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  1. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Gah! That doesn't leave me much time... Still have about $80 in bases and maybe 3 more sets of Apes, Nagas and Dire animals to add.
  2. Smokestack

    Werewolves and vampires and bugs

    I agree. My wife and I go to thrift shops and yard sales. I have only found a couple mini related things but have found a few toy pirate ships. Yeah. I may try an actual repaint. This was just a quick “try and make them better” project. I may try one to make them look “good”. I have been going trough clix shops to find good ones.
  3. Smokestack

    Werewolves and vampires and bugs

    Yeah, not the greatest sculpt, at least not in the face. But they are kind of meant to be killed anyway so yeah.
  4. Smokestack

    Werewolves and vampires and bugs

    Here are some more re-based heroclix. So all of these got a new base, a dunk in army painter strong tone. And then a light (or not so light) dry brush of parchment white. There are 3 types of werewolves. 2 are the same sculpt but in brown and in grey. The one with the really bad lean... well all of the brown had that before boil and cool. He has undergone the process 4 times but is stubborn. So I figured he is just really eager. The bugs i debated on putting on large bases but in the end put on 30mm. The vampire ladies I feel are the least successful. The strong tone did nothing for the coats and only a bit for the faces and hair. The mini is Emma Frost but I will be using as underworld type death dealer vampires. And Rapahel, cuz he’s Raphael. anyway these were also $.49 each, with the exception of the 2 different style werewolves which where about $1.49 each.
  5. Smokestack

    Fire! Heroclix rebase/paint

    Yeah. I bought a bunch of stuff. This worked out pretty good so I am now hyped to buy more clix. I ended up with 250’ of wall of fire for $24.95
  6. Smokestack

    Fire! Heroclix rebase/paint

    I have wanted some spell effects. Specifically wall of fire. I was looking through a shop I found that sells hero clix. Very cheaply. $.49 a piece. I saw a couple soul fragments that looked like they could possibly be a good match. there were 5 different types and they had 10 in stock of each. So I ended up with 50. I removed the clix base. Used some reaper round 25mm bases that I gave a quick orange coat to the top of. Then put the fragments on the new bases. After that just brushed some yellow over the fragments. Here are are some pictures. The first 5 are how they came. The last couple is of my Summoner Dakota and her eidolon Frost facing off against some werewolves. (Also hero clix and part of a future project. Err picture order is not correct but you can probably figure out the order.
  7. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I got duplicates of Core set x 2 Monsters x2 Dire Beasts x5 Villagers x 2 Demons & Devils x2 Snake Cultists x5 Ape Attack x5 Sophie & Friends x7 Living Statue Spartan x2 Living Statue Amazon x2 Thunderfoot Behemoth x2 Stygian Barge x2 Argent x2 With 2 cores and 5 extras that gives me 7 sets of ape attack, dire beasts and nagas. But considering adding 3 more each to have 10 of each figure. Dire beasts will make a good low level encounter set. A herd? Of boars or a bunch of crabs. Also make good summoned monsters or familiars/eidolons/ animal companions. Polymorphed bad guys. Etc.
  8. Smokestack

    Vanara Mini Help?

    No. Nothing. But... Impact miniatures may be buying the defunct stuff for this. So there is s possibility that it could still be made.
  9. Smokestack

    Paleolithic Graffiti

    That's pretty cool.
  10. Smokestack

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I don’t disagree with this. For my part I believe that the creator has done some really mind blowingly dumb things. They have done everything they are being accused of. I am not sure if they are scammers or just really dumb. I don’t think it will deliver, but $1 is not a huge risk. If they are just dumb, I feel bad for them.
  11. Smokestack

    Overturn Rising Sands

    So, I decided to back again. I don't feel like retyping, but here is what I posted in the comments, Hello everyone. I was a day 1 backer who dropped out on Day 4. I was pretty rough on the creator from the beginning and dropped out at the time because I wasn't sure the project would be delivered. I am back, but not for the reason some of the others have rejoined. I don't disagree with the evidence and what most of the others here have said, but. I do think some of the comments went over board. For the most part most of you have done a great job of just keeping people informed. And I respect an appreciate it, especially posts like the ones from Impact games. However the main reason I have decided to back this was a comment yesterday that asked if people had brought up whether this project would be used to fund terrorism. That comment has turned me to want to support Foxtail. Do I think they will deliver? At this point I don't care. I hope they do. But at this point I am only here to support them. I am backing at $1.00. Because I really cant afford a full pledge. I will up if I can during the pledge manager to show my support. I have a soft spot for underdogs... Like the Tyrion quote about bastards. For the record, I am not against any of you here. I just don't like the hate I have seen (again not universal). If the Foxtail guys are not on the up and up, fine but they are human, and I am willing to risk my $1 to find out.
  12. Smokestack

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I was curious, so did a google search. Average salary in Pakistan is $1500/ year. So st $45,000 that’s 3 people for 10 years. Not bad.
  13. Smokestack

    Legends of Signum

    I got a KS message from them. I do like a lot of things but I am not going to back again. I dropped out like the day before the Cobfrontation lock out. I will pick up some stuff on the website later on.
  14. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Do you collect for RPG's or for Painting/display. I am SOOOOOOOO not good enough for display, so mostly pick up for gaming, but there are some models I will likely never use that I want. I just gave my Kanjira to a friend who may actually use it. This is also why I buy so many multiples of some things. 8 copies of the Naga guys (+2 from the 2 core sets) means a big Naga centric game in the future... I am currently enjoying a diet coke. Being Diabetic and all...
  15. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Not taking any bate here... Argent is huge. The wyvern looks much more manageable from a gaming stand point. Wasn't feeling the Skeletal dragon, but it looks really nice.