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  1. Smokestack

    Ultimate Spheres of Power

    I have the original Spheres of Power, and I like it very much. If you ever played White Wolf's Mage game or watched Avatar, the system lets you create those kind of feelings. Also while more versatile than regular DnD/pathfinder magic it does away with the more broken aspects of magic. More fun stuff and less save or die stuff. I really like how you can tailor a caster to exactly what you want. Fire Mage? No need in having to pick spells or class features that don't fit that image. Edit: This is a Pathfinder 1st edition based book.
  2. Smokestack

    Ultimate Spheres of Power

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adammeyers/ultimate-spheres-of-power-the-complete-system-path/comments About This project combines and updates the 5-Star, seal-of-approval Spheres of Power magic system into a single 400+ page volume! Spheres of Power was a new magic system released in 2014 and made for Pathfinder and other D20 systems. With its incredible flexibility and easy-to-use talent-based magic system, Spheres of Power quickly became a top-reviewed magic system and our top-selling product, and thanks to the generosity of patreon has been greatly expanded with the publication of over 20 handbooks of new and expanded content. Now it's time to take all the lessons we learned, all the adjustments that have been made, and create the final, authoritative version of Spheres of Power, combining everything the system has become into a single, ultimate edition! Ultimate Spheres of Power combines content from over 20 handbooks, including Spheres of Power, Expanded Options, Items of Power, The Temestarian's Handbook, The Telekinetic's Handbook, The Geomancer's Handbook, The Enhancer's Handbook, The Diviner's Handbook, The Abjurer's Handbook, The Auspician's Handbook, The Battlemage's Handbook, The Chronomancer's Handbook, The Conjurer's Handbook, The Creator's Handbook, The Destroyer's Handbook, The Illuminator's Handbook, The Mentalist's Handbook, The Necromancer's Handbook, The Nyctomancer's Handbook, The Shapeshifter's Handbook, The Trickster's Handbook, The Vivomancer's Handbook, and more into an updated, streamlined, and multi-faceted volume of amazing magic! Spheres of Power is an alternate magic system that completely breaks away from the old, vancian system of magic-use and instead presents players and GMs with the tools they need to forge magic and magic-users into whatever image they desire. Instead of being forced to adapt a concept to the system's spell lists and classes, Spheres of Power uses a tradition system for customizing the how's and why's of magic, as well as a talent-based system for building a caster's magic abilities. With Spheres of Power, you gain the freedom to break from the traditional molds of fantasy D20 and create virtually any form of world, setting, or caster, including from the Cosmere to Final Fantasy to RWBY and beyond. For more information, check out our video above, as well as noted reviewer Endzeitgeist's take on the original book! Every backer will also be listed in the book as a supporter who helped make this book a reality! Stretch Goals are special bonuses that are unlocked as the project gains more funding. This could include the funding of additional product lines to be made available as add-ons, additional content for the book, new artwork, and more. Both the distribution of PDFs as well as the printing of the hard and softcover books will be done through DrivethruRPG's Print-on-Demand service. Not only does this allow us to do a limited print run, but also allows us to handle fulfillment outside North America with general ease.
  3. I only did 3 orders. The initial pledge, then several months later I got an argent, and a week after that I placed my last order which was my largest order. I may have done one more just for bases had the PM stayed open longer, but had already spent way too much. This was my largest kickstarter. I think I doubled my Bones 3 total. I could have used the portal last night.
  4. Smokestack

    Anno Domini 1666

    Update today. Delay, upshot is we get a free mini. "How much of a delay are we talking about? Considering all of the above, we still can’t provide a fixed date. Our best estimate is a 2-3 months delay. The metal miniatures are being manufactured right now. Orders with metal miniatures will be shipped ahead of the ones containing plastic, but it still won’t happen in April. Considering that plastic (which concerns 90% of our backers) is delayed, we took the several extra weeks to work on the game rules. Polishing a game is a never ending process – thanks to your feedback, and our testers’ work, we still keep coming up with fixes and improvements. Please keep in mind that all the components apart from the miniatures are being made in Poland, so the time constraints are much more relaxed. Shipping from the printer will take one day instead of several weeks. Printing the first several components will commence in about two weeks. The last thing we are going to print is the rulebook. Before that happens, we will show it to you and ask for feedback. Printing will be done by a reputable Polish company (Trefl), so you don’t need to worry about the quality. Those of you who ordered just the metal miniatures (without the cards) will have their packages shipped on schedule in April.' Initially she was supposed to be in one of the upcoming Anno Domini 1666 expansions (featuring mercenaries). Instead, every pledge that includes the base game will also receive the miniature (plastic or metal - matching the given pledge). The Elector pledge will receive a painted mini. You will learn more about Elena in an upcoming update. The miniature is being manufactured right now, but her rules are still being worked on. For now we can say for sure she will be available as a mercenary, but we are thinking about doing a bit more with her.
  5. Smokestack

