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    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    Chattanooga Been eyeballing CAV for a while (1.5+ years) and bidding (unsuccessfully) on CAV lots on ebay. Now waiting on my affordable KS miniatures. This winter might permit some small amount of free time to game.
  2. Kazimierz

    CAV: SO and New Figures

    Excited about affordable CAVs, not so excited about 10mm, or near 10mm, scale vehicles. So, would 6mm figures look terribly out of place with CAV (given the smaller than 10mm currently exhibited by many of the miniatures)?
  3. Kazimierz

    CAV: SO Battle Report (sort of)

    Thanks for the clarification. Not likely to hit Reapercon (limited vacation/funds...like everyone else). Looking forward to the release of the new rules and affordable figs.
  4. Kazimierz

    CAV: SO Battle Report (sort of)

    Can anyone illustrate the differences between Cav2 & SO in one thousand words or less? I have downloaded the Cav2 rules. I have noticed that some folks don't seem too excited about this new release. Thank you, Kazimierz
  5. Kazimierz

    CAV: SO and New Figures

    I've been following the release of CAV:SO with excitement. Only recently became aware of previous CAV versions (found Sgt. Crunch's blog). I was busy pursuing other interests at the time of previous versions, as I was in college (so old now...). Looking at this or some 6mm (or both as wallet permits). Please hurry. Kazimierz