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  1. Just plain horses. This has probably been said before somewhere in this thread but I didn't read it all.
  2. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Lvl 33 is quite impressive. Looked like a good game, too bad the pre-programmed bbg didn't do its job and destroy people the way one would think.
  3. Static Grass Applicators

    I had an applicator and I hated it, messiest thing ever AND I don't even think it worked that well! I have in more recent years just been taking small clumps of the stuff and pressing it into the glue. Let it dry, blow off the excess and done. Way less mess AND I think it looks at least as good if not better than any result I ever achieved with the static grass scattering device. Out in nature you very rarely find all the grass standing straight up anyway. I think the hand application method works fine and looks more natural.
  4. BWAHAHAhahahahahhaahaha!!! That is awesome sir! I didn't even read your words before seeing the ghoul and I instantly knew what it was!
  5. WHFRPG 2e

    The enemy within campaign was one of the best campaigns I have ever run. Players loved it. I had a blast the entire seven years we spent playing it. Every player hated missing a session because the story is great and gets you hooked and keeps you hooked for the entire campaign. I am not saying that it is perfect by any means but with minimal work it is very good. Just my thoughts on this great campaign.
  6. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    The black-blue is pretty good. I like the black even though it stands out a little more.
  7. Elven Terrain

    Miniature Scenery have a couple of pieces of Elven Terrain that I really like. I have a few of each of their pieces myself. Shipping can be a little on the high side but it is worth it in my opinion.
  8. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    The red is way better than the teal. Have you tried black?
  9. Photo hosting sites

    Not technically a photography question but it is sort of related, in a round about way. Since photobucket went all stupid where is everyone hosting photos to share on the site now? I know very little about that sort of thing so I have no idea what to look for. This has killed all my posts and pretty much stopped me from being active here and it is driving me nuts. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  10. Yeah, don't do it. It is generally the propellant in the aerosol cans that eats the foam. Krylon styrofoam primer There is a spray on primer safe to use on foam, I used it on my last big foam build. Just heed my warning and do not spray it on the foam once you start having to shake the can to get it to spray, that last little bit contains enough of the propellant to still eat your foam. Here is a link to the post I made in the reaper advice forum. Sadly the pics don't show because photobucket sucks now.
  11. The Elven Lords - LastSword Miniatures

    I really hope these are taller and thinner than a standard human of the same size and scale. I really like my elves to be tall and thin. They can still be muscular yet tall and thin btw.
  12. Mal'adrakar WIP

    Woah.....THAT is pretty.... I really enjoy your paint schemes because of all the natural, bright colors you tend to use.
  13. Tubular Buildings by Wargame-Model-Mods

    I was thinking about picking up the promethium rig for use in our games of infinity.
  14. Zealot Miniatures Minotaurs

    I backed the twisting catacombs ks and while it was late the quality is fantastic. I really like those adventurers, some nice motion and detail in those. I have no doubt that the minotaurs will turn out just like their concept art.