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  1. @malefactus -- Yeah, I am the one that pulls them together for all the roleplay we do as well. My son is a great built in opponent, that much is true, his friends do some gaming but mostly of the electronic sorts. Some of them have expressed a desire to try out the roleplaying games but not too much interest in the minis stuff. On a side note, I finally received my pledge incentives from a kickstarter that ended roughly three years ago and was suppose to fulfill two years ago. I need to go through it all and see what I received and what I didn't. I did notice a few broken pieces in the quick look through stuff but it appears they are easily fixable or not at all. That will probably take the better part of my day tomorrow.
  2. @Chaoswolf -- Thank you sir, we are pretty happy with everything and are glad others are enjoying looking at it all. Wish we did live closer to some other gamers! Would love to share our table more often. @Xherman1964 -- Thanks for following along our our journey with this project sir. They are a little spoiled since I know that generally if I want to try a game I am the one that has to do most/all of the work. @lowlylowlycook -- Thanks! I's orky so of course it is awesome and thus it has to all be a little over the top! Still waiting on that cargo net to be delivered so we can finish this project off. During that time I have started building one of the mobs for use in the game and realized I had no heads that worked the way I wanted so I had to hunt down some of those, they should be here in a week or so. I have also started to think of how I wanted their vehicle to look so maybe I should start a thread for them now...we shall see.
  3. That is a brightly colored ork! Odd flesh tone, he may want to examine himself.
  4. I have heard of the game and seen a few of the minis but what is the dino looking beast you have there?
  5. A few hours later and B-Rad pit and the tar pits are looking pretty good, just a little bit of cloudiness left. That should be gone in a day or two and all should be good. I told my gaming group that all the terrain is finished so they should think about what mob they would like to play and maybe buy some mobs and get building, like we had talked about before the terrain building started. Completely mixed responses with most saying they probably weren't going to buy anything but would probably play if I had a mob they could use. We shall see what happens.
  6. Alright, let's see what happened over the last two days, shall we? I finished all of the scrap counters. I also decided that since I wasn't trying to add the illusion of depth I didn't need to pour water effects into the tar pits and toxic waste pit. Instead I just gave them a nice layer of gloss varnish and let it be. The stuff is still very wet in the pic, thus the cloudiness. That means the only thing left to do on this project is hang the cargo net on the rock, whenever it decides to make an appearance. Then, eventually put up some in game pics for everyone to see that we didn't just make this stuff to put in a storage container and take up space. Until the next update, I hope everyone is enjoying the hobby.
  7. You know I was thinking red the entire time I was thinking about using the jerry cans but when I came to paint them for some reason I grabbed green. I think if I had went with red they may just blend in with the landscape a bit too much. That being said, I am still tempted to repaint at least one of them. I was going to paint today but the gf and I decided we are going to watch some new Dave Chappelle on netflix instead...probably with some pizzas and beers.
  8. I used these a few years ago when we revisited necromunda. They do work incredibly well for that kind of sci-fi terrain imo. I think they were out of print then but I found mine at a flea market and had no clue what they were then.
  9. I love these. Colors. Basing. Conversions. I really like some of the details, like the shoes/socks that are too big for their feet and just hang limply after the toes. Your entire hobby world is just a feast for the eyes sir. Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. Second update for the day. I did get to work on these a little more after dinner and here are the results. Everything except the mushrooms are painted and the bases are white and drying so that tomorrow I can paint on the burnt sienna. That's it for today, possibly an update tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Here is where I stopped before cooking dinner tonight, hope to get another hour or so in after dinner as well. Most of them are done except for the basing, the ones on the far right of the second pic are the only ones left to get painted. The mushroom one will have to wait until its basing is painted because of the way it was built. That's it for now, I may be back later with another update.
  12. Glad you like the stuff guys. Just a small update today as I had hardly any time at all to hobby. All I managed to get done was priming of the scrap counters. Nothing special, just some black spray on primer. I have a very short work day tomorrow so I am hoping to get some of those finished. My son had most of the day off however and instead of working on the scrap counters he broke our agreement and started building one of his trukks. Not sure if he is going to start a thread for his stuff or not. That's all that was accomplished here today, see you guys next time.
  13. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. @Chaoswolf -- Every once in a while you just gotta take a day off and relax/unwind/whatever. The terrain part of this whole project is very close to being 100% complete now. @malefactus -- Love me some death skulls and some power! Thanks for the compliment sir. Spent a little bit of time today finalizing the scrap/loot counters. Totally forgot to take any sort of in progress pics so just a few of the finished bases. Some close-ups. Not a ton to look at really, a few that we both really liked and a few that each of us liked but not the other. I was thinking of possibly making some extra rules for a few of the counters just for fun but am not sure how that would change game play yet. I will think some more on it and maybe post some of the thoughts here at a later date and time. Just paint left on these after they dry for a day or so. Still need water effects in the tar pits and toxic waste pit. And still waiting on the cargo net to arrive. Getting very close to the end so I spent some time working on my grot big lugga today, may start a post for it and the grots, not sure yet.
  14. Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone! Every good, or mediocre, set of terrain needs storage. I like to use clear storage bins, in this case pretty much the largest ones I could find. I like to use them because you can see what is in the bin and they can keep the entire set together. I usually only buy the ones that have lock-on lids as they give me a sense of security, probably false though. I even bought smaller clear containers for the books and templates as well as the banners and loot counters. You can see it here through the larger container, which they fit into with all the terrain. Still working on the scrap counters, hopefully get most of them assembled at the very least tomorrow since I am burning a personal day before I get too burnt out.