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  1. Smokestack

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

    This one turned out pretty good. 143 minis, including a full size tower. I only went $1 in on this as with the holidays money is tight, but I plan to upgrade in the PM. Just too much good to pass up.
  2. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The Barge is beautiful. I am glad I got 2, but now think I should have gotten 3. @ladystorm... so do you think these will ship in February still? *Ducks*
  3. Smokestack

    Blood Rage Digital

    I dropped out. $60 is too much for what you get. I went full in on the original... nothing here really draws me in.
  4. Smokestack

    Mythexplorers II : RPG miniatures

    My three arrived today. Nice looking minis. Will post some pics later.
  5. Smokestack

    Some interesting news about CMON

    The amount they get has gone down. I don't know if its really do to their reputation, or if its just they things they are releasing are just more of the same and people are getting burnt out. The Zombicide kickstarters are their big cash cows, but I think people are starting to have zombie fatigue. They switched it up to fantasy zombicide and that did better. They tried scifi and that did a bit worse. I did not back the Scifi one... Overall I think the subject matter is just less interesting so less people back. Also the people who buy to resell I think are doing less of that as resale seems to not be as lucrative as it used to be.
  6. Smokestack

    Some interesting news about CMON

    Well Wrath of Kings got like 6 or 7 releases that were not in the kickstarter...but... they were not really advertised, they were super delayed and were almost impossible to find. I only found out about the Gotha Knights (werewolf knights) when I went to the Black Friday sale... No real announcement. And then there was a problem where they never actually had them in stock and the shipment that included them had accidentally been sent back to china. Darkage is apparently a really good game, but again is not advertised and can only really be purchased through CMON and a ton of stuff even there is out of stock, I don't think Darkage had a kickstarter, but I am not sure. But yeah, they could have just done a kickstarter for the starter sets then released everything else in increments. But I think that would have failed too because they apparently hate selling products... Also Wrath of Kings, I think, was too expensive for what they wanted at retail, if you could find it.
  7. Smokestack

    Some interesting news about CMON

    CMON has a few really nice miniatures and games that I like. I have participated in several of their kickstarters and have been satisfied with them. BloodRage, Zombicide 1, and 2. Black plague, Green Horde and Massive Darkness... My favorite was Wrath of Kings. I am a bit zombie'd out. But would Back another Wrath of kings in a second... Unfortunately it appears that the game is dead. That is my biggest problem with CMON. Its the fact that the games are not supported. If they supported their games, well... I plan on getting the rest of the Wrath of Kings stuff in their upcoming sale... after that, I have no hopes. Their customer service is pretty bad. They people I have talked to when I have had issues have always been very polite, but never were able to help me other than a "we will look in to it". And reaching them was always a pain. During the Black Friday sale last year... (or rather in the months after it) called for days in a row and the phone just rang... no answer, no voicemail. Then the following week the number was disconnected. I searched and found a new number. And had similar days of no answers... Emails were rarely returned. The only real way I could get them was through Facebook. - I forgot Relic Knights, which was through them too. That one was a mess.
  8. The Lady with the rapier is Eloise from Hot & Dangerous. The Card was the back of the box that I just cut.
  9. Smokestack

    Barbaric Splendor 2

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1327314385/barbaric-splendor-kickstarter-two-ophidian-menace/description Just saw this. Warning for snake woman nudity. About Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter Two: Ophidian Menace offers serpentman warriors for your wargame, skirmish game, RPG, or simply to paint and collect. These miniatures are not new - they are already sculpted and molds are already made. They were sculpted by Nicolas Genovese of Blood Moon Miniatures, who has made a special offer to Barbaric Splendor Miniatures. This Kickstarter will, if successful, fund this purchase and casting of the required amount of miniatures. I am offering the miniatures at a reduced price from their planned retail price to help facilitate this process. This will be a short Kickstarter, with the only goal to add these miniatures to the Barbaric Splendor line. If need be, I do have a stretch goal planned, but do not wish to make this a complicated project so it will not grow beyond that. These will be the start of an extensive line of serpentmen - both the serpentmen, who have human bodies and legs with snake heads (much like those in the fiction of Robert E Howard) and the primeval serpentmen who have snake bodies and human torsos with snake heads.
  10. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The mammoth looks perfect size for some ogre mount/ cavalry conversions.
  11. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The Djinn and Efreeti are great. Will look to get one more of each at retail. Isabel the bard is very nice too. But the Mammoth... I think its the star of the show,
  12. Smokestack

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

    I am not backing this but I would rather have an overestimated delivery than an underestimated one. Bones 4 is about the same estimate. Funded August 2017, and estimated February 2019. Even without a license issue. 18 months. There are a couple minis here that I would like but not $119 for the 10 or so I really want.
  13. Smokestack

    Dirt Cheap Dungeons - Portable RPG Gaming Accessories

    I thought the video was cute.
  14. Smokestack

    Female Elven Ranger, (DSM-7450)

    She looks really good, but, is the piece between the bow and her cloak, part of the sprue? Did you leave it on for stability?
  15. I'm glad the World of Warcraft board game minis found a home. I bought the game (8 years ago?) chucked most of it (except the minis) but never got around to doing anything with them. The little plastic Donkey... I have a bucket of farm animals that I break out when my niece comes over. I stepped on it while wrapping up the BoGW, so threw it in. And I see you took the wings. Since they were put in especially for you, I am glad you liked them enough to grab them. oh, and the lady with the big Scythe was a D&D chainmail miniatures figure.