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  1. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    My photo is correct, or at least not mirrored. I was kind of wondering that myself.
  2. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    My hero! And here I am, waiting for this Kickstarter too! The boys at my FLGS will be pleased, and so will I! @Reaper forumites in general: I knew you guys could do it!
  3. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    That's bare plastic. The pic makes it look just a little lighter than in person, but it has sort of a finecast color and feel. Also, unless it's an as-yet unheard of machine, I'm pretty sure it's not printed.
  4. BLZeebub

    Stippling Brush Question

    For flicking specks (not really stippling per se), nothing beats an old toothbrush!
  5. BLZeebub

    Stippling Brush Question

    Depending on what you're doing, what you probably want is actually a fingernail dotting tool. You can find a variety of sizes from eye-dotting sized to 32mm scale cheetah spots. This is the first image I found of some--similar to mine. Hopefully no commercial linkage goes with it! Good luck! I think I paid under $10 for a set at a beauty supply store. If not those, grab any smallish sized brush and cut the ends off--that'll remove the taper and give you a decent flat-ended stippler.
  6. This guy stands on a GW base but, according the the local aficionados, isn't. It's in 5 or so pieces, stands around 10cm tall if I recall, and is molded in a very light but not flimsy plastic--I had to hold it a while to make sure it wasn't resin. Ideas?
  7. BLZeebub

    Red Sandstone buildings?

    Any deep red or burnt orange mixed with a light tan or khaki. Or go the other route and start with a base of tan/khaki/washed out yellow, then wash it with deep red/browns or just dark browns.
  8. BLZeebub

    Sci fi game universe

    You can have various factions seeking to explore the same city--plunderers, real estate developers, eugenicists, maybe just friendly competition for exploration-related bounties. Just because you know the humans are alone doesn't mean your players should be so sure. There may be some entity (a corporation or nation or terrorists even) that benefits from plating false evidence of other-life (ETs, extrabios, xenomorphs...) or furthering a lingering belief in common people that aliens exist. That group may even don alien-seeming armor and use strange weapons and ships to incite wars and fear. It may be discovered that the seed of human life is actually extraterrestrial, that we are essentially aliens to our own homeworld. Perhaps in their explorations your players or scientists or both find what seems to be the very edge of the universe--maybe it is, maybe it's just a strange energy area, maybe it's Q. The possibilities are as endless as your universe!
  9. BLZeebub

    Help identifying AD&D model?

    Could be "Needle" is the module you're after--1987. Had a moon roc.
  10. BLZeebub

    Phineas Greybone WIP

    I checked the pic before reading, and I assumed you were going for a glowing effect--I wondered if it wasn't going to be entirely glowing, as a spirit or energy presence. You might try taking the brightest parts all the way to white, some of the darkest areas a little darker--as though they're in shadows--and maybe add some OSL (object source lighting--if the cloak glows, it should light up anything near it) to the non-cloak areas. Otherwise, looks pretty cool so far.
  11. BLZeebub

    Commissions question

    There's always a risk, but PayPal is considered fairly safe as things go. You'd have to dig into their international protections and be sure to check for fees related to that as well. I assume they add surcharges when you start charging abroad.
  12. BLZeebub

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    I'll second Top Hat Sophie, maybe with tails too and a cane and monocle... Inspired yet, Talin?
  13. BLZeebub

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    Ooh, l'll take some of the 150K to try! They'd jump to the top of the list front of the shelf of shame to be painted immediately. Second part: Bones Kickstarter V: Black? (Can't hurt to ask, right!?)
  14. BLZeebub

    Weathered Leather look help

    Depending on how complicated you want to make it, you could start by doing a darker wash and then drybrush a lighter color. Old leather tends to form cracks and creases, so you can even use a slightly damper drybrush technique to drag the bristles and leave some streaks to represent creases. If it's something larger, like a leather trench coat, you could even do some marbling techniques.