NPC Druids and Hedge-Witches and hermits and hags, neutral, good and evil....
  4. I certainly can't resist putting my "me too!" onto the requests for a wider variety of unarmed "townsfolk"/civilian miniatures for modern, pulp, western, sci-fi, steampunk, and other genres. Even before being combined with some Bones modern, antique, and sci-fi weapons and gear, I can think of a bunch of uses for them, and the possibilities for conversion are tantalizing. Also, some "townsfolk" style characters from a variety of eras in weird costumes could be fun for those of us who like to find creative or outside-the-box uses for Bones figures. I could find multiple uses for "townies" in odd masks, in medieval morality play costumes (dressed as Death, animals, clowns, etc.), ranging anywhere from masked party-goers to disguised vigilantes to weird cultists. I also like Jordan's PC campsite set described above - a tent or lean-to, four bedrolls, a campfire/cook fire, add four adventurer backpacks to the lot, a water cask, a pile of boxes and sacks, lockbox, a couple torches or lanterns, a stack of 10' poles and sledges/picks/shovels/whatever: any gaming group that doesn't have those surprise encounters at their own camps will have them at someone (or something) else's camp (bandit camp, guard post, orc siege party, etc.), and I can certainly see some use for this sort of thing at gaming tables or in dioramas. Some other useful themed "dungeon-dressing" sets I can think include: mad scientist's laboratory (science gizmos, worktable, beakers and flasks, etc.), throne room (thrones, royal family), shopkeeper's goods (strongbox, display cases, shelves), cultist/healer's temple (altar, pulpit, healing fountain), NPC home (cookpot or iron stove, bed, shelf, crude table an stools)....
  5. YronimosW

    Trying to find a dwarf librarian/sage

    Seems like there are several Dwarf Clerics, Wizards, and even Rogues that could be kit-bashed into something appropriate. It's times like this, though, that I really want to beat the drum some more for new Bones character models that are better-suited for conversion to these sorts of character concepts: more human and (especially) non-human "townsfolk" (I could think of a zillion NPC uses alone for nerdy- or shifty-looking dwarfs carrying or studying big books! The same goes for unarmored characters using unusual tools - magnifying glasses, hammers/wrenches/screwdrivers/pliers/chisels/paint-brushes/whittling-knives/fishing-poles/whatever, brooms, umbrellas, parchments (maps? scrolls? shopping lists? who knows?) lab equipment, parcels and packages.... There are, no doubt, zillions of potential PC uses as well!) more of the less-common classes and races and class/race combinations (it's a shame we don't see more Dwarf sages and alchemists, and such, for example; even human monks and psionic models are rarities - non-human ones are all but unheard of!) more Bones conversion bits, especially non-weapon bits like books, lanterns, and such (I know there are tons of metal bits out there, but "Bonesium" is such a conversion-friendly material!)
  6. YronimosW

    Bones you dont like to see

    I don't really like to answer a question like this, there's so much that can go wrong with a negative post, and, really, in truth, there are NO bones that I don't like to see - just some I prefer over others, or some I have less use for than others. For example, I don't really get too excited for the standard-issue generic fantasy fare: dragons, dwarves, goblins, orcs, and undead. Rather, I really get excited over seeing the possibilities for the more exotic (and perhaps less popular) stuff you can't get everywhere else. But, that's not to say that I don't like seeing the standard fantasy stuff: even the less exciting stuff is useful, and it's still fun seeing other hobbyists getting excited over seeing a new dragon or new dwarf or new fighter or whatever. I'm also more than happy to back Bones Kickstarters knowing that there will be a portion of the content I'm supporting that I won't be excited over, as long as I know that Reaper's also going to go out on a limb and use the opportunity to produce the more exotic and interesting stuff, too, and that hobbyists, as a group, are all going to benefit from a great mix of affordable new miniatures that support the widest possible spectrum of games that hobbyists might be into, and that someone, somewhere, is going to benefit from the niche markets that the Kickstarters help to support, and lots of gamers are going to benefit from the bread-and-butter miniatures that Reaper has also been good about supplying demand for. I think that even the bones we don't like to see are a win-win kind of thing for everyone, in the long run.
  7. As well as more original monsters and "races" - I rather like the Reaper artists' original creations. So, more original aliens/monsters/whatever for: Lovecraft Mythos Chronoscope Sci-Fi Weird West / Fantasy Steampunk Dreadmere (gothic/fantasy swamp) Darkreach (hollow earth) Lost Valley (fantasy "Lost World"/prehistoric/jungle) ...and new original settings, too: Reapers settings, at least for me, have been very imaginative and exciting! Maybe some sort of pulp "Arctic"/snow themed setting with original monsters and races, and appropriately-dressed characters that might fit into anything from generic fantasy/Gothic up to Lovecraft Mythos and beyond? Similarly, an apocalyptic desert-themed fantasy/gothic setting? (I'd still like to see a desert setting built out around the cat-folk that were added toward the end of Bones IV....) I thought the Bones IV Dreadmere, Darkreach, and Lost Valley expansions were brilliant - I'd love to see two or three new themed settings introduced as "expansion packs" in each future Kickstarter, and the artists' and designers' imaginations just turned loose to run wild to create more original monsters and such for those and existing Reaper original settings!
  8. YronimosW

