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  1. Thanks again! My friend always finds these great sculpts that i miss and he is the best find so far. Thanks for answering those questions too, i was curious about all that. One of the things i liked the best on this model were the finger rings. 1st and last time i saw rings on a sculpt (other than an ogre nipple.) I remember staring at them for a while, thinking "wow cool." This is still one of my all time favorite sculpts that i have painted. It pains me that i don't have anymore, but he just has so much more use for them and i would rather see what i paint being played with rather than sitting on a shelf.
  2. Thanks! My putty skills are limited to filling in gaps, so i always admire what you sculptors can do (and try my best to do sculpts justice when painting.) My friend was extremely happy with the model. I woodsy themed all of his tengu which gave him a different story he never would have thought of before. I was hoping reaper would use it as one of their website sale models, but i guess they already have a nicely painted one :)
  3. Wow, good eyes. I thought that was really hard to see In the photos.
  4. Delicate piece. Glued a swordhand, head, tail, wings and a dagger. Wish i had more time, but i had to call finished at this point. Spent about a week more than usual on him. So much going on with him.
  5. For the Role Player that can't make up their mind! I give you the Eldritch Knight! or at least that is what I think it is called. I would wear armor too if I was tossing fireballs out like a crazy scooby doo villian. Another one of those Paizo Pathfinder minis prior to Reaper taking over. My friend has a bucket of them and I chose this one due to it's uniqueness. yes those are ashes and a body shaped scorch mark. TOASTY!
  6. I am with Knightwing on this. It looks decent the way it is but I am screaming in my head that this just needs a simple greenish/black wash and you will magically see it come to life. It would cover up the two tone fairly well. Glazing would be nice to, but sometimes a bit advanced for some people or time consuming for the impatient.
  7. Creepy
  8. Your colors are always awesome. Very imaginative and fascinating to look at.
  9. Very Pretty, you don't see yellow used nearly enough in miniatures.
  10. Thanks! I edited the title to his official name. I'll probably need the same help in the future since I have no idea what I am painting :P
  11. This comes from a line of miniatures prior to Reaper taking on the Pathfinder line. Made by Paizo in 2005, you will probably be seeing more of these from me in the future since my friend wants every single one he has painted. At first I did not like this model, but after throwing some paint on...the sculpter proved me wrong. A lot of fun to paint too.
  12. ha! I know the painting you are talking about with the dragon/lizardmen lost in the snow. I like his art and even have a giclee print of his hanging on a wall. (Hope this is not a double post, previous response not appearing for me.)
  13. The outline is stone shade then the white highlights were, polished bone, leather white, pure white. The brown on the larger scales was a GW brown shade, don't remember the name
  14. 1st off, this guy is difficult to find key words for when looking him up in Reapers miniatures sale pages. Dragon Warrior doesn't pull him up, neither does dragonkin, half dragon or lizard warrior ( most of which pull up a lot of models in the same class.) If the sales are low, it may be because he is hard to know he exists. Originally he was going to be a good D&D dragon, most likely gold. Then coincidentally a friend wanted a bunch of bad half dragons for a campaign and I mentioned I had just picked this one up. He wanted each a different color and this one was going to be either white or blue. White was tough and the sculpt made it even tougher. I really had to jam the paintbrush in a lot of crevasses and create a few painted up scales that I felt were missing. In the end I am proud of this one. White is tough and he was the first small model I have painted since knocking out a couple of very large balefire gates for a friends GW table. This site has a new look since I have last been on. I will have to look around if I have the time today.
  15. If anybody knows what line this miniature is from, please let me know. I think it was on his base bottom, but I forgot. I just remember it saying 1984. I would think Grenadier, but I don't believe that is what it said. This was a request from a local friend I made. He has lots of older models, but surprisingly turn out nicer than expected once painted.