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  1. sorry forgot what I was doing. I deleted the photo of the stuff I added to the box
  2. 1st picture of what I took second of what I'm adding it was neat to see some 3d printed items
  3. and it has been recived. I'll try and have it shipped again shortly
  4. I had a blast last time so I'd like to participate again USA based (Pennsylvania) I'd like to Ship domestic I'd rather not be a box starter
  5. Gamingdog

    Reapercon BoGW?

    when will we be allowed to sign up for the next box? and when do you think the 7th round of BoGW will start? I really like being part of the last round
  6. Gamingdog

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    retro 1930's or 1950's sci fi adventures and villians
  7. I'm happy with them. What's your opinion
  8. Gamingdog

    Flesh Gollum

    Painted bones miniature
  9. I'm getting older and started using a head mounted magnifier to paint miniatures about a year ago. It's great I use it all the time. And recently decided to get a newer one perhaps with a light as the one I'm currently use dosn't have a light. So I starter to look at what's available educating myself as to what's a good brand differences in lens strength and so on and I came across this video. In the video the presenter mention potential health issues that can arise from over using these magnifiers. I've never heard of that before so decided to search the internet for studies about that very thing. I can't seem to find anything so decided to ask the TMP community about it. Do you use these magnifiers? How long? Have you had any adverse health issues? But more importantly dose anyone has a link to any clinical studies on this issue and the results of those studies. I really want to use the magnifiers properly and not overuse them if there are health risks involved but they are very useful so I don't want to give them up entirely either
  10. Gamingdog

    2017 Summer Exchange

    I'm glad you like it
  11. Gamingdog

    yo joe

    And knowing is half the battle
  12. Gamingdog

    yo joe

    some stuff I'm working on. victory forge miniatures and stuff off of thingiverse and a few commisioned models
  13. Gamingdog

    2017 Summer Exchange

    I'm done. I'll have this in the mail this week hopefully. shipping this to Clarksville IN. tomorrow. Friday the 25th
  14. Gamingdog

    2017 Summer Exchange

    wip for the exchange. I just need to highlight the maine and do something with the base