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  1. Really liking that "ordinary" tree.
  2. Interesting stuff you have there. I like what I see so far so I'll keep an eye on this.
  3. Looks good. Could it be that the banks of the river aren't raised enough? Tall grasses and reeds maybe? Varied colors of the clump foliage could help break up the solid color look which may be what is bothering you. Rocks and logs in the river itself to break up the clean running stream?
  4. chaoshead

    A small Infinity force

    Go on, you have my attention.... I love Infinity the game. Terrific stuff as always sir.
  5. chaoshead

    77492 Behir

    Nice bright paint job. Not to derail your show off but is this oop? I am going to need a behir soonish in one of my d&d games and can't seem to find this in the store.
  6. Is it a Santa troll? From what I can tell the sculpting looks good.
  7. He looks so happy! I mean his tongue is hanging out and everything! I scratch his chin a little bit but watch out for his bite!
  8. The Zombie Mouse is fantastic sir! R.O.U.S.!
  9. Just plain horses. This has probably been said before somewhere in this thread but I didn't read it all.
  10. chaoshead

    Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Lvl 33 is quite impressive. Looked like a good game, too bad the pre-programmed bbg didn't do its job and destroy people the way one would think.
  11. chaoshead

    Static Grass Applicators

    I had an applicator and I hated it, messiest thing ever AND I don't even think it worked that well! I have in more recent years just been taking small clumps of the stuff and pressing it into the glue. Let it dry, blow off the excess and done. Way less mess AND I think it looks at least as good if not better than any result I ever achieved with the static grass scattering device. Out in nature you very rarely find all the grass standing straight up anyway. I think the hand application method works fine and looks more natural.
  12. BWAHAHAhahahahahhaahaha!!! That is awesome sir! I didn't even read your words before seeing the ghoul and I instantly knew what it was!
  13. chaoshead

    WHFRPG 2e

    The enemy within campaign was one of the best campaigns I have ever run. Players loved it. I had a blast the entire seven years we spent playing it. Every player hated missing a session because the story is great and gets you hooked and keeps you hooked for the entire campaign. I am not saying that it is perfect by any means but with minimal work it is very good. Just my thoughts on this great campaign.
  14. chaoshead

    Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    The black-blue is pretty good. I like the black even though it stands out a little more.