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  1. Does Sophie have guidelines or specs?

    Sophie the Riveter. That was also a suggestion from the KS. And please.... no Miley! Let's keep Sophie classy guys! Although I could use some info on her from the "I wanna cosplay as her" standpoint.
  2. Swag Bags Back

    Swingity, swagity, swell and sumptuous swag bags. They are the swagingest! Btw, the quote button isn't working for me....no idea why.
  3. Swag Bags Back

    I will go to Reapercon someday....yes someday.... Until then, I'll be getting swag bags when/if they have them each year. I'll even bring my bf with me! He will love the swagness of the swag bags. I got one for him and one for me.
  4. Swag Bags Back

    Thank you Reaper! People like me who couldn't go to ReaperCon are grateful for your generosity! And such talented hands have made bags like mine too?! Is it ok to fangirl about that? I wish I could buy some drinks for everyone there!
  5. The semi-official reaper faq

    Hmm...we can post questions on here, right? I was wondering....I had some crazy ideas to suggest to people on the forums for dioramas...things I know I'm not at a level to actually do. I was wondering where was the best place to suggest them? I know there's some areas for contest creation. I didn't want anyone to confuse my suggestions with that though. General Discussion doesn't sound like the appropriate place either. And this isn't something "off-topic" so that's out.
  6. The Land of Ree-tayl is calling me....I must obey if I wish to buy shinies....

  7. Questions About the Kickstarter, now that it is over

    Is there any news of a Bryanzilla figure for Bones 3? Or maybe as a special fig in the future? *stares at you with Hopeful Adorable Shining Eyes of DOOM* I've been away too long in the land of Ree-tayl and I'm behind on the times!
  8. Bones LTPK

