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  1. jdizzy001

    Corsair Ranger ME SBG

    Hey all, it has been a while since I posted anything, but I thought I would show off the Corsair Ranger I kit-bashed. It was made from a rangers of middle earth set (body), a corsairs of umbar set (head) and a weapon swap from the warg riders of Isengard set. C&C always welcome, thanks!
  2. jdizzy001

    Wizkids variety

    These are some of my most recent projects as well. I love how you connected the cart and ox
  3. jdizzy001

    Bandidos team

    Bien hecho. De que material es erijido la escenografia?
  4. jdizzy001

    My second D&D adventuring party (pic heavy)

    I love seeing other peoples' adventure parties!
  5. jdizzy001

    Zulu Warriors as Mahud

    He's one of my favorites! Some people just get excited to fight, I guess ;)
  6. jdizzy001

    Zulu Warriors as Mahud

    I needed some Mahud warriors for an upcoming campaign and I could buy zulu warriors much cheaper than actual Mahud for LOTR, so here we go, Zulus as Mahud! The reed collars were made from GS. Though grossly historically inaccurate I guess they are supposed to be a blade catch for protection... Anyways, painting them was fun and adding the warpaint to their faces was a new challenge for me, but one which I enjoyed.
  7. jdizzy001

    Strumpets and a leprechaun

    Here are some minis I finished recently, 2 strumpets from Other World minis and Hassle Free minis, and Paladin Took from the LOTR SBG line.
  8. jdizzy001

    Moria goblins 2009 vs 2018

    I'm working on a commission for a friend right now and since he asked me to paint some minis I painted 9 years ago, I thought it would be a good time for a comparison shot... Wow, 9 years makes a huge difference!
  9. jdizzy001

    03492: Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female Elf Wizard

    Nice pallet change!
  10. jdizzy001

    Kitbash Weapon-Swapping Fighter! 60113, 77382, 03447

    I love kitbashes! Great job!
  11. jdizzy001

    02242 Ian MacAndrew

    That tartan is fantastic! As is the NMM!
  12. jdizzy001

    Spring Exchange - Galladon or "Man I hate cursive!"

  13. jdizzy001

    03239: Krug, Hill Giant Chieftain

    All hail the giant chieftain