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  1. Fulfilling

    You know you're my favorite person now right? Did the shipper provide any rough ETA for the delivery to the hubs? Then we get to wait for the fun that is Canadian Customs! Will it take 10 minutes? Will it take 10 days? With CBSA Agents it could be anything! After all, its for our protection!
  2. Fulfilling

    Gotta love shippers eh? I've run into that problem myself before. "Oh actually, you have to do it this way, not that way". Always a fun scramble to figure things out afterwards. As a Canadian, I'm just glad that things should still work out in the end. I did have a few quick questions if anyone knows the answers: -The Canadian UPS labels that had been sent out on the 19th, are those the real ones that will become tracking-active once the product clears customs and arrives in Calgary/Toronto? (that's what it seems from the Update that was sent out Monday) -Does your post mean that all Canadian orders across all Waves have been picked and boxed with shipping labels, to be moved in bulk to the Canadian distribution centers (and customs)? Or will they be shipped as individual bits, and the distribution center will be the ones to box them and put labels? -Do we have any super rough ETA or tracking number for the bulk shipments themselves? Regardless of if their boxed yet or not, once they've cleared Customs (God I hope we're not murdered on Duty. Not looking forward to paying UPS crazy import fees on $800CAD of Mini's. Which is in no way Reaper's (or really UPS's fault) I totally get that its the Canadian Government that sets these rules), and been dispatched, the tracking should go live and all should be well, I was just trying to super rough gauge how long that in-between process is. From the time it leaves Texas to the time it leaves Calgary/Toronto. In the end, its been nearly 2 years since this campaign was completed, if it takes a few more weeks for them to arrive, than so be it, I'm all good in the end. I'm still one of the people that feel Reaper has done a fantastic job, and I know that their staff is going though hell to get things going in a crazy rush. Most of them are going to look back at this week and it'll all be a blur for them. (Fun fact: Because I was curious I checked exactly how long its been. Just over 666 days since the campaign ended! Ok, more like 668, but that sounds less cool...)
  3. Fulfilling

