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  1. I will have a donation and will find you.
  2. Just checked in with Virgin America, possibly my new favorite airline based on ease of check in. Now it's real!
  3. I'm going to try this also. I have a huge backlog of Zombicide figures, much of Bones 2, and almost all of Bones 3 to choose from. I will choose figures and plan when I get back from ReaperCon next week.
  4. We have space for you.
  5. I will have a car and can give you a ride. We are at the HGI so you could either walk over or we can swing by.
  6. This sounds suspiciously like my checked bag except I have double the questionable items! I'm also looking forward to going through security with my carryon filled with my paint entries - all nicely wrapped and boxed.
  7. When I made my reservation last spring, they told me that breakfast would be 50% off.
  8. We will be arriving at Love Field at 1:55 on Wed. Our rental is listed as a Chevy Cruz or similar so we should have space for 2 more. We can offer rides to and from the event center.
  9. We are arriving at 1:55 on Wednesday at Love Field and have a rental car reserved. It should hold 2 additional people. We are leaving Sunday afternoon for a 6:30 flight. I really miss the flexibility of driving but my sister couldn't come watch my house this year so had to limit the days away from home.
  10. I'm in and I will see if I have anything from last year.
  11. I love marine teal but I think earth brown is my least favorite brown of all of them. After painting many CAV for my husband I am beginning to dislike Terran Khaki and Rach Red though. I got some painting in this weekend but have not had a chance to get on the computer until today. I mixed the earthbrown with black and a drop of teal for the basecoat. Then I mixed the marine teal with black for the basecoat on the wings. I don't think I have a picture of that. Next I did a layer of the straight color and used brilliant green for the eyes and wing edges. I tried green on the claws, but didn't like it. Maybe with another layer or two of brown, I will like it better. I should have some time this weekend to get more work done on it. I think there will be more teal on the wings and less of the brown.
  12. Last year my husband finally found a game he enjoys rather than tolerates for my sake. He is looking forward to playing more this year and I have been furiously painting CAV for him. I did not realize how many we got from the first KS. At least I should have an entry in the ordinance section of the paint contest! (if I can pry them away from my husband )
  13. I'm in again, Kate/my avatar/I will be there from Wed to Sun.
  14. I will be painting Kryphrixis and the colors I rolled were: 9029 earth brown 9077 marine teal 9227 brilliant green
  15. Funded

    I'm in for the docks, and if I can scrape some more money together, the tavern.