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  1. Sorry, but you must know somebody was inevitably going to throw this in:
  2. fulfilling

    Is there another SNAFU at the UK base? I was a little disturbed to see the tracker move on to wave 6 yesterday considering that I am in wave 5 and have not yet received any shipping notice.
  3. I'm a little surprised to see no mention of Rusty & Co. I'll also add a nod to Sluggy Freelance, which has been running for 20 years now. It's well past its prime, and will soon be ending, at least in its current form, but the archives are still there to be enjoyed.
  4. Martin Landau has died at 89. Personally, I remember him best from Space: 1999. I'm sure folks here will have recollections of him in other roles.
  5. Yes, Europe is real... except for Finland.
  6. Oh look, it's a....
  7. Part the character? With a cutlass, maybe? Well, my character had obviously heard about survival rolls and decided to get out as soon as possible.
  8. Lost Minis Wiki lists it as a Citadel figure in the Night Horrors range: 074530/29 Vampire 5*. Figures marked with * might not be part of this line, but they are from the same Ethereals line as most of the established Night Horrors that are not so marked, and so are highly suspect. Lost Minis wiki reference
  9. People Haven't Any Sensible Explanation Really
  10. Phasers. From orbit.
  11. Randomness XII: The Jury is Out.
  12. The slotta thieves are set ADD14 Female Thief from Citadel's licensed AD&D range.
  13. It doesn't irritate me at all. If we tried to do something like that in Britain it would be unlikely to have anywhere near the same funding, and we would probably end up having to make do with a couple of cardboard boxes and a handful of twigs.
  14. Has anyone else been noticing sporadic buggy effects when using the Back button in their browser? For example, if I have been reading a thread and click the Back button to go back to the list of topics, sometimes I find it has marked other threads as read when I haven't read them. For reference, I am using the latest version of Firefox on a Win7 desktop pc.