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  1. Mutilatedlips

    GW Necromunda Escher Ganger fun with freehand tattoos!

    Really nice cyberpunk look, love the neon look of her name lit up on the base.
  2. Mutilatedlips

    10021, Viridius the green dragon

    Very cool. Keep him displayed with the spiral horns, those are my favorite.
  3. Mutilatedlips

    A Faerie Dragon & Friends

    ohhh, getting more creepy!
  4. Mutilatedlips

    Happy Birthday Mutilatedlips

    Thanks everybody!
  5. Mutilatedlips


    awesome strands of saliva!
  6. Mutilatedlips

    Babylon 5 Wars

    Reboot, like Battlestar. You have to have J. Michael Straczinski writing it though.
  7. Mutilatedlips

    Babylon 5 Wars

    I got all excited thinking B5 was making a comeback. Definitely one of my all time favorites. These are nicely painted too, like the bronze color.
  8. Mutilatedlips

    Etruscilla (Tengu) - Hell Dorado

    It is Galeforce Nine's Marsh Blend of flocking. I didn't have to do anything besides glue it on :) I felt it matched well with the colors of the figure/stones and I didn't want a bright green static grass pulling attention from the glowing eyes. After what you said and a closer look at it, I can appreciate their blend a lot more.
  9. Mutilatedlips

    Etruscilla (Tengu) - Hell Dorado

    Thanks, been having trouble coming up with ideas for bases lately and really wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this one. One of these days I would really like to do something completely over the top extravagant. I thought it was hard to tell, but yeah there is some purple in there. Tried to highlight his black face with it and at the same time not turn him into a purple bird. The feathers use reapers dark elf skin triad. Which looks to me like a subtle purple grey.
  10. Mutilatedlips

    Etruscilla (Tengu) - Hell Dorado

    Looks sort of like a Tengu to me. This was part of the first batch of minis I had purchased a few years back. Re-discovered him inside my box of models to eventually get to...and finally got to the tengu. Couple of large pics Normal sized
  11. Mutilatedlips

    Grenadier Action Art Bugbear

    I remember painting mine green with a white stripe on his head, trying to make it sort of look like a gremlin at the time. Nice job, I finally get to see what he should have looked like.
  12. Mutilatedlips

    Wizkids Beholder (Fire Eyes version)

    The eye itself looks fantastic. Gums n teeth look great too. You can tell he doesn't brush.
  13. Mutilatedlips

    Dungeon Saga tyrant of Halpi dragon

    The metallic green and copper go nicely together. This was very interesting to look at, unique.
  14. Mutilatedlips

    Mr. Blobby

    yeah, creepy is definitely the word for it.
  15. Mutilatedlips

    Oathsworn Sensible Shoes SS18: Dwarf Queen, by Pingo

    Maybe a bit on the small side, but still really nice, thanks. I just use microsoft office picture manager, not sure if it came with the computer or we have it on there because my wife is a teacher.