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  1. So far, on the EU/UK side it seems that Xherman and Edsterdoom are still interested in another round. We are going to need more than that to make it viable. Perhaps there will be more people signing up for the forums when Bones IV gets underway. We are also going to have to discuss the weight of the box as well. When it reached me it was more than a kilogram overweight. Are we going to have to accept a much highter postage cost, or divide it into 2 boxes, or something else? Meanwhile, this is what I have taken: Here is the group paint mini. Not quite finished, but what has been done looks very nice:
  2. Scotia Grendel 10027 Magician's Accessories
  3. We know that Reaper liners can provide good adhesion in an initial coat on Bones models. I am wondering to what extent these liners have been tested on other plastics?
  4. Lich with Wand by Otherworld Miniatures. The more I look at this guy, the more it seems like he is trying to fence with that wand. "En Garde!"
  5. I can confirm that Fire Glow was part of the Pro Paint line. It was a metallic light orangey copper colour. It was lighter than 09448 Dragon Copper. I suspect that 09101 Ruby Red might be the closest match, but I don't own that to be able to compare.
  6. One of the late, lamented Exalted range, for which Reaper no longer has the licence. I don't actually know anything about Exalted, I just thought she was a cool sculpt.
  7. Just a bunch of run-of-the-mill undead. Anyone got any brainzzz? Oh, and I couldn't resist doing this:
  8. Thanks. The bases were done with multi purpose Polyfilla.
  9. Yes. I posted the whole gang here a couple of years ago.
  10. I have found that the liner I use as an initial coat for Bones minis also seems to adhere pretty well to green stuff without a need for primer. Perhaps others have a different experience.
  11. The box has arrived back with me in the UK. It seems appropriate at this point to move discussion back to where we left off in the original UK/EU thread.
  12. The box has returned to me here in the UK. It might be next week before I get a chance to go through the contents in detail. Meanwhile, we need to establish whether there is sufficient interest for another round. I know Beagle has bowed out, and some of the other previous participants haven't been seen for a while now, so it might be doubtful. Who is still in (or wants to join)?
  13. Paint Your Dragon? Wasn't that the title of the musical where Lee Marvin sang I Was Born Under a Wandering Monster ?
  14. Or maybe an ice palace? That might go well with a couple of recent releases from Hasslefree. Or perhaps I should just let it go.
  15. I don't start painting unless I have at least 2 hours available. A typical session for me is about 3 hours (with a break mid-way for a cup of tea). I paint glacially slowly, so I don't necessarily get a lot done in that time. Setup and takedown require just a few minutes each.
  16. I frequently add a small amount of matt additive to my brush-on sealer. It does help, but, as others have noted, you need to take care not to add too much. I thin my sealer a lot when I apply it, and use several coats.
  17. They call me Acid-bath Al*. My cellmate is... ummm... "missing". Is that a gold tooth on the floor over there? Escape? Well, these bars are only metal, aren't they? Shouldn't take long. *Yes, that really was a genuine nickname I had back in my university days.
  18. Oh, I thought "Hot Damn" was probably something you could purchase at some sort of American fast food establishment.
  19. Do you see the two little triangular things on the right-hand side of the pictures? Those indicate 0.5" and 1".
  20. I cut off the aluminium bottom section of a tub of instant mashed potato to make a base for this:
  21. Conkers at 20 paces. (You need a very long string.)
  22. I'm not sure what would fit best in Bones, but in metal 02417 fits on a 50mm base.
  23. I seldom prank anyone, but there is one occasion that has stuck in my memory. It was back in the early 1980s when I was at university. Our class was doing an introductory course in computer programming using a shared account on the university mainframe. (Personal computer? What's that?). I noticed that a friend of mine, with whom I played Traveller, had been using some spare time to write a program to generate a long printout of stats for weapons and vehicles in accordance with one of the game's supplements. He showed it to me: he had programmed it so that on the completion of its run the it would print "I have finished, Excellency". His program was saved on the shared account, so when he wasn't around I was able to alter one line of his program such that instead of calling him "Excellency" it called him something a lot less complimentary. Later, when I wasn't present, he ran the program to produce the long printout, and eventually saw the change I had made in the final line. He was able to guess immediately who was responsible. He took it well - he burst into my room and shot me.* He told me later how he had burst out laughing in the computer room (and got some strange looks) when he saw what I had done. He claimed the program mysteriously ran better after I altered it. *with a toy gun
  24. People generally don't like the idea of a bullet with their name on it.