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    ...along with bits that can be combined with plastic model kits and/or styrene plastic sheet-and-rod scratch-built projects to build vehicles for those drivers to drive: engines, wheels, seats, headlamps, radios and computer screens, gun turrets and search lights, "greebles" for the undercarriage/engine compartment/stowage areas.....
  9. YronimosW

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    In fact, two or more variations of each type of character would be great. Both types of characters are versatile and fairly iconic... the rumpled trenchcoat guy can also stand in for detectives with just one more question and hardboiled detectives in general, spies or saboteurs, hobos and drunks, cyberpunk characters, down-on-their-luck professional wizards.... the devilishly handsome impeccably dressed negotiator guy can also stand in for the "face man" of your soldiers-for-hire, the skeevy corporate guy who accompanies the IMEF on a "routine bug-hunt", a spy or saboteur, a diplomat or dignitary or politician, the millionaire playboy altar-ego for your superhero character, a bodyguard or secret service guy, a mobster, an interrogator (just add a try full of terrifying-looking noodle implements and a dentist's chair with straps), a rich but bored Cthulhu dilettante character, a man-in-black, bored and rich detectives ranging from The Thin Man to Hercule Poirot.... As always, both metal and Bones versions, with both metal and Bones bits to customize these characters with (modern and not-so-modern weapons and props, head-swaps, etc.) are quite welcome for use in conversions....
  10. YronimosW

    Ain't No Such Thang

    I reckon phone books can still serve an important purpose as "bathroom tissue" for powdering our noses in outhouses out on the range.... We used to put Sears & Roebuck catalogues in those outhouses, but when was the last time anyone saw a proper Sears & Roebuck catalogue? For that matter, we used to put phone books in phone booths, but when was the last time anyone saw a proper phone booth?
  11. YronimosW

    Ain't No Such Thang

    Believe it or not, the Yellow Pages are still around - one gets delivered to my apartment door once every couple years, though I can't remember the last time I've ever actually used it, and I have to imagine its days are numbered. I was told several years ago that when children outside the U.S. are told to draw pictures of Americans, the picture usually looks like a cowboy... I don't know how true that ever was or if it's still true, but I kind of like to imagine that most folks think "cowboys!" when they hear "American".... My brother emigrated from the U.S. to Canada; his office does a sort of "ethnic pride" thing where the multicultural workforce are encouraged to dress like their traditional culture and bring traditional food for a potluck lunch. My brother wondered "how do you dress up like a 'traditional American'?, and decided to dress like a cowboy and bring a pot of pinto beans and cornbread... the whole thing apparently went over really well, with the folks from around the world instantly recognizing the cowboy boots + jeans + belt with giant buckle + country/western shirt + cowboy hat costume, and getting very excited about it, asking many questions and getting pictures with him and the works. It's not something I think about often, but as charming as Dr.Bedlam's daydream about robots on motorcycles rounding up domesticated cattle with cattle-whistles so they line up and jump in a grinder one-by-one is, it's kind of reassuring to know there are still professional cowboys out there in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere (my sister-in-law is related to a couple professional Canadian cowboys!) It's kind of sad to think about how much of the food production industry has become more like factories, than traditional farms and ranches, and for some reason knowing that there are still cowboys out there does lend things a human touch. I wonder if it's possible to take those know-it-all sixth-graders on "career day" field trips to visit a working ranch and private investigator's office to meet real professional cowboys, private investigators, and such in person and ask them about their jobs? Or perhaps invite some professional cowboys or private investigators to speak at the schools? (At least, back in my day, we had a "career day" thing at school where professionals would stop by and talk about what they do and answer kids' questions... it was actually kind of cool; I remember the undertakers' presentation vividly!)
  12. YronimosW

