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  1. Dark/evil/mischievous fey, faeries, pixies, red-caps, brownies, willowisps, domovoi, leprechauns, tommyknockers, little people, nature spirits, satyrs, naiads, dryads, etc. Wings are optional or can be omitted, and these need not necessarily be human-looking of elfish in form. I'm kind of picturing an Unseelie Court-ful (or at least a half dozen small models - Reaper's 02741 and 02445 in Bones form could be a fair start) of the sorts of dangerous, unforgiving, capricious, and perhaps outright malevolent fairies that lure misguided adventurers to unnatural dooms in the forests, lakes, mountains, caves, deserts, oceans, etc. never to be seen again, work as familiar spirits for witches, steal babies and leave changelings behind, spoil milk and disease livestock and spoil crops, enchant young people and lure them off into unhappy marriages in sinister underworlds.... I've mentioned these before, but "more fey" seems like a not-uncommon request, there really don't seem to be many models for them out there, and there's almost nothing of the sort in Bones unless you count goblins and kobolds and such (which seem to generally fill more of a melee cannon-fodder role than I picture for these more subtle sorts of creatures....) I suppose the smaller "little people" could also fill the role of evil, dark, or mischievous Halfling and Gnome PCs and villains, or they could be slipped into the ranks of mobs of goblins and gremlins or whatever without standing out very far.....
  2. With only a little conversion work and some creative painting, you could probably also get some mileage from any of a number of Reaper's villainesses: Ghoul Queen Queen Ileosa of Korsova Dark Elf Queen Ice Queen Dark Elf Queen on Throne Queen Sharon Stormhand on Throne Queen Siobhana of Weissburg on Throne Siobhana, Vampiress Vampire Elsabeth, Necropolis Captain D'Mona, Female Vampire Veronica Duskraven Sinessa, Devil Woman O-Sayami, Geisha Oyuki, Geisha Xiufang, Femme Fatale Natalia, Female Secret Agent Batna, Succubus Sirithis, Succubus Firefox, Female Superhero Ophelia, Daughter of the Whip Daughters of the Whip Lorena of the Whip Dark Elf Modern Witch Steampunk Witch Rhasia, Zombie Master Witch of the Darkmoors Selmarina, Witch Elori Ebonscythe, Evil Cleric Sister Candice Incredible Woman Faeries & Nymph I'm sure there's lots of others that could work, too, depending on what you've got in mind, and how much modding you're interested in doing....
  3. Harvey is exactly what I had in mind, too - I forgot Reaper had a metal version of this sort of character already :D Even if he lost some of the multi-build options in the transition to Bones, a goon-squad of three or four such characters with the other options would, along with how easy it is to customize Bones, make mixing-and-matching parts between them a breeze. (The ease of weapon and other part swaps is part of why I prefer Bones to metal these days!) Edit to add: For that matter, the following existing metal sculpts would, I think, fit in just fine alongside two or three variations on ol' Harvey's great collection of bits and pieces: 50037: Harvey, Psycho Killer 50293: Bonnie, Muumuu Zombie 50317: Zombie Miners* 50245: Bonzo the Killer Klown 50012: Jack the Ripper * I'd definitely love to see a bunch of creepy characters like those "zombie miners" - creepy-looking backwoods townfolk types that would look just fine wandering around through the swamps and hills of Dread Mere, not to mention in any fantasy or horror themed game, and I just really love the style and mood for these "zombie" models. (I'm a creepy hillbilly myself, and I, for one, would love to see more creepy hillbilly minis!)
  4. Add my +1 to the "not Jason" and "not Freddy". Even the stock parody hockey-mask killer with a saw is cool with me, and I've suggested a small collection of "Steampunk" pastiches of slasher-movie maniac bogeymen before, I think the Steampunk Slashers (or some sort of "Dungeon Punk" versions perhaps, with more 'medieval' style outfits and armor) would be exactly like I've always pictured for Bugbears or even Ogres. In fact, I'm sure I could make all kinds of use for such generic bogeymen in horror, fantasy, and even Cthulhu games, while I could imagine uses for them even in sci-fi and superheroes, and they seem like Chronoscope naturals!
  5. I was about to say the same thing you did: that it might be an illusion caused by a combination of the bases (which do seem to add at least a millimeter or so of height to the guys on the ends), and the pose. Even though ReaperBryan confirmed that the models are in fact bigger/taller, I have a feeling the effect is exaggerated a bit by the bases and poses. Perhaps the opposite of that, then, would work: build the bases up a bit on the older, shorter models to lend them a little more perceived height? At that scale, it would probably be enough to work - as you said, the size of the guns, boots, helmets, and other details are close enough to be identical in scale, so I'm sure it wouldn't take much to trick observers into not noticing the difference in height. And then, as Crowley said, the differences in height can easily be handwaved as part of the natural variety in human height.
  6. I rather liked the default pose, including the empty fist, and an athame (dagger) would be traditional for this sort of thing, but I think I kind of prefer the Bones sword the more I think of it. Some matching runes in a summoning circle, as you mentioned, would look great!
