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  1. Rogue1138

    77565: Kyphrixis (Aka Chronovaxian)

  2. Rogue1138

    60082 - Vordakai, Cyclops Lich

    His skin is amazing!
  3. Super cool, and even cooler to see how even the great ones continue to improve their style!
  4. Rogue1138

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: 3d print Atropal

    Repulsive and vile !.....in a good way !
  5. Rogue1138

    Grenadier Frost Giantess

    Stunning but subtle I love it
  6. Rogue1138

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Holy cow this is amazing. Care to share your NMM gold recipe? Mine always looks too yellow....
  7. Amazing, I love the NMM gold
  8. Rogue1138

    03157: Garwin Greywand, Wizard

    Super cool!
  9. Rogue1138

    The Great Race of Yith (Custom Mini)

    This is what I imagine Yithians to look like! Great sculpt!
  10. Rogue1138

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat (Picture heavy)

  11. Rogue1138

    Frost Giant 77544

    This is amazing work!
  12. Rogue1138


    I really like the NMM on these. I read your WIP but Google translate left a little to be desired. What are the colors of your NMM, if you dont mind sharing ?
  13. Rogue1138

    03748 Lich - Dark Heaven Legends

    Those skulls, I love them. Little details like that really draw my eye
  14. Rogue1138

    Demonkin (tiefling) Rogue - Darksword

    These guys are cool!
  15. Man I love this style! Amazing as always
  16. Rogue1138

    NecroMancer painted a... Necromancer

    That sword is sweet!
  17. Rogue1138

    Homemade zombie Trex

    Very cool idea!
  18. Rogue1138

    07005 Cairn Wraith

    Looks great!
  19. Rogue1138

    Spring Exchange - Galladon or "Man I hate cursive!"

    Haha awesome!
  20. Rogue1138

    77283: Necromancer

    Thats a bold style of painting that really makes the mini pop!
  21. Rogue1138

    CMON Expo Instructors Speed Painting

    I second the request for more multi-painter showcases. I suppose thats what the Inspiration Gallery is for, but seeing them all in the same shot is very helpful
  22. Rogue1138

    77185 Large Earth Elemental (Magma version)

    Nicely done!
  23. Rogue1138

    Gatormen and Bog Trogs from Widower's Wood

    The various tones of the reptilian hide is just amazing, makes them unique and more organic looking