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  1. alchemist


    Warploque made some giant beastmen a while back. I think they are out of production now, but maybe you can find one on the secondary market somewhere.
  2. alchemist

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    Having said that, I managed to find it shortly afterward. It is from the Faceless faction of a Kickstarter boardgame called The Edge: Dawnfall by Awaken Realms.
  3. alchemist

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    People here are good at this, but not omniscient. There have been at least a couple of cases where minis were never identified. I'm drawing a blank on this one too.
  4. alchemist

    77392 peryton -- a WIP by DKS

    I believe the peryton originated in Greek mythology. It is my understanding that there is thought to have been a lot of variation in the way Greek was pronounced in ancient times, so it is possible that more than one different pronunciation may be "correct". Personally, I have always imagined it in a similar way to DKS, with stress on the first syllable. It's a fascinating beastie, in any case.
  5. The Maiwand Lion (a war memorial) This is close to both Reading Gaol (of Oscar Wilde fame) and the ruins of Reading Abbey (founded by, and later the resting place of, Henry I)
  6. I usually paint fantasy, but I'm not above painting something different just on a whim...
  7. alchemist

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    My favourite is probably Anne Stokes. I just find her work so beautiful.
  8. alchemist

    Is there a Stegosaurus mini out?

    Ironwind Metals DF-052 Young Stegosaurus. I don't know how big it is.
  9. alchemist

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I don't intentionally collect anything, but I think I've mentioned before that I have a knack for accidentally collecting clocks. Somehow they just seem to accumulate, like dust bunnies. Here are a few of the more interesting ones. (Yes I know the blue one has a number missing - it had an accident at some point.)
  10. I wouldn't put too much faith in Leisure Games. They are not always able to deliver on stuff they list in their store.
  11. alchemist

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I prefer pins or tabs, since I nearly always want to put a mini on a base of my own choosing. Integral bases usually get removed. An integral base that looks particularly difficult to remove can sometimes deter me from buying a mini.
  12. alchemist

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Apparently a dragon has been causing concerns about safety on a road in Wales. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47103392
  13. Sorry, I'm out. I'm taking a break from boxes of goodwill for various reasons.
  14. Box of Goodwill EU/UK version
  15. alchemist

    Sci fi game universe

    I haven't looked at this in detail myself, but you might like to check out Cepheus Engine. It's basically a version of the Traveller game system with the IP content omitted. I believe it is available as a pay-what-you-want PDF.