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  1. He's probably too old now, but I'd love to see Harry Lennix as Batman.
  2. Wizards, by Ralph Bakshi

    I have literally never heard of this movie. Color me intrigued.
  3. One of the infamous stories from my college days involve a pot of coffee that people forgot about for a year. But that wasn't in a fridge. Or sentient...
  4. At Pennsic, breakfast usually consists of bread with butter and jam, fresh fruits and vegetables, meatstick, and leftovers from whatever exotic Medieval feast we had the night before.
  5. I think there is no opposite because it could be interpreted as a "things I wish I hadn't done" list or a "things to not do before I die" list or a "things to do after I die" list. Funny that you say garb since I bought it at Pennsic. My mongol hat.
  6. Yup. Got my Vikings Jersey all washed, my XP spent...just gotta finish my Downtime Actions.
  7. I already buy just about every Burrows and Badgers figure that comes out.
  8. Yes. The only election in town was the State Senate Democratic Primary.
  9. My friend's six year old put together an Illidan costume complete with glowing eyes, horns, wings, and hooves.
  10. It usually takes several weeks for the economy to recover. We lose billions every year.
  11. No No No Yes
  12. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I know if I were thinking of playing a Swordmaster, the Duelist would be pretty high on my list of choices for mini.
  13. I felt a lot of the jokes were trying too hard, especially when it felt like Thor's lines were written by a genre-savvy Tony Stark talkalike. I'd say it's pretty solidly in the middle of the Phase 3 films.
  14. Yes. The hook is not the plot, the hook is just the hook.
  15. Plenty of candy left. Plenty of A1C left. Buying leftover candy is not my job anymore because I'm no longer in charge of the big tournament in January.