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  1. Considering size and expense, you could get something bigger/cheaper and use a party-camera. Something Go-Pro-sized could sit by or in between your party's miniature grouping and get a general shot of their approaching encounter.
  2. i haven't ever heard those tips. I've heard ONLY ever store your brush tip-up, that paint in the ferrule will splay your hairs, and that super hot water can loosen the glue. That video was bonkers mate!
  3. Great eyes and everything. I especially like the verdigris-colored wings to match the bronze!
  4. Have you considered actual mud? Well, air-dry clay mixed with water til nice and sloppy. Might need to put a primer on the actual base first--I doubt clay will stick to plastic or metal on its own. Or base first with glued-on sand or something to give the clay something to adhere to.
  5. Have you tried using neodymium magnets? Or another powerful rare earth magnet? I've had to do that on ceilings and plaster walls. Figure out which way the studs/joists go, and slide a magnet along it until you find a nail/screw. From there drop a line with a plumb or level. "Easy." If the stud finder won't do it though, it may be too deep for magnets too. (enter ICP joke about magnets here)
  6. Yeah, don't do that. There are bases that measure approx 60mm by 30mm (or 25mm), in rectangular shape and probably oval as well. If you have access to a saw you can cut some balsa or other thin wood and make your own custom base. I wouldn't try that much overhang though unless it's on a larger for-show piece. Edit: Re: the show piece idea. If it wouldn't look totally lopsided you could cut the integrated base off and attach only the front or rear feet to that base pictured. That way the wolf is either landing or actively pouncing upon something. That could be a really cool conversion too. And you can still use your slate chip on top of the base for visual interest. Get some grass or dirt around the feet to soften the transition of course.
  7. Might be a good time to try out your NMM technique. You can also try to find artwork by Julie Bell and Frank Frazetta that probably have what you're after. There's also one Dragonlance novel--second gen with Palin and his brother (s? been a while) where they're climbing stairs and I'm pretty sure one has a sword and one has a torch.
  8. Oh, it'll be worth it to handle the brushes and be able to test the flex and point on them in person.
  9. Sounds like a technique issue. Or else you got one of the super soft-bristled W&Ns. Or your bristles may be too long for traditional miniature-painting techniques... Pics?
  10. Phasers? Naw. Go full on, stuck in the holodeck style. Safeties turned off so they may have some futuristic (or current) knowledge and skills, but they only have access to medieval/fantastic materials and tech. Some rogue intelligence (a ghost in the machine, a la the Dr. Moriarty story line) affects the system somehow as he/she/they/it can't stand the existential dilemma of being just a bunch of bits of data and ceasing to exist when the game is turned off. Or you could really mess with players and have some of them actually trapped in another person/entity's holodeck program (I forget the character's name now--kind of nerdy, aloof, imagined Riker as being very short, and had a thing for the bridge ladies--but he'd work). So some of your players would actually be ghosts, or programs (though they'd very likely believe they were real) while others would be the actual characters they're playing. Ride it out as a mystery if you want.
  11. Standard bonesium treatment works. Give them a soap and water wash, prime with liner if you want. Should be no need to prime though.
  12. I don't think the digs are a problem. Just don't post any commercial threads. Might try with the Kickstarter page (Samurai Jack posts lots of KS campaigns, which is helpful for those of us on the hunt) and if the mods don't like it, they'll let ya know. I like your work: Great anatomy with natural and visually interesting posing, fantastic armor details, love your take on Cthulhu and Sagat. And the scrawny, brain-multi-skulled thing? Like a nightmare brought to life! Cheers!
  13. You may simply be obsessive and compulsive. For it to be a disorder it generally needs to be debilitating to some degree. We all worry--sometimes a lot and often irrationally. My advice (whistling in the dark here) is that if you're truly concerned, that you should talk to a professional in the field. They'll be able to offer coping strategies (as many ADD/ADHD and spectrumites have learned to do) or further help if you need it. Plus, being able to talk about it and get another perspective can only help. Good luck!
  14. In the concentrations you're talking about having ingested there's no chance, besides allergic reaction, of negative effects. While it's a good idea not do straight up eat uncured greenstuff, the trace amounts transferable from fingertips to almonds is non-toxic. If you constantly stick your sculpting tools in your mouth while working, and you work 8 hours a day for years, there may be reason to be concerned (beyond bad habits). Hope that helps. Source: 20 years working between carpentry (was common to put galvanized nails in the mouth... which CAN lead to heavy metal poisoning) and with chemicals in the biology lab.
  15. How have I never heard of this guy!?