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  1. I have a suggestion for how some minis are handled in future kickstarters and sold at retail. Some items in the various bones kickstarters were offered as part of a set or combined with a group and not available on their own. For the most part that makes sense. The items are grouped and to offer them separately means that people might only buy the thing they want and the less popular items might not be justified. But some things make sense in multiples. It would have been great to have them to have been allowed to be bought on their own, or in multiples or to be sold in bundles of themselves. As an example, The wall of fire... I wanted to get 180' of wall of fire recently... at each one representing a 5' square, that's 36 individual pieces. They sell in set of 3 for $5. So the 180' is $60 worth of wall of fire... Most stores (including reaper) don't have enough in stock. It would have been very convenient to just stock up on them during the kickstarter. There are a couple figures like that in the bones 4 kickstarter too... So my suggestion would be for things that make sense in multiples. Offer then on their own, but in a number that makes them usable. Like the wall of fire could have been offered as a "wall of fire bundle" with 10, or 20, or 36 for whatever kickstarter price would be appropriate. So 10 for $10, or 36 for $50... but with the reasoning that one does not need a single 5' wall of fire... This could also be done on the Reaper store... A pack of 4 is fine, but the option to get a pack of 10 or more would be great as well. Just a thought.
  2. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    Thanks! Yeah this is much better... it was a super pain the other way...
  3. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ahh! Cant look... Spoiler... Its not official unless Reaper Bryan shows us!
  4. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Cancelled my pledge... to much else going on... maybe at retail.
  5. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    I'm with you. Hoping to get the 3 werewolves but if they are like $20 a piece I doubt I can swing it... And I am guessing that is probably the range.
  6. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    So... I went to https://www.backerkit.com/ then logged in with my Kickstarter email. You have to search for project as for some reason you cant just see what you backed... Then you have to enter the project on kickstarters email link... then they will email you a link and that leads to your backer kits reward.... pretty complicated for what should be easy... but that I cant blame of Sandy... or can I?....
  7. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    Yeah I went in to backer kit and got it. Looks nice. But again I'm not a PDF guy so other than the scan through I wont get any use til my physical book comes.
  8. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    ...yes... ... I like the werewolves... hope they are not super expensively out of my non-existent holiday season gaming budget.
  9. Minis we would like to see

    So "young wizards" were mentioned. There are a couple good young male wizards like Ambrose available. It would be great for more options. But it would be really great to have some female young wizards as well. Dressed similar to the males. With functional looking clothes. Also more light and fast "swashbuckling" type minis. Armed with rapiers and bucklers or off hand daggers. Light armor like leather or armored coats or breast plates. Both male and female. Minis to represent dexterous fighters, swashbucklers, bards and rogues with a martial bent. Also more "teen" characters. Adventurers at the start of their careers. Not children, but younger/slighter, less well equipped minis representing standard classes like warrior, rogue, priest, wizard, barbarian, paladin. Maybe with an older version to represent the same character but more experienced. And more minis with black powder weapons. Muskets in particular.
  10. Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    I have backed a couple. Only 2 Failures. Backed * Zombicide 1 * Kings of War * Reaper Bones 1 * Relic Knights * StoneHaven Gnomes * Zombicide 2 * Torn Armor - Failed! Did get a partial Refund * Raging Heroes Toughest girls of the Galaxy * Deep magic Pathfinder compatible book * Wrath of Kings * Bones 2 * Stonehaven Elves * Advanced Bestiary Pathfinder compatible book * Hero Forge 3d printed miniatures * NF magazine (Nintendo magazine for my son) * Renaissance Game pirate ships * Brawl in the Family (Nintendo inspired graphic novel for my son) * StoneHaven Half orcs * Southlands Pathfinder compatible book * Kings of War 2nd edition * Exploding Kittens (for my daughter) * Conan board game * Blood Rage * Raging Heroes Toughest girls of the Galaxy 2 * Renaissance Games Castles and Siege Engines * In the Company of Dragons Pathfinder compatible book' * Zombicide Black Plague * Bones 3 * The Others 7 sins board game * Renaissance Games steam punk * Norsgard 2nd wave * Heroes in Sensible Shoes * War is coming Shield Maidens * Sandy Petersen Cthulhu Mythos Pathfinder compatible book * Massive Darkness * Stonehaven Giants * Salt in the Wounds Pathfinder compatible book * Mythic Battles Pantheon * Court if the Sultana * Hot & Dangerous * Zombicide Green Horde * Bones 4 My other failure was Fairy tail games. I did not back through kickstarter, but bought a dropped pledge through their website... I did receive the "sacred 40" miniatures but nothing else... I should have gotten the game and all the expansions and miniatures... I was looking forward to playing this one with my daughter but she is 17 this month so the time frame for that past even if this had delivered... I have been on Kickstarter since 2013.... I think I have dropped about $8,000... Which is a signifigant part of my gaming budget... I am starting to get burned out with kickstarter though...
  11. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    I haven't gotten an email for the PDF yet. Though I really don't like PDF's... My old man brain can't seem to wrap around PDFs... I need a physical thing to really comprehend...
  12. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Hmm, I kind of just want all the Succubi stuff, the resin leader, the Succubi Lurkers and the hard plastic succubi. I already have a unit of the hard plastics that I use in pathfinder (as lesser succubi called Abyssal Vixens) and they are very nice... (heads are a bit underewhelming but otherwise very nice). If they open up the option to add a unit of the Lurkers then I will be happy. Not really interested in most of the rest of the Abyssals. The northern alliance may tempt me though... And a unit of the hard plastic men at arms might be in the cards...
  13. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    Oh and when asked if Chinese NewYear will cause further delay, they stated "printing will be done before CNY, and so should ship before it as well (it's about a 45 day total process, and so will be on the water before Chinese New Year). That said, you never know." Doesn't really instill me with confidence....
  14. Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Kickstarter (Live)

    Admittedly I am very Salty about the delays on this kickstarter. per the update "our fulfillment warehouses will have the books in about 3 months, meaning in roughly 4 months you'll have the physical book in hand." another 4 months before shipping starts... which puts this at 16 months delayed... I will be happy when I do finally get the book, but this is the last time I support Sandy Petersen games.
  15. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Yeah this is starting to tempt me. Not sold on the Night stalkers but I could find a use for them. But really liking the Basilean and Abyssal stuff... And rumors of the Northern Alliance coming next week... I could use a couple boxes of the men at arms as well... It comes down to the Nightstalkers vs the resin Basilean heroes and terrain... its a tough call, but I have a ton of terrain from other games already...