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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/165626423/terror-below?ref=90d7aq&fbclid=IwAR2xtVQC9lIGiYyEd2gOSwlxkcNUOWplBWCbWYtmcEOC3h_e9HjEgoz8aZU Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert. The game has a retro look and is very reminiscent of the movie Tremors.
  2. HornedTurtle

    100 Maps of Fantasy Islands

    This looks pretty interesting to me, although only 100 people can get the fancy version. I wonder how much the POD version of the book will cost.
  3. HornedTurtle

    Cosmo Communicator

    I've never purchased a phone that wasn't at the Verizon store, would there be any issues using this with my existing cell phone plan?
  4. A little more than 48 hours left for this one, I think it looks really cool. http://kck.st/2z0HjUk Kamigakari: God Hunters is a tabletop role-playing game set in modern-day Japan that combines centuries of Japanese mythology with a modern-day setting and urban fantasy action. You play as a God Hunter, a being wielding supernatural strength, magical abilities, and reality-warping spiritual powers. Your mission is to protect an unsuspecting populace from evil beings known as Aramitama, and to prevent the supernatural from leaking into the public eye. Originally, the game was released in Japan by Arclight Games on November 2013 as Legendary Arms RPG Kamigakari, to great popularity. In January 2017, a text-only fan translation appeared on the internet, exposing Kamigakari to the attention of English-speaking RPG fans world wide, and creating a thriving fanbase that continues to grow to this day! Serpent Sea Games is a team of experienced RPG translation and development professionals, including the creator of the fan translation, who have licensed Kamigakari from the creators at Arclight Games for publication in English and want to bring the game officially to Western audiences. But we need your help to bring this book into existence! The Game The world of Kamigakari features a distinctly seinen action anime and style to it. With crazy abilities and flashy powers, it's an over-the-top world where you can battle kaijus, giant robots, gods and demons all under the same umbrella. The system is designed to keep interactions as simple and intuitive as possible, for an easy pick-up-and-play. Kamigakari splits its play up into "scenes", which are short, episodic and will often split the focus onto individual players. It's a different experience compared to western systems that often assume the party is always together, which allows for more varied and engaging character focus and development. So what is a God Hunter? A God Hunter is a person who, through one means or another, has gained supernatural powers by possessing a shard of a legendary weapon, relic, suit of armor, or maybe even the crystallized soul of a legendary hero. These powers can be anything from a master of the sword or magic, transforming hero, a living avatar of flame, or the ultimate hacker. Instead of a familiar class-based system, Kamigakari uses its own character generation called Styles, which lets you mix and match your power sets to create a gun-slinging samurai, a chainsaw-wielding magical girl, a hacker who codes his magic into existence, or a hunter who stalks his victims through the shadows. And it's not just limited to your class: weapons and gear are utilized under the Arms system, a mechanic where a base weapon is upgraded over time by using materials or spending gold. Two basic swords, in the hands of two different god hunters, can end up very different weapons after extensive modification! An average God Hunter on a normal day. Does being a God Hunter mean that you hunt gods? Of course it does! With concepts rooted in Shintoism and traditional Japanese folklore, a God Hunter is tasked with tracking down dangerous beings known as Aramitama - a dark god that is born and grows in power by devouring the souls of its victims. Aramitama come in many forms - from recognizable Japanese icons like oni and tengu, mythical beings like the Pegasus or Griffin, to eldritch monstrosities made of gnashing teeth and glowing orbs. Upon defeating an Aramitama, God Hunters can use their remains to create stronger Regalia - magical weapons and equipment, in order to face even even more powerful Aramitama. It's not just a fun gameplay loop, either: These creatures threaten the sanctity of innocents and the world in their lust to reach their ultimate form, the Avatar of Ruin, a true god of destruction capable of ending the world. It's up to the God Hunters to prevent that! An Aramitama awakens. Kamigakari utilizes the unique Numen Dice pool. Numen Dice are resource wherein you roll a set of dice and use it to pay for abilities or change the outcome of a roll. There's many ways change, swap and spend dice. Players must be careful how they manage their Numen Pool to both survive the battle and save the perfect set of Numen Dice to activate their ultimate abilities! We'd like to support this game far into the future, and plan on translating and releasing supplements if financially viable. Arclight Games has also requested the creation of original content exclusive to the western release, but that can probably wait until we have a few expansion books finished, we're only mentioning it now in the interests of full transparency.
  5. HornedTurtle

    AAW Games Adventure Omnibus

    5e tends to have fewer special abilities for monsters and lower DC's and bonuses to rolls, so converting to Pathfinder if you don't change anything monsters and such will tend to be under powered. I think powering up stuff is generally an easier conversion then the reverse.
  6. HornedTurtle

    AAW Games Adventure Omnibus

    Any 5e support?
  7. HornedTurtle

    Claustrophobia 1643 kickstarter by Monolith

    I don't get the reason for boards and sheets.
  8. HornedTurtle

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    I am debating on the terrain set, I'm not sure that I would use like half of it. Right now I am looking at the paint sets and a lot of Haunts and Pillagers, lol
  9. HornedTurtle

    Nuns with Laserguns - By Troublemaker Games

    Also a laser gun wouldn't need a shoulder stock, because no kickback.
  10. HornedTurtle

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Most of what I play are RPG's in 28mm scale, I'm curious how the terrain will work with miniatures at that scale.
  11. HornedTurtle

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    So could I make a decent strike force out of Haunts and Pillagers, hum...
  12. HornedTurtle

    Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set 1.2

    Wasn't there a previous Kickstarter? Does anyone have pictures of the actual miniatures from that campaign?
  13. HornedTurtle

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    I meant it as see what gets produced and what it costs for me to get the miniatures. I don't know as though I will be able to afford all of them and 2/3rds of the behemoths may not even get produced.
  14. HornedTurtle

    Impact! Miniatures Presents: The Lost KS Mini Project

    I was a Torn Armor backer as well and I am excited to see some of these reach the light of day. I backed for something like $200, the core with the 3 behemoths. So we will see what happens.
  15. How bad is the shipping on this?