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  1. Has anyone found or made a list of minis that we should check out for damage or missing bits. Or say oddities like one of the expansions from Bones 2 that had a Calvary unit with backwards hands?
  2. Replacing blood with coffee, sleep is for the decaffeinated.
  3. So I am impressed so far, Will have to examine for missing/damaged or extra minis later. Its cool seeing they are doing some hard plastic, so much easier for priming white.T'raukazul is giant...... makes the Dragon Tyrant look not as huge, its the wingspan. But a funny is I got an extra Gormaw. Ticket even says only 1 Gormaw. But I'm not complaining!!!!! Also box arrived when coffee did....its a good day.
  4. I'll debate about the Dagon and the Frogmouth thing. Concept art is iffy. Otherwise total is $343 for me.
  5. Going to be a tight squeeze to making it to the final hour. Haircut and all. Of course I forget I can change my pledge after it ends and any goodies I miss pick up. Still, Id rather see it as it happens than wait till its over to see the surprise.
  6. Space marines of the Mousling chapter......with Terran Marine guns.......Don't tell Gamesworkshop or Blizzard....
  7. No green goal.......there is also a cat on the game map. And I'll pass....
  8. Graves, ghosts, Mr. & Mrs. Bones, grave robbers, skeletons....... Maybe the little Halloween chibi monsters? (Those are super cute but I hope they aren't part of the expansion.) My pledge has been upped. I am wondering if I will need to up it again. I will raise it more for the frost giant queen. Not sure what else I am hoping for at this time as I feel I am getting a lot of bang for my bucks! It's a pure terrain expansion...
  9. How do they finish of Expansion 3......what else could there be!!!!???
  10. We unlock the full Expansion 3....I'll be at $343.....please stop...wallet can't take it....
  11. Reaper....I love you...I take back all my fears...and throw my money at you....accept it. ACCEPT IT DAMN YOU!!!!
  12. So it's a nuclear reactor now???
  13. I forgot the battle map has goals in between the big reveals... So $600,000 isn't ludicrous!
  14. I'm getting the Dragon......$343 if the crypt is fully unlocked and worth it... otehrwise $293