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  1. Curses, I got in on bones 3, but all the armory sets I ordered were the regular solid grey kind.
  2. So Starfinder is out, and introduces a class with the gimmick of using a blade of pure sunlight or shadow. I think a clear blade with a yellow/golden wash will work for the photon blade, but where can one get clear swords or sword blades for 28mm minis?
  3. Viking Elliwyn

    Got it just in time to take to my friend for a paint commission.
  4. Viking Elliwyn

    Finally got glue, shield went on without too much trouble. Axe is being problematic. The plastic in these wizkids minis isn't as malleable as bonesium. Made a mess of glue and have to back off a bit while it drys.
  5. Viking Elliwyn

    Getting things pinned up, and then I realize I haven't seen my glue since I moved to this apartment. Oh well, I was already going by a FLGS tomorrow.
  6. I need a mini suitable for a halfling viking, and I love doing weapon swaps. What more is there to say? Elliwyn will provide the body, while this generous gnoll will provide the round wooden shield. May need a fine file or sandpaper to get residual bits of gnoll arm off that shield. Unless I get a better idea, one of these gents is going to "donate" an axe. Probably Hakon (center) since he's from a non-random set.
  7. Hellknight Seelah

    And here she is after her return from my painter friend. Hmm, dare I try to cut her free from her base and do something fancy at this point?
  8. Hellknight Seelah

    Bare hands and a small knife. What do you suggest? The sword-swap went smoothly. I'm debating how fancy I want to get with the base, given that I plan to deliver it to a friend for painting Friday.
  9. Hellknight Seelah

    I feel like today's session with greenstuff mostly ended in blobby mess around the neck. Though I'm mostly satisfied with the fill-in I did on her cloak (where I had to cut a bit of her old dreads off it.) I need more practice with greenstuff...
  10. Hellknight Seelah

    I'd also been considering havign hair flowing out the back of the helmet. Any suggestions if i decide to go that way? Any tutorials on sculpting hair?
  11. Welcome to the Order of the Nail, Armiger Seelah. First, you will need a proper helmet to complete your armor. Ragnaros has violated his oaths to the order. You may take his. *thwack* Well done, it suits you. Next, you will need a blade more suited to our order. You summoned me, master? Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean "Which arm?" ---- Before I get too glue-happy, any suggestions for filling the big gap in the back of the neck? Just man up and use plenty of greenstuff?
  12. Fun with sewing pins

    Not an arrow in her shield, but trying to decorate it with one of the rose medallions taken from the bones sarcophagus. Trying, it refuses to sit flush, going to have to do a bunch of fill-in with greenstuff I think. A blade looted from a goblin completes her gear. Pins in the dwarf's feet are clipped and stuck into fresh greenstuff filling some holes on the base. There's another sewing pin in her arm that I didn't get a photo of, the glove below the wrist and gun are taken from another bones mini and held on with one.
  13. I may be taking "pinning" things too literally, but I've found sewing pins are so nice to use with bones. Their tips dig into the plastic easily if you run them under some hot water, and with a little glue, they stay there. They're also east to clip down, and easy to get in bulk. As a bonus, their heads make ready-made heads for 28mm scale staves: Does anyone else use sewing pins for their conversion work?
  14. What does this cube need?

    A coat of gloss sealer did indeed give it a nice watery look. I think it's ready to menace my players on the tabletop this weekend. The green slime is also looking good, but needs some sort of base. Now to see if I can't strip the paint test ooze and start over.
  15. Bailey Silvershot

    I made another pass at the eyes today. It was not a success. Maybe the new brushes I tried weren't up to it, but I think my hands are just too shaky. I'm going to end up destroying the mini with too many coats on the face, aren't I?