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  1. Nice! Like the Black Metal Ezren in there too, throwin' horns! I really love your bases as well, what do you make them from ?
  2. I love the gold on this guy. Is the Dwarven Gold a metallic paint?
  3. This is very cool, captures emotion and tells a story. The cap is a cool trick too!
  4. I like these a lot, blue tongues and all. As a fellow Lovecraft fan, I applaud your attempt at capturing the alien and unsettling.
  5. Heck man, before I even read about the mod, I was impressed with the paint. The leathers look great
  6. wow, I love this paint job. The shading is phenomenal and it looks so crisp and clean.
  7. The OSL is nice, casts the demon in a menacing glow
  8. Very unorthodox and creative!
  9. The red symbol on the loincloth is freehand, as well as the grey border on his kilt and the white stripes on his sashes. I couldn't push myself to Schubert levels of detail, sadly
  10. Haha my son said it looked like a disco floor. The base is meant to be jade tiles painted with alternate images of the holy symbol for Irori ( Pathfinder deity ) and a Hindu style lotus
  11. custom based for a friend's Christmas gift, C&C welcome
  12. Looks nice, I think the blue crystal is pretty sweet
  13. Going to have to "borrow" this for an upcoming commission piece... great work!
  14. Makes me want to pick up a hydra for myself