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  1. Birthday presents from my BFF: The Thug Kitchen Cookbook 2 chibi Transformers minifigs Prize from our trip to the arcade: dinky magnetic flashlight
  2. Curiously, since this thread started, I've joined an online West Marches style campaign and it's been pretty fun. We use Discord for voice and asynchronous chat, a forum for notes and character sheets, and Roll20 for gameplay. I've had bad experiences with individuals trying to Skype in for a session, but all-online can be a lot of fun if you have the right tools.
  3. I like pdfs for searching. I prefer physical for basically everything else.
  4. chicken soup. My mother was a firm believer in soup-as-recycling.
  5. The hardcopy versions of my favorite RPG took longer to print than initially expected, so I had to start running the game from my Kindle. It wasn't as bad as previous games I'd seen run from .pdfs, but I was very glad when the hardcopies showed up. The technology we did make excellent use of was Google Docs for scheduling, keeping track of XP, making session notes, etc.
  6. You'll be able to get them cheeto stained all over again!
  7. Not phobic, but I've developed a bit of an overreaction to the presence of bees. Got stung one time too many as a child.
  8. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I had a lot of shows on my work DVR back when I worked in television, but this is the one current on-air show I wouldn't risk missing. Netflix Originals I watch include Sense8 and Voltron. I love Star Trek, but not enough to pay for CBS All-Access.
  9. I have mixed feelings. It would have cut down on the number of McDonalds runs the seniors made, so the profit would go to the school instead of the kids whose parents bought them cars. OTOH, caffeine is not what kids need and I'm not fond of state-sponsored vice.
  10. Only if the band does.
  11. Heather Dale. Most of her fans are reenactors who will be able to rebuild civilization from scratch. Also most of my friends have seen her perform, so I know they'll be together.
  12. Saw Dunkirk with my wife. Guess what was the last song we heard playing on the radio on the way home.
  13. A Moscow Comrade in King Koschei's Court.
  14. I prefer this version:
  15. "South Hampton Avenue" by Blessid Union of Souls. Honorable mention to "More Than A Feeling" by Boston, which was playing on the radio as I got out of my car and continued until I saw this question.