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  1. That's excellent! The doors are especially good.
  2. Live

    Yeah...that video. Some of the models look pretty cool though. Like a way-toned-down Kingdom Death. But now there's one thing I can't get out of my head: African "corP." It hurts us...
  3. Hard to say. The concept art has it pointing straight towards a point about 45 degrees forward and roughly between the legs, as one would hold a spear. There's another shot of the actual model that looks more like the spear is held horizontal in front of the body. I'll play around with mine and update. Edit/Addendum: Yeah, the spear arm should point to the front of the golem, and is held horizontally. It should be totally straight, except for the anchor part that does curve back to the center of the model. Hope that helps! Gotta say, I really love this model.
  4. I'd eat that. (I actually really like that tone of blue and the effect you achieved on him--though I think the tint may give the lie to his invisibility.)
  5. I still drybrush rocks and such too. But I also use a wash/glaze. Railroad modelers (and I since I learned this way) paint the rocks white, then glaze 2 or 3 different colors on top--some in different areas, some overlapping, all while still wet. Usually an ochre, a medium to dark brown, and a very dark brown or black comprise the glaze colors. Be sloppy and let the paint go where it wants to. Sometimes I basecoat black with everything else, then drybrush heavily with white or a pale gray, THEN play with some very thin washes/glazes.
  6. Great blending, and I love those sculpts! The warrior's authentic high guard isn't something you see much in the mini world.
  7. What kind of glue were you using? Usually super glue on Bones is forever... Also, digging the paint so far!
  8. I think he's gorgeous! Spicy mustard would provide an eye-catching contrast to the violets and blues, so I support that route. Great eyes (and everything) on him!
  9. Oven cleaner? Eww... Gotta say though, she looks....uh. Her PAINT JOB looks fantastic! She...she looks like Harley Quinn and a space marine had a lovechild that was raised by a drug-addled Eldar scorpion. Kudos!
  10. Looks cool so far. I think some depth would make it pop. Get some highlights on her skin--even if you stop short of making her look distinctly Anglo as the concept art. Some strong contrast, as in Tjrez's photos, would help. Just deep wash, maybe of deep purple or a midnight blue, and some very small but stark highlighting (as in, go almost to white and just get the highest points. As for the lightning. I get a watery feel too, in which case you've got it already. If lightning, reverse the colors so the deepest areas are the brightest pure white you can get, then "highlight" to the ridges with the darkest colors you want (probably on the end of turquoise or violet).
  11. Fulfilling

    I consider the last update to be all I really need for at least another week, besides my daily "Is the update up yet!?" check. That in itself tells me that Reaper is busy at doing the best they can to get things to us. I'll throw in my experience with Reaper to state that I am 0% worried that anything is amiss or that we won't get our toys soon. This is a normal delay for such a massive Kickstarter, even for a company who's run several before. On the idea of diplomacy, or as we in the South call it, being neighborly, Reaper is composed at least 90% of people (approx. the same proportion of Soylent Green), who have homes and families and need of rest and peace of mind. To the angry people: Please remember to stay respectful, even when angry. To Reaper: Thanks for everything, and I'm silly stoked to get these when they get here! Cheers!
  12. Could cut pieces off and then mix a bit of dust or extremely fine sand/grit with the basecoat of paint to get some texture. I like the idea of abusing them with rocks for texture too.
  13. Typically I use a wet palette with dish soap in the brush-cleaning cup--seems like the tiniest bit of soap helps avoid the dreaded ring of death at the edge of very thin paint. If I'm really blending a lot I've been doing 1/8-1/4 of Flow Improver (basically matte medium), either Reaper's or another bottle I have. For bigger or darker pieces I mix in either Future/Pledge floor wax or the clear liquid (does have the slightest yellow tint on its own) that separated from some house paint that froze. I haven't played with drying retarder or....lahmian medium? Vas is das? Sounds fun.
  14. Wet palette? The answer (since the time I learned how to make one) is yes--like, always. My current one is made from a hinged plastic container that some fresh herbs came in, parchment paper, and some sponge/foam similar to what metal miniatures are packed with (but mine's beige-ish). Works GREAT!
  15. That's a bummer to wake up to. He will be missed...