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  1. In honor of Alumni Weekend, I'll go with my Glee Club nickname "Dil", which is short for both "Dilbert" and "Dildo". I'll win friends and influence people by preaching my message of individualized masculinity and handing out condoms and sex toys to anyone who wants them. My celly is a lifetime gangbanger who just wanted a measure of control over his life and together we'll write reports on the inhumanity of the Prison system, leading to reforming the whole thing by turning the State of Wyoming into a rehabilitation preserve where inmates learn valuable life skills and engage with their communities.
  2. Well, just about every gaming system has cool ideas that could be mined for other games. Frex I love love love how Psychic Powers work in Conspiracy X and I'm likely to port that system to just about any game where I want to add Psychics. But 4E has the most new different stuff for D&D style roleplay for people running 5E.
  3. That's essentially what I've been doing. I hold the mini in shape until I think it's fully cooled.

    And if Blinky initially forgot to back the Kickstarter and has Backer #10,000, but managed to sneak into Wave 1 after Diddy dropped their Pledge, would that have any effect on the order?
  5. Going with the best answer from @midnight last night, The Edible Hulk.
  6. April 24, 2009, about a week after my house got its certificate of occupancy [AKA became legally habitable after being built]. We were the first people in the neighborhood to move in when it was neither snowing nor raining. The only things that could induce me to move are a job offer I couldn't refuse, a billion dollars, or triplets.
  7. Ask her "Alexa, WTF just happened today?" (requires a free-to-enable skill)
  8. Of course, CTHG is a movie that's actually better in the Engish Dub, since the leads all knew English better than Mandarin. That explains a lot about early WW...
  9. You mean the shiny candy-colored button?
  10. Nope. I make sure to owe every year due to a screwup with my student loans that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
  11. I was always particularly annoyed when the merch had Anglicized Japanese...of words that were actually English and had been transliterated into Japanese like "Atrantis (Transformers)" and "Arurcard (Hellsing)".
  12. Outside of England, that's a myth. Inside of England, hot water cisterns had next to no regulation in the 20th century and it was not uncommon to find an open-topped cistern in your attic with dead rats floating in it.
  13. Actually, the scientists suggest adding tea to hot water and then zapping it in the microwave, which is actually a lot closer to making an old fashioned pot of tea than any of the current one-cup methods anyway.
  14. Whatever one is second from the left.
  15. Healing Surges work just fine if you already think of HP as abstract fatigue measurements because then Healing Surges are just adrenaline kicking in to keep fighting.