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  1. Live

    Ahhh. Already considering dropping my pledge... The thought of Bones just around the corner.... :( Bones is coming. Will hang in for a while then compare the two...
  2. Live

    Bad timing for this. 500 points. if I like 3 of the 150's then I have 50 points that cant buy anything... if I want to add another 100 point model, I would go over the 500 by 50 points... can I? this seems a bit more expensive than other KS.... 10 mode level for Orcs was $66. And all the Orcs roughly bigger than human. Here Human and some smaller pick 10 (1500) is $70. And that wont get you things like the Mechanical Horse... I like a couple here... will keep an eye but don't like the points, and want my gnome mecha....
  3. Live

    Maybe they are doing the concept art? More likely though they are just the license holder for minis, so CMON is paying them for the right to use the license. The set is expensive but... still comes out to about $1.30 per mini currently (at 114 minis for $150). Expensive certainly, but still a good deal comparatively. The main thing going against it for me is Bones 4 next week. Though if I can swing both, then maybe. Though I cant really go in for many (if any) add-ons for this either way...
  4. Live

    Yeah, I am currently in, I like the minis. I'm a sucker...
  5. Live

    If you just want 1 mini, am I reading correctly that you pledge 5 Euro, then the cost of the mini and then shipping will be charged after? So. If I want the Apothecary, it would be 13 Euro? and Shipping later?
  6. Live

    So it is $150.00. No early birds. Will sit back a while and decide. So far looks nice but I don't plan on playing the game, and so don't really need that many human troops.... though on the other hand, Pathfinder Bestiary 6 introduced "troop" rules, so maybe I do have a use for them...
  7. Live

    This starts tomorrow. Excited for the start but still not 100% sure I am backing. It looks like it will be a big kickstarter as I read over 100 minis in the base game before stretch goals and addons factor in. Speculation on Dakka puts base pledge between $120-$150 dollars. Which I bet when all is said and done with stretch goals will still be a fantastic deal.

    As it happens I will be off on Aug 1st. Coincidence...? Maybe.
  9. My son watches You tube videos of other people playing video games.. Games he has no intention of playing... I don't get it... Also I remember 6? 8? years ago I was tricked into watching a video that involved a pair of ladies and a solitary beverage container. I was horrified, and promptly tricked my sister into watching it. So I can kind of understand the need to see the reactions of others on certain things . Especially when its something that burns a hole in your head and will kill you if you don't show someone else in 7 days...
  10. Those are great. Is the conversion pack something that will be coming to the reaper store? I want some too....
  11. Fulfilling

    Hmm. Maybe they are doing UK first or ROW first? I have not received any notice.
  12. Live

    This starts on Tuesday at 4:00 pm eastern time... Same day as the Game of Thrones kickstarter and a week before Bones 4. Some interesting models here that I am keeping an eye on. My attention is diverted but still some nice things that may draw me in. Any one else thinking of backing this one?

    Thing I like best about this is you aren't spending $800.00. Money already taken is past expenditures. So I am only spending $20.. or $50... That is a lot easier to justify then having to fork over the $800 all at once... and its not a lie when my wife asks how much I spent and I say "just $20..."

    I like having multiples of the minions so the core set is great. I usually get duplicates of the minion guys in the core set, or (like in Bones 3) get 2 core sets and multiples. (I got 4 sets of Ogres, and 7 hobgoblins) The Add-on sets are a problem. I like some of the minis in the set, but not others. And the ones I like I want multiples of but cant see buying multiple $50 sets for duplicate minis I want. So I talk myself out of getting it... I mean what can I do with only 5 thugs... ? I understand the logic behind not spitting up the Add on sets though... I am gonna try not to talk myself out of them this time... Missed out on a camel cause of it... :(
  15. Live

    So, creator said you can add more during pledge manager but can't change pledge levels. So if you are at magnifent seven level you can and as many minis as you want but can't change to dirty dozen level.