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  1. Live

    Where did I see the list of figures in the Base Set? You know, the first 20 figures in the Core Set?
  2. Live

    I am likely to use regular bones humans or elves as purebloods. As you say, the facial detail would be a challenge and after my painting would likely end up lost. I will gladly buy any other variations of the type that Reaper puts out!
  3. I know its over a year and a half away, but it looks like there will be more proxy pieces coming from Bones 4.
  4. Live

    Yep, that worked! Backer 86! Thanks!
  5. Live

    I'm currently following Bones 4 on my iPhone using the KS app. Does anyone know where to find my backer numbet?
  6. fulfilling

    Finished my invemtory on Sunday with the only issue being a missing werewolf head! Great job Reaper! Better yet, I sent Reaper a note Sunday evening, with all the right info, I assume, and got a note Monday aftenoon that my replacement is in work. Finally, during the final inventory I dry-fit Kyphrixes and invisible Kyphixes. That's when I relized I'm going to need a second visible Kyphrixes, cuz Kyphrixes going invisible wouldn't make the ground he's standing on go invisible! Of course, I can always just paint the terrain base the same as I do the other Kyphrixes!
  7. Thank you ladystorm.

    It's camping with ten thousand medievalists . . .
  9. I was thinking about that at the same time . . . It may take me a while before I get up enough nerve to try. I am still interested in the sculptor though . . .
  10. Who was the sculptor for Shubniggurath? I'm working my way through my Bones 3 hoard, checking all the big models to make sure I got all the pieces, and all I gotta say about the sculptor for Shugbroccoliuth is they must be spawn of one of the Old Gods themselves because trying to work out how to put Shuggie together very nearly drove me mad . . . The good news is I got all of Shuggies pieces.

    I've got a countdown. Unfortunatly it has reached "LAUNCH" numerous times to no avail. I know it might work better if it was sync'd with Reaper HQ in Denton TX. . . .
  12. fulfilling

    I finally got the chance to start my B3 inventory, but still have too many things on my plate and am being very meticulous. Plus granddaughters 1 & 2 wanted to help. Killed alot of time and I cab definitely report #1 had a blast playing with Mr & Mrs Bones plus vulture. Oh. And the flying monkey. got through the core set with only a missing werewolf head. Next up is going through the bigger figures verifying all parts are there. I got the next three days off from work so hopefully I'll get the counting done.

    No it won't . . . but I'll wait till Tuesday because I have no choice . . .
  14. The non-clear Kryphrixis is slated for a Fall/Winter 2017 release.

    Wait, are you doing a mini of a pineapple for Bones IV? Will it be Kanjira sized? Can it be Kanjira sized? +1 plus Mouslings!!!!!