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  1. Anybody know any reaper models similar? Characters wearing dragon skin?
  2. I took a pic of the box because the artwork looked so dated to me, but in an old school good way. i can post when i get home. Maybe iron wind metals got the mold or something. i don't really keep up with the history of these things, but find it interesting.
  3. Nice, recognized him immediately. Feeling old now.
  4. Still better than most of the new school stuff.
  5. Two ral partha pirates and a larry elmore chick walk into a bar...(sorry, thought it was going to be a joke) Great painting though, I alway enjoy ral partha models.
  6. Thanks! Although, I've seen your stuff and as far as I am concerned, you are the "King of Colors."
  7. A request was made to paint this guy and the Legendary Dragon Slayer Dwarf to match. I think I did pretty good. They look like they go well together. Talk to the hand
  8. A friend asked me to paint this and the Grand Mystic to match. I really liked this Dwarf a lot. Part of me wants to keep him.
  9. I consider this more of a mushroom family. King, Queen and Prince/Princess. I finished a King a year or two ago. Finally finished the rest of the group.
  10. Reaper Troll #3 Painted for a buddy of mine. They will be coming for revenge on game night, hopefully will get a group shot then.
  11. It shows
  12. Thanks, yes I am. Makes things so much easier.
  13. Probably the nicest metallic dragon I have seen.
  14. Working on her here and there over several months. If you are familiar with the model then you may have noticed I changed her weapon. My shipment of Bones 3 could not have come at a better time. That sword came right off the sprue of one of the weapon sets. The spear she came with was broken and the horrible ribbons were a nightmare to deal with. I attempted to just use the broken spear and it looked like it was missing something....which it was. The sword appeared to be a perfect fit and hardly noticeable unless you really know the model. I was planning on painting a bunch of Drow, so more should be coming.
  15. Nice to paint something small again. Probably one of many Drow to come.