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  1. Ditto the cloak with the reds, oranges, and yellows. Very cool, but I like hoe you carried the purple of the staff to the skin and ground cover.
  2. It is a shame about the mold lines, but some are on details that would be a pain to remove. The white looks like it went on a little thick...I have that problem with Menoth's color scheme as well. I really like the cast iron/brassy look of the boiler and staff end. Best of all it is done and ready to game with.
  3. With Ahab unlocked I may have to add him to the pot. Looks like he'd be fun to paint.
  4. Nice paint job on a really neat looking "mini".
  5. Well I am in for four.
  6. Nice and the Hirst Arts blocks make an effective dockside.
  7. Very cool. i like the skin shade you used. Now I need to show my 4yo the Scooby gang. He will love it.
  8. I agree, a very moody piece. I like it a lot.
  9. Fulfilling

    Definately seemed to be a lot more vents than I am used to when I reviewed mine this weekend.
  10. Now that is how I played Rogue Trader back in the day!
  11. The color markings on the milk cow are very realistic. Cool.
  12. Caught back up! Lol. BTW, I really enjoyed watching how you created your wicked trees and brought them to life.
  13. That's poor rational....I have 1,000's of unpainted minis sitting around! Lol I will probably get in on this for four minis. Three of the exclusives (I am not a fun of the Nancy Steelpunch one) and yet to decide on the fourth. I took a class at Adepticon where we used busts and I like the change of scale, so this looks like a good paint another bust -or- add to the piles of unpainted minis.
  14. Wow. Cracking paint job.
  15. Cool. Great work on the stripes.