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  1. Mutilatedlips

    Grenadier Action Art Bugbear

    I remember painting mine green with a white stripe on his head, trying to make it sort of look like a gremlin at the time. Nice job, I finally get to see what he should have looked like.
  2. Mutilatedlips

    Wizkids Beholder (Fire Eyes version)

    The eye itself looks fantastic. Gums n teeth look great too. You can tell he doesn't brush.
  3. Mutilatedlips

    Dungeon Saga tyrant of Halpi dragon

    The metallic green and copper go nicely together. This was very interesting to look at, unique.
  4. Mutilatedlips

    Mr. Blobby

    yeah, creepy is definitely the word for it.
  5. Mutilatedlips

    Oathsworn Sensible Shoes SS18: Dwarf Queen, by Pingo

    Maybe a bit on the small side, but still really nice, thanks. I just use microsoft office picture manager, not sure if it came with the computer or we have it on there because my wife is a teacher.
  6. Mutilatedlips

    Baichi - Bushido

    This was interesting, the backpack was like painting a whole other miniature, something like a dwarf in size. Took me almost double time, but he is neat for what my friend is going to use him for. Gives the illusion of being a servant/pack mule, but is yet to reveal his true identity. I was tempted to put an "S" on his chest and a phone booth behind him.
  7. Mutilatedlips

    Oathsworn Sensible Shoes SS18: Dwarf Queen, by Pingo

    so close up...I always want to see your stuff like I was holding it in my hand, but it sort of looks like it is under a magnifying glass (sorry, I could not hold back anymore.) So good looking too, grrrrrr. Love the color and the little symbol on the hammer.
  8. Mutilatedlips

    The August September Mushrooms

    Always fascinated with looking at these fungi, but they the more I see of them together, gathering their forces, the more I get a little freaked out.
  9. Mutilatedlips

    Das Schwarze Auge 15500b Female Sorcerer, by Pingo

    Yeah, thats a most triumphant crystal ball. very cool
  10. Mutilatedlips

    77462: halfling cook

    He gets a "like" for making me smile
  11. Mutilatedlips

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    Also love that blue, it was a great match for that mini. Was it one of Reaper's colors?
  12. Mutilatedlips

    Mordramma - GF9/D&D Scourge of the Slave Lords

    Yeah, he has a lot of character, makes me smile just looking at him. I pointed out the collar to my friend who said it helps with concentration while casting, don't want to be distracted by hideous things creeping up behind you.
  13. Mutilatedlips

    Milerjoi, the Monk - GF9/D&D Scourge of the Slave Lords

    Thanks! No, not brittle, but I would say more fragile than most resin models. Unlike other plastic minis, I would not want to drop the ones that came out of this box. Gluing was easier than metal minis for me, almost instant bonding with the blue cap Gorilla glue. The issues that I had out of this box were mostly with the two wizards. The spell effect was really messed up on Mordramma and did not line up properly at all with his hand and ground. My greenstuff skills are limited and I really had a lot to do to fix that one up. The other spellcaster (Ajakstu) had an extremely crooked staff. Forgetting it wasn't metal, I attempted to straighten and instantly snapped it. Then when I handed it over to my buddy, his metal programmed mind also forgot it was plastic and immediately snapped it again. I tried glue and putty to get back on but is still a bit crooked.
  14. Mutilatedlips

    Ras Nsi - GF9/D&D

    I don't have him in possession anymore, but it may have been a 50mm base when it could have been 40mm because he seemed a little small for it...from what I remember.
  15. Mutilatedlips

    23 additional September figures

    Wow, I can barely paint 23 in a year let alone that many beautiful looking minis in a month!