  7. That colour scheme is working out great, and I think it will work against that bleak, reddish alien landscape you're cooking up, too! I know the face and hair colouring are still a work in progress, but for some reason, I kind of like the way they're looking, too... the face and hair need a little shading and so on, of course, but the very light hair colour has a sort of unnatural Doc Savage or Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon quality to it that I kind of like.... The gun seems to be begging for a primarily metallic paint scheme - google searches for "1940s toy ray gun", "antique rocket ship", and "antique power drill" seem to bring up exactly the sort of thing I keep picturing: red and gold, chrome and blue, metallic sea greens and sky blues on black.... (I bet there's enough lead involved in those old toy paints to poison the moon men long before any heat ray would ever hurt them!)
  8. Oh, I like the sound of futuristic/modern ogres... Give me some ambiguously "futuristic"/modern hillbilly horror ogres with creepy flesh or burlap masks, and chainsaws, machetes, and hooked-hands, etc., and I can think of a few cool ways to put them to use (coughNOT-Quake/Doom-or-NOT-Mad-Maxcough, or in Chronoscope, or in Call of Cthulhu or other horror games, or in generic fantasy after a simple weapon-swap, or some sort of mutant or chaotic faction for a gothic-sci-fi miniatures game, or....)
  9. I rather like the pose - something about it says "Well, it's kind of puny... but it will have to do!" (The infamous last words of many an evil spellcaster! Remember kids, no matter how puny it looks, do not calle up that which ye cannot put downe!) I don't suppose you've got a spare set of the Bobby Jackson cultists hanging around, do you? I think something about the expressions on their faces and their poses seems to go nicely with the evil summoner... the one with the knife seems to be grinning sycophantically, "Oh, it's just perfect, master!" And the one with the book seems to be frowning, puzzled, and thinking "But, it looks nothing like the illustration in The Book!" Whatever the case, that summoner is cool beans, and I cannot wait to see what he's called up!
  10. Very nice - it's one of my favorite Bones sets, and I like the pumpkin minions in particular - those are among my favorite minis from KS3, and I really like the painting on these! (I kind of think of them as Mr. Bones' henchmen, actually, carrying out some gravely task for some sinister plot of Mr. Bones'!)
  11. Oh, that's fantastic! I love the retro-sci-fi thing, this is some great stuff! I kind of liked the olive-drab and beige color scheme on that navy suit, but then I saw the colors you chose instead, and I have to agree: the colors you went with are the perfect choice!
  12. Great work, Chaoswolf! And, as much as I like Reaper's excellent, dynamic, modern sculpts, there's something about these understated old 1980s minis that I miss. I'd love to see a collection of Reaper Bones minis in these male/female matched pairs for such a broad variety of race/class combinations, either in Reaper's trademark style or in a pastiche of that old 1980s style. It's probably not for everyone (and, to be fair, probably not even a profitable idea), but those Ral Partha sculpts in this series were some of my first minis way back in my early mini-painting/collecting days, and the idea of a Bones collection of similar sets really tickles my sense of nostalgia! Another thing that I'm sure I'm not the first to notice: I can enjoy a buxom-babe-in-a-chainmail-bikini as much as the next guy, but that 1980s Ral Partha female fighter and similar figures in that line had some fairly realistic proportions and some fairly practical armor and weapons, and with about 30 or 40 years of hindsight, it's actually kind of cool. She'd actually rather stand out for those reasons alone among a typical collection of modern gaming miniatures....
  13. I just saw a thread in another Reaper forum by someone who has just finished painting these monsters - the results look great, and they might be a great source of ideas! (link) I really need to figure out how that painter achieved that weird, oily effect for the Dark Young....
  14. Fantastic work! The Dark Young's paint scheme is my favorite. It's exactly the way I pictured it, but I had no idea how to make it work. That's a lot of great detail and colour for what is, essentially, a black paint scheme - great work! The original paint schemes for the Mi-Go and Grave Wailer work very well, too - I think it's fine to go with your instincts over the text on the colours of Lovecraft's monsters anyway - after all, we are getting those descriptions from unreliable narrators with judgments that can be very safely questioned since most of them at best barely saw the monsters, and at worst are raving maniacs!
  15. What Strawhat said, regarding the identification. H.P. Lovecraft (the creator of most of these monsters, from the 1910's and 1920's) barely described any of his monsters, and the way they are typically drawn and sculpted are usually the result of consensus in the years since the "Call of Cthulhu" RPG helped standardize things a bit with black-and-white drawings from the 1970s, until a few years ago when editions of the game started appearing in colour. For the colour scheme, you can use your best judgment on them, aiming for something visceral, dark, and unearthly, and you'll do fine Still if you prefer to paint things as close to Lovecraft's original descriptions as possible: Gugs: TL;DR: Lovecraft roughly describes the gug much the way it has been sculpted, and it has black fur, pink eyes, and yellow fangs. The Dark Young: TL; DR: Using Robert Bloch's descriptions, Dark Young might best be painted in dark, oily tones; Bloch's Dark Young might otherwise resemble weird, slimy, hellish black trees.... The Mi-Go, Fungi from Yuggoth: TL;DR: Mi-Go are roughly described the way they have been sculpted, and they are pinkish, with heads that change colours in different ways as their natural form of communication. The "Grave Wailers" are not a Lovecraft invention, nor is it an invention of one of Lovecraft's numerous friends and pen-pals who contributed to the shared "mythos" Lovecraft originally inspired, and nor is it a standard Call of Cthulhu monster - it seems to be the sculptor's original creation, and you seem to be left entirely to your imagination here :)