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  1. Fulfilling

    Yeah. Do you have 20? If no, keep buying. If yes, buy 20 more.
  2. I wash my hands when I pee.
  3. Happy One Boot'thday!
  4. Ha! I just dusted off my worktable for the first time in over a week on Thursday. I painted two Foxes for Burrows and Badgers and did some layer work on the Bones III dungeon and town scenery. I love the way my hearth came out, but need to do some research on how to paint fire. The oldest item on my Shelf of Shame is my WH40k Wraithlord who's been there for 20 years now.
  5. 4 pages in and I'm surprised no one has mentioned my favorite diet soda. The one... The only... The true and original... The first diet cola... The one that started it all... Tab!
  6. Fulfilling

    I'm hoping for some big horny Trolls and maybe some lizardwomen. It's hard to find PC types for Troll and T'Skrang in Earthdawn.
  7. Hulu claims to have Inhumans.
  8. Don't forget slugs. Shards of glass ain't got nuthin' compared to a slug exploding underfoot.
  9. I love games that do Initiative every round. They're my favorite, except for games that use bullet time. All those modifiers sound like a pain, though.
  10. Fulfilling

    Nope. Mine are in my cold dead hands right now, and yours aren't with them.
  11. My box of fur and feathers finally came in and I picked up some Elmer's to flock their bases with.
  12. I got a bucket of frozen garlic cloves in the freezer, a silver engagement ring (that I sometimes wear), and a big container of sea salt. For iron that I have at home (instead of storage at Pennsic), I'll have to go with some cast iron dutch ovens and skillets. In Londonderry? No, I live down the street from Berlin Orchards in Berlin, MA. A little further down that street is the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA. There's also the Tougas farm in Northborough that friends love going to because they have peaches and cherries, too. And to get to Davis Megamaze, I just take a left at Berlin Orchards and head west a ways.
  13. Fulfilling

    *stalks around the Eastern US like a caged panther* Where are my Beasts?
  14. Haunted Houses I generally find kinda boring. We have a great Corn Maze near us but can never remember to go. We live down the street from a fantastic apple orchard and went on my birthday. Every couple of years, my father floats the idea of going to King Richard's Faire and then he sees the ticket price and Nopes his way right out of there. Nope, nope, and nope.
  15. Only Halloween movie I can think of besides the obvious is E.T. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do for Halloween on Brooklyn Nine-nine this year, though.
  16. Outside of specific holidays, I don't really associate music with the fall.
  17. Cheesecake is made in a springform pan, not a pie pan. You could call it a torte, but not a pie. I've seen pictures of pumpkin spice cleaning products and deodorant. Outside of personal hygiene products, I'd say pumpkin spice kitty litter would be truly horrible.
  18. No, it looks like Therion.
  19. handmade pumpkin scones, which are made with real pumpkin puree, which isn't made from real pumpkins...
  20. Got the rest of my birthday swag yesterday: a mauve tie a polo shirt by Ralph Lauren some carabiners with no weight rating a keychain pill bottle (presumably for cyanide) a Mr. Universe shirt a gift card of Google Play money.
  21. I think I recognize the garb on that autumnal oaken fellow.
  22. We watched both Kingsman movies yesterday. The first as a refresher and the second as a birthday jaunt. The second movie had more room to develop the world since it wasn't an origin story, but I'm sad about [redacted]. Definitely worth watching if you like spy movies or Elton John.
  23. Thread of its own, please. I don't read the randomness thread.
  24. Tabletop. Sort of. I've painted figures for other players in games I've been in, but not for money.
  25. The second one was definitely written by people familiar with the source material. All of the characters are introduced as if by the players, and the whole thing goes to broccoli as soon as the Cleric dies.