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  1. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Man LOVE the Gob-lobber. Never got it when it came out, but managed to acquire one several years ago, though not with all the figures. Use it as a rock lobber in my Dwarf WHFB army. Damon.
  2. Which base size for D&D 5e (Bones) Orc

    I don't have those orcs either, but 25mm is the way to go. I use rounds (makes positioning easier on a crowded board). If the feet hang over a little I tend not to worry much. EM-4 makes good plastic bases, but IIRC Reaper has 25mm rounds too... Damon.
  3. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Warmonger Miniatures (fantasy line from Wargames Foundry) has something similar to the Orc Man-Mangler in the goblin range, if you are so interested... Damon
  4. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    Old Glory Miniatures makes a fairly extensive range of generic historical siege equipment under Accessories on their webpage. Damon;
  5. Any elf catapults available anywhere?

    The Man-mangler was a classic! I wish I still had mine... Damon.
  6. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    There were plenty of instances where tanks were used in a jungle setting, such as Burma in WWII or Vietnam. So Catachans with armor is not exactly out of character... Damon.
  7. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    Feels like they're testing the waters here. Release a squat for Necromunda, see how it sells. Maybe a full army later if it is well accepted? Damon.
  8. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I think the new elfs look awesome & can't wait for them to come out! Was just working on some dwarfs tonite in fact... I've seen the dragon before and am not super impressed. Can't knock every one out of the park. That being said, it fits with Oathmark's more traditional "low fantasy" & Tolkien-esque aesthetic. I'll probably pick one up at some point, if only to encourage this line more... Damon.
  9. Nephal, Shadow Prince Demon size?

    BTW I have this mini & its a good 'un! Damon.
  10. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    The local meta is different wherever you go. My local WHFB community was laid back & fun to socialize with. Keep in mind that I play or am involved with a lot of games, & have a strong preference for historicals, so my familiarity with tabletop games is waaay more than WHFB or WH40K. With that said, it's not the fluff of KoW that is the problem, but that the rules are just not as flavorful. Like a lot of games KoW had an uptick locally when WHFB was killed & I invested in the core book & one of the expansion army list books. But it died out & I don't see it being played or a call for players on-line. So I'd rather just stick with WHFB even if I solo play. And there is the potential of Oathmark which so far seems to be checking off the boxes for what I want in a fantasy game (we'll see how the magic system works though). Damon.
  11. Dark Heaven Apocalypse

    Dang it! After looking at that Casketworks, I had to start a saved Ebay search for Reaper Doom miniatures... Damon.
  12. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    I'll be the dissenter here and say that KoW is rather...boring. Compared to WHFB its lacking in the flavor and character of that game. This is why I am pinning high hopes on Oathmark (plus the minis look 100% better IMHO). Damon.
  13. Dragons

    The old Grenadier Dragons of the Month II were really nice. I still have a few. Some of their Dragons of the Month (first series) were OK, some better than others. A bit more primitive by modern standards however. I base most of mine on 40mm or 50mm rounds. Damon.
  14. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    Just for fun I've been working on an AoS re-write of the rules incorporating WHFB 8th movement rules. Also thought about integrating magic too, but that's more challenging considering how magic works in AoS now (unless I do a complete revamp). Two of my biggest complaints with AoS is, besides ditching the Old World & going Gonzo Fantasy are the skirmish movement rules and the flavor-less magic rules... Damon.
  15. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    I really like the GoA aesthetic, got the rulebook & both Algoryn & Isorians. Alas it failed to even put a dent in the local gamer base... Damon.
  16. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    This. Also the colors are not an exact match either (their Goblin Green has less saturation than the GW Goblin green before the line reboot). I've also noticed subtle differences in their dwarven fleshtone as well. Not that the new GW equivalent is a great match either! With the fleshtones a little variation is OK, but I really liked Goblin Green so the change is more upsetting for me. That and Snakebite... Damon.
  17. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    Much to my chagrin. I still can't find a good substitute for Snakebite Leather. The Vallejo game color paint is pretty good, but not a match! Damon.
  18. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    There are a couple things I will say on this topic, beyond what has already been mentioned. For me, I've been into GW for a loo-oong time. I was collecting their minis since I came across the first blisters of Norse Dwarfs back in the '80s, and still love that era of GW. I didn't star seriously playing or collecting until 4e WHFB & 3e WH40K. I still play 40K today from time to time & am still engaged in the hobby. I don't know if my situation is atypical, but I like a lot of games & miniatures ranges too, but most of those games I cannot reliably find an opponent, or must travel long distances to get a game. I vastly prefer historicals, but if I want to play ancients or medievals, I have to solo game. Same with a lot of other games. The only game I can consistently get opponents for is 40K (I could also get opponents for Warmahordes, but I think the minis look stupid so don't play). I've tried tactics like building 2 armies for a ruleset & roping friends & other local gamers into trying it out (often the response I get is "well that's a cool game, but I think I'm going to stick with Warmahordes, etc"), so unless I want to solo game, 40K is where it is at now. That being said, there has been a noticeable change in the corporate culture at GW that I think may warrant another look at the game & product lines. I think time will tell, but there may be a turn-around in the making for GW returning them to a more gamer friendly company. Lastly this doesn't stop me from trying to promote other games (I am going whole hog into Oathmark based only on the strength of the figures & experience with Frostgrave). But I don't forsee a change in the local ecosystem, so 40K is still a useful game to play. Damon.
  19. Announced today, WHFRPG is coming back, based on 1e & 2e, not the lamentable 3e...! http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?4139-Games-Workshop-And-Cubicle-7-Announce-Warhammer-Fantasy-Role-Play-4th-Edition#.WSW70Ovytpg Damon.
  20. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    If you wait long enough, the manufacturer all but confirmed that warg-riding gobbos are in the works. Damon.
  21. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I've been slowly assembling my models & have 10 hobbies with sword n board done, as well as 10 dwarfs with same & 5 with spears. Looking forward to when legs go up! Damon.
  22. Not A-team minis

    I've ordered Foundry straight from the manufacturer's website & gotten good service... Damon
  23. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    I really like Gates & the minis are for the most part pretty cool (I collect Algoryn & Isorians). Unfortunately has not taken off at all locally... Damon.
  24. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I have the dwarfs already & pre-ordered the goblins. Excited about the elfs which should be next up... Damon.
  25. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    Don't know if that is really an Aquilia. Also Tzaangors are a thing that Thousand Sons can take, so not sure how beastmen fit into the current 40K canon. IIRC they hadn't been a part of the game since 1e, and just about everything from 1e was retconned at some point or another (mostly in 2e IIRC). Damon.