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  1. Don't let it fool you, my base is just brown with green. Straight out of the LTPK. But as it was painted for scale reference I didn't want to muck about with it too much. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. Justin Forscale the Green. Not as good as many of the ones I have seen on this forum, but it is good job for my skill level.
  3. Justin Forscale the Green, I wanted his armor to look like it had been through a lot and not maintained very well. Not as good as many of the ones I have seen on this forum, but it is good job for my skill level.
  4. I also would like to see Barros and Tempest (hopefully on a transparent flight stand) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/barros/sku-down/03096#detail/03096_G I was really hoping this one would have made it into B3 with Kyra and Lavarath. A new dragon in flight (also on a flight stand) The Brood Dragon: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Reptus/sku-down/03539 and rider: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/14549/sku-down/14549 The pathfinder goblin dog rider: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Pathfinder/sku-down/60014#detail/60014_w_1 Reptus cavalry (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cavalry/sku-down/14505#detail/14505_w_1) should work as it has 4 contact points! More Reptus (dragonmen) Crazy specific wish list, and probably (much) less likely to happen: The rest of the Ben Siens kobolds including the archer. More new kobolds including crossbow, bard (Deekin anyone?), and any other kobold with classes, plus one with a leather jacket and flight goggles to ride Wyrmgear. Were-Platypus (we will soon have a were-armadillo in Bones, so why not?)
  5. oelwyn

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Interestingly there were actually more total unlocks than in both Bones 1 and Bones 2 (60 unlocks in B1, 63 in B3, and 72 in B3). Maybe the impression is that there were fewer models in each unlock? It is hard to do an exact model count comparison but including the weapon sprues as equivalent to ~2 models, the total model count in the B2 and B3 core sets (B1 was just crazy) is similar (and there weren't any additional core unlocks in Bones 2 after 2,460,000). So the only way the shorter time might have hurt reaper was in less total Kickstarter dollars, and a possibly crazier schedule for them.
  6. oelwyn

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Reaper also posted to the comments that the Froghemoth will be sculpted by the same person who did the one for CSM's fiasco. (Vulture on these forums I think). Kudos Reaper!!!!!!! Very classy.
  7. Weren't the bases of these supposed to be separate? I believe the question was asked and answered twice during the KS (both times on Oct. 1: Mike Davies on October 1, 2013 For the Heores and Villains AO, can they be removed from the bases for table play? Creator Reaper Miniatures on October 1, 2013 @Mike Davies - Yes, the bases are removable as designed - not glued in. whow... wait a sec. Those are some HUGE bases on the Heroes and Villians set. Will they be seperate from the minis or integral? Creator Reaper Miniatures on October 1, 2013 @Justin - Separate bases, not integral
  8. oelwyn

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete II

    Was my post on the other FGG Kickstarter (for which I cancelled my pledge thank you very much) that got FGG to admit to even that small concession that they "made a mistake." FGG is well aware of my sentiments. But I have seen numerous, normally reasonable people here, still support, defend and claim that FGG had nothing to do with this, and I am really curious as to why people think that. The only answer I can come up with is because they had no oversight into how CSM was going to use/misuse the funds. But that doesn't change the fact that they structured the kickstarter to look like a joint venture between FGG and CSM (including all the cross-promotion here on these boards), and now that it has all gone south they are claiming that it was solely CSM, and they had nothing to do with it. Edited so it made some sense (should never post when upset).
  9. oelwyn

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete II

    Hmmm... Frog God Games has said this about the TOH kickstarter, on this forum, while it was running and looking to fund (I added the bold for emphasis)... Now, that both TOH kickstarters are in trouble, they have changed their tune and are saying this.... I, for one, will not do business with either company (CSM or FGG) again until this mess is cleared up. I probably would not have backed TOH1 at all if not for their involvement. But I am genuinely curious why so many people seem to be willing to give FGG a complete pass for this fiasco. No, they are not CSM, but they do have to shoulder some responsibility for (in their own words) "backing CSM" and "staking their reputation" on these kickstarters.
  10. oelwyn

