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  1. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    Many quality programs that I've loved have been mentioned already, so I'll just bring up a few that my life actually revolved around: Transformers (I still have a scar from when my brother and I were fighting over who got to sit in the good spot to watch it) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (this one aired on Sunday mornings and thus saved me from a lifetime of being a recovering Christian) Babylon 5 (raced home from MIT's outreach program to watch this one) Star Trek: Voyager (dropped out of Boy Scouts for this one) I haven't actually watched TMNT since then, but I've rewatched the others and still have much love for them. I have TF and B5 on DVD.
  2. etherial

    Best Version of DnD?

    Indeed, didn't it originally refer to Historical Miniature Wargamers who looked down on SF/F Wargamers?
  3. My brain is interpreting that as a blast of dinosaurs shooting up out of a geyser.
  4. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    Anything involving being surrounded by large crowds of people. I went to Boston Pride for the first time in June and had not one but two panic attacks. I'm probably never going to a parade again. I imagine I'd have the exact same job I do, only instead of turning down TSA, my CEO would be fending off Supervillains who want to steal our emotion detection software.
  5. I have reduced my ED3 wants list from 4 to 2, including acquiring the last original ED3 book. I just have two reprints left, one of which is hilariously selling for $300 on eBay. I can't imagine anyone who would spend $300 on Earthdawn books right now, let alone $300 on a reprint from an earlier edition, especially since ED4 is publishing new material.
  6. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    I mean, it's tough to beat "The Most Unwanted Song".
  7. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    I found myself surprisingly hungry at work this morning, so I grabbed one of the single-serving boxes of Rice Krispies out of the cabinet and needed a rusty spoon to cut open the perforations in the cardboard to turn it into a disposabowl. And then I discovered the plastic bag inside didn't have any perforations at all and I had to tear it open with my fingers like some kind of beast. At least I had leftover milk for my tea...
  8. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    Rice Krispies. Honorable mentions: Kix, Lucky Charms, and the Powerpuff Girls Cereal.
  9. Don't forget the cevgen.
  10. I appreciate the recommended beer pairings.
  11. Agreed. My wife and I really wanted Rose to be a better fashion designer and a worse thief to help throw complications at everyone else.
  12. etherial

    Getting To Know You August

    Does not compute. Our male cat is alternately Gandalf, Flufflernutter, Little Prince, and Fluffy McStabinator. None of these are silly.
  13. It is regarded by many as a Black Comedy, since its primary entertainment value is in watching the Royalty of England betray and muder each other over and over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4a_r9H5NSs