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  1. BLZeebub

    Removing commercial paint

    You could experiment with some things on a sacrificial piece... See if Simple Green, brake fluid, or some commercial paint stripper will soften it enough. I'd imagine anything that would strip that paint would also ruin said figure's surface, as the djinn suggests. Brush on primer for the painted bits and rejoice that at least she has transparent hair?
  2. BLZeebub

    Grey Bones

    I thought the grey bonesium was a stiffer, more brittle, variation--used for terrain and buildings. Holds crisper detail, but isn't as flexible. Maybe I can find a source for that besides sloppy notes scribbled in crayon on the dusty shelves of my mind... Edit: Quote from Reaper in Update #13 for Bones III: " These weapons will be produced in rigid Bonesium - similar to our bases, but in a lighter color (a pale gray)." Later the BFG and Cemetery sets will be of the same material.
  3. Part of why my shelf of shame is so well-populated! My two cents: Her breastplate, to me, appears to be of some soft material--probably leather/suede. I wouldn't imagine a duelist to wear heavy armor really. I think she'd look good in metal as well, but I think the intent was for "soft" armor, like leather. As for the thing on her belt, I believe that's just a frog--a ring to slide her sword through--often made from leather it could be a metal ring too. The plates on her swords are part of the guard--think of them as minimalist baskets if you will. So made of maybe the same metal as the crossguard and pommel. Hope that helps!
  4. BLZeebub

    Micron Pens for eyes

    I use a Micron 02 for when I just want the eyes to get done. Not sure what the really good people use (the ones winning Golden Demons, painting convincing multi-spot anime style eyes, the ones making photorealistic eyes), but micros are great for getting significantly above tabletop quality in eyes with usually less fuss than a brush. Great for outlining/sketching freehand designs too. Edit: Just remembered a more consistent tool I've heard recommended (haven't quite gotten to try mine yet)--nail dotting tools. They're basically tiny spheres on a thin shaft handle--all the advantages of a minuscule tip, plus you can use normal paint.
  5. BLZeebub

    Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

    Glad they chose the golden age Chun Li--fit, but feminine, instead of ultra-powerlifter Chun Li with track suit.
  6. BLZeebub

    Runic Incisions

    These look deep enough you might could paint the incisions first, then the stone. You may want to begin with a bright/white undercoat, at least for the cuts, so whatever color you use stands out more. Usually I use the above methods--paint it all (maybe still painting the cracks bright first) then use an ink/wash to slide into the crevices. If you're quick and careful, you can even sometimes wipe some of the excess/spill away. But I almost always have to touch up a little after that.
  7. BLZeebub

    Reaper 25th Anniversary Diorama

    Ooh, looks like he's gonna be mostly in the dark. I like this...
  8. BLZeebub

    RIP Harold Thomson

    Deeds make a hero, if only one person realizes it. RIP Harold
  9. BLZeebub

    Requesting some help with Asian skin tones

    It's a little macabre, but for the zombie, just do a search for "freshly dead body," and some useful images will result. You can also enter a certain length of time (eg: 5 days). Might need to look into some forensic videos/pages for the specifics. On Asian skin, as above--depends on which part. I assume you're thinking southern Chinese, the "yellow" skin tone (japanese and northern Chinese can be very pale, whereas Laotians and Indians can look downright mahogany), so the Golden Skin Triad is probably a good place to start. And as Xiwo stated, Power Palette is awesome if you have a reference pic. Third option I just noticed: makeup tutorials for specific tones. Those will give you several reference layers to work with as well, plus weird ideas (purple in the shadows, looking at you) you may not have considered.
  10. BLZeebub

    debasing miniatures

    Almost went there. Glad someone picked up the baton for me.
  11. BLZeebub

    debasing miniatures

    If it's a natural scene you can just flock/greenstuff/debris over the broccoli to blend it into your new base. For bonesium, side cutters or "nippy" cutters work very well. An xacto blade or scalpel can suffice too (careful!), with the added bonus of being able to cut down into the broccoli so that you don't get the flat feet that the Hunter mentioned.
  12. BLZeebub

    Kev!'s Massive Darkness - 053 - Iron Golem

    Superb camouflage is one of the iron golem's many strengths. Despite the ear-splitting sound of creaking metal and the reverberation of its footstomps on the stones, it is extremely stealthy for a man the size of a small car.
  13. BLZeebub

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    Just found out we've lost another hero of space and time. May his work light the way to our future.
  14. BLZeebub

    Snow globes and painted minis

    Since it will be submerged in a liquid, you can seal it with gloss sealer as well. Through water you won't be able to see the reflection of light on the miniature's surfaces, so being glossy won't obscure the details. I'm sure there's a more succinct scientific name for that phenomenon, but I don't know it. It's why we can seal a glossy mini with matte and it still look matte (ish) at the end of the day.