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  1. Female werewolves

    Cadwallon. I think she was $25 or so US
  2. Yeah the Stone haven riding minis can all fit the bat. I have some riders in my box ready for the next BoGW but they didn't make it into this one. The Plastic one is actually resin. its one of the Mascots from Raging heroes Toughest girls 2. I have a bunch more Raging heroes for the BOGW as well. Not a huge fan anymore...
  3. Shieldwolf miniatures. The minis have the front torso/ legs separate. The back part of the torso attaches to the main torso/leg piece. You have your choice of a regular back or a cloak. Then the right arm and left arm and head. Here is a review that has pictures that may help http://oddianhobbies.com/modelling-blog/2017/6/16/ws392y2lka6n409ubor4986p5hjzy7
  4. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    This is live and funded. Didn't think I would be in, but it actually looks really good. So....In!
  5. [Blood Bowl] Vomit Dream Team

    Awesomely disgusting... or disgustingly awesome. My favorite is Anatole Diarrhée
  6. Legends of Signum

    Yeah its the same guys. I am not sure but my theory is they are trying to distance themselves from the old name where they sold the confrontation stuff. I have 2 of their larger scale female werewolves. They are the first 4 pics in my female werewolf thread. the first one came with wings but I did not use the wings.
  7. Legends of Signum

    On their facebook page there is a poll as to what the next faction will be for the game, or I guess which faction will be expanded first. The bug elves or the Wulfen. I voted for Wulfen... https://www.facebook.com/signumgame/
  8. Legends of Signum

    Facebook says Kickstarter will start on 04/24 Legends of Signum is a 2 players fantasy world wargame, where players will face off against each other in the ruthless battles with help of the summoned characters and creatures. Each new game is unique as the player will have an ability to counter his opponents tactics with a help of highly variable decks, which player can assemble before the match. While the heroes busy fighting one another out on the battlefield, their loyal city dwellers are busy constructing new buildings that unlock new spells, abilities, and characters to aid their heroes in the victory. What also makes Legends of Signum highly unique in and of itself is that we combined best of both card and miniature wargame worlds into one highly immersive gameplay experience. From the very start, we set out to create a beginner-friendly game and so in the process of developing the game we did our best in avoiding complicated game mechanics that you would normally expect in a miniature wargame, yet still gave players vast variety of tactical options. Legends of Signum is a unique combination of a miniatures wargame and a card game. Players control units of creatures lead by mighty heroes and build structures that allow more characters, relics and magic spells to be used on the battlefield. In Legends of Signum you devise your own winning strategy by creating an exclusive deck of cards and collection of miniatures. Legends of Signum is a game for two, where each player controls a hero and a group of characters and builds up their capital city. Initially only the hero figures are present on the battlefield, but as the game progresses, additional characters can be brought in by building the necessary structures. Victory is achieved by either destroying the opponent or bringing your capital city to prosperity. Duration of one game is about 30 to 90 minutes. These are the guys who run the Cadwallon Shop. They used to sell Confrontation recasts. They have stopped as discussed in the Confrontation Resurrection kickstarter thread. Legends of Signum are their own sculpts and their own game. The pictures are of stuff already available and I am not sure if they will be included in the kickstarter. I posted them so you can get an idea of what will be offered.
  9. I do not. I have had him a good while. I had thought it was Reaper but never looked it up.
  10. So... I kind of took out the heroclix bag. I saved it so I could add back to the box next go round if there is room.
  11. So not asking anyone in particular *Cough Necromancer Cough* but does anyone have any pictures of stuff they want to share? Anyone. Bueller, Bueller? On another note. I am interested in the Summer box. I still have a ton of stuff I would like to share.
  12. Confrontation: Classic

    I am thinking these will be single piece board game plastic similar to Zombicide or BloodRage. Fantasy Flight made a board game that used some of the molds as single piece minis a couple years ago. If this is similar, then the price might not be in the $400 range, but maybe $150 - $200. The minis though probably wont appeal to everyone. Especially not the high end modelers who really liked original metal confrontation.
  13. Female werewolves

    I am looking for ones that would be "large" size in Pathfinder/Dnd. SO basically 40-50mm base size. Aislinn is the perfect size. Ok, great. Thanks for the picture. Female werewolf is a bit smaller than I would like but looks good too.
  14. A gnome knight? Yeah, I can't find one.

    Nope, no shoes...
  15. Female werewolves

    Some of the pics were removed for nudity. Apologies... The Wrath of Kings ones were removed as well, but weren't nude... The reaper ones Does any one have any pics next to other minis? I cant really tell scale with the triangles.