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  1. Fulfilling

    So Kyphrixes will definitely fir on a 3 inch base. It would look a bit small on a 4 inch. Marthrangul is at least 4 inch. But I may get a GW knight titan oval base for him. Lavarath could fit on a 2 inch if you don't attach the bones base, 3 inch if you shave down the base slightly, though I May put her on a 4 inch since she was going to be the center piece/leader of an all girl shield maiden army, but looks a bit small compared to the ice bears. I didn't get most of the dragons as the looked too large to get any use out of in my pathfinder game. I did not thing Marth was going to be that big... Now She has moved to being a rival for my Big bad Blue dragon queen in my game.
  2. Fulfilling

    Here is the pathfinder large red, huge red and gargantuan blue. The new dragons are pretty big.
  3. Fulfilling

    The bones fire giants got a face lift and some growth hormones this kickstarter. I had a plan to make the old fire giant queen the teenage daughter of the new queen. Here is a shot of the size difference.
  4. Fulfilling

    My favorite non dragon non giant so far is this guy and this girl Hobgoblins will definitely be in my next pathfinder game. I got 7 sets...
  5. Fulfilling

    The material for the wizard of oz stuff is great. And the color. Hope we see more of this material.
  6. Fulfilling

    And mine has arrived! Woot!
  7. Fulfilling

    I wonder if they will offer any of the parts of certain bones items separately in the boneyard (when it returns) like ma'als heads.
  8. Fulfilling

    Yeah I didn't get a Ma'al because I would never paint it or use it. Just too big and too epic...
  9. Pre-launch

    True, but if the Pledge Manager is open as long as Bones 3 is, then you will have plenty of time to breath new life in your wallet, or steal someone elses... Seeing how may 30lb+ pledges there are, I want to try for one of everything next time... As I am sure I will love it all even if I don't need it all.
  10. Fulfilling

    I have no self control, so when the next one starts and I post that I am backing and am super optimistic, someone please remind me that I am done, and lightly smack me...
  11. Fulfilling

    Froghemoth looks pretty awesome. I got two but was gonna give both to a friend. Might have to re-think that...
  12. The white dragon is really nice. That turned out spectacular. All of the guys are nice, but the White dragon is really nice. To clarify, the pathfinder red. I want it. No really. I want eeeeettt
  13. Funded

    I asked about shipping too. It's free/included to US.
  14. Fulfilling

    In bones 2 I got 20 winged Sophie's that I had planned to use as harpies and other winged females. I was a little disappointed as they were loose in the shipping box (well in a bag) under much heavier things. So they all had sever gangsta lean... all but 2 I think. The figure was very lithe and the boiling method did not stick. So they are in a Plano case coffin in the basement. Lovely figure though. So bones 3 Sophie I just got 2. Shipping notice just confirmed delivery tomorrow. Woot!
  15. Fulfilling

    Got my notice. Wave 1. Locked in 8/22/15