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  1. That might work, but I was thinking Greenstuff (or some kind of sculpting putty). Sculpting flames is pretty easy--you essentially start with a blob and tease flames out of it with tweezers or something pointy or both. Maybe start with this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5TSMo3T-DM
  2. I'd reeeally like to see the rest of that base in flames, if you know what I mean...
  3. I started this in a WIP and have finally finished my first background for taking pictures. This one is made with fairly lightweight watercolor paper. I taped it down tight, primed with gesso, and built up from light to dark layers (all cheap craft paints). The concept was for the whole thing to appear nebulous, as a dark cloud with obscured lighter flashes. I think it turned out pretty close to my vision. The half-painted creatures are just my first test shot with the background. My phone camera did occasionally try to focus on the background, so on the next attempt (some kind of brighter theme) I will try to soften the edges (paint started to dapple on the blacks and grays). What do you think? WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83003-attempting-to-paint-generic-backgrounds-for-miniature-photography/&tab=comments#comment-1760821 For those curious, the bug is primed in Reaper brush on primer, black, and it's carapace has two coats of Golden's Interference (purple-green) paint. Boxy is clean Bones, primed with Brown Liner with Old West Rose fleshy bits. They'll get their own WIP soon.
  4. BLZeebub

    A Faerie Dragon & Friends

    Aww, it's like the Jabberwock's simple, vorpal-dodging but sweet nephew who never learned to bite or catch.
  5. BLZeebub

    Mag's Minions

    Dual-wielding finger guns? That Petruchio's one wily character. Great work! I haven't seen Mags before.
  6. BLZeebub

    Let's ... errrr ... try ... airbrushing a garage kit

    I second the idea of blue hair. For some reason it seems right, though in my mind it's a truer, more vibrant blue than the screenshot (at least as it looks on my computer). I see white or very pale/pastel robes with a strongly contrasted...whatever the split part of her clothing is called. Tunic? I could also see Auberon's suggestion--pink anime is pretty cool. Pink hair, deep purplish robes with silver and/or black trim? Might want to bust out a color wheel and play around with swatches.
  7. BLZeebub

    Gnome cultist?

    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome mage/sku-down/60047 First guy who popped into my head. Noticed it's a male. Though you could probably give him a decent shave and shade to change him. Then: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome female/sku-down/89027 Or Cassie, a personal fave: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome female/sku-down/03340 And one I just noticed, searching Reaper for "gnome, female:" (could be my new fave) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome female/sku-down/60178
  8. BLZeebub

    Plastic Model Kits

    Maybe a light coating of oil/grease/lubricant in the area where paint would contact paint? I think that would allow movement for nearly indefinitely, but may stop the joint from sticking when you want it to--ie, when you want to position an arm up.
  9. I assume you're rolling something around the base, so the tube/mold part is taken care of. How about some actual sealant--silicone caulk or the like? If you have a fairly water-tight clay or putty (plumber's putty comes to mind as it shouldn't absorb liquids easily), you can wrap your base, press it into the putty so it blocks the edge of your plasticard, and pull the mini and tube out later.
  10. Just for my own peace of mind: I responded in a thread about the Bones version of Judas and mentioned the old version of him--in metal, standing on a tall, integrated decorative base, complete with chain and human victim/slave. No one in that thread seemed to recall such a miniature. Did I totally make that up--that he originally came with a victim? Am I thinking of something different? I just vividly recall trying to figure out how the Hells his cape went, and whether he was supposed to be holding the chain in his hand or the cape. I went with cape in hand, as it looked excellent that way. @Reaper? Anyone? Has the madness begun?
  11. Good call. I did this on my old metal Judas as well, as it was the only way that made any sense to me. I got him pre-internet days (at least before I used it to look things up on the reg) when I couldn't see the reference photo in the Reaper store. Didn't the metal version come with an actual chain and a scantily clad lady.
  12. BLZeebub

    Fancy Wallpaper

    Lowes Hardware (probably Home Depot, maybe even WalMarts) used to carry a selection of textured wallpaper. None that I frequent do any more. Used to be, you could take samples with you even. I found it tricky to paint with my usual techniques though. If you find some, seal it somehow before any kind of wash, else it absorbs and disperses, rather than settling in the recesses. Maybe you could find some at a wall-covering-specific store? Are there even wallpaper stores?
  13. Yeah, the end goal is to not have any obvious hard edges, but to slightly lighten toward the midground. I may just go with charcoals/pastels for the next lot, as thinning/washing on paper is waaay different from on minis. This darker layer kind of spotted up and developed a bit of a sheen as well, which didn't thrill me. I think your idea of having the background a bit farther than usual will knock it out of focus enough to work a few times though.
  14. Starting to look more like my vision. Added the first of a few darker, greyer layers of stippling--with that fat old brush pictured. Trying to make sure none of the actual strokes are apparent, as this should look cloudy or smoky in the end. I have added another layer, but it's still wet at the moment. More to come! Let me know what you think!