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  1. Fulfilling

    I consider the last update to be all I really need for at least another week, besides my daily "Is the update up yet!?" check. That in itself tells me that Reaper is busy at doing the best they can to get things to us. I'll throw in my experience with Reaper to state that I am 0% worried that anything is amiss or that we won't get our toys soon. This is a normal delay for such a massive Kickstarter, even for a company who's run several before. On the idea of diplomacy, or as we in the South call it, being neighborly, Reaper is composed at least 90% of people (approx. the same proportion of Soylent Green), who have homes and families and need of rest and peace of mind. To the angry people: Please remember to stay respectful, even when angry. To Reaper: Thanks for everything, and I'm silly stoked to get these when they get here! Cheers!
  2. Could cut pieces off and then mix a bit of dust or extremely fine sand/grit with the basecoat of paint to get some texture. I like the idea of abusing them with rocks for texture too.
  3. Typically I use a wet palette with dish soap in the brush-cleaning cup--seems like the tiniest bit of soap helps avoid the dreaded ring of death at the edge of very thin paint. If I'm really blending a lot I've been doing 1/8-1/4 of Flow Improver (basically matte medium), either Reaper's or another bottle I have. For bigger or darker pieces I mix in either Future/Pledge floor wax or the clear liquid (does have the slightest yellow tint on its own) that separated from some house paint that froze. I haven't played with drying retarder or....lahmian medium? Vas is das? Sounds fun.
  4. Wet palette? The answer (since the time I learned how to make one) is yes--like, always. My current one is made from a hinged plastic container that some fresh herbs came in, parchment paper, and some sponge/foam similar to what metal miniatures are packed with (but mine's beige-ish). Works GREAT!
  5. That's a bummer to wake up to. He will be missed...
  6. hdclearman: As I scrolled down quickly, looked like the sorceress w/ the flaming hand was flipping the bird! Glad I'm not the only one... Also, great hair on the blonde!
  7. I love these, and am cribbing those color schemes. Just thought you should know.
  8. Pebble? Neh. Get a piece of flat cork, break it around the edges, and glue it under the front rock. You can then grass and flock it. You could even use some greenstuff or other putty/clay/epoxy to simply sculpt the front rock. It'd be good beginner practice with sculpting. First plop a ball under the rock and let it cure so the height is correct. Then add the details to the rock with more material afterwards. Paint, play, and enjoy (and share pictures!)!
  9. Yeah--don't do that. Clear sealer is like $4 a can. How much cheaper can hairspray be? It also has the catastrophic downside of being water soluble. Might be useful to mix in with some wet paint and see what happens, try some crinkle effects. You can do rust effects with it.... But don't use it as a sealer, please. Next question! (*_^)
  10. Prime it with gesso? Not like it's going to lose much detail anyway.
  11. Mix some silver metallic paint (with very small particles) and some cream color paint and go to town. Then shade it with non-metallics. Just my thoughts. Otherwise, check some non-metal metallic techniques and make sure the boundaries between light and shade are sharp to get that silken sheen.
  12. Sweet shading. A bit of OSL on the coffin's about all you could do to top that.
  13. Well, that's cool! Pretty sure I've had nightmares about that before. What's the underlying material supposed to be?
  14. Live

    Because spell-check can be turned off!
  15. Yeah, I know... The sculpts and paint jobs... But still, first thing that comes to mind.