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  1. Try logging off and back on. They should show on your itinerary.
  2. Good idea
  3. I am just beginning to feel normal again. That was hard and I wouldn't have finished if I hadn't had so much time completely to myself. I knew I had to finish before I went back to work so had some VERY long days. It was fun, in a painful sort of way and I am looking forward to the next one. Some other benefits - it brought me out of mostly lurker status and forced me to make my very first thread and post pictures. Now to figure out what I want to paint for ReaperCon. I think I am ready to paint again.
  4. I love golden retrievers and most dogs. I love my brown dog (his sister is my profile picture) whose mother was a rescue. I am not fond of small dogs or terriers. Among the six or seven Border Terriers my mom and friends have/had not a darn one of them was reliably housebroken. And they could be bitey around other dogs. I don't tolerate biting of people or other dogs.
  5. My phone is not cooperating tonight but I think I can get my pictures posted. I am calling him done or at least I am.
  6. I have been pondering that question. When I texted my husband this morning for his advice, he responded.......sparkles... I am somewhat alarmed at this turn of events and will have a little chat with him after his races. Clearly to much sun! I am going to work on all the other things I need to do and hope inspiration strikes.
  7. Great job on the wings. I agree they are brutal. It seemed to take longer to do each wing than it took to do the body and necks.
  8. Thanks everyone! I got behind in posting pictures today - friends, dinner, movie, bad tv. I finished the wings as far as I could without attaching them. Here is Ma'al with all the parts attached. I still have a lot of work on the mouths, some blending, and highlighting.
  9. I am done for the night. I had my first casualty..... He served me well, coming out of retirement to serve one more time. His brother still has a bit of spring left so it is drybrushing for him. My entire afternoon and evening was touching up yet more spots missed and base coating the wings.
  10. I am definitely a slop the paint on as fast as possible sort of painter. Big models are best for me. Details are my nemesis because the eyes are going and my hands shake, although since I gave up sodas this week, I am not nearly so shaky. I can pretty much guarantee I will never enter a human figure at ReaperCon (unless in armor so no eyes!) The purple is Bones HD Runic Purple drybrushed over Styx Purple.