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  1. fulfilling

    I agree with that there was a vague mention of a U.K. Branch of the company in a update a long while ago. But it may have been for CAV 2 or the other Kickstarter
  2. fulfilling

    I think the delay is sweetened by the lack of import duty for most people. It's more the lack of comms and movement once delivered to the uk which is frustrating.
  3. fulfilling

    One order in the UK has been posted today?
  4. fulfilling

    I agree managing expectations is hard when they are so close to being delivered.
  5. fulfilling

    I've seen that as well.
  6. fulfilling

    Well let's see what happens in the coming few days. It would be nice to improve as this will take a while.
  7. fulfilling

    I wasn't aware the tracker was in use. What's the link to it again?
  8. fulfilling

    Is there any update on the location of the ships? The lack of news is mildly stressful.
  9. I have the box as well, I havent played since 4th edition and sold my original models on eBay years ago. Planning to do a Blood Angles army. This was the first chapter I collected. I really like some of the new ones as well.
  10. Its more of do I go back to making a Blood Angles army, or not.
  11. Picked up a copy of Dark Imperium whilst I wait for the bones to get to the uk. Now I have to decide what colour to paint them.
  12. Whilst waiting for my Bones 3 to brave the perilous journey across the sea to the EU I have decided to paint up other models from other kick staters. Not only to play with but to try and make some inroads into the "pile" of 20 models. Here are three such models from a recent Kickstarter by Thunderchild Miniatures. These snails inhabited an underground world under what's left of a post apocalyptic modern world. I like these models as the are very quirky and have some character. Hopefully I can do them justice. First of all they have been washed, sprayed grey and then I have given the metal areas a thinned coat of black. The biggest of the three, the snail is a single casting. There is a separate throne to this model. as always comment welcome.
  13. Goremaw looks great, I cannot wait to get mine in the UK soon.
  14. Great start I can't wait to see how this goes.
  15. I'm about just been mad busy with work.