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  1. KruleBear

    Starship III - Fully 3D Printable 28mm Spaceships

    Well, I guess I saved some money this time...I got side tracked and failed to pledge
  2. KruleBear

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    I like seeing the experimenting with the WOW files. I will use what you learned on the roadways when I print mine for CAV in a few weeks.
  3. KruleBear

    77377 Toad Demon

    I agree. Cool colors, lime, base, and overall execution.
  4. KruleBear

    WOWBuildings further Space Adventures 3D print STL files

    Yeah, there were a couple neat things in the first KS, but not enough for me to add it. I pledged for everything on this one though. Yeah, that scout car stuck out for me too. Thinking it will be nice for Gaslands.
  5. Very cool. The peeling green paint is a nice contrast to the orange rust.
  6. KruleBear

    WOWBuildings further Space Adventures 3D print STL files

    Some nice terrain pieces. This one looks more useful than there previous one for me.
  7. It is hard to believe my go to movie genre growing up was westerns / SciFi* and I had never seen High Noon. Just saw it today and I’d say it holds up. I can see how several of the concepts were requisitioned in other movies. This was a great recovery from watching Hotel Transylvania 3 with the family earlier in the day. I lost interest fairly soon. I never saw the first two and am definately in no hurry to change that. *IMHO the best fantasy movies were pretty mediocre at best until LOTR came out.
  8. Saw Solo and Incredibles 2. Incredibles 2 was enjoyable, but seemed like it could have been edited down in length. I enjoyed Solo. I haven’t seen the new Star Wars “proper” movies, but so far I have enjoyed both of the stand alone movies better than the original 6 Star Wars movies (yeah, I’m a nerd heretic).
  9. KruleBear

    La Charra Santa Muerte Bust by Glitterwolf

    The skulls are really coming along. Btw her eyes are lovely. Nice work.
  10. KruleBear

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Those really look great. For the lines I had heard that using polyurethane as a primer coat helps smooth out the layer lines. It would probably hide fine details, but may be worth a try on the barrels and turret. I have yet to try it, but plan to give it a shot on the wizards tower I am printing.
  11. KruleBear

    Hackmaster/ Ral Partha Elf Thief

    LOL. You were not supposed to tel us this. Just make up an excuse that lets us think it was intentional....i know ihave a cross eyed vampire and it was entirely intentional! btw, he looks really nice.
  12. KruleBear

    Tyrannosaurs Rex + Shark =

    Awesome hobbying....and impressive for 48hours.
  13. KruleBear

    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Gorgeous. The eyes and b9ne are great ad mentioned, but the fauna on the base looks pretty cool to me as well.
  14. KruleBear

    Talon Games Almirithil CAV's

    Nice crisp paint...of course the bears are AWESOME!
  15. KruleBear

    Maledrakh's Thorns of the Briar Queen

    I have yet to see a gad paint job on this GW set, but I think your paint scheme is my favorite. The interplay of colors and blending is stupendously awesome!
  16. KruleBear

    Kristo65's 3d printed ruins

    These look great on the table.
  17. KruleBear

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Your build is looking great especially for your first print attempt of this style.
  18. Thanks for sharing Beagle. I hadn’t heard about this over here.
  19. KruleBear

    Gaslands: Red Rocket and Leadfoot

    Awesome idea. I appreciate your game recap and results of experimenting on the wreck build.
  20. KruleBear

    77343 The Goroloth (aka the Blue Meanie)

    Awesome color scheme. The stripesand eyes are very striking.
  21. KruleBear

    Vacaroja's 2018 Wrap-Up

    Awesome collection...of course I think the werebear is the best of the bunch!
  22. KruleBear

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Now that looks like a serious piece if work!
  23. KruleBear

    Snow emergency miniatures

    The orcs look great, but I love those skeleton gnomes.
  24. KruleBear

    77008: Garrick the Bold "For Scale and Glory!"

    Cool. I like the muted colors on Sir Forscale.
  25. Congrats! That turned out great and I support all efforts that get you creatin* more worlds for us to visit!