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  1. Excalibur Miniatures has a couple of different dominatrix figures. (Warning: there's a bunch of NSFW stuff there.) Fenryll used to make one, but I can't find that on their site now, so it's possible she has been discontinued.
  2. Whatever faults the BBC might have, I don't think they can be blamed in this case since it wasn't the BBC airing the movie - it was on ITV2.
  3. Since Buglips is the official forum scapegoat, I was going to suggest that a plushie Buglips would be really good for punching as a stress relief device. But then it occurred to me that the original goblin might object to the loss of business.
  4. I would use a wall crack filler like Polyfilla. If you get it the right degree of wetness when you add it to the base you should be able to get that kind of texture. It might be worth doing a couple of practice bases first to get the consistency right. I suggest adding the tree to the base before the mud, so that the mud texture will be partly covering the bottom of the tree when you apply it.
  5. There is no prescribed number, but in my opinion I think we should add at least 2 new people to make it worthwhile.
  6. She was in the final season of StarTrek: Deep Space 9. I guess my embarrassing crush would be Anna from Frozen. Yes, I am a grown man. Why do you ask?
  7. It stalled due to not enough people being interested. Maybe in a while we can try again in the hope that there are new UK/EU forumites who want to take part.
  8. It stalled due to not enough people being interested. Maybe in a while we can try again in the hope that there are new UK/EU forumites who want to take part.
  9. Is this a product for speed painting?
  10. I allow the supernatural bad-thing to see me as I truly am. It runs away screaming and refuses to ever leave its lair again, experiencing nightmares for the remainder of its wretched existence.
  11. I don't know about the Reaper yetis, but there are some by West Wind that are not far off human sized:
  12. Not sure if this might help:
  13. Well, I just took a nap and I dreamed.... that I was taking a nap! Who has the most exciting dreams, then? OK, in what I guess was some sort of concession to dream weirdness I did have a lampshade on my head.
  14. My understanding is that everybody dreams (at least, everybody who has healthy sleep), but we are only aware of having been dreaming if we wake up while the dream is going on. So if you are conscious of dreaming a lot, it may be that your sleep is more disturbed and less restful than would be ideal.
  15. The last one made me think of all those people painting Ma'al Drakar in 7 days.
  16. Since my immediate family are all dead, they would probably assume I was being accused of necromancy.
  17. This set? Yes.
  18. I'm pretty sure that's far from a unique situation around here.
  19. I felt like a fool today...
  20. I took the liberty of cropping the photos so we could get a better look. I love the colour scheme on this.
  21. Several in your picture, including the one with the snake, are from the Grenadier AD&D box set 2001 Wizards.
  22. The third one looks like an incomplete 03632 Mariel Twinspar.
  23. Funded

    I would be interested to know how big the new stone giants are. Have they been scaled up as Reaper has done with other giants, or are they compatible in size with the earlier stone giant (77336)?
  24. Funded

    Izzy's art has been amazing. I find that Izzy's art, while very nice artwork, doesn't really give me a feel for whether or not I will like the resulting miniature. So that sometimes puts me off going for things where there is not yet an available sculpt to view.
  25. Steampunk cosplay