    I wouldn't say no to having one Bones LTPK release before my b-day (sept 13th)! Probably too short notice....I second LittleBluberry though! a Christmas release would be perfect! "What'd you get in your stocking?" "Bones!!" "Uh.....isn't coal the traditional thing???" "Oh no, Bones are the best! You can paint them and even play with them!!" "I'm.....going over there..." Now I have this weird image of someone rolling the Bones sprues to tell the future....O.o
  9. My Bones arrived on the 15th! I was waiting for when my bf could come over to open everything, but it kept getting later. I knew that if I needed to ask for any replacements or had anything missing, I needed to contact Reaper sooner rather than later. So I asked to be released from my promise to my bf, and he accepted that, albeit with a pout. So here I am! I have all my items inventoried, and while I haven't looked closely at the faces, I have seen a couple curiosities. One: a fig seemed to be burned a bit. Two: my Clockwork Dragon's plastic seems to be two colors, one for the wings, and one for the body. Third: A fig had some of the red dye from the bags rub off onto it. I don't count the obvious bending in some figures as an "oddity" however, since it was expected. All in all, I'd say they're pretty nice, and there really isn't anything that a good coat of paint, a dip in boiling water, or some glue can't solve. Tl:dr- I have my Bones and I took pics!! Drool over my pretties!!! <<<NUDITY WARNING!!!>>> There are some figs that have topless and fully naked forms. Some are quite obvious (the Spider-centaurs), but some may be further back and therefore slipped my notice. Therefore, I am placing a blanket NUDITY WARNING FOR ALL PICS IN THIS THREAD!! If you are sensitive to this, you don't have to look. If you are reading this with a child, I would suggest turning to a different thread if this concerns you. It is probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK too, so look at your own discretion. I hope this is sufficient warning, but if it isn't, let me know. Considering that a number of these pics have so many figs as to be much harder to check, I've decided not to place the warnings on each pic that are the most obvious because that could give a false sense of security to those trying to avoid them. This is a blanket statement for ALL pics. I'm sorry for any inconveniece. Everything: http://imgur.com/CiJcKba Fire Giant K+Q and their entourage: http://imgur.com/OOfIK0h More Extras: http://imgur.com/4p1WHGU Morer Extras: http://imgur.com/KtOt4Wi Paiiiint!: http://imgur.com/O5U9x0l Cases!: http://imgur.com/PgCxI5W Morerer Extras: http://imgur.com/6I651II Grrr!: http://imgur.com/HWanpXL C'thulhu!: http://imgur.com/oTrwp6F Clockwork Dragon: http://imgur.com/iTdcI8P The Machine, the Mad, and the Giant: http://imgur.com/arHnsu0 Fire from above: http://imgur.com/VC4zXZL Closerer Extras: http://imgur.com/2RLDeuf Extra! Extra!: http://imgur.com/8126Ige 1st pic of the Vampire box set, from bottom to top, aka You thought this was the last one, didn't you?: http://imgur.com/dpfTmzz 2nd pic of vampire box set aka *gasp* "A countdown....and countdown to what David?!": http://imgur.com/DtC7wmi 3rd pic of vampire box set aka We are the Champions?: http://imgur.com/JCbRvOE 4th pic of vampire box set aka Boomsticks and Elves: http://imgur.com/2Lq8GtA 5th pic of vampire box set aka "Who ya gonna call?": http://imgur.com/z9RWEgF 6th pic of vampire box set aka "Fly you fools!": http://imgur.com/pJ6zwPo 7th pic of vampire box set aka "Need somebody to paiiiiint me..": http://imgur.com/589LthP
  10. I think there were several communication mistakes, but I'd say it's been pretty good. Should they have gone with only the KS for posting? Not sure. There are good reasons to do so, but also not to. I for one cringed when I read an employee agree with an angry backer that pledges were "pre-orders". They aren't and never have been. I think though, that since KS is such a new concept, it's not as firmly defined in some minds as it should be. That would be a wise thing to distinguish in their FAQ for next time. "Question: Is my Pledge a Pre-order? Answer: No. Pre-orders by definition are early orders for items that are already in existance. They can help companies to get a good idea of how many of said item they might need for the main release though. A Pledge to our KS is an investment into the creation of something which doesn't exist yet. Essentially, you are helping us build something by providing the monies to get the raw materials to make them come to life! The rewards given to you are thank you gifts for helping us do this." Taking the mechanic analogy, a pledge is like investing into a young mechanic's education, or a special car that they've only got the blueprints for. You may get estimates, but in no way are you expecting it to be instant. Can you get something from this? Of course! If you help a young mechanic get the education they need to be a pro, you could make them your employee at your own car shop. If you are investing in a concept car, you could get the first shot at owning one, or give imput into its final design. A pre-ordered part however, is already in existance. Maybe it's a brand new type. But the company has already gone through the concept phase, the investment phase, and is simply looking for buyers now. The mechanic may or may not have even been involved with the company's work to bring this part to market. All you really have to worry about at this stage is how long it takes to get to the shop. Laoke, I understand you are frustrated, but I believe there were comments from Reaper explaining how with ROW shipments, you would not get an e-mail from the shipper, right? It shouldn't be that way, but I do know that different shipping companies have their own policies. That being said, if you need to you have Reaper's e-mail and phone number. I believe they should be able to get back to you and hopefully everything can be solved to your satisfaction. I'm glad I got in on this KS. I know it's been a long wait, but I was fully expecting it. Maybe it's my pessimistic side, but I always try to apply Murphy's Law on anything like this. It helps with patience anyway. Am I grateful to Reaper? Yes! I'm grateful to have such cool stuff to enjoy with my bf and our gaming group hopefully in the future! I also am grateful for the way they handled things. I know if it were me, I'd have gone completely crazy!!! Any delay would've brought on waves of guilt and self-loathing, for what I felt I could've done or should have done. I'd be constantly trying to please everyone when we all know you can't. I guess I just have more patience and understanding when other people are in charge. Reaper, please know that I'm very thankful and when I visit PAX, I'll try to find you all to say so. If you won't let me hug you, at least please let me get you guys something to drink! (If not alcohol, I can get water, fruit juice, ect)
  11. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    It's like I'm babysitting and I'm not getting paid!
  12. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    To infinity...and BEYOND!!
  13. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    "You should always raise the curtainnnn...with a bowww..."
  14. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    "A cling-on, Cap'n, and the engines can't take it."
  15. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    "A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."
  16. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    "Earthman, your Mickey Mouse is one big stupid dope!"
  17. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    Two: "The line must be drawn HERE!!!" "Assimilate THIS!!"
  18. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    And all I could say was...hello
  19. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

  20. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    I have been...and ever shall be...your friend. Live long...and prosper...
  21. Interesting to note that those "nasty paints" actually are great camo on the horizon. The RAF in WWII Africa painted some of their planes pink for this exact reason. The way they "painted" their bases in some places (or temporary bases?) was not any one color, but actually a horrible mix of different colors that was so bizarre, people's eyes completely missed it when it was shown on a map from the air. I'm not entirely sure if they were proper bases so much, but I thought at least they were places they hid planes, and did some take offs? Anyway, that was something they did years ago, possibly ww2? No idea what they do now.
  22. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    If you can hear me...we're going to attempt...time travel. We are computing our trajectory...at this time...this time...this time...this time.....
  23. Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

    "But John, when the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists!"
  24. Wow! You know you're a serious collector when you've upgraded your shelf/drawer/table of shame into a whole warehouse!
  25. The fighter of many names.

    Didn't anyone else see the Wrath of Khan reference in this?? Or am I just being a silly fangirl?? Btw Buglips, I've saved this whole story onto word. So, just in case something happens, I have it backed up for you! Although word made everything have extra spaces, which I dealt with. It might not look the same, but all the text is there anyway! :) @Bryan Is it bad that I think your pic looks like a mix of Bryanzilla and Indiana Bryan?