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  1. Very nice looking dragon and base.
  2. My first thoughts are a combination of white and khaki for a the body and to of the wings with the underside pink. May try wet blending on it as well.
  3. Not the best will have to take advantage of the black as well. So Punk Rock Pink it is then. And I plan to do the 3 star challenge. I also plan to use Kyphrixis.
  4. Well after following this phenomenon for a while I have decided to paint a dragon. I rolled the following. so the only issue I have is what colour to use instead of blush pink. I have the the following four colours to choose from. from left to right: Warlock Purple Punk Rock Pink Pink Horror Tentacle Pink i think Punk Rock is the closest.
  5. Great work.
  6. Very nice work on display here.
  7. Complete all zones,

    I agree with that there was a vague mention of a U.K. Branch of the company in a update a long while ago. But it may have been for CAV 2 or the other Kickstarter
  8. Complete all zones,

    I think the delay is sweetened by the lack of import duty for most people. It's more the lack of comms and movement once delivered to the uk which is frustrating.
  9. Complete all zones,

    One order in the UK has been posted today?
  10. Complete all zones,

    I agree managing expectations is hard when they are so close to being delivered.
  11. Complete all zones,

    I've seen that as well.
  12. Complete all zones,

    Well let's see what happens in the coming few days. It would be nice to improve as this will take a while.
  13. Complete all zones,

    I wasn't aware the tracker was in use. What's the link to it again?
  14. Complete all zones,

    Is there any update on the location of the ships? The lack of news is mildly stressful.
  15. I have the box as well, I havent played since 4th edition and sold my original models on eBay years ago. Planning to do a Blood Angles army. This was the first chapter I collected. I really like some of the new ones as well.