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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I always look forward to seeing your work.
  2. The purple theme really ties the group together.
  3. Nice start to getting back into the hobby. These look nice.
  4. Sometimes the simple schemes work the best. Nice work.
  5. Cool. Definately one of your recent best.
  6. Cool project Talae. You'll need to let us know how the kids like it once you play.
  7. It costs acouple dollars, but I like the Photogene app for cropping photos on the iPad and saving at lower resolution.
  8. Ditto. He looks great.
  9. Live

    Yup, those are the add ons I have been waiting for.
  10. Live

    I would agree with that assessment completely. I am in for this though as the entry point is nice. If it is a complete failure, I am not out much. If it delivers, it is a cheap cost to learn the nuances of 3d printing.
  11. Live

    Unless things change, I may be pledging for this instead of Dwarven Forge KS.
  12. Live

    That might get me in. The entry point right now seems rediculously high compared to KS 1. I would like to get some of the cell cages, bridge, terrain plates, and elevation boxes. I am kind of 'meh' on everthing else.
  13. That is cool and really demonstrates the importance of different viewing angles.
  14. Watched Diablo. The IMDB reviews were salvaging it. I didn't think it was that bad. The cinematography was luscious, especially the landscapes in the first 2/3 rds of the movie. I think the reviews were bad as most people were expecting a Clint Eastwood type of western. I don't know how to characterise it. Maybe a psychological journey taking place in the old west? There were a couple eciting choices that could be different. The climax was really too far before the end of the movie and the ending / last five minutes was less than satisfying.