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  1. Zombicide:BP NPC's 1 [Picture heavy]

    Amazing. I like the blacks highlighted to blue.
  2. 77100: vanja, fire giant queen

    Wow, that looks fantastic
  3. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    Amazing progress!
  4. 60182: Hakon, Iconic Skald

    Great NMM gold, I have trouble with that myself. Do you have a recipe you want to share?
  5. Nice! Like the Black Metal Ezren in there too, throwin' horns! I really love your bases as well, what do you make them from ?
  6. Minotaur from the Stoneskull Expansion

    I love the gold on this guy. Is the Dwarven Gold a metallic paint?
  7. Time to reflect (vignette)

    This is very cool, captures emotion and tells a story. The cap is a cool trick too!
  8. 03675: Gravewailer

    I like these a lot, blue tongues and all. As a fellow Lovecraft fan, I applaud your attempt at capturing the alien and unsettling.
  9. The Ladykiller (77207: Dub Bullock)

    Heck man, before I even read about the mod, I was impressed with the paint. The leathers look great
  10. Female Ranger

    wow, I love this paint job. The shading is phenomenal and it looks so crisp and clean.
  11. Maledrakhs 77112: Agramon, Pit Fiend

    The OSL is nice, casts the demon in a menacing glow
  12. Rainbow (Assorted Minis)

    Very unorthodox and creative!
  13. Sajan, Iconic Monk #60016

    The red symbol on the loincloth is freehand, as well as the grey border on his kilt and the white stripes on his sashes. I couldn't push myself to Schubert levels of detail, sadly