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  1. He looks as if he is giving directions to some random lost peasant.
  2. Or you know, test their base they come on. Because that can be replaced with grit or paste. But yes the fear is now known. Despite mine never seeing the light of day....
  3. You double check to see any missing or damaged/miscast stuff from the cor or other items?
  4. I have received shipping information!!! Also, I think the reason so many are flying by is because people who ordered the out of stock items, probably ordered a bunch of items. So its artificially inflated by small orders going out first.
  5. Black Magic Craft did an unboxing, his first Reaper KS. He was overwhelmed. So much schadenfreude watching that vid. Also forgot how many bags those minis come in. Are they recyclable in anyway?
  6. I'm pretty impressed with Reapers daily packaged amount. I remember peak for a full day use to be, what 1200. Now half days are near 1000. I firmly expected 500.
  7. So its like cutting a drumstick off a turkey. More a surgery than a cut or saw.
  8. So far does anyone know if there is a list of minis we need to check to see if there is a common problem, or any missing bits to look for?
  9. Damn it Reaper!! I waited 4 days to post this once I saw the tracker moving in the early morning! I'm posting it anyway....
  10. I think it best to assume Friday or next Monday will be the start date. Because the daily empty hope is just not fun. And if those days pass and nothing, then we may need a quick guess by Reaper as to when they think it will start. Because we have to remember, it will be half days of shipping, so it will take a lot longer than we are use to with previous KS.
  11. This is surprise to me too. I got KS1-3 to go check now. (Box hoarder)
  12. Serious question. Is it the mold release agent that is giving that shine and making me question the detail of the mini, or is it I am so use to bones white that my brain can't comprehend the grey?
  13. Keep the box they come in, and get some cheap containers with handles from walmart. It's what I do.
  14. So happy I got the barge....and some new washes......maybe I should wash the bottom post sealer to simulate wet wood......thoughts? So...that Ent is.....a lot larger then I thought it would be.....
  15. Sure, but what post number is it. I was iffy on the Phoenix mainly because of the detail on the feathers, now my issue is, do I paint it as Flamespyre Phoenix or Frostheart Phoenix. I go more blues and experience than reds.