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  1. Mouse Adventure (Cartoon Miniatures)

    I completely missed this KS. Took a look, and I like the look on the models.
  2. Warg 77202, for feedback

    GAH!!!!! I never even considered that!! That would have made it much easier! Thanks!
  3. Warg 77202, for feedback

    For this piece I used the Grey Liner, with Flow Improver, to prime and then put down a base of Reaper's Storm Grey. At first I used one of the silver colors (Can't remember which and don't have my notes here.) [to dry-brush] but didn't like it so I tried one of the lighter grays. (I have the gray triad) That worked much better, but I may have gone too light on the brushing. So what I'm getting out of this is I need to do a better job of dry brushing . . . I started out with white for the eyes but messed them up good. My hand-eye coordination isn't very good and I ended up painting outside the eye ball. (Funny, they almost didn't let me into 1st grade because I couldn't color in the lines . . . Things never change. ) My wife volunteered to fix it for me but as she was busy, I did some other stuff, on the Dire Bear at that point, and then went back to the Warg/Dire Wolf and just took my everloving time with the red. I still had to do some retouch around the eyes to cover some slop though. I'll be trying again, only I'll do a better job with color selection. And take my time . . .
  4. Warg 77202, for feedback

    I have a desk mounted magnifying light that apparently totally screws with my hand-eye-coordination . . . What hand-eye-coordination I have that is . . .
  5. Warg 77202, for feedback

    I did that with this piece, as well as with the Dire Bear I also posted a thread for. I feel pretty good about this one, despite the sloppy parts, but still plan to go back and try to fix a few things, and maybe add, but I also have several other warg figures and will be working to extend my 'technique'. Oh, and I do prefer a more realistic coloring.
  6. Warg 77202, for feedback

    Yeah, I've got the ivory triad in the shopping cart right now. I thought I had some bone colors but couldn't find it. It's possible that I've misplaced a box of paints somewhere, but I can always get more. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Dire Bear 77949, for feedback

    I also need to go back and dry-brush some lighter green on the base and outright paint the stones to look more like stones . . . My wife sort of looked sideways at the stones and inquired "Moss covered?"
  8. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I haven't added nearly enough to the PM yet, and it'll take me some more time to see how much I can add. Still recovering from Irma, but I do see an opportunity a month or two before the PM closes that can ensure this be the biggest KS for me yet . . .
  9. War Dog 77422

    One of the things I am working on is patience, and though it may not be apparent, I did do a decent job suppressing it . . . Mostly! I did a google search and found lots of picks, but not of wargs. I really intend for the warg mini I painted to represent a dire wolf and though a lot of the same pics came up, I was looking for more a wolfish theme. That said, there is no reason more colors can't be added. For this attempt I was trying to keep it simple. Moving forward I'll broader my color scheme. The the two models covered by this thread I really liked the images used as examples in the Reaper store painted by the two referenced painter, and so chose to use those two patterns specifically. One thing that I REALLY need to work on is eyes and teeth. I essentially gave up on the eyes for these two figures because my eyes aren't particularly good at seeing the small things and that messes with the hand-eye coordination while painting eyes. I use a magnifying light at the table but unfortunately I have discovered my hand-eye coordination is even worse when looking through the lens. I'll practice and perchance I'll get better. In the mean time, I saw your warg and really like how it turned out. You also used WAY MORE layers than I did. I'll get there eventually. In fact, the warg was the first piece I did Saturday, followed by the Dire Bear and then the war dogs. Of course by the timeI got to the dogs I was getting tired and finally had to put them down and do the details for the harness and chain on them Sunday morning.
  10. Warg 77202, for feedback

    Though I've owned Reaper Paints for years, I'me still a newbie as well, and it never dawned on me to dry-brush lighter green on the base. Good idea! Thanks!
  11. Dire Bear 77949, for feedback

    Thanks for the suggestion. Thinking about what I did, I’m not sure why I used white for the teeth, especially as I used an off-white for the wargs teeth. I’ll go back and redo the teeth. i was exteemly happy though with the dry brushing on the bears fur.
  12. Warg 77202, for feedback

    Thank you for the input! I knew the coloring was rather simple but it served to help me with some basic technique work. I’ve got several additional worg models and will add more color for the next piece. I gotta say too that, as happy as I was to see the finished piece, once I took the pics a ton of sloppy strokes jumped out at me.
  13. Dire Bear 77949, for feedback

    Hi Folks! This is the last of the models I'll be posting tonight. As with the others I am looking for feedback.
  14. Warg 77202, for feedback

    Just realized these pics are too large. I’ll optimize them and reload them.
  15. War Dog 77422

    These models were, to put it bluntly, inspired by the white-metal pieces painted by Sean Fulton and Anne Foerster. I needed something to practice technique on and I liked the two painted pieced. (I have a halfling monk with two mastiffs, one named Blakie and one named Red.) I’m interested in feedback on these two pieces. Just realized these pics are too large. I’ll optimize them and reload them.