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  1. German machine gunners were also often issued a pistol for self defense as well. Vehicle crews would often have them as well as a couple MPs (for close defense & for picket & guard duty, shared by the entire crew). IIRC... Damon.
  2. Have to research it & see what the -PFM addec but thanks for the heads up! Damon.
  3. Me too. It's called bills... :) Damon.
  4. Haha, you have a lot more discipline than I do! Damon.
  5. I think I still have Hawkmoon sitting around someplace! I dunno if I would call them terrible, though. A lot of those older GW miniatures have a lot of charm, IMHO. One of my favorite eras for that company. Lots of good memories there... Damon.
  6. No pics and no description beyond "MiG-21" so I have no idea what I would get! Damon.
  7. Announced today, WHFRPG is coming back, based on 1e & 2e, not the lamentable 3e...! Damon.
  8. For professional research purposes of course... Damon.
  9. I don't think I ever played at a store that enforced the idea that GW figs could only be used in GW games. I don't think I ever played at a store that enforced only GW figs with GW games either. Perhaps I'm lucky in that regard, but I still remember a player that used AAV7A1 models for Rhinos in-store... Damon.
  10. The PF has 2 missile rails & an air search radar (longer nosecone) with no guns, whereas the Bis has 4 missile rails, longer nosecone, gun pod, & saddle tank bulge, so a few differences. I know some people are like "well MiG-21, good enough for me!" but there are enough visual differences here, like fielding M4s when you should have M4A3E8s... I believe Raiden has -F-13s available, which would work for early Vietnam scenarios... Damon.
  11. Yeah 1/285 is probably where I'm going to go. Still no MiG-21PFs. May have to resort to -F-13s which I think the NVAF had at one point early on. So I could run MiG-21F vs F-8E Crusader games, which would be heckuva fun (F-8 is one of my favorite aircraft of all time!), rather than MiG-21PF vs F-4D/E Phantoms for a Linebacker scenario... Damon.
  12. I've been thinking about picking up the Jet Age version to do Vietnam/Arab-Israeli War dogfights, but haven't yet. Also haven't solidly decided on scale either (I was going to use cheap 1/144 scale plastic models, but finding a MiG-21PF in this scale was a challenge). Damon.
  13. That's a pretty early mandatory retirement! Damon.
  14. Merchant 3rd Officer Bo Ivanov 4725B4 Age 34 4 terms Cr45,000 Skills: Electronics-1, Medical-2, Pilot-1, Shotgun-2, Streetwise-1, Vacc Suit-2 Benefits: Low Passage Service History: Attempted to enlist in Navy. Enlistment denied. Drafted into merchants. Commissioned during first term of service. Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Voluntarily reenlisted for fourth term. Promoted to 3rd Officer. Chose not to reenlist after fourth term. At least I dodged the scouts bullet! Damon.
  15. I'd love to see some of those sculpts finally see the light of day. I participated in the Center Stage kickstarter for the Demodands they were going to do. Doubt I will ever see them now (someone took over the fulfillment IIRC, but still no product in my hands)... Also would love to see the Guthrie sculpts get into someone else's hands. I didn't get a chance to buy all of them from Mega Minis... Damon.
  16. Really not sure why people have such a problem with this. GW is out to promote it's own games & miniatures, not someone else's. Mentioning the competition in official communications with your customer base is not a good way to conduct things. I work for one of the biggest credit & risk management companies in the US & maybe the world, but no where in our official communications outside the organization do we ever mention Experian, FREX, or any of our competition (unless they are a risk, haha!) Damon.
  17. May be a deal to increase product exposure as said above. repackages a lot of kits for the German & wider markets. Used to be a lot of Italeri kits, but these days they're repackaging a lot of Eastern European/Russian kits for the domestic market, so they are an old hand at this... Damon.
  18. There was a legal issue with GW's ownership of the Chaos god Malal, so they cannot use that particular character. The old story about squats is that when 2e rolled around, they got their own army list, but when it came around to updating the army & giving them new stuff & a fleshed out list, no one knew or wanted to do anything with them, so they were dropped. I'm personally not bothered about it, since I never liked the models or the "feel" that was developed around them, so I don't miss them at all... Damon.
  19. Not quite like the old days, since infantry must dismount BEFORE the transports move. So if you get them close enough that debussed infantry can assault, also means there will be a turn where they can be shot up. In the glory days of 3e, transports could move, infantry disembark & THEN assault (called Rhino Rush). This edition puts the nix on that abuse... Damon.
  20. This is how I've been doing regular marines for 2 decades (since 3e came out & their repop of the core marines)... Damon.
  21. So I got my stuff. I'm still not sold on Primaris SMs, & never liked Nurgle, so no boxed set for me. Instead I got the rulebook and ALL 5 Indicies. Yes, some of these will be made "obsolete" over time, but I'm betting Imperial Agents section won't be for a lo-ong time (if ever, it's the one with the Sisters of Battle). Also all 5 are good to have to get an idea what the "other" side is bringing to the table... Also noticed that regular SMs can now field Contemptor dreadnaughts. I feel a Forgeworld order coming on for a Raven Guard Contemptor... Damon.
  22. Dunno, but my FLGS told me the same thing, so there might be some truth to this. This is a the same store that took the time out to email me personally to thank me for my business and lavish spending habits, that helped them get off the ground in the early years. So there is a big fat F (in the good sense) in front of that LGS for me... Damon.
  23. Just sticking to the rules & ALL of the Indicies... Damon
  24. Not getting the cube either, but definitely looking at the core rules and DEFINITELY looking at the minis! Probably going to buy over a couple months for the first release. It's gonna be expensive few months! Damon.