    GW partners with Wizkids to make games

    I don't suppose that "out of print boardgames" would include the likes of "HeroQuest" or "SpaceHulk", but it would be kind of cool if it did - it would be nice to see those back in print again.
  13. YronimosW

    Talae Tackles the Kingdom Death Minis

    Based on my experience with polystyrene plastic model kits from many years ago: Depending on the parts, you might find that small, light, well-molded parts will cement together with a few moments of hand pressure, but some other parts may require clamps to hold them firmly together while drying (I remember plastic model ship and airplane kits with very large seams between parts needing to be clamped, especially with kits imported from Eastern Europe in the years after the Berlin Wall came down - Poland, Hungary, etc. - as the parts tended to be so crudely molded and warped, that hand pressure alone would be insufficient to hold them together straight for any human with only two hands!) If this kit has nothing bigger than the lion in it, you're probably OK, but buying/borrowing/whatever a set of cheap plastic clamps, rubber bands, etc. in various sizes might not be a bad idea if the kit does contain some large models/parts. What that cement for polystyrene models does is it dissolves the plastic it touches; when joined solidly together quickly after the cement is applied, the melted plastic merges, blends, and joins together into a single, solid plastic part as the solvents in the cement evaporate. The bond for polystyrene is tight, and chances are you'll break the plastic before you'll break the bond. I might be wrong on this aspect, but I believe the cement contains some polystyrene in solution, and leaves some of that plastic behind as it dries and the solvents evaporate that will (help) fill small cracks and holes. So, I suspect you'll be fine without pinning, especially on models as small as these seem to be, assuming this plastic is the same polystyrene stuff they used to build plastic model ships and airplanes with (it seems to be the same stuff I'm used to, based on your description of the bond being pretty tight - the cement works great on polystyrene, but pretty much anything else will easily pull apart with hand pressure!) Thank you for the photos and detailed description of what you're doing - I'm unfamiliar with this game(?), and it's fascinating stuff!
  14. YronimosW

    Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    I know absolutely nothing about this game, but the unarmored, unarmed characters and the lion and ram(?) are intriguing (I guess I like anything that stands out a bit from the usual fantasy adventurers and monsters!)
  15. Dark/evil/mischievous fey, faeries, pixies, red-caps, brownies, willowisps, domovoi, leprechauns, tommyknockers, little people, nature spirits, satyrs, naiads, dryads, etc. Wings are optional or can be omitted, and these need not necessarily be human-looking of elfish in form. I'm kind of picturing an Unseelie Court-ful (or at least a half dozen small models - Reaper's 02741 and 02445 in Bones form could be a fair start) of the sorts of dangerous, unforgiving, capricious, and perhaps outright malevolent fairies that lure misguided adventurers to unnatural dooms in the forests, lakes, mountains, caves, deserts, oceans, etc. never to be seen again, work as familiar spirits for witches, steal babies and leave changelings behind, spoil milk and disease livestock and spoil crops, enchant young people and lure them off into unhappy marriages in sinister underworlds.... I've mentioned these before, but "more fey" seems like a not-uncommon request, there really don't seem to be many models for them out there, and there's almost nothing of the sort in Bones unless you count goblins and kobolds and such (which seem to generally fill more of a melee cannon-fodder role than I picture for these more subtle sorts of creatures....) I suppose the smaller "little people" could also fill the role of evil, dark, or mischievous Halfling and Gnome PCs and villains, or they could be slipped into the ranks of mobs of goblins and gremlins or whatever without standing out very far.....