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  1. alchemist

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    Strange, I just placed an order in GBP, and apparently it was on the US site rather than the EU one. I'm kind of confused now.
  2. alchemist

    The Fearless Fairy Hunters

    Oh cool! Isn't this a mod of the (now OOP) Fairy Catcher by Black Scorpion? It was always one of my favourites, but I don't recall seeing it painted before (other than the house paint job).
  3. alchemist

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I had a problem a couple of weeks ago with Firefox going very slow. I solved it by using the Refresh Firefox function (found in Help -> Troubleshooting Information). It might be worth trying this before going to the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling.
  4. alchemist

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    No personal experience, but I am given to understand that my brother believed he once encountered a poltergeist. He never talked to me about it. I only heard the account second hand from my mother many years later. It was in the early 1970s, when my brother was a teenager. One evening after the conclusion of some sort of youth club event being held in a local church hall, he and his friend stayed behind to tidy up. They were the only two present. As they were putting stuff away, a chair came flying across the room with a crash, narrowly missing them. They searched around to see if anyone could have been hiding who might have done this, but they established there was no one else in the hall. Then more chairs started getting flung across the hall. (Apparently there were a lot of chairs.) At this point they got out and ran all the way home (a not inconsiderable distance). My mother told me it was the most scared she had ever seen my brother. I don't think he ever went back to the hall.
  5. alchemist

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    Perhaps it will look like soup, and declare war on Earth for the atrocities committed by humans against soupkind.
  6. alchemist

    Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet

    "I want my bacon piled this high."
  7. alchemist

    Horned Daemon

    He was originally sold by Harlequin Miniatures. Black Tree Design now sells him as M128 Horned Daemon.
  8. alchemist

    Crusader Knight with Bird on Head (LOL)

    The helmet crest (ie. "bird on his head") would be a heraldic device.
  9. Now in Previews: 07013: Dungeon Dwellers: Orc Raiders (2)
  10. alchemist

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    Disney princess hair It's simple. You just need to use the right cutlery.
  11. alchemist

    Looking for a figure

    Hasslefree sells some nice sprues of bald heads that might suit your conversion needs.
  12. Nice job on this, although he looks kind of depressed about that Schroedinger fellow taking the credit for his equations.
  13. alchemist

    Newb Question about DnD..

    5e is less hung up on base sizes than some of the earlier editions. From the DMG:
  14. alchemist

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Terry's Chocolate Orange? As far as I know they are still readily available in the UK, at least in the run-up to Christmas. Maybe you should get in on one of those sweet/candy exchanges that have been going on.
  15. alchemist

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Black Scorpion Miniatures is worth a look.