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  1. Pclnt box on its way to Sylverthorne.
  2. Wow, just looked it up. Yeah. I will now definitely throw him against my PC's... :)
  3. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of additional dragons.
  4. Here is what I grabbed. I think I can actually send this out to Sylverthorne tomorrow.
  5. Pcklnt box received. Will go through it tonight, will try to get it out on Wednesday.
  6. My tracking number says that the box is "out for delivery" !!! Excitement mounting!!!
  7. Woot! I'll try to get it out quickly once I receive it.
  8. Smokestack

    Forgotten World by Fireforge Games

    Mounted charactershave been unlocked. I am in for 2 early birds. Fireforge confirmed that you can do two early birds and get double rewards. So, 18 boxes, 2 free sprues, 2 free shield packs, 4 Kickstarter exclusive characters, 8 resin heroes on foot, and 4 resin mounted heroes. Pretty happy with this campaign. It would have been nice to hit that second human faction or the orcs and dwarves, but that will be a fun second campaign.
  9. Smokestack

    Skadi, Dwarven Goddess

    Really nice. Great job!
  10. Smokestack

    Stormwing (Blue) - DM’s Gift

    Beautiful, nice 3rd edition D&D color scheme, but the lighter blue on the shoulders really pops. Lucky DM...
  11. I am jealous... This is a nice haul. The Bottom row, middle figure. The Anima Tactics cat-girl. I would have totally nabbed her. She has been on my list for a while...
  12. Smokestack

    Court of the Sultana by Effincool Miniatures

    I was in contact with the creator, so knew they were coming, but didn't get any other notification or tracking.
  13. Woot! Have fun on your vacation. :)
  14. Smokestack

    Dragonborn Sorcerer miniature

    Have you tried Hero Forge? The dragon options are pretty good. Here are some quick messings... I am sure you could make something better investing more time in to it.