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  1. 77134: Hajad the Pirate

    Skin looks good, but I really like how the clothes turned out on this one. I think your photos are doing you a disservice though and a part of that is due to the glare of the glossy finish. For what it is worth, I would suggest hitting the finished mini with a matte varnish. My preference is Testors DullCote. -Mike
  2. 03204 battleguard golem

    A big thumbs up on the red scheme and the gem turned out really nice.
  3. 03433 Corim the Kestiel, Gnome Sorcerer

    Nice. The subtle osl really adds a lot to the simple base.
  4. 77042: Orc Marauder (Sword and Shield) (Updated)

    Oh yeah, a significant step up...i may be a tad jealous now.
  5. Vatanis, Maggotcrown Necromancer

    Nice. The earthier color scheme looks great on this mini.
  6. That dress turned out nice. I didn't notice it in your wip, but the effect on the top of thevstaff is really cool.
  7. Dragon Hatchling Bones 77273 Black and 77272 Green

    Thanks Chaoswolf...maybe this is one of those times where crappy photos are a benefit!
  8. The Dragon Hatchling sculpts are cute, but the Bones casts are terrible. Due to this I didn't try to clean them up well and just put them on new bases. Either way it is two more models off the bench and painted to an acceptable toy box level...and so what if I painted the geen one red and the black one green! btw I touched up the splotchy black base rims after I took this picture. Comments encouraged, Mike
  9. 77059 Orc Berserket 2 handed sword Bones

    Lol. Steal away. Once I get back from Adepticon i will try to find the recipe I used and post it. Thanks for the commrnts Rogue and Chaoswolf.
  10. I was using this to try a different skin color which I like and I believe I was going to do a bit more detailed TMM but got side tracked. After several months of no work on him, I decided to get him "done" to tabletop level. Here are some shaky iPad photos. C&C welcome.
  11. 77146 Mummy Warrior Bones

    This guy was always intended to be toy box level painted. Basecoat, dry/damp brushing, and a light wash of Army painter mid-tone. But I actually really like the way he turned out.
  12. 77146 Mummy Warrior Bones

    Thanks VolksFest. You are right. Sometimes simple is the way to go.
  13. Dragon Hatchling Bones 77273 Black and 77272 Green

    That has been my impression as well, I just haven't gotten around to painting any of the larger ones....although there is a froghemoth prepped and primed on my bench!
  14. Entrance to the Faerie Deeps

    These turned out awesome. Great work again.
  15. 14528: Rageclaw Slayer

    Very cool and the base really suits him.
  16. 01589 Father Christmas

    Nice. He definately screems holidays.
  17. Looks nice Glitterwolf. He really rminds me of Ephialtes from 300.
  18. DSM5075 Margaery Tyrell

    That blouse is lovely. Nice job.
  19. 02721, Thora, gnome bard

    Nice introduction mini. The free and work adds a lot to the character.
  20. Vast Boardgame Miniatures

    Intersting minis and nice painting on them.
  21. 77084 Townsfolk Innkeeper Bones

    I love that explanation....maybe I should add some more grime splotches to it. I just want to avoid blood stains, since it is going in my five year olds toy box.
  22. 77084 Townsfolk Innkeeper Bones

    This guy was to experiment on achieving realistic light colors on a fairly smooth surface (the apron in this case). After several different tries I was happy with the result...then like normal he sat on the paint desk for months. So I decided to finish him to low tabletop level and wash him in ArmyPainters midtone shade which led to a big tied mark. But he is good enough for my sons toy box. C&C appreciated.
  23. 77146 Mummy Warrior Bones

    Thanks Schirf.
  24. Dragon Hatchling Bones 77273 Black and 77272 Green

    Thanks for the comments Schirf. I definately have a love hate relationship with Bones minis. I love the price, brcause it allows me to get pieces I wouldn't normally buy and to allow my five year old to have some of his own minis to play with i.e. Great for the gamer in me. But the painter in me hates the mold lines, soft detals, and floppy smallpieces---especially when you are painting one and realise how awesome the sculpt itself is.