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  1. KruleBear

    Help with Pooh based ”Crooh” for Ghost Archipelago

    For the were donkey/horse, I would think some of the old GW beastmen would be appropriate.
  2. KruleBear

    Talae's Feeble Attempt at Airbrushing

    That roof looks awesome. I will file that in my ideas to steal.
  3. KruleBear

    Giant Centipede ( Toob Animal) by Glitterwolf

    Suitably gross. I think the Conquistadors will wet themselves when they see this thing.
  4. KruleBear

    Skeletal Minotaur

    Awesome. Nicest version of this mini I have seen.
  5. KruleBear

    Castle Chamber

    This turned out great..especially for starting it without a plan in place.
  6. KruleBear

    The Sunstalker (NSFW)

    Well you utilized dry brushing very effectively. I wouldn't have realized you had used it if you wouldn't have told us.
  7. KruleBear

    0321 Abyst, Demon Lord

    Excellent. I especially am impressed with that green sword.
  8. KruleBear

    Maledrakh's 77407: Death Dog

    You really use the ground cover effectively on your bases.
  9. Nice job taking the dynamic pose of the owlbear and working it into the base. Btw, love the demon rum...especially the devil tail coming out the backside. I may need to do something similar to some Hirtst art barrels I have laying around.
  10. KruleBear

    Oathsworn Burrow and Badgers Pi-rat

    This one is perfect for a smile.
  11. KruleBear

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Using a foam to stiple greys, blacks, whites, and browns helps with concrete effects. Just depends if you are looking at old or new concrete on which colors you use. Edit: The first time I used the technique was on my building for CAV. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81706-krulebear-finished-terrain-for-cav/&do=findComment&comment=1732594
  12. KruleBear

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: 2019 Random Reaper Miniatures

    Nice...but that Cadwalon is a disguting lookin' fella.
  13. KruleBear

    The Skyless Realms -3D Printable Tabletop Models

    Also clean the bed with rubbing alcohol. There may be residual lube or oils from your hand on it.
  14. KruleBear

    03791 Werebat

    The colors on the bat are pretty realistic and pattern on the pillar is pretty cool.
  15. Lovin' the rat catchers. They are such charmy minis, painted in your style to scare the heck out of the innocents in your world.