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  1. Funded

    Thank you! We've still got a Paypal option, if that helps... Thanks Darsc! I really do need to get back to doing some Sensible Shoes... there's just so much to do, and so little time! Well, the KS has ended, so thank you if you backed us, commented here, or even just glanced at this thread in passing... you are great and noble beings, one and all!
  2. Funded

    Thanks Chaoswolf! Here's a few pics of minis from the project I've managed to get paint on: Only an hour or so to go now, so I'd better get back to it! :D cheers Michael
  3. Funded

    Well, we're down to about 8 hours left on the project now, so here's some more pics, for those that haven't been on the project page yet: cheers, Michael
  4. Funded

    They're early medieval talismans, parchment strips with protective spells written on them. Purity seals were taken from that same general idea, so they look similar. I'd like to say ours are historically accurate, but I'm not sure ravens ever actually used them... The three freebie pieces are all revealed now, and there's another bit of sculpting step-by-step stuff for the Shrew Knight here: Project Update Link Here's pics of the freebies: cheers Michael
  5. Funded

    It's only worth 22 points though; stick a 'Qi' on a Triple Letter score, and you beat it easily! The long anatomical words thing is a throw-back to when I briefly used to sculpt dinosaurs for exhibits. You get hit with a lot of anatomy science doing that! The second part of the sculpting step-by-step is now up, if you fancy a look at how I torture putty: Sculpting link And here's a couple more piccies! cheers, Michael
  6. Live

    Yep - this! The alloy we're using at the moment contains lead - the previous 'lead-free' one still had about 1% lead as far as I'm aware... But thanks to the pound dropping against the dollar, the main alloy supplier most of us in the UK were using decided to no longer sell to the UK. So we've all had to look for alternatives; and the problem is that other suppliers have their own formulations for casting alloys, and most use lead. Plus, it's difficult finding suppliers who are happy to deal in kilos rather than tonnes... So quite a lot of us are using alloys with lead in them now. With less tin content, they would've been slightly cheaper, but the weak pound means they are actually costing about the same, plus they're a bit heavier, so postage costs more. Some people do have a bit of a lead phobia... but as you cannot absorb lead in it's metallic form, it's not an actual issue. Only lead oxide is harmful, so unless you heat it past boiling, or have really old unsealed minis with that white 'lead rot' on them and spent a lot of time licking it, you should be fine...
  7. Funded

    Possibly beetle related in some way... Nope, it's a coin - but we've got something similar planned for the release of the hardback book next year! I can now see that too... The Dark Sword ones tend to be all scaled to the same size though; a mouse is the same size as a fox etc... whereas ours are different sizes, with shrews tiny, up to massive badgers. So unfortunately that means a lot of big animals are just too big to fit in! With the amount of time and effort you've put into drawing lately though, that does really need to be your hobby priority... have fun with the new easel! Well, the projects going good - we've now included a B&B coin with every pledge, and part one of the step-by-step 'raven sculpting' update is now done: Here's a couple more of the pics from the project: cheers Michael
  8. Funded

    I do it purely to torment you... Thank you! Cheers... and you ALWAYS need a new project! There is no limit to the number of projects... Thanks! It's gone very well. It may not happen, unfortunately - they're big! badger-size is pretty much our upper limit. Which is a shame, as I could use my dad's dog as reference, instead of just peering at images on the internet... Anyway, we're well funded now, so that's good! Some more piccies: And a teaser for some bonus bits: cheers Michael
  9. Funded

    I like her too - although my fave is one which is hopefully going to be a sneaky freebie in a few day's time... Thank you Andrew!
  10. Funded

    Well, it was that, or going live while I was sleeping, so... Yep, I know the feeling; I hate having to be sensible... oh, to be rich! We'll miss you in the Comments, Sara! Also, we are now Live! Burrows & Badgers: Fur and Feathers KS linky cheers Michael
  11. Funded

    We've got the go-ahead from Kickstarter now, so we'll be launching tomorrow at 1pm BST, which is 8am EDT, and 10pm AEST... I'll post a link once we're live...
  12. Funded

    Yep, it's for this project - really, it was because I needed it for the photos for the Osprey edition of the game rules, but once I'd sculpted it, it seemed rude not to add it to the project! The raven might probably a bit big for a tengu, though... it's 46mm tall; they're big fellas in Burrows & Badgers. Although the next Sensible Shoes project is looking increasingly likely to be a mix of tengu/kenku, tabaxi, kitsune, and stuff like that, so I'll make sure there's a couple of good raven-folk in there! I've used mine for hobbits, and the various weird races from Anyaral, and in games of Relics too. I like my stuff to be multi-functional... In other news, we're just waiting for Kickstarter to approve the project, which seems to take an entirely random amount of time, ranging variously from 0 seconds to about a week... fingers crossed we'll hear from them by Monday, and we can launch then.
  13. Funded

    No, but now I really, really want to! She enjoys it, and it would be wrong of me to stop her doing something she enjoys! Incidentally, here's a painted pic of the resin mouse-house... Cheers, Michael
  14. Funded

    Thanks for posting this, SamuraiJack! It's looking more like Saturday, Sunday or maybe Monday now... everything takes soooo long! It'll probably be 7 days I think - any longer doesn't seem to work for little companies like us... but we'll probably save the 24 hour projects for special occasions. I'm thinking maybe a bunch of Norse Gods on a 24 hour KS for December 21st - for Yule! Could be fun. For this project, we've got 14 minis, and a resin house to choose from... little stuff like mice and shrews, up to a big (45mm) raven. The raven's a pretty simple design, but was a bloomin' nightmare to sculpt, as some step-by-step Updates will show, so you can share my pain! I haven't taken the final, good quality pics of the raven yet, but here's a dodgy pic to give you the idea: There's also a really, amazingly, awesomely cool mini, (IMHO, anyway!) but I can't say anything about it yet, as it's a bit of a complicated shape, so I have to check with Pete first to make sure it's moulding / casting friendly... fingers crossed! cheers Michael
  15. He's looking good! I've not tried painting an albino - I might just give that a go myself!