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  1. KruleBear

    Fitz's DragonLock Skeletons

    Nice compareison. Thanks for sharing.
  2. So started watching Thor Ragnorok about a month ago and couldn't see what the fuss was all about as it seemed kind of "meh". Of course I fell asleep half way in and wasn't feeling good. Rewatched today and it was fun, but not great. It does however seem that these movies are all trying to jam too much cgi action into most scenes which causes me to lose the ability to get immersed in it....not nearly as bad as the Transformer movies though And I started watching Babylon Five. I am at the point in season four where I wasn't able to watch the rest of the series when it came out...damn this is a great show.
  3. KruleBear

    03149 Justine undead hunter

    Nice effort on the osl.
  4. KruleBear

    03136 Druss Darkblighter DYOM winner

    I like the gritty work of you minis.
  5. Seeing the nice results on different wip's using "N" scale Outland Models buildings for CAV terrain, I picked up a few kits myself....and I actually finished one! This is the train railway modern garage / logistic center. I was shooting for a fairly new concrete precast type building. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I used mostly sponge stiling to achieve the look. Here it is with one of my best painted CAV for scale ( he is in the classic B&W T.V. Camo pattern ). Now for the problems....I was able to get a nice sky / earth effect on the window panes, but it does't even show in the photos. Next one I will probably use brighter colors for the sky and earth reflection. The decal on the roof was also a big fail. I tried a method of rubbing the ink off of a printed page as shown on the Baremetal YouTube videos. That was a failure. I used an inkjet printer and I suspect he used a laser printer which would explain the problem I ran over. I was partially successful in hiding the problem by printing out a badge from the CAV kickstarter and varnishing it to the roof. The center of the badge was cut out and I stipled blue in the cutout. Lastly my clumsy hands broke several assembly pins while assembly the building with all the paint on it...so superglue came to the rescue! Anyways C&C is welcome. -MIKE
  6. KruleBear

    Tower fighters

    That is a nicely painted character set.
  7. KruleBear

    Majestic Silver

    Nice. I really like the simply effective base
  8. Pedestals for prized possessions (ie PC loot) like the grail or crystal skull. Flip upside down and fill with resin for a bird bath or drinking fountain.
  9. KruleBear

    Reaper 77177 Wyrmgear

    That is a gorgeous Wyrmgear Citrine. Well done.
  10. Thanks Glitterwolf. I am happy with it and it scales ok with the CAV. I think I have about ten different buildings and want to pick up the damaged ones when the become available. About four of them I have are 3D printed and they are definately lower quality than the extruded ones shown above. I finally got some of those assembled and primed, so they will probably get finished next.
  11. KruleBear

    Golden dragon of chaos in blue

    Ditto, looks beutiful in blue. Nice job.
  12. KruleBear

    Torture Implements

    I like that you didn't go overboard on the blood. This looks more believable than similar projects I have seen.
  13. like perhaps a company with a loyal customer base that makes affordable PVC 28mm miniatures...I wonder if such a company exists? LOL
  14. This is turning out great. I love the homemade trilobites and the initial pours are really selling the murky goo aspects.
  15. KruleBear

    The Great Race of Yith (Custom Mini)

    Nice. Awesome sculpt and paintjob.
  16. KruleBear

    Death Dog - 77407

    I agree that your wolf fur colors have been top knotch. Very nice.
  17. KruleBear

    Oldies rebased

    Very nice "spruce up" !
  18. KruleBear

    Dark Elf Ranger Flat

    Very nice work Glen.
  19. KruleBear

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat (Picture heavy)

    Nice. Excellent use of dark lining to create very dynamic contrasts with shading.
  20. KruleBear

    Ral Partha Dragon Lady by Tom Meier

    That is a nicely sculpted mini from that era...and well painted.
  21. I watched "Badass" last night and I must be warped as I found it very humorous. Nice work by Danny Trejo.
  22. That style is pretty cool. Nice work.
  23. That turned out really nice. Nice patina on the statuary and kudos on a sweet terrain piece.
  24. Awesome experimentation and TailSpinner is an awesome asset to the community.
  25. KruleBear

    Zulu Warriors as Mahud

    Nice, but the guy with his tongue sticking out makes me laugh.