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  1. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    If you wait long enough, the manufacturer all but confirmed that warg-riding gobbos are in the works. Damon.
  2. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I've been slowly assembling my models & have 10 hobbies with sword n board done, as well as 10 dwarfs with same & 5 with spears. Looking forward to when legs go up! Damon.
  3. Not A-team minis

    I've ordered Foundry straight from the manufacturer's website & gotten good service... Damon
  4. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    I really like Gates & the minis are for the most part pretty cool (I collect Algoryn & Isorians). Unfortunately has not taken off at all locally... Damon.
  5. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I have the dwarfs already & pre-ordered the goblins. Excited about the elfs which should be next up... Damon.
  6. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    Don't know if that is really an Aquilia. Also Tzaangors are a thing that Thousand Sons can take, so not sure how beastmen fit into the current 40K canon. IIRC they hadn't been a part of the game since 1e, and just about everything from 1e was retconned at some point or another (mostly in 2e IIRC). Damon.
  7. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    Take a look at Infinity. Figures are gorgeous for the most part. There is also a 28mm Star Wars game coming out too. Damon.
  8. Star Trek Discovery - is anyone enjoying it?

    It has to do with regions. If CBS had streaming in the UK you wouldn't have Discovery on Netflix either. But since CBS DOES stream in the US, they "block" Discovery from US customers on Netflix. The joys of international borders & markets... Damon.
  9. Star Trek Discovery - is anyone enjoying it?

    If Discovery ever makes it to Netflix I'll probably binge watch it there to pass judgement. But from what I saw of the first ep I'm not going out of my way. Unfortunately I do not think the current custodians of the property are doing a great job with it. Damon.
  10. Star Trek Discovery - is anyone enjoying it?

    Klingon-Romulan Technology Exchange! (...or "We broke the model so...") Damon.
  11. Modern US Army Infantry

    Does it have to be in 28mm? If you go up to 1/35 (approx 52mm) your choices expand exponentially... Damon.
  12. Star Trek in D&D 'Verse

    Unfortunately Holodeck Malfunctions is a bit of a Trek cliche now. Mix in Time Travel for the Trek Cliche Full Monty... Damon.
  13. Star Trek in D&D 'Verse

    Most of that I just made up. But it's a campaign idea I always wanted to do: a mix of fantasy with a hard-SF background. By setting it between the Roms & the Klingons you can get some shenanigans going with them too, as they show up to see WHAT exactly the Feddies are doing. Imagine Klingon warriors skirmishing with Orcs? Sounds like an encounter in the making! Damon.
  14. Star Trek in D&D 'Verse

    How they got there: Out past the interface between Klingon & Romulan space, a Feddie CA finds an extremely low albedo Dyson Sphere, detectable only because of low-band infra-red leaking out into the surrounding space (they "stumble" upon it, explaining why neither Klingons nor Romulans were able to find it!). Beaming down to the inner surface, they discover a world exactly like the D&D-verse, but at a grand scale. The big secret is that it was created by a group of post-Humans from Earth's distant past, that pose as gods & created this environment for scientific/social experimentation, or just fun. It is saturated with nano-bots so any magic or magical creatures are just manipulations of the nano-network if you know the ways (thus allowing the PCs to take levels of wizard FREX). Then, hilarity ensues! Damon.
  15. Star Wars - D6 Version Coming Back

    I'm excited for the new SW Skirmish minis game. Less excited with their template/movement tray squads IMHO. Seems gimmick-ey, like they did with that fantasy game a few years ago. Wondering how dependent the rules are for that? If so maybe I'll just collect & hobby rather than play... Damon.