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  1. Nice, I've just happen to be working on an ebonwrath the past couple of weeks myself. I'm down to the wings, but I feel like I need a break, he isn't easy.
  2. Very Pretty. I'm painting a Bones dragon at the moment too and it isn't easy!
  3. I liked that he was small for a tengu. The asian style and those wooden platform shoes are pretty nifty too. He just popped out at me and I had to paint him. Cute redhead with her measuring stick for scale.
  4. Cool thanks, it was a while since they posted anything after those giants. I had just looked before I posted Drizzt and Guen THANKS!!!
  5. Lol, my daughter was over my shoulder the whole time I was painting guen. Fascinated.
  6. Drizzt and Guen from the Galeforce9, D&D Collector's series. Does anybody know if that series is now defunct? Those HD minis may have taken their place I think. I painted Guen to look like she was being summoned or returning to the Astral Plane. At least that is what my brain and brush pictured it looking like. Instead of using the one base, I thought it would be more useful in gaming for them to have separate bases.
  7. I think the mini is from around the early 2000's but the box art looks 70's -ish to me.
  8. Anybody know any reaper models similar? Characters wearing dragon skin?
  9. I took a pic of the box because the artwork looked so dated to me, but in an old school good way. i can post when i get home. Maybe iron wind metals got the mold or something. i don't really keep up with the history of these things, but find it interesting.
  10. Nice, recognized him immediately. Feeling old now.
  11. Still better than most of the new school stuff.
  12. Two ral partha pirates and a larry elmore chick walk into a bar...(sorry, thought it was going to be a joke) Great painting though, I alway enjoy ral partha models.
  13. Thanks! Although, I've seen your stuff and as far as I am concerned, you are the "King of Colors."
  14. A request was made to paint this guy and the Legendary Dragon Slayer Dwarf to match. I think I did pretty good. They look like they go well together. Talk to the hand
  15. A friend asked me to paint this and the Grand Mystic to match. I really liked this Dwarf a lot. Part of me wants to keep him.