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  1. My thoughts too. Just hope its not an all or nothing campaign like Darksword does.... $150.00 minimum buy in... If that's the case, I will probably be out. Too many projects coming that I want.
  2. Zombicide: Green Horde

    I haven't gotten any tracking yet either. From the comments I think only 1 US person has reported getting tracking and that may have been for something else. Too early to worry.
  3. The Sculpts they are showing are in resin. Does anyone know if the final mini will be in resin, plastic or metal?
  4. Hot & Dangerous

    You can log into the pledge manager/ web store site. http://kickstarter.wargamer.pl/user_data/addBasketUser#user_delivery_form If you completed the pledge manager and paid for shipping then you should have an account on it. And since you got an email saying in progress, then I would guess that you have. Mine went from in progress to Wyslane. Which per google translate is "sent". That was Wednesday or Thursday of last week. SO, I haven't gotten them yet. I had sent an email to the contact guy and he said all models for the 28mm are done and in house. I got most of the pre 1900's era 28mm. Just not the Roman girl or the civil war girls.
  5. Hot & Dangerous

    Thanks, they look ok from the pics. Looking forward to getting mine.
  6. Hot & Dangerous

    My status changed to “sent” on Thursday. People are saying around 10 days for delivery. SJ Hawkins? Any chance of some pictures on the models? I have asked in the comments of the KS but no one is posting them.
  7. Tzeentch Forces

    Beautiful! Especially the Titan!
  8. Giants - metal

    Stonehaven has giants. I am not sure if they are only in resin or if they are in metal too. Scale should be about right.
  9. I would like to participate. I am in Maryland (I think that makes 4 in Maryland in this thread) No international ( This is my first time) No starter (this is my first time)
  10. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    The creator opened individual pledges. Well, you get the 30 and 90 of one of the models of your choice. So it looks like I’m staying in.
  11. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    Yeah I hate the limited edition exclusive stuff. So if I want the 30mm mini its $83 now or basically never. Though free shipping! but Yeah I cant swing that right now.
  12. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    Question: What are the chances of being able to pledge for individual models/sizes? Answer: We have kept the price very low, less than the usual price for a single 90mm figure, just for this. We have planned the offer as a "get one, all others are free"... so the only case this don't cover is if you just want the 30mm miniatures. I hope this is a good offer enough to let you try our full range, painting a 90mm miniatures is a fantastic experience we want you all can enjoy... totally different from a 30mm technically and with stunning results ! Also some general info: All the miniatures are cast in the finest resin, to assure as much of the details of the original sculpt is preserved. All models are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required. All miniatures will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and will have a limited casting. All the master will be destroyed at the end of the campaign. This offer is so good that we can afford to sell only a limited number of models. If all the projected print run goes sold before the end of the kickstarter, we will think of a new print run, but inevitably with a different price. We can also offer Free Shipping for the following country: Canada, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Israel, Italy, San Marino, United States of America, Vatican, Switzerland, Turkey.
  13. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    Havent received a response yet, but someone else asked in the comments and the creator already considers the price to basically be for one mini and the rest as sort of free kind of? So does not look like you will be able to buy individually. Which means I am pretty much out as $83 US is a bit too high for wanting only the one (or 2) minis that I do.
  14. Old Spice does D&D

    Hey are you saying my preferred gaming system is outdated! How dare you!
  15. Reaper Bones Female Oni 77486

    Beautiful. The skin tone and hair especially, but everything is really cool. The pants really pop and draw everything together. You have to paint the Male oni now so she wont be lonely...