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  1. BTW, above assumes you can use grenades in overwatch! Damon.
  2. If you look at the stats for the new Uber-marines I posted above, grenades have only a 6" range, well within charge range for a lot of critters (average charge would be 7" on a 2d6). So if all models can toss grenades, it would really punish failed chargers, but OTOH useless against a successful charge...unless you can overwatch fire with grenades (at 3+ BS & a -1 overwatch penalty) at D6 grenades you'd get 3 per model for 15 attacks, half those grenades would hit (7.5) doing an 1 hit each (total 7.5) at S3 (vs T3) for a total of 3.75 wounds that are saveable. If you have a 5+ save then it goes down to 2.475 kills (or 4.95 with a total of 10 tossing models).It does sound pretty powerful (now that my math is correct), but overwhelmingly so? useful against horde armies certainly... Damon.
  3. But OH so satisfying! Damon.
  4. Yes, grenades were added in as a "throwable" weapon in the last edition IIRC, so this continues the trend. Waiting to see if it is a deal where everyone can throw, or just one model.. Damon.
  5. Probably more elite. Thinking something between a regular Marine & a Custodes stat-wise. Stats on the new marines: Damon.
  6. Thousand Sons would be Tzeentch aligned. Damon.
  7. Personally I currently have or collect: 1. Eldar (Saim Hann craftworld...see my avatar pic next to my name, prob around 10K points) 2. Raven Guard Space Marines (easy to paint, cool fluff, not a mainstream Marine faction but still 1st Founding) 3. Necrons (fluff is cool, whether you like vers 1.5 in 3rd ed, or the "new" expanded current fluff) 4. Chaos Space Marines (TWO flavors: CC oriented World Eaters, and more generalist Iron Warriors). I also have a few Grey Knights, Harlequins, Custodes, and Sisters of Battle as allied formations, though the temptation is always there to expand into full-fledged armies... Damon.
  8. Yes, combi weapons have been made worth taking again (assuming the points are good). Damon.
  9. Sisters have been rumored to be getting plastics for several years now, haha! Damon.
  10. Still would like to know more about their mass battle game! I have a box of gnolls I'm sitting on till I find out more about basing, etc. Damon.
  11. Mostly either DBA or Flames of War. The former because I love ancients/medievals & I can build opposing armies easily, and the latter because that is what everyone is playing. I still solo-play (once in a while) Warhammer Ancient Battles. I have Might of Arms (really like these rules, may be OOP) and have Field of Glory. Unfortunately finding non-FoW historical inclined gamers locally is like finding a unicorn in my back yard. Oh they'll long as you supply everything... Damon.
  12. I have not seen a rumor where Blood Angels are getting shafted. I would be interested to see where he got this from. Also the updated map does not get rid of planets or rearrange things at all. But GW IS going to move the story forward, and the new map is part of that. The galaxy is effectively split in half by a massive warp storm. Damon.
  13. I suppose it could be both: However, when I learned of the definitions it was in an SF literature class at Penn State... Damon.
  14. Not sure I have an answer, but I bought multiple Bonesium editions of this figure, with the hope of running something that involves Hordlings of Hades. I even have them color-coded! Damon.
  15. But OTOH while 3e magic item creation may have been too easy, at least there were some concrete rules for it. I remember in our 2e campaign someone wanted to make a magic item of some sort. The DM created this epic quest to get the components for it. It wasn't even a very powerful magic item either (like a +1 magic item, in terms of power level). I'm pretty sure we said "forget it!" I still don't know how to create magic items in 5e... That being said, even in our 3e campaign making magic items were not exactly as described in the previous post, since it effectively took that character out of action for the time being, cost XP (delaying when they leveled up compared to the rest of the party), not to mention the needed resources. This was important because we often play sand-box-y campaigns, so if the character is out creating magic items, then they were not available for the adventure. Even making scrolls was an issue...! Damon.
  16. There MAY have been a blurry picture circulating on the net that MIGHT be the new marines. Personally I thought they were the new starter set marines, though it's possible they can be one and the same... Damon,
  17. "Soft" SF usually refers to SF based on social or "soft" sciences rather than hard sciences. I believe the correct term is "Space Opera" :) Damon.
  18. Speculation is that the split pic used in the rules previews is how the new mega-marines are going to look... Damon.
  19. The aformentioned points balance issue was a big one. But for me, they killed a mass battles game & replaced it with a skirmish game. That poisons the well permanently for me. There were other issues I just didn't care for (stripped down magic system was one, which is being imported into 40K so not thrilled about that). BUT if they had used the current rules mechanics and kept is a ranked mass combat game, & perhaps handle the setting the same way they are handling 40K, I would be complaining much, much less about it. WHFB was my favorite game from GW, and the one I've been playing the longest. While there are alternatives out there (KoW), they often lack the same flavor as WHFB, and frankly I like figure removal as I play historicals where figure removal no longer exists... Damon.
  20. If price is an issue, there is always Ebay or on-line discounters. GW modified their on-line retailer policy, so sources like Miniature Market are going to start selling GW again. I used to get from them GW at 25% off. So if price is an issue, there are ways to alleviate the burden, besides going for the bundles. So here is the Psychic phase: If you are already familiar with how AoS handles it, then you should be familiar with this too... Damon.
  21. That's where all the rich stuff is... Damon.
  22. Our group would go down the well, trigger the ambush, fight our way bloodily until someone would use a magic item in an unintended but unique way, roll well on a random table or two, and leave the DM shaking his head saying "what the elf just happened???" Good times! Damon.
  23. This quoting system in the new forums confuses me... Damon.
  24. Discussion on how weapons work in the new edition: Damon.
  25. I "hobby" for around 1hr a day (this includes painting figures, but also model building...I often have multiple projects I can switch between, while I wait for glue or paint to dry, etc). Lately I have been doing a bit more than that, but try to hit 1hr a day. Definitely helps move projects along... Damon.