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  1. Maredudd

    Where are the Spider and Scorpion?

    What WhiteWulfe said!! Really!!
  2. Maredudd

    The Almirithil Principality

    And the ability to use most Ritterlich legally!
  3. Maredudd

    N scale railroad vehicles at Target

    He'd be a better enabler if he posted actual pics so I didn't have to rip the local store up looking, thus risking ending up in Target Jail!
  4. That settles it! Glitter needs to be done in Bones! Glitter, as in Roderic and Glitter! Preferably in a new, more kinetic sculpt, but it would be cool if the original sculpt was done as well! (03264) And of course, as long as you'd be doing Glitter you might as well do Roderic as well . . .
  5. As has been said before . . . . AWESOME!!!! Ok, For the most part what I have left is big stuff and the chances are I'll pick those up sooner than later . . .
  7. Maredudd

    CV:SO Mqster Model List Updated

    Aaaaaand now I have no clue what I did but the original file now shows the Ritterlich data. Aaaaaand then it's gone again . . . I'll work it out.
  8. Maredudd

    CV:SO Mqster Model List Updated

    I'll look into it, but the older version works for creating forms. I got a new computer two yers ago and reinstalled Adobe Design Suite 6 on it and the first time I launched one of the apps it reached out to Adobe and updated everything and it took me a bit to figure out which featuresI lost when the started moving me to the Design Cloud. I can still access my InDesign files, but the AI files require Java 6, so I need to find the legacy install file and reinstall it. What was wrong with the first decade of the 21st Century anyway . . .
  9. Maredudd

    CV:SO Mqster Model List Updated

    Yep, that's it. I'm running Acrobat X Pro which is no longer supported so I expect to star seeing more and more PDFs that I cannot read. Oh well. Good thing Apple has included the ability to read PDFs in the OS, and after checking, I can see the missing page. I hate the idea of subscription software . . .
  10. Maredudd

    CV:SO Mqster Model List Updated

    I recently downloaded the Master Model list and was looking for the Ritterlich models, but the age seemingly has no models listed. On a lark I tried to highlight the 'text' nd it looked like I did, but the text seems to be the same color as the background. Is there a problem with the file? Or with my version of Acrobat?
  11. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Too late. It started building the moment the PM closed . . .
  12. Quick question . . . Not being familiar with Trenchworx, will the special edition aircraft be produced here in the US?
  13. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    NEVER would we EVER do such a thing . . . I can wait . . . If I have too . . . And for the record I appreciate everything that you and the rest of the Reaper folk do! You guys rock!
  14. Maredudd

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Or just the update early!
  15. It ain't over yet! we got 8 more days to get the word out AND KSII jumped by a significant amount in its last several days! It can happen here too! BIG STOMPY ROBOTS!!!