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete II

    Take what you are owed vulture - if you can get anything positive out of this debacle. It would appear that Matt cheated a lot of people, but you put in extra time and effort to create something (and your sculpts are very nice), so you should at least get some compensation for that. I don't think any of your fellow backers would begrudge your or any other sculptor being paid for creating the greens. You are not at fault here. And if you can be paid for your work all the better. Your only error was in putting trust into an untrustworthy person, a mistake many of us made, and I doubt any backer would explicitly fault you for that. You were excited about the project and wanted to share, that is reasonable and human. You don't need to feel guilty about anything now. It is looking more and more like Matt used the money from TOH1 and 2 to (partially) fund fulfillment of his original DnD kickstarter and perhaps other less savory things - but it remains to be seen how he ever expected to be able to legitimately fulfill either TOH.
  11. I know I for one appreciate all the additional information - and the timeliness of the info. And while I may be guilty of a little "armchair quarterbacking" myself. I think the additional information posted to the Bones 2 KS has been much better about keeping people in the loop about what is happening with this KS than with Bones 1. I also think the difference in people's attitudes and the tenor of the comments on the KS page reflect the fact that many supporters are much happier with the way communication has been handled with Bones 2. If it helps, remember that people are "probably" only offering to help because they care about the end results.
  12. oelwyn

    CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete II

    Interesting thoughts, but something about this made me want to share my own thoughts: 1. People compare Kickstarter to a store or a pre-order system because that is how Kickstarter has been setup. And that is how Kickstarter (and many of the larger projects) want to be perceived as. It is how the big money comes in. 2. Kickstarter is NOT an investment platform. With an investment you are getting a say in how the company is run. With KS you are proving up-front cash and (possibly) getting a "reward" at a later date. This is why many people tend to think of KS as a store, because the mental model it most fits with their prior experience is a pre-order from a store. It is also why KS uses the made up term "Backer" instead of the legal term "investor". Investors have recourse and can ultimately cause the assets of a company to be liquidated to recoup part of their investment. 2.a. This is especially true and egregious in the case of CSM, as the company appears to still be running, have assets, and yet is not fulfilling it's Kickstarter "obligations." 2.b. Possibly the best model for Kickstarter is as a taxable donation system, like donating to PBS (only not deductible) - sometimes you get "reward" greeblies for donating to PBS stations, but you get no control or say in how the station is run or what programming they place on the air. 3. Why should it get your "hackles up" to hear that people would like Frog God Games to intercede? FGG provided the license to CSM to produce the miniatures. FGG then helped advertise the TOH1 Kickstarter. Does that not convey some measure of responsibility to FGG? e.g. If Apple or Microsoft gave a license to another company to use their branding, IP, and Logo, then advertised and said "We want you to take a look at what this other company is doing with our IP"; would you not also hold them (at least partially) accountable if the other company did not produce what they promised? Because that is exactly what FGG did. If CSM used the branding and IP without permission, that would be different, but that is not what happened here. 4. I don't know what threats Bryan specifically got when Bones 1 was late. But I do know that the Kickstarter comments got pretty toxic. However, compare those comments to the Bones 2 (which is also late) comments. The difference seems to be down to communication. The most negative comment on Bones 2 so far has been that Reaper should have warned people about the possible delay earlier. This corresponds to how I feel most about KS communication. Delays are not really the issue as long as the communication is clear, honest, and timely. Reaper's big mistake on Bones 1 was in not being upfront and honest about the delays in the Add-on shipments, this seems to be what irritated people the most. And Reaper seems to have corrected those communication issues with Bones 2, if the comments are anything to go by. CSM has not been honest since April of this year. First indicating TOH1 shipping would be ready to start in mid-month in an April 2014 update (that didn't happen). Then continually indicating through each month over the summer that things were "a month" out. Until communication all but ceased in September. The CSM KS comments will unfortunately continue to be negative until such time as CSM "comes clean" and tells everyone what is really going on. Because the KS comments are only real recourse most KS backers have. Perhaps instead of Backer, the legal term for a KS supporter should be "Sucker"?
  13. oelwyn

    Department of Acquisitions

    Don't eat them Froggy. I don't think they will taste very good. Thanks to you and Antimatter I have some colored inks on the way.
  14. oelwyn

    October Promotion: Ghoulie Bag

    I can't speak for the other paint colors but Nightmare Black is an amazingly useful blue-black.