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  1. Nice work, especially the dripping gore.
  2. Turned out pretty nice. Sometimes the quick diversionary paint jobs can be most satisfying. I can picture this guy showing up in a Mad Max movie though.
  3. LOL. That is a good observation as the base coat is vampiric skin. I decided to try it after painting Goldar as a zombie and the mix came out close to vampiric skin. Anything to save time when I get to painting the hordes of zombies for Zombicide. Those will definately get the gore treatment. i didn't do that on the trial subjects as they quickly transition to my 4 year olds toy box. Glad you liked it.
  4. Finished up Reaper Bones 89018 Sajan, Iconic Monk by Gene Van Horne as my last zombie skin trial. He was done up quick to table top level for the purpose of testing skin recipes for my Zombicide standard zombies. C&C appreciated.
  5. please delete thread. Apparently i created two at the same time.
  6. Live

    Thanks Darsc.
  7. I like the green and cream color scheme.
  8. Live

    I am backing. I am not concerned with the troll forged issues on a 75 mm bust as nothing will be as fine as some of the supper fine connections of the Raging heroes stuff and the crispness of the details was good on the ones I had recieved in this material.
  9. Dang, My searching skills suck. Thanks Gadgetman.
  10. A true KickStarter start up. A few nice looking 75mm busts looking for printing and casting funding. Limited hours left if you are interested.
  11. Cool and good job on the weathering.
  12. Pre-launch

    This actually looks more interesting to me than I expected, so I am in.
  13. Very cool with the red eyes. Nice skin tones befitting an Ogre.
  14. Very nice indeed. i like all the clothing on the girl and the gritty yellow hood on the second one.
  15. I am with you on the "good enough" level of painting. It is something I have been forcing myself into due to limited paint time. And I am getting comfortable with good enough. And your good enough looks pretty good.