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  1. Jasper paints 15mm Ancient Historics

    Looks like you have started them before me. I still have lost from the first 2 Kickstarters have bowed out of this one and try not to look at the updates in case I crack.
  2. I’m still about and happy to join I again. Got plenty of models to off load ( at least according to my wife) if we can get enough interest within the eu area that may keep the thread active.
  3. Forged In Battle's War & Empire III: Dark Ages, now live

    I am watching this one. Went in heavy on the previous 2 and still haven’t painted much yet.
  4. 60194 Kul-Inkit, female barbarian

    Amazing work. The eyes are unbelievable.
  5. Bones 3 Graveyard Carrion Worm

    Thanks it is a very nice beastie to paint. The detail on the base is great as well.
  6. Bones 3 Graveyard Carrion Worm

    Some more progress on the Carrion Worm today, the rocks were painted and the base painted and drybrushed with my normal 3 colour scheme. The worm is now sealed and ready for some static grass and tufts. Thanks for looking.
  7. Dreadmere Begins...

    Some lovely work on show here. I really like the detail you have got in the faces.
  8. Crowley's Yeti Speed Paint

    They look great. Good work.
  9. Here is another semi WIP thread for another Bones 3 model. My youngest son had painted him in a nice coat of ultramarine blue and had left him. I then have the fun task of finishing it off to some reasonable level. So so after a couple of coats green and some dry brushing I got to this stage. I am actually really happy how this turned out. I am not sure I would have attempted the blue under the green, but it seems to work well. Anyway onto the base, didn't realise how much detail it had. As always comments welcome.
  10. Four Ghosts for my army.

    Continuing with my undead army for lions rampant I pulled the following models out of my two graveyard sets from the bones 3 Kickstarter. These will be an ideal unit of wights or ghosts for my army. I kept the paint scheme simple and these are the results. Happy with a good start to the year in terms of painting, although doing an identical scheme could be considered cheating. models have have now been sealed and ready for some static grass. As always comments welcome.
  11. December painting tally

    I haven’t been that active on the forum in recent months. But I have still been busy painting my models. In the last months I pushed through and painted a number of models. The reaper models have been painted to tabletop standard. These will be used for my Dragons Rampant undead army. At at the same time I have two Games Workshop armies to paint my Necrons and Blood Angles. These two units were purchased off eBay. As as always comments welcome. Next year I plan to take more photos.
  12. 77636: Death Shroud

    Great conversion here.
  13. GW Warbuggy

    I used to have this model. A very nice kit. Your paint scheme works really well and looks epic.