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  1. jdizzy001

    Lothlon of Lorien

    My son has started role playing and has taken up with the elves. Here is his Elf fighter, Lothlon.
  2. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Dancer

    Thanks for the assist!
  3. Galeshi Knife Dancer, Mage Knight Uprising #080

    Very nice!

  4. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Dancer

    I don't remember this minis name, but here it is, all repainted. I apologize for the poor picture, but you get the idea.
  5. jdizzy001

    MESBG Lake town guard

    Nothing fancy, just 2 lake town guards to harass adventurers who aren't behaving in the local tavern.
  6. jdizzy001

    Heroforge print Not Geralt

    Here is my heroforge print. It was made from their premium plastic. Have done prints in both their regular plastic and premium I'm not sure the extra $10 is worth the "extra" detail for table top minis. Either way, I enjoyed designing and painting this mini.
  7. jdizzy001

    77257 Bones Chimera

    What a dynamic mini and a great paint job to boost!
  8. jdizzy001

    77462: halfling cook

    Time for elevensies! Great mini.
  9. Another repaint. I really like he look of this guy. No other info is given on him other than he is the Mage Stone Lord. He was originally in Mage Knight 1.0 and got a re-release for Nexus, the final Mage knight set. This one is from Nexus. I chose my own color scheme and gave him Red mage stones (of course you all know red mage stone is the rarest and strongest Mage stones). CnC always welcome!
  10. jdizzy001

    Bombshell 10007, Vivian Gale, Aquanaut

    Great job
  11. jdizzy001

    Kev!'s Fantascenes - Unlucky Adventurers

    Those poor souls
  12. jdizzy001

    Ancient Male Mage from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Nice and sharp!
  13. jdizzy001

    Introduction + some of my work

    Great work!
  14. jdizzy001

    14011 - the Bat Lord and a Question for you!

    Oh, he would make a great recurring villian
  15. jdizzy001

    03865 Briarlings

    I like these a lot. Wood gremlins. Don't let them photosynthesize after midnight ;)