    Elven Miniatures for RPGs

    To be fair, Elven Liv Tyler was very attractive. I don't sweat stuff like that so much. As a miniature most people cant really tell ear shape or size at a glance. So I have used non elves as elves and vice versa. I actually use GW elves (especially the dark elves) as vampires a lot.
  6. Smokestack

    Elven Miniatures for RPGs

    I'm debating on the 75mm, which I like more that the 35mm.... but.... I am mostly interested in using this in a game, which means the 75mm is not really useful for me. So only in for the 35mm right now.
  7. Smokestack

    Elven Miniatures for RPGs

    All of her gear is magical. * Mini dress, sure impractical normally, but, When it provides resistance to cold and heat 10... then its not a bad choice. Since it also counts as bracers of armor 5... it becomes FIRST CHOICE!!!! * high Heals... yeah uncomfortable, not the best choice in footwear... Unless they count as slippers of Battle dancing and boots of speed rolled in to one! All of the above should be purple, but I don't know how to do that. So... Regarding "stripperific" and what not. Ok, skimpy fantasy clothes, sure. But Its not as bad as some... like Kingdom Death, where the outfit is basically just underwear. I mean I get it, but she is fully clothed. This is a first time project by a first time creator. I am willing to support, if only to see where he goes from here. And despite the ankle (a magical curse that she must overcome!!!) I think the mini looks pretty good.
  8. Smokestack

    Elven Miniatures for RPGs

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/568025447/elven-miniatures-for-rpg-gamers-and-collectors?ref=user_menu About The Project Hello guys, firstly thanks for checking out my project, I really do appreciate your time! I am funding today for the 3D printing, master molding and production molding of the Thaumaturge bust along with production molds for the 35mm and 75mm scale miniatures. The prints and resin masters for the 35mm and 75mm have already been funded through my savings, below is an example of the resin casts and an example paint job by yours truly, note, I do not concider myself a great painter by any means but I cannot afford to pay a professional currently! I do hope though it gives an idea of what the finished miniature could look like. *All miniatures will be supplied unpainted and require minor assembly. These 3 miniatures are the first step in turning my vision into a reality and will help support the development of further miniatures and ultimately bring a new game to the tabletop. As an individual this is going to be a struggle - I have no foothold in the industry, I do not have the backing of a large established company or access to mainstream financial lending. I am undertaking as much of the process as I can up to the point of the physical 3D printing and resin production process which will be handled by a well known and highly respected bunch of chaps here in the UK. Thank you again for taking your time to check out my project, please feel free to ask me any questions either through Kickstarter or via instagram; @thronedowngames :) One figure. She is available in 35mm, 75mm and as a bust. They 35mm and 75mm look to be different poses. The Pledges Level 1: 35mm plus 25% lifetime brand discount* - £9.00 Level 2: 75mm OR Bust plus 25% lifetime brand discount* - £24.00 Level 3: 35mm + 75mm OR Bust plus 25% lifetime brand discount* - £31.00 Level 4: 35mm + 75mm AND Bust plus 25% lifetime brand discount* - £48.00 Reading through, the minis are being produced for him by Zealot miniatures.
  9. Smokestack

    home made Treant?

    If you want to go comical, just get a small plastic potted plant and glue googly eyes on the pot. Less comical, there is the Skylander Tree guy. You can probably find pretty cheap. I remember seeing them for like $5 on the evil bay. I have the first one below. He would fit a 3 inch base comfortably... So Huge in DND/Pathfinder standards. You can repaint to be more serious looking.
  10. The Duelist and rogue with rapier. Not a lot of those kind of minis available. Anything with a rapier, I am a fan. The minotaur and Sophie are just gravy. edit: and the set was only $4 for 4 minis... Thought it was a pretty great deal.
  11. I ordered 7 extra Sophie and Friends... so getting 9 female minotaurs... Combined with the 16 minitaurs I am getting and that would make a good Minotaur day care encounter...
  12. May still try to do this.
  13. While they didn’t t explicitly say that. The fact that they are considering shipping it by air implied it. Why would they consider extra expense to air freight it if the “it will arrive the first week of March” timeline is still accurate, the fact that they are even considering air shipping means thst it will not arrive by the first eeek of March. Otherwise, they would not look into additional expense. I am disapointed. I am not angry. Like Chaoswolf said, they are just toys. Though the toys do help me get through more serious stuff. It’s nice to be able to escape sometimes. I got ninja’d twice...
  14. That was what Ed said in the Reaper live episode last night.
  15. I have to say, I am disappointed too. In Reaper live they said delivery is a matter of weeks or A month, not quarters... That does not alleviate my disappointment. So now we are looking at an April Delivery (at best). Still excited that we are close, but I had thought with the 18 month padded delivery that we would finally get one on time... :(