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  1. This is a discussion on how magic would shape life in a magic rich world. Eberron had some good ideas like magic carpet taxi and magical street lights. So 1st I would say Crops With spells like create Demi plane, you could have crops that crow all year long, are secure from bugs and raiders/ thieves, and have limited access to only those you want. Plus they don't take up valuable land that you can use to expand your city.... Plus the area is no longer limited by natural features or weather conditions. You could have tasty secure crops all year long. Transportation Flying Cauldrons and brooms of flying. Wealthy noble children now have extreme sports involving personal conveyances. I can see drag races or just cruising around town in your pimped out flying ride... Balls/parties Alter self can make your hair/clothes and even you look different. I can see shops dedicated to alteration magic. Culture Prestidigitation can create objects that last for an hour and can heat and season them. So you could make food that tastes good and only lasts an hour that does not provide nourishment and thus does not make you fat. Noble Bulimics would find use for this... Anyone one have any other thing that would fit here? What is your idea for a decadent magic based society?
  2. In the create greater demi-plane you can also control time, so you could have time go 3X as fast on the demi plane so get crops harvested that much faster... Yeah, though now I want a demi-plane summer home...
  3. Duration 1 day/level or instantaneous (see text) Bountiful: Your demiplane gains a thriving natural ecology, with streams, ponds, waterfalls, and plants. The demiplane provides enough plant-based food (nuts, grains, fruit, fungi, and so on) to support one Medium creature for every 10-foot cube of the demiplane. The demiplane does not have any animals unless you transport them there, but the ecology can sustain itself for as long as the demiplane exists without requiring watering, gardening, pollination, and so on, and dead organic material decays and returns to the soil in the normal manner. If your demiplane has ambient light, these plants are normal, familiar surface plants; if it is a realm of twilight or darkness, these plants are fungi and other plants adapted to near-darkness or underground locations. You can make this spell permanent with the permanency spell, at a cost of 20,000 gp. If you have cast create demiplane multiple times to enlarge the demiplane, each casting's area requires its own permanency spell.
  4. My group rotates Dming. I am off for another 3 games. Most of the other Pathfinder games are adventure paths... Or conversions (we are finishing up Ravenloft right now) so I am just theorizing and letting my mind wonder right now...
  5. Very cool I like the color choice.
  6. Its interesting, I posted this thread in the Paizo forums too. Basically it was pointed out that magic like "create demi plane" would not be cost effective as it would take a 13th level caster and require about 200,000 gp to make an acre of farmable land... Still interesting.... I mean that one acre wont produce enough to get back the 200K but it is a dependable acre that is well protected and can produce (in theory) all year long.... and could produce in lands that are not capable... (frozen north, burning desert, etc...) I do really like the concept of magic replacing technology... like in the Legend of Kora... you have a world that has kind of taken on a society of early 1900's based on what magic progressed in to.... Now I don't know if I want magic to be so common place that 13 level casters are everywhere... but I do like the idea of more mundane magic being seeped in everything... Low level magic replaces laundry, restaurants, etc... In our real lives you have 16 year olds getting Lamborghinis on their birthdays or spending a million bucks on their birthday... (That sweet 16 MTV show really irks me...) so I can see rich, bored, noble scions getting Couldrons of Flying and Racing brooms on their 16th birthdays... I used that and the brew mages in my homebrew campaign. The Pc's managed to convince both groups to fight with them against the People who had taken over their city...
  7. No, magic in general so Divine is fine. Like alcohol. You could age something instantly... so your 7 year old bourbon has a quick turn around.
  8. Kickstarter is now Live: From their facebook page "For those of you who have missed our newsletter teases, yes, we are dipping our toe in the Kickstarter waters. And yes it will be very soon, in fact as soon as I've finished up the last of the image work. More information will come but the basic gist is that it is for a themed set of miniatures based on Matt Dixon artwork. Not only has Matt done his usual pin-up style for us but has also helped us out with some 'Winter' variants and on top of that I've gone and ruined his beautiful art by drawing nudity over the top of it for our 'Skyclad' variants :) The Kickstarter will initially be for 4 fantasy females, each with their 3 variants (so 12 minis in total) and 'hopefully' we'll go from there. We have artwork for a number of other females, plus 1 male and a few 'add on's, so we'll see how it goes :) This is a pretty big chunk of Kev's time, hence the Kickstarter to gauge interest, and for those of you who aren't into Fantasy, don't worry, we'll be running HF as usual, including releases, while Kev is busy with Kickstarter business :)? In the comments this is supposed to start this Sunday. Not sure if ut will only be metal or if they will offer their resin ones as well.
  9. Funded

