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  1. debasing miniatures

    Almost went there. Glad someone picked up the baton for me.
  2. debasing miniatures

    If it's a natural scene you can just flock/greenstuff/debris over the broccoli to blend it into your new base. For bonesium, side cutters or "nippy" cutters work very well. An xacto blade or scalpel can suffice too (careful!), with the added bonus of being able to cut down into the broccoli so that you don't get the flat feet that the Hunter mentioned.
  3. Kev!'s Massive Darkness - 053 - Iron Golem

    Superb camouflage is one of the iron golem's many strengths. Despite the ear-splitting sound of creaking metal and the reverberation of its footstomps on the stones, it is extremely stealthy for a man the size of a small car.
  4. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Just found out we've lost another hero of space and time. May his work light the way to our future.
  5. Snow globes and painted minis

    Since it will be submerged in a liquid, you can seal it with gloss sealer as well. Through water you won't be able to see the reflection of light on the miniature's surfaces, so being glossy won't obscure the details. I'm sure there's a more succinct scientific name for that phenomenon, but I don't know it. It's why we can seal a glossy mini with matte and it still look matte (ish) at the end of the day.
  6. Furry Russian Hat

    As above, Privateer Press's Warmachine line: Khador--they're essentially Russian, and many of them wear those furry trapper hats.
  7. Kasatha Miniature

    I do believe someone on the forum actually converted Reiko the ninja by Pathfinder into one of those things. Pretty recently. If not, imagine Reiko with 4 arms and guns. Happy hunting! I imagine you're gonna have to add arms to something.
  8. Kaladrax and the wand of death diorama

    The palette you've chosen works supremely well. Excellent painting, terraining, and staging too!
  9. What haldir said. Or brush on gloss sealer will also restore the clarity.
  10. Standing Desks for Painting

    From what I've read/heard, the whole standing desk thing was a harmful fad that's been largely discredited. As one who suffers excruciating pain from sitting and/or driving (and happens to know a lot about physical rehabilitation/prevention), the best thing you can do is simply not do the harmful exercise for as long at a time. Otherwise you're hammering on your own fingernail and taking Ibuprofen to stop the pain, when you really need to just put the hammer down! Paint an hour (or half--stop BEFORE it hurts), take a small break--very small is fine (like 2-5 minutes of walking, stretching, not-sitting), repeat. Take a more significant break every few hours. Also work on your painting and desking postures--bring the model to your eyes, not vice versa, try to keep your neck neutral, rather than looking downward, etc.
  11. Leaves

    Those are birch seed covers. They're somewhat hard to come by, but I have a pile somewhere on my terrain shelf. I'd be happy to let some go.
  12. Painting Clear Crystals

    This is one of the better tutorials I've found for irregular, semitransparent crystals: It's for ice, but it goes into incorporating background colors, whereas many gemstone painting tutorials assume most of the color comes from the stone itself. (edit:) It's for graphical painting, but I hope the layers and highlights are obvious enough to imitate with washes and maybe even some drybrushing if you have a lot to cover.
  13. Arena Rex: Micon

    It's a consensus then. Looks great, could use brighter highlights up top on the body, maybe on the higher metal parts too. Maybe a little bling or detailing to make the girdle pop a bit more?
  14. Cut the majority of the sprue off carefully--maybe a nip in front of the front foot and one right behind the tail first. If you have side cutters (sometimes called nippers) you can safely hack bits of the spure off until it's close enough to scrape (eg: with a hobby knife) or file/sand flush to the feet and tail.
  15. Vampire 03750 Black/blue issue

    It looks like moonlight tinted black to me--though the lighting in the pic may be part of that. If the pic is an accurate representation then i think you've hit the ideal shading/highlighting here.