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  1. Super cool, and even cooler to see how even the great ones continue to improve their style!
  2. Rogue1138

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: 3d print Atropal

    Repulsive and vile !.....in a good way !
  3. Rogue1138

    Grenadier Frost Giantess

    Stunning but subtle I love it
  4. Rogue1138

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Holy cow this is amazing. Care to share your NMM gold recipe? Mine always looks too yellow....
  5. Amazing, I love the NMM gold
  6. Rogue1138

    03157: Garwin Greywand, Wizard

    Super cool!
  7. Rogue1138

    The Great Race of Yith (Custom Mini)

    This is what I imagine Yithians to look like! Great sculpt!
  8. Rogue1138

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat (Picture heavy)

  9. Rogue1138

    Frost Giant 77544

    This is amazing work!
  10. Rogue1138


    I really like the NMM on these. I read your WIP but Google translate left a little to be desired. What are the colors of your NMM, if you dont mind sharing ?
  11. Rogue1138

    03748 Lich - Dark Heaven Legends

    Those skulls, I love them. Little details like that really draw my eye
  12. Rogue1138

    Demonkin (tiefling) Rogue - Darksword

    These guys are cool!
  13. Man I love this style! Amazing as always