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  1. That oooks pretty cool.
  2. If you can still see 95% of the details, just pick up some 4x reading glasses at Walmart...otherwise you will need to get an optic visor like us old farts.
  3. I was reading Smokestack's wip on his assembly of the HMS Hermione pirate ship from the Renaissance Miniatures Pirates Kickstarter. This inspired me to build mine and it seemed like a good filler project as I could do a lot of the work in the living room while watching/playing with my kid....but hobby ADD kicked in. On top of the laser cut wood ships was a giant pile of laser cut lumber from the Renaissance Miniatures Castles and Siege Engine I built another castle The walls went pretty quick and then the KruleBear cub saw what I was doing and he requisitioned things as I built them and moved his LEGO minifigures into the castle. i finished 95% of it in the two day weekend. I really like the modularity of the system, but they leave a little too much connecting tab in the sprue. I went through 4 x-acto blades just cutting the pieces out. I also have three more sets of hoardings to build, but they are on hold as they are not as modular as the rest of the castle and really should be glued in place which I don't plan on doing. I will either buil a clip system for them, magnetize, or not use them at all. The one on the tower and wall in the picture are held in place with rubber bands. So what do you think? Should be cool for gaming with, but not detailed enough to waste time painting up any nicer. where do I store all this terrain I am making
  4. Love love love the dark gritty red.
  5. You did good with the rhyming. I am primarily a country & western fan, but find myself listening to classic rock more than any of the excrement played on the radio these days.
  6. Yeah i missed out on the stuff from their Asian kickstarter too.
  7. Great painting and great theme song
  8. Very nice. I like the spell caster in particular.
  9. Outstanding nmm Wiilen. And I agree that shee looks darn cold.
  10. That is an understatement. They either have the wrong photo or wrong description. If the description is what they are selling, they could use some punctuation. This is my guess what they were trying to say: Reaper bones demon, ghost, wolf, and 2x tentacles--transparent
  11. Interesting as every Stevia sweetener I have tasted is the most awefull tasting thing in the world and I never finish consuming the product that contains it. I am in this boat. I used diet soda to help keep me feeling satiated. After I got marriec my wife and I had a bey of who could give upsoda the longest (me diet and her regular). She lasted a month and I lasted two years, but I found myself eating a lot more and gained 100 pounds. I am back on the diet soda again now.
  12. I must say my favorites depend on the package. I find most diet sodas abhorrent in a can as they seem to have a metallic taste to me. In a bottle my favorite is Cherry Coke Zero followed by Pepsi Max and the Coke Zero. I find diet Pepsi and to some extent diet coke to bet aweful and If that is all that is available I cut it 50/50 with water. From a fountain I like diet Dr. Pepper, but it is not available at my local Gas station fountain. So what I do there is put about 40 oz of coke zero in the cup and 4 oz of regular cherry Pepsi. That seems to give enough satiation to reduce cravings. But mostly I drink Luzerne (sp?) unsweetened ice tea.
  13. Yup, very smooth. This turned out really nice.
  14. The bright blonde hair really works on this mini. Nice work.
  15. Awesome. This really has a John Blanche vibe to it. And that is a compliment.
  16. Very nice diorama. In addition to the lantern, the white pumpkin adds some nice variation to the pumpkin patch. Your painting looks good to me and I will say this again, "I haven't seen a bad painted version of the crypt set" and yours stands out even more with the diorama additions.
  17. This is a gorgeous awe inspiring army. Nice painting.
  18. These are great. i always love seeing Grenadier minis getting some loving.
  19. I am not sure if I should say cute or cool.....nice painting either way.
  20. Nice diorama. Snow, icicles, and pines are spot on.
  21. The addition of the staff is inspired. Nice work.
  22. Hajad is another sacrife to the toy box level painting (ie. ignore moldlines and any advanced techniques) in my quest to find the "right" zombie skin tone. This time based with 50/50 MSP Vampiric skin and VMC Basic Skin Tone. Covered with a wash of Army Painters blacker colored Dark Tone Ink. This is getting closer to what I want and might be right on with a wash using a brown ink like Strong Tone. I am going to find another sacrificial mini to try a 50/50 mix of the vampiric skin with VMV Dark Fleshwith a brown wash. I think that will give me the grey undead color I want ith enough caucasian skin to look like a fresher conversion to the zombie lifestyle. I like this model, so will need to look at getting him in metal at some time. For now this one will be used as a ghost pirate in a Hero Kids adventure with my four year old. Thoughts and comments greatly appreciated.
  23. Nice. i always see these nicely painted white werewolves and when I paint one I forget about the scheme.
  24. Thanks Sharkbelly. He has been seeing duty mopping castle decks.
  25. The cloak looks good. If you want to play with it some more sirgourls suggestion of glazes is the correct one. Get some medium and add it to the yellow you used on the blade until you can just barely see the color yellow when you paint on some whit paper with it..i.e. Very thin. Glaze over the whole blade with the mix. Let it dry. Repeat. Maybe ten or mor time to smooth it out. And a decent discussion on glazing