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  1. Funded

    Hi Folks! I just made my first, of what I hope are many, supplemental pledges through the pledge manager! One Rauthros and one Argent! Things will still be kinda thin for me until early next year as we're still working through some of the mess Irma left us with, but it turns out it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the report! I like Roderick and Glitter . . . Wish they were in bones . . .
  3. My FLGS doesn't say the metal has been discontinued, but he does say he can't get them from his distributor. But then I tried to get him to order a few Bones figures and after three weeks of reminding him that I was waiting he finally ordered them. I'll be honest, it's easier to come directly to Reaper. Where I live there really isn't a lot of traffic for RPG minis, and the local FLGS is really a Comic Book/MTG store.
  4. Funded

    Awesome! Thanks!
  5. Funded

    Quick question. As I understand it, a number of the models for this KS haven't gone through the mold design stage, or at least I've gotten that impression, but I'm interested in any info on the pig drawn pumpkin cart. Is it, or will it likely be, done with the pig separate, making it easier to mod to use an other draft animal, like say, oh, I don't know, a big mastiff or two? Or even a pony? Either way I'll end up moding it . . . Just looking forward a year and a half+ when I can start the work . . .
  6. With a Chronoscope Wizard to ride it!
  7. Funded

    Previously I had posted that this would likely be my largest Bones KS to date. Then Irma struck. We'll see how deep the blow to my budget goes. I pray Maria turns North.
  8. Funded

    As I posted earlier that I had locked in my initial order. I went in last night, after the power came back on, and filled in my current "gotta have it" list, adding Rauthuros and the Stygian Barge. This is definitely going to be my largest Bones delivery yet.
  9. Funded

    I locked in my basic order. Will add more later.
  10. Funded

    I was absolutly certain that the capstone was going to be Roderic Ambermead and Glitter! what they lack in size they more than make up for in character, charisma, and pure old fashioned coolness!
  11. Funded

    It dawned on me while thinking about my goblin math above, that as the Bones KSs continue I will eventually top out at 20 Bones! There is a simple solution though . . . at such a time I'll recalibrate to Bones IV giving the following number of bones . . . Bones I + Bones II + Bones 3 + Bones IV = Not Enough Bones .3B + .2B + .8B + B = 2.3B, which shows I have WAY MOAR BONES to acquire . . .
  12. Funded

    And just think! You have eleven months to change your mind on EVERYTHING you whittled away!!
  13. Funded

    Bones IV will end up being my most expensive. Right now the PM has me at a quarter again higher than Bones III which was four times higher than Bones II and 2 and a half times higher than Bones I. Bones I + Bones II + Bones 3 + Bones IV = Not Enough Bones B + .6B + 2.6B + 3.3B = 7.5B Yep . . . 7.5 Bones . . . That's less than 20, right? Note: All numbers are approximate and rounded to the nearest single decimal . . . :-)
  14. Roderick Ambermead and Glitter. The current sculpt is good, but a new, more kinetic, sculpt would be better. Or both even . . .