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  1. Good story progress. The Tanith idol is turning out nice. I especially like the aging on the wall. I was going to say the osl was too harsh, but you improved significantly with the latest adjustment.
  2. Rofl A cult that worships Disney......BRILLIANT!
  3. Wow, that is a description that will be stuck in my head for awhile! Lol.
  4. She looks like a great addition to your world.
  5. Ditto. All the cap colors are pretty special on this group.
  6. These look pretty cool. Can't wait to see the rest completed.
  7. Keep ruining them if they turn out this nice. The scales and rocks have nice texture picked out on them.
  8. Good work on a bad mini. She is wip on my bench at the moment for my suns toybox. She looks so much like a muppet with that missing nose.
  9. Beautiful work as usual.
  10. Live

    Well, now I need to up my pladge......
  11. Yup, love that print. That one and "Lord Soth's Charge" would make awesome wall murals.
  12. Got tired of hanging around the hospital, so the little man and I took a trip to the gaming shop. They had several of these on the rack and among other things, we bought the barbarian with his bear skin cloak. Detail looks pretty decent. It seems to proportions are less cartoonish than some of Reapers current stuff. If I like the barbarians paint up I may get the halflings the next time I am up there as I liked their proportions. They definately look better on the shelf than the Bones on the rack next to them.
  13. Wow, this white color scheme is really cool. The whole thing makes me think of a Keith Parkinson painting.
  14. Gotta say the terrain marker is pretty cool.