    Ha, I do that for every kickstarter.... You should see my 3 page Bones 4 list....
  10. Funded

    When the late pledge opens, this is what I am going with.
  11. Funded

    What I ended up with... Do want the Samurai girl but hate painting Samurai armor.
  12. Funded

    Ruby (28mm) x 1 pcs. Alisa (28mm) x 1 pcs. Rebecca (28mm) x 1 pcs. Ksenia (28mm) x 1 pcs. Rosie (28mm) x 1 pcs. Olenka (28mm) x 1 pcs. Eloise (28mm) x 3 pcs. Jeanne (28mm) x 1 pcs. Jackie (28mm) x 1 pcs. Lagertha II (28mm) x 1 pcs. Basia (28mm) x 1 pcs. Katie (28mm) x 1 pcs. Lagertha (28mm) x 1 pcs. Janina (28mm) x 1 pcs. Janina (28mm) free x 1 pcs.
  13. I don't know. This is not a direct copy of anything, but a parody version and should be ok. If it was a Darth Vader miniature that's one thing but a chibi esque robot version that is clearly a parody... He may be ok... but I guess you never know... From my point of view... they are cute... but I would never use them for anything and they aren't really "cool enough" for a display only kind of thing... at least not with how badly I would pain them...
  14. As a store they are gone. They do have a blog called "Lets Run with it" where they discuss stuff and have a limited model of the month kit available each month for 1 month only. I wont link the site since they do have the one model for sale, but if you look at any of their past kickstarters, the last update on each has a link.
  15. I started putting together one of the ships I got from Renaissance games pirate kickstarter. I ended up with 7 ships, and this is the 2nd one I have assembled. Well started to assemble. It's been over 2 years so figured I would give it a go. Rensissance games is sadly no more. This is s great kit. It was $190.00 during the kickstarter. It it comes with 24 cannons. I think I will paint the cannons bronze. this is about 5 hours into it.
  16. Yeah, the multi-part aspect is pretty nice. Hope we see some more multipart guys in bones in the future.
  17. Stopped by my local gaming store yesterday and they had 2 packs of the BSC Alpha. I didn’t get them in the KS, so snapped them up. I have s bunch of bits laying around and no real purpose for the BSC so just played around a bit.
  18. Funded

    The newsletter says that the Pledge manager is ready and they are testing some this week.... But more importantly (for me at least) they will allow late pledgers. It says more will be disclosed in the next news letter. I did not have the money during the KS... but I will get some of these with a late pledge...
  19. When I first became diabetic (or first got diagnosed with diabetes) I hated diet soda. The first one that actually tasted like real soda to me was Diet A&W. I have never been a root beer fan, but now love it... Since then I have tried lots and lots of different brands. My absolute favorite is the Peach Zero that you can only get a places like Burger King or Boston Market that have the fancy Soda mixing machines. Store bought, I prefer (in this order) Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet Sunkist, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Canada Dry. I hate Coke Zero...
  20. I must be a weirdo as I actually like the taste of diet sodas (except Coke Zero). And as I don’t like coffee (it’s a migraine trigger for me) so my caffeine is delivered to me by my diet colas. I didn’t know there was a diet Mr. Pibb... I do like diet Mountain Dew. I forgot about that one.
  21. When I was a “normal” I preferred Coca Cola. Hated Pepsi. But oddly I prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke. Coke Zero has a chemical taste to me. When my family visited Indonesia last year it was rough. Diet soda in general was hard to find. (And can’t be found at most restaurants) we could only find diet sodas at Circle K and 7-11, or at the international grocery stores like Carefour. And even then it was only Coke Zero... I drank mostly unsweetened tea...
  22. Happy birthday!
  23. Yeah, that ship is a pirate crew. So it has elves, human, a lizard man, ogres, a very eclectic mix. Yeah I have so much stuff that needed painting. I will eventually get around to it, maybe when I am retired. I love the fisher price ships. I always hunt for them in garage sales.
  24. Here is a couple pics. My captain, Hermione is dry doc, some other ships I have with crew. Captain Barnabus’s ship. And the English civil war models of the theocracy.