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  1. BLZeebub

    New Bones Dungeon Dwellers Colors: How to Use

    Alright alright already! I bought the new paint sets. I hope there's some bomb candy in my ghoulie bag too! (Thanks for the ideas!)
  2. BLZeebub

    Mr. Blobby

    Maybe a relative of Galubs? Those are the D&D rock guys, right? Eyagh, that thing's already haunting me. Looks like someone evil who's been cursed with that form, but is so full of hate that being turned into a monstrosity barely registers to him...
  3. BLZeebub

    Breast Cancer Pink Paint question

    As long as that one miniature costs over $40, yes you'll get the ghoulie bag and pink paint.
  4. BLZeebub

    New Pumpkinhead Folk in the Works

    Pumpkin season is the best season. Still loving everything you do!
  5. OK, learned a few things already! I was hoping the dark green would end up a bit fluffier-looking, like clouds, rather than stippling, but it will be largely obscured in the end anyway. I think my previous layers have actually made a water-tight enough seal that new layers don't absorb as water-colors, but pool as if painting a mini. Hence the effect here, sort of beading. It'll work for now though. The purple was my first hard lesson. Confirmed above discovery, for one. I tried to really get a good gradient from quite thinned to solid pigment, but it pooled badly and never dried--luckily it pooled so much I could wipe it off. Next attempt at purple, I went with a much drier solution and got essentially the desired effect. In the left two blotches of purple, my intent is most evident. Up next: The final-ish coats of greys and blacks. I'm thinking these may be nearly straight paint, rather than thinned. I plan to essentially dry-brush over what I have--just with more of a poking/blotting action, rather than dragging over the paper.
  6. That's the plan. Once I find a good medium I want a nice, nebular looking one (this one), a golden/parchment colored one, and the third to be determined. Once I'm in the flow, I want to actually have a stone wall, a forest, and probably various combinations of those. Maybe even a generic steampunk style one--pipes and smoke and stuff. Just nothing too interesting or contrasting, so as not to take away from the actual minis.
  7. So... I haven't posted anything that I've painted lately. Partly this is because I haven't finished anything, and I hate to start a WIP and leave it that way. Another part is I don't like the photos I've taken sans background, so I'm making a few of these in various colors. Finally, I think completing some simple projects will help me get back into the swing of sitting down and painting again. I purchased two grades of water-color paper from my local art shop and a bunch of cheap "art paper" from a box store (for practice). This is the cheaper paper taped to my desk. When wet it wants to curl and will hold a ripple until it completely dries--tape nullifies this. Currently this has a coat of watered down gesso to provide it with "tooth," essentially priming it. Then I mixed some cheap art paints to the proper color (this was much more teal in my mind...), thinned with a little water and a little more of the clear liquid I skimmed from some long-frozen house paint (it lets me thin the pigment without making it too watery). I applied this with one of those angles grey foam brushes--for this step, the lines don't matter. The next step (pics forthcoming) I used a fat makeup brush so there aren't paint strokes evident. The end goal is for this one to be rather dark overall, like a false-colored nebula or clouds of varying colors. This blue will only be seen in sparse glimpses. Enjoy, and more to come... like tonight maybe. Second layer added and dry. The gold will only be sparsely visible in the end as well; a contrast to both the blue and the greys coming. Any comments, critiques, advice are supremely welcome!
  8. BLZeebub

    Size Question

    160mm sounds right for Khanjira/Tarrasque (fun fact: Tarrasque is based off the *real* Tarasque of Provence, France!). Easy way to figure would be to measure the longest dimension of his built-in base and use that as they base diameter. I think a 120 or even 100 might work for Cthulhu.
  9. BLZeebub

    I need a name for this cat

    Mithrandir, or Mith for short, easy. Ooh, or Mithril...
  10. BLZeebub

    03439: Dicarus Darksword -- Pinning Issue

    Cauliflower/broccoli, tomato/deadly nightshade... If it's a plastic mini, just superglue or greenstuff is fine. I've had to drill (pin vise, not electric) some sketchy little holes only a mm or two into a heel to pin Depending on the model and your intent, you can cheat a little and build up the base close enough to the leg to have, for instance, a rock that is also glued to the mini for support. If all else fails, you can drill into his body somewhere (crotch, cape...), pin that securely, and hide it with tall grass or shrubs. Hope that helps. I think a lot of us know your pain. If you get a good pin vise set you should have some drills small enough for even halfling legs though.
  11. BLZeebub

    Fat Wyvern (Conversion)

    I like it! Thag would be proud, were he still with us!
  12. BLZeebub

    The Ancient Evil - Cthulhu mythos miniatures

    I don't remember mindflayer's from the mythos, but these look pretty good.
  13. BLZeebub

    "I'm Not Done" Diorama

    I LOVE the Bones III Core Set box. Great touch to an already pretty sweet little dio.
  14. BLZeebub

    3d printed Yoda

    Looks like a full color version of the holograms it does! Excellent! (Also brings to mind Pug/Tonberry, now that I look at him)
  15. BLZeebub

    Yet More Mushrooms, insane numbers of pics

    Waaah! That one looks like an old (ogre) lady--with the muscaria bonnet. But I really like the Lactarius indigo below it. And all of them.