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  1. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    Brienne of Tarth is definitely one of my favorite characters on GoT. I was disappointed that she was not a Jedi in the SW movies, basically reprising her GoT role but with a lightsaber. A missed opportunity there... Damon.
  2. GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    Well you can't have it both ways. Back in 3rd with their "pamphlet" Codicies a common complaint I saw was that they were too light on fluff. So GW releases more comprehensive books and now the complaint is that they are too expensive. Can't win! Personally I feel GW wastes a lot of space in their books on fluff that is not topical or to-the-point, & would be better served with more information dense fluff. I look at the 3e Necrons codex as a good example. Something that size, & that quality of fluff (maybe a little more by cutting out the hobby pagecount) would be a good place for GW's Codicies. That being said, I DO enjoy hardbacks MUCH more, are more handy when writing lists for me (I don't break the spine of my softback books, and feel aghast about people that do, or abuse their books to the point pages are falling out...). and to be fair GW has dropped the price on most of the books with the current edition ($40 as opposed to $50 for most, except Space Marines), so at least there is a trend going here... Damon.
  3. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    I like a lot of Sandra Garrity's female sculpts. I've been collecting them for a while, especially the earlier ones, for more realistic & sensible (read: not cheesecake) sculpts. I have 2 daughters that play D&D so I'm fairly sensitive to the subject too. Damon.
  4. GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    Personally I'm convinced if they separated army lists from the fluff, the fluff books will just sit, or not sell in enough numbers to justify widespread availability. Damon.
  5. GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    Apparently in one of the promo photos there were some never-before-seen ork models. I couldn't tell personally, but if that's true that bodes well for the greenskins... Damon.
  6. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Man LOVE the Gob-lobber. Never got it when it came out, but managed to acquire one several years ago, though not with all the figures. Use it as a rock lobber in my Dwarf WHFB army. Damon.
  7. Which base size for D&D 5e (Bones) Orc

    I don't have those orcs either, but 25mm is the way to go. I use rounds (makes positioning easier on a crowded board). If the feet hang over a little I tend not to worry much. EM-4 makes good plastic bases, but IIRC Reaper has 25mm rounds too... Damon.
  8. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Warmonger Miniatures (fantasy line from Wargames Foundry) has something similar to the Orc Man-Mangler in the goblin range, if you are so interested... Damon
  9. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Old Glory Miniatures makes a fairly extensive range of generic historical siege equipment under Accessories on their webpage. Damon;
  10. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    The Man-mangler was a classic! I wish I still had mine... Damon.
  11. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    There were plenty of instances where tanks were used in a jungle setting, such as Burma in WWII or Vietnam. So Catachans with armor is not exactly out of character... Damon.
  12. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    Feels like they're testing the waters here. Release a squat for Necromunda, see how it sells. Maybe a full army later if it is well accepted? Damon.
  13. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I think the new elfs look awesome & can't wait for them to come out! Was just working on some dwarfs tonite in fact... I've seen the dragon before and am not super impressed. Can't knock every one out of the park. That being said, it fits with Oathmark's more traditional "low fantasy" & Tolkien-esque aesthetic. I'll probably pick one up at some point, if only to encourage this line more... Damon.
  14. Nephal, Shadow Prince Demon size?

    BTW I have this mini & its a good 'un! Damon.
  15. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    The local meta is different wherever you go. My local WHFB community was laid back & fun to socialize with. Keep in mind that I play or am involved with a lot of games, & have a strong preference for historicals, so my familiarity with tabletop games is waaay more than WHFB or WH40K. With that said, it's not the fluff of KoW that is the problem, but that the rules are just not as flavorful. Like a lot of games KoW had an uptick locally when WHFB was killed & I invested in the core book & one of the expansion army list books. But it died out & I don't see it being played or a call for players on-line. So I'd rather just stick with WHFB even if I solo play. And there is the potential of Oathmark which so far seems to be checking off the boxes for what I want in a fantasy game (we'll see how the magic system works though). Damon.