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  1. Will you be giving us any warning of the pending closure? Beyond this past post that is? :-)
  2. Pledge manager is still open, last I checked . . .
  3. Pre-launch

    OH! Buzzkill!! There goes the rampant speculation! (Well, now that he mentioned it, it does sort of look like Mal's other wing . . . )
  4. They're young giants!!
  5. Pre-launch

    How many dragons does Reaper have that haven't been turned into bones yet? Sounds like an expedition through the catalog is in order!
  6. Pre-launch

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 oh wait, too soon . . . Move along.
  7. !! An zombie T-Rex and a Harry Dres . . . uh, Chronoscope Wizard to ride her!!
  8. Fulfilling

    Hehe, not as rare as I would want. She, and her big sister are FAST! And can climb! I think she's more of an Opera type . . . She and her older sister fill the Dolphin part well . . . really well . . .
  9. Fulfilling

    Mine was signed . . . Ok, not by Izzy, but by Granddaughter #2 . . . Fortunately is was on blank pages up front and in the back. All the actual art is as clean as when I got my box!
  10. Pre-launch

    My budget for this next one will be spent under a microscope, but I am determined to SERIOUSLY consider all Expansions! And then get them! HA! I have been giving thought to pledging for the core up front, but in the end picking and choosing what I want out of the Core . . . I mean, how many PC types do I need? . . . Who am I kidding!?!? I NEED THEM ALL!!!!
  11. Pre-launch

    What, for Ma'al Drakar's, sake is a "Paint Poker Tool"?
  12. Fulfilling

    I haven't had the chance to go through my Bones III goodies for inventory and inspection yet, but have had the opportunity to do some dry-firing of some of the pieces. I'm hoping this weekend to tackle some of the inspection but it may take me a few days and I'll also need to add to the storage solutions that I can sort as I go. Good thing someone put together an excel file with pics . . . :-) One note I want to add here too . . . My granddaughters are fascinated by the figures. I let them play with the Bonesylvanians until the youngest one decided she wanted to taste it . . . Good thing I was watching. The older came in last night to say hello and good night after my groups D&D session. While there she found Talin's art book and brought it to me so we could go through it together. She had to touch and spend some time examining each picture while say "Ooooo!"!
  13. Fulfilling