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  1. Gripping Beast are a bit shorter than reaper minis. Not awkwardly so. You could field them in a role playing campaign and no one would care. For a war game however, one which emphasizes scale, a reaper mini might look a little large and out of place next to it.
  2. Her front side is directly under the photo of her back.
  3. Lady Villager 1 by Gripping Beast minis
  4. GW and coat d arms and army painter
  5. Even with a full time job and an internship, racking up 65 hours of work per week, I still managed to find a few hours of week to paint. Here is my first batch of lake town militia. The brown coat is made from a weapon swap and head swap.
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. They are from lotr sbg 28mm scale.
  8. I have been working on these guys for a while now and they're finally finished. Paint scheme is inspired by the greatest clan in Rokugan. I also finished a new priority marker.
  9. Looking good. I'm also a fan of heroforges printouts!
  10. I noticed Bones 4 is funded x10 in no time flat. Well done Reaper.
  11. The leader of the white council, the jealous, the prideful, the fallen from grace, the one, the only Saruman!
  12. That warms my withered heart
  13. Looking for a game you can play with your reaper minis? Looking for a game that is super easy you don't have to do a lot of rule crunching? Check out Tiny Dungeon. I just bought a copy and I was very impressed with the rules. Super easy to learn, very versatile, and very open to flexibility. I won't go into too much detail, but in a nutshell, roll 2d6 and hope one of them is a 5 (not a sum of 5, but one of the 2 lands as a 5+). That is it. The unified, easy to use mechanic. Everything else is RP, and minis. Sounds like my kind of game!
  14. Hearty men, valiant and brave. The men of Gondor stand ready to battle any foe. As these are rank and file troops for my Minas Tirith force, I tend to just give them a base coat, a splash of wash and touch up the high points with the base color once more. This allows me to pump out more troops and spend more time on heroes who get the whole basecoat, wash, highlight complement. One is facing backwards so you can see the bows I added. Minis are from GW, bows are from gripping beast as they scale very well with the LOTR line.
  15. That was some trick photography. The shot itself is a little dark which helped blur some of the print lines. That being said, I was very impressed with how minimal the print lines were. And that being said, they don't bug me as much as I thought they would.