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  1. I like the shield. Really nicely done.
  2. Is it worth keeping it in the eu after shipping it from the uk so it could come to me then Holland, Italy back to alchemist then paintybeard?
  3. We need a plan. I am happy to ship to Glitterwolf in Holland. But who else wants to set the running order? we need to recognise it need to go via alchemist after visiting other people, so there are things worth looking at/taking.
  4. Lazylathe's painting adventures...

    Very nice selection of colours on those goblins.
  5. Heresy Minatures Heroes and Monsters

    A couple painting sessions and I am up to the following point. The younger elf warrior is complete and ready for basing. I am now on the final hero of this batch before I move back to some other undead. This time it’s a forest mage. so far the base colours are in place. As always comments welcome.
  6. 03500, Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

    I really like the base. It adds so much to the model.
  7. canuckotter tackles some Necrons

    Nice work. I have a couple of Necrons on the go. But most of these are eBay purchases that need a bit of smartening up.
  8. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    These are looking great. I need to find mine and get them painted up too.
  9. Bears Head Miniatures - Undead Rhino

    Very nice model. What’s it made from looks like pvc or similar to bones?
  10. 03843 Aurelio Endrino, Druid

    Very nice work.
  11. Heresy Miniatures - Maggotmen

    And the last post here for today is a set of nasty looking Maggotmen by Heresy Miniatures. These will form part of my Dragon Rampant army at some point, similar to Ghouls they feast upon the corpses of their victims. A simple painting scheme was used and the models were left gloss to give them a wet look. Thanks for looking and as always comments welcome.
  12. 50213 - Zombie Strippers

    I was up in the loft and came across some models I had bought for a skirmish game a while ago. I decided to paint them up to a tabletop standard. And here they are; three zombies. These could be used in a number of games. Surprised when I searched on the forum there wasn’t other examples of these models painted. Thanks for looking, as always comments welcome.
  13. Heresy Miniatures Heros

    Here is a selection for three heroes for use in Frostgrave or other such games. I really like like the sculpts, and think I have done a reasonable job on the painting. Thanks for looking as always comments welcome.
  14. Dungeon Saga undead.

    Another set of undead model used for alternative sources for my Dragon Raman’s Army. I painted up a selection keeping the colours simple. I opted to keep them on their bases so they can be reused in Dungeon Saga. Thanks for looking, comments welcome.
  15. Zombicide Black Plague models.

    Continuing with more models for my Dragons Rampant army I grabbed a selection of models from Zombiecide. These are well detailed and painted up well for archers, zombies and skeletons. These are are painted using a limited pallete to keep them simple and easy to paint. I kept the basing simple as well. thanks for looking as always comments welcome.