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  1. I'm beginning to feel bad for not being grabbed by any of them. Good to know I wasn't alone.
  2. Well, why would they? The customers are just gonna check themselves.
  3. I think you're conflating two different ads:
  4. Not sure why, but fails to show up when searching for "female" or "dual wield".
  5. Once I saw the SKU, I checked and they're all there. Wonder why she didn't show up on my initial search. She has all the right tags.

    Have you announced an end date yet? I'd really like to not have to finalize my pledge from Pennsic.
  7. We had a 1/4 share of a meat CSA for a year and have ordered from the localvore produce delivery place. But it's really hard to eat even 1/4 share when you have stressful jobs, long commutes, and are getting a random selection of foodstuffs that you then need to figure out what to do with.
  8. Note that the box available from the retail store DOES NOT include the bases.
  9. The heroes are all available in metal. SKUs 03731-03735. In Bones they seem to only come in the set.
  10. There's a metal standalone version. rogue dual wield/sku-down/03735
  11. Fulfilling

    I played my first game last night. There's a lot to take in for four brand new players but once you've gotten through the first couple of turns you mostly have the hang of the mechanics. The elemental symbols and their effect on innate powers was probably the hardest thing to grasp initially.
  12. I can imagine it following an X-Wing around blasting it and shouting "Stop hittin' yourself! Stop hittin' yourself!" I received my Backer Rewards for Spirit Island and even managed to get a game in. The first couple of turns were rough as we were figuring out the order of operations but we turned back the Invaders and saved the island!
  13. Here are some images with Sir Forscale:

    Yes, it concerns me. But the alternative is people putting Bones on Credit Cards and then paying more in interest than they're saving on the Kickstarter. At the end of the day, I am confident Reaper will continue to expand their Bones line well beyond my ability to reasonably purchase everything. If it takes decades instead of years, I'm ok with that.