    Kickstarter update #84: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones/posts/1677519 More information on the shipping company: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/02/hanjin-shipping-bankruptcy-causes-turmoil-in-global-sea-freight Quote from the update (from Sept 2016): So realistically this did not delay it all that much.
  4. I absolutely love the way the shading is done. Seeing this makes me want to try the same style out right now. I don't suppose you have a second to give a super quick rundown of your technique? Did you basecoat in the mid-tone color or the shadow? Did if the mid-tone first, did you do the shadows then the highlights? This is the exact sort of style I had been going for with a mini I did recently, and I feel you've captured exactly what I had been going for style wise. I look at my layers and they look blotchy and inconsistent, while yours look smooth and flow into each other. The white highlights are not hidden or super blended, they lay on top of everything, and while they stand out, they do it in an oddly natural way that really makes it look fantastic. So even while you can see the separation between the layers in the blue cloak, from any sort of distance it blends perfectly and looks super natural. Anyway, what I'm trying to say, is fantastic job!
  5. Thank you! Any suggestion on the type? Looks like there are a lot of options... https://www.amazon.ca/s/field-keywords=color+wheel
  6. Thank you for the awesome suggestions/examples Pingo! I think I get what you're saying, and I agree, with a bit more shading to the parts of the hat that slope the lowest down, it would have given it the extra "dimensional kick" it needed. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future projects!
  7. So, was thinking about it more, and still was running into issues with how to do something like shading a hat thats directly under the sun. While more of a WIP topic post than a "Show Off" post, so not directly on topic, I am knowledgeable of 3D editors, so just to test it out I threw together a quick test scene to see how a hat such as this might be lit in a real world (ish?) environment. Even in these conditions the hat looks flat and fake. On the flip side, I had WAY too much fun diving back into a 3D program after use of not touching one. Damn that was fun.
  8. This exact thing was what I was thinking while looking at this picture when I was posithis topic: I was looking at it going "Huh... thats.. very just red...". If Memory serves, I had tried to add more contrast to it at one point, but it started to make it look cartoonish, which can be an excellent style, but did not match the rest of the mini. I guess it really just came down to I was not sure how to add shadow to something that under normal lighting (like a person standing outside in the sun), the light would be hitting pretty evenly across the surface. Looking at it now I guess I could have made the droopy parts a bit darker, and highlighted the ridge a bit more? I'm just not to sure. Still, thank you for the suggestion! Oh totally, the photo's I had uploaded to my gallery where all cropped and had a stroke outline (because I felt it looked nice). So this was the one I was sharing on places other than here: But for here, I wanted to post a more "raw" image, but you are totally correct.
  9. Hello all! As usual, I have spurts of activity that lasts 3-4 days every 4-6 months. That might not sound like a lot (and lets be honest, its not), but it does let me finish 2-4 minutes each time. This time around I actually got off my but and painted the rest of the mini's for my current pathfinder party! Funny enough, that's not what this topic is about however (might do another one for that group). This topic is for what I feel is still my best mini to date from a technical standpoint. One where I actually (attempted) to manually blend and layer in shadows and highlights. I had even gotten brave at one point and had tried pulling off Object Source Lighting (from the glowing text on the scroll onto his hat and his robe/beard), it failed terribly, and looked like I was terrible with a paint bush (slopping paint on the wrong parts). OSL is something I will work on in the future I guess. This mistake (and undo function) can be seen in his arm still, how the color doesn't quite match the rest of the robe. I actually showed this guy off a bit a while back in another topic, but felt that that with my new "photobooth" setup, which works rather well (despite looking like a mess), that he deserved his own topic. The initial goal of this mini was to have my very own "Janky Wizard". Red Hat, Purple Robe, Green Shoes, that sort of high-fantasy thing. It actually worked out MUCH better than I had planned it. Take a look for yourself! This is the Male Wizard Galladon (77054)! He is a proud spell caster! Or a very very bad fighter, one of the two. Here are some more pictures! Wow... You really can see EVERY single mistake you made under these lighting conditions. Well then. Yep, looks like I got purple on the base at some point and totally did not notice. Also the transition in blending in the shadows looks so much rougher in these pictures than it does IRL. You know what? Here's a worse quality picture that shows the mini in the gaming room lighting conditions: While not the best picture, you can see how it looks when you see it in person. I mean, I feel I did a pretty good job overall? The mini was sealed in two coats of Krylon Crystal Clear spray varnish, and then a coat (or three? Varies per model, depending on how shiny they are) of Testors Dullcote. I find this results in the strongest finish, while keeping a mostly matte appearance. I've realized recently that in my time on this forum (since I started painting mini's) back in March of 2013, I've really only painted somewhere between 18-30 minis (depends on how you count doing a bunch of individual rats I suppose). I think I was at around 15 minis when I did this Wizard? Before getting into miniatures, I had 0 painting experience, 0 drawing experience, and in general pretty much no art experience outside of Digital/3D rendering, and a bit of Photography. I'd like to think I've come a pretty long way. All the while working very, very slowly on my Storm Giant. So what do you guys think? How do you think it turned out? Do you have any tips/suggestions to share? I would love some examples/suggestions on getting into Object Source Lighting. Whenever I see examples posted here with OSL, they always blow me away every time. I know it's got to involve insane amounts of layers/blending, thats for sure. Anyway, I'm open to your comments!
  10. Nicely done, and gives me some ideas for my own Bones that I would not have thought of otherwise. Using a clear coat as a "primer" might come in very handy, thank you!
  11. Absolutely fantastic! The stylized painting really makes the models pop. I'm blown away and inspired!
  12. *Links removed just in case* Didnt realize it was a bad thing, but I guess I can see how that could be considered competitive advertising.
  13. Awesome! You rock! That explains part of why I couldnt find him, I had no idea that was supposed to be a spear! Found the page for him Thank you a ton!!
  14. Hello, Edit: Werkrobotwerk has successfully identified the Mini as Gil Galad from GW's LOTR line. Thank you! Having just finished off a round of new mini's, I decided to set up my lightbox/photo booth and go through the backlog of mini's I've done over the past 2 years and get some good pictures of them. After doing that, I went though and wanted to name/tag them all with their Reaper SKU numbers and names, for better tracking and organization. (Slight spoiler for when I hope to eventually post them on the forums. Thinking every Mini I owned was a Reaper mini, with the vast majority of them being Bones (from the first and second Kickstarters), did have some metal mini's from back in the day (plus those from the Learn 2 Paint Kits), but I just figured they where all Reaper. I used the Reaper Figure Finder to find pretty much all of them except one... This Elf (or maybe Human) Wizard (at least, most likely wizard). I could not find him on the Figure Finder, nor with some creative Googling. It was then I noticed, that the Base he's on at least, is a GW Base with a 1992 copyright. Now I'm not sure at all! Here he is, I painted him about 2 years back, all in one session: For my own sanity (and organization), anyone that can provide any tips or suggestions in tracking down where the mini came from, or his SKU/Name would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
  15. Thanks everyone! in the pictures, thats the Wizard was kinda what I was going for on that one, but you're right, I totally should get one of the characters from HBO's Silicon Valley! I might do a topic dedicated to him later on. He was my first completed mini in 2016! :D