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  1. I love this guy! And this is the first one I've seen painted - you've done a great job! I undercoated mine back in 2013, but that's as far as I got...
  2. Thanks everyone! Cyradis, as Doug kindly points out, these are from our Burrows & Badgers line. I sculpt them, but I don't often get time to paint them...
  3. Hey everyone, I finally found time to tickle a few animals with a paintbrush... Fingers crossed I'll find time to do a few more next week... Also, here's a pic of part of the display piece we made for Salute; I think it's really cool, but then I'm a little bit biased! cheers, Michael
  4. I always wash my greens with warm soapy water before I send them off to the mouldmaker - they're fine with water.
  5. Don't mess with a shrew - they're vicious little geezers! Lovely job on the painting, Jasper!
  6. You've done a great job on this guy! He looks properly angry...
  7. I picked up a sprue of the dwarves from the Osprey stand at Salute on Saturday - they do look like a useful set. They had a 3-up of a goblin there as well, but I forgot to take a photo... sorry!
  8. Completed

    I'm glad you've finally got them Darsc - I was starting to get worried! We've had 3 people from Canada say that they've received them this week. Maybe a bunch of the packages got held at customs, or something...
  9. Great paint, Maledrakh! And it may have taken you since 2014 to get around to this, but I haven't even undercoated mine yet. As for the mouth thing, it's so long ago, I can't remember! I vaguely recall he had his mouth closed, but I'm usually wrong. I'll have to dig out the green and check that. It's the only way to be sure... LarsM, sorry, but the mini's currently unavailable - it's on our ever-growing list of jobs to sort out, so it may happen eventually. Provided I don't get distrac... ooooh, shiny!
  10. Completed

    We'll set up a standing order for you... It'll either be launching early May, early June, or July... or maybe even somewhen else! Everything's a bit crazy here right now. I'm writing the 2nd edition of the B&B game for Osprey publishing, and even though it's not out until some time in 2018, I have to have it all done, written, tested, and finished by June 1st. And that includes photos of painted minis. So any new minis I want in the book need to be sculpted, moulded, cast, and painted before the start of June. Unfortunately we've also got Salute, Chillcon and the UK Games Expo between now and then... Launch date of the next project depends on time availability, for us and the mouldmaker, and how much cash we have for moulds. So, basically, it could be launching in 3 weeks, or maybe 3 months... I just don't know!
  11. Completed

    Almost certainly some more Burrows & Badgers - I have a deadline of June 1st to have a load of photos ready for Osprey Publishing, so I could do with expanding the range a bit more before then. Plus, I've sculpted half a dozen more already!
  12. Completed

    We often have packages take a long time to reach western Canada - that's why we've started sending them at the same time as the Australia and New Zealand ones. Hopefully it'll be with you soon! Thank you for backing! Also, the creamy-white resin is a nightmare to see properly. I have to undercoat the stuff before I can work out what's what...
  13. They look great! I've never used the crushed glass stuff, so I can't comment on colours though - sorry...
  14. Completed

    Red and Darsc, fingers crossed yours will show up soon... the Post Office always quote 'between 5 days and 6 weeks' for delivery to the US, which is a little less specific than I'd like! Knarthex, there should be a sticker on the runestones bag with the order on it... here's a pic: You got it right - the malformed P is the compound one, known as the 'thorn'.
  15. Completed

    First one in the US, as far as I know... we've had US, UK, and New Zealand backers reporting delivery now, so they're turning up all across the world.