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  1. Repainted Mage Knight Tree Spirit

    I love mage knight repaints! Great job!
  2. Lady Miriam

    Cool under pressure grace under stress. These are the words Lady Miriam lives by. She also expects other ladies to abide by her precepts especially when they are serving as objective markers on the field.
  3. Old Marm

    Here is Gripping Beast civilian number 3. I drastic change from what we normally see from female minis. Lots of personality and great to paint!
  4. Some HF minis

    I agree. They look pretty thick when photographed by are more slender. I find this to be true with lots of miniatures. Even Reaper. That being said, it has never impacted my ability to paint them.
  5. 77318 Bookshelf

    Well done. I love seeing a game table with terrain on it!
  6. Another Ral Partha lady fighter lady

    Nothing like an old school mini to bring you back!
  7. Some HF minis

    Speaking of hair. The eye between the length of hair and the helmet was ridiculous to paint. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it right. It turned out well enough though
  8. Some HF minis

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Some HF minis

    Nothing fancy here, just a base coat, a wash and some highlights. I had a lot of fun painting them too! I actually, I take it back. There was some special work done. I made the dwarf's base from GS using a GS roller pin from Green stuff world.
  10. Now for Something Completely Different

    Gripping Beast are a bit shorter than reaper minis. Not awkwardly so. You could field them in a role playing campaign and no one would care. For a war game however, one which emphasizes scale, a reaper mini might look a little large and out of place next to it.
  11. Now for Something Completely Different

    Her front side is directly under the photo of her back.
  12. Lady Villager 1 by Gripping Beast minis
  13. Lake Town Militia

    GW and coat d arms and army painter
  14. Lake Town Militia

    Even with a full time job and an internship, racking up 65 hours of work per week, I still managed to find a few hours of week to paint. Here is my first batch of lake town militia. The brown coat is made from a weapon swap and head swap.
  15. Khand!

    Thanks everyone!