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  1. There is a crease in his shirt, on his stomach, just above his belt buckle and below his shoulder strap right at the point of his medal...did you miss a highlight on the top side of that or is that intentional or just a trick of the light and viewing angle? I hope you are able to decipher that...
  2. I think my only suggestion at this point would be that I think the two open floating books should be facing her so that it looks like she may be trying to read/find something within their pages. Oh, I am also not sure about the goblet, as it is right now it looks as though it would be pouring down the front of her.
  3. prelaunch

    I will be keeping an eye open for this to see what it brings. I like the game allot but I am not sure if I will go in on this as I generally use the fluff and not the system.
  4. Thanks, glad you liked the terrain build. The diggas were a fun build too but as is typical of something like this I find it hard to really disguise the original model. Hopefully once painted up this will not be too noticeable.
  5. HAHAhahaha! Thanks, I needed that! I don't think I can live up to that descriptive phrase but I will continue to paint them none the less.
  6. Last Sept my son came to me and said, "We should play some Gorkamorka." "Not going to happen," said I, "because we have nothing except the rules and a few of the models needed. So unless you are planning to help me build all the terrain needed and buy and build mobs it isn't going to happen." I pretty much thought that was the end of it. Without missing a breath he said, "Alright, let's do it." "Shi*." was all I could get out of my mouth. For those of you that may have missed that, here is that topic. After that we needed to start building mobs, here is the build of the diggas. Gorkamorka is a game by gw from 1997, that's the same year my son was born, the game is older than him by about six months or so. It is a game of vehicular combat that pits orks against orks in a never ending struggle for dominance of a desert world under the watchful gaze of the ork Gods Gork and Mork. There are other mobs in the game, thanks to the Digganob expansion, these include muties, rebel grots and diggas. What's a digga you may ask. Well, they are humans that think the orks are the greatest thing they have ever layed eyes on. With that in mind they strive to be just like the orks in every aspect of their lives. Alright, with some backstory out of the way, let's get on to some painting. Here are all of the diggas primed black. This is WAY more than I will ever need for a single mob, in fact it is probably enough for two mobs but having this many gives me good variety for the game. I will be painting these in small-ish batches of 4-8 or so. I am aiming for just over tabletop quality with these, now that means different things to different people so here is what I mean by that, solid base colors with shading or a wash followed by bringing back the base color. Sometimes I will give a few pieces a highlight but that is usually limited to characters or center pieces. That's pretty much what I am aiming for here so nothing fancy. Here are the first batch, a yoof and five boyz, just random picks out of the pile is how this is going to go. Ignore the impetuous yoof with a layer of flesh painted, he forgot how messy it is to paint ork metal....well, at least the way that I paint it. Here is the first step of the ork metal recipe, tinbitz...well, that is what it use to be called, and still should be, but now it is, umm....warplock bronze.(I had to go look at it because I really had no idea what it was called.) It is a nice dark chocolate brown metallic color. Next step is a fairly heavy drybrush of some sort of dark metallic paint. I use to use boltgun metal but I no longer have that so I went with blackened steel. Next was a drybrush of shadowed steel. Last step for the metal, for now, is a light drybrush of polished steel. This is pretty bright for ork metal but will be brought down a little by the wash. I forgot to take pics of this step before moving on to the skin so these pics also have the first layer of the skin done with rosey skin shadow, I am hoping that in the end this will give them a slight look of too much sun. The light and natural light were giving me some weird colors, one of these is probably close to how they really look... That is where I left these for the day, the skin needs another layer before we move along to painting all the clothing and pouches.
  7. I got it from a guy off ebay, I'll see if I can find it and let you know privately.
  8. Thanks @OneBoot I am glad you are finding something useful or entertaining out of some of the orky stuff I do. Maybe by the end of all my gomo projects you will know enough about the game to want to join in the insanity! Still have a few other non-ork mobs to do as well so there is still some variety to come.
  9. Very nice take on Karandras imo. The last pic of him has a pretty nice pose, looks like he is going to commit a sudden act of violence. As you said, the mandiblasters are a good compromise between the two but I am not a fan of the claw, the one thing I always thought was a real problem with the original model too. Your use of the dark eldar bits are a really good choice for the base of the models too. I kind of like the tall thin helmet though...doesn't really remind me of the original helmet too much because it is not that thick chunky thing. Interesting that you make your own metal swords man. Just removing the huge weapon from Fuegan makes the model way better, wow!
  10. Liking the skaven litter you have done. If I wasn't an ork at heart I would be a skaven for sure. Gotta love the ork trukk, red ones go fasta!
  11. The stuff is pretty good now. Single can spray on texture paint that does not eat styrofoam. I used six or eight cans of this stuff on my last terrain project.
  12. Alright, a bit more time to work on these today than I had hoped for so I finished the build of these. First up I made a few changes to a few of the minis that I had already built. I started by ripping the way too large iron gob off of the first digganob and replaced it with a smaller, better fitting iron gob. Then I decided that the first shaman had too long of a findin' rod so I shortened it and while doing so broke off a few pieces. I re-attached them but it turns out I glued them on to the opposite sides, looks good to me so I am fine with it. Then I finished the second shaman's findin' rod. Next, I turned my attention to the digga yoofs, for which I ordered a set of juvenile heads, slightly smaller but they have hair, sort of unfortunate but I am not in the mood to file all of it off so I guess the yoofs have hair, until they prove themselves and are allowed to shave it off. I tried to keep the yoofs lightly armed and armored since they are young fighters. still trying to prove themselves to the digganob to earn a real spot in his mob. Left to right, spear and shield, slugga and a choppa or knife, choppa or knife and a club, six shoota and knuckles. Second set, left to right, stikkbombz and a slugga, a crossbow(a quite complex weapon that sometimes gives young warriors a problem when it comes time to reload), 'Uge choppa, lastly a bow. Slightly off topic but extremely related, the cargo net that I ordered finally came in the mail! Now I will be able to finally finish off the terrain set!!!...once I cut it to size and figure out how to attach it to the rock where it will hang. This pic gives a pretty good idea of the size difference between the shaman, yoofs, boyz and the digganob himself. Setting that aside for now I even had time to get all the diggas primed. Hope to start getting paint on these sometime soon. Hope everyone has enjoyed this build, see you in the paint shop.....maybe...
  13. Really good job on bringing the differences in the forces out. Solid color choices too. Really like the front arc markings on the bases, especially on the nomads....can't believe I just admitted liking something nomad...gotta get this taste out of my mouth.
  14. Nice cheeks you have there......... Umm...Nice crisp, clean paintjob.
  15. Very nice shading. That pop of orange really does work too.