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  1. Standing Desks for Painting

    From what I've read/heard, the whole standing desk thing was a harmful fad that's been largely discredited. As one who suffers excruciating pain from sitting and/or driving (and happens to know a lot about physical rehabilitation/prevention), the best thing you can do is simply not do the harmful exercise for as long at a time. Otherwise you're hammering on your own fingernail and taking Ibuprofen to stop the pain, when you really need to just put the hammer down! Paint an hour (or half--stop BEFORE it hurts), take a small break--very small is fine (like 2-5 minutes of walking, stretching, not-sitting), repeat. Take a more significant break every few hours. Also work on your painting and desking postures--bring the model to your eyes, not vice versa, try to keep your neck neutral, rather than looking downward, etc.
  2. Leaves

    Those are birch seed covers. They're somewhat hard to come by, but I have a pile somewhere on my terrain shelf. I'd be happy to let some go.
  3. Painting Clear Crystals

    This is one of the better tutorials I've found for irregular, semitransparent crystals: It's for ice, but it goes into incorporating background colors, whereas many gemstone painting tutorials assume most of the color comes from the stone itself. (edit:) It's for graphical painting, but I hope the layers and highlights are obvious enough to imitate with washes and maybe even some drybrushing if you have a lot to cover.
  4. Arena Rex: Micon

    It's a consensus then. Looks great, could use brighter highlights up top on the body, maybe on the higher metal parts too. Maybe a little bling or detailing to make the girdle pop a bit more?
  5. Cut the majority of the sprue off carefully--maybe a nip in front of the front foot and one right behind the tail first. If you have side cutters (sometimes called nippers) you can safely hack bits of the spure off until it's close enough to scrape (eg: with a hobby knife) or file/sand flush to the feet and tail.
  6. Vampire 03750 Black/blue issue

    It looks like moonlight tinted black to me--though the lighting in the pic may be part of that. If the pic is an accurate representation then i think you've hit the ideal shading/highlighting here.
  7. Reasonable commission rates ($?)

    Not sure if I should post the link, so I won't. But White Weasel Miniature Painting has 5 levels (from basic to Legendary) with a range of $12-100 for an infantry size/style mini and $60-300+ for large vehicles or monsters. $100 sounds nuts, but I've put lots of hours into a single mini, and there are costs on top of that. Looks like a good way to gauge how you charge. Hourly rates isn't typical that I've noticed. Addedit: They also offer assembly and basing (not sure if basing is included in Legendary, but I would include it if I felt I could Legendarily paint a mini and assume it is in this case).
  8. Congrats indeed! I really like your style on the lady and child (and Terezinya, but it's more apparent on the first two).
  9. Paint suggestions

    Often you'll need to do another coat over black to get any coverage with red or yellow. Suggested colors are orange or pink, depending on the final hue you're after. Maybe even a deep brown if you're just going for a deep, dark muddy red--even then you may need to highlight orange/pink and then highlight with the red you want.
  10. Perfect Coincidence

    Ah, perfection. I can't stand to have space at the edges of my paint box either...
  11. Something a little bit different.

    Considering size and expense, you could get something bigger/cheaper and use a party-camera. Something Go-Pro-sized could sit by or in between your party's miniature grouping and get a general shot of their approaching encounter.
  12. Brush care experiment

    i haven't ever heard those tips. I've heard ONLY ever store your brush tip-up, that paint in the ferrule will splay your hairs, and that super hot water can loosen the glue. That video was bonkers mate!
  13. 77565 Kyphrixis, Bronze Dragon - Bones 3

    Great eyes and everything. I especially like the verdigris-colored wings to match the bronze!
  14. Basing -- clumpy mud material

    Have you considered actual mud? Well, air-dry clay mixed with water til nice and sloppy. Might need to put a primer on the actual base first--I doubt clay will stick to plastic or metal on its own. Or base first with glued-on sand or something to give the clay something to adhere to.
  15. Randomness XII: Eighteen! Purple! Squirrels!

    Have you tried using neodymium magnets? Or another powerful rare earth magnet? I've had to do that on ceilings and plaster walls. Figure out which way the studs/joists go, and slide a magnet along it until you find a nail/screw. From there drop a line with a plumb or level. "Easy." If the stud finder won't do it though, it may be too deep for magnets too. (enter ICP joke about magnets here)