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  1. Live

    Some pictures from the campaign. Some yetis and a giant wolf thing. My stuff from the Shield maiden kickstarter was top notch.
  2. Yeah, The sails were hard enough on this... I don't think I could handle a "real" model with rigging and what not.... There was a kickstarter before the renaissance one, I think it was called roll out the guns... or something like that. It had a beautiful ship.... I asked the creator how difficult assembly would be... He said "moderate" and sent A PDF of the instructions... It was like 80 pages and involved shaving the hull with a sander and what not... Not for me... This kit was right at the edge of "Fun" and "a chore"...
  3. Hmmm.., yeah... I guess it can't stay on my kitchen counter much longer...
  4. Ha, didn't notice that my wife was in the picture. She gets assist credit anyway for Ironing the sails. :)
  5. Finished! Well cannons still need to be painted but with work tomorrow this is finished for now. i don't have a sir forscale so Captain Barnabus came to show scale. This is not his ship though. He's just visiting as I feared the sail/mast construction was a chore. But I am well satisfied now that it is done.
  6. Funded

    When your players steal your giant spiders and make them disappear... that may be s sign that you use them too much...
  7. She is designed for 28mm miniatures. So 1/56? its about 33" long. So the reaper bones barge will be about half as long.
  8. The upper deck assembly did not want to fit in the slots. It was a super tight fit. The front rail broke getting off of the sprue, but I applied to much pressure. And one of the peg holes in the main deck was not cut all the way through, and I had to saw it out... other than that the assembly was not hard just time consuming. Lots of little parts. The masts were the hardest part on the small ship I assembled so not really looking forward to mast/sail assembly.
  9. I started putting together one of the ships I got from Renaissance games pirate kickstarter. I ended up with 7 ships, and this is the 2nd one I have assembled. Well started to assemble. It's been over 2 years so figured I would give it a go. Rensissance games is sadly no more. This is s great kit. It was $190.00 during the kickstarter. It it comes with 24 cannons. I think I will paint the cannons bronze. this is about 5 hours into it.
  10. completed

    It has arrived! Yeah!!!!
  11. completed

    Well my order is "out for delivery" luckily I work from home...
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. completed

    I know you have all been waiting and concerned with one question. Did Bill get his Massive Darkness? Well the answer is still no... but! I did get a shipping notice. So sooooooooooon! yes. I will get them soon. Then maybe the voices will stop.... soon!
  15. live

    Hey! I am from Baltimore too. The minis look interesting. Not sure I have a use for any of them, and money is tied up elsewhere. But they do look interesting.