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  1. If you want to add one on, that should be fine - just tell us on the Backer Survey, and we'll sort something out!
  2. Yep, more backers than usual too - but then it's the first B&B KS since the Osprey rulebook came out. I think that's made a difference. Well, the Kickstarter is done, and was a great success! Thank you if you supported us, and even if you didn't thanks for putting up with us pimping the project endlessly on your forum! :) cheers, Michael
  3. I got another one painted - trying out some OSL... Step-by-step here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-beasts-of-northymbra-anthro-mi/posts/2335414 Only a couple of hours to go now... cheers, Michael
  4. I got one painted! There's a (not very clear) painting guide here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-beasts-of-northymbra-anthro-mi/posts/2334865 Pics aren't the best, as the light in our workshop is pretty bad, but hopefully it'll be helpful to some... cheers, Michael
  5. Here's the final Townsfolk miniature - Tollimus Skulp, Town Burgher, merchant, and occasional duelling enthusiast... ...and the final Warrior too! 'Mad' Morag, Clan Wildcat - a big hitter for Clan warbands! :) cheers, Michael
  6. OK, two more revealed today; the last of the mages - Shaltari the Flame, Fox Mage. ...and another of the Townsfolk is revealed! Never mess with a shrew! :) Right, almost time to go home...
  7. Tomorrow for the fox... today, though, the kingfisher:
  8. As if by magic, a magical otter lady appears!
  9. Well, here's one of them! The others will show up over the next 3 days - Fox mage on Friday... We'll have a Paypal option for another 4 to 6 weeks at least, I expect - hopefully that'll be useful. Short run times seem pretty vital for little projects like this TBH - any that go longer just have a huge dip in the middle, or end up promising unplanned stretch goal bonuses to keep things moving, and we all know where that leads... But it can make things tough on people's budgets, especially this time of year. Sorry!
  10. Yeah, weird - even when I edited it, it still went to this page... I've used a tinyurl instead, and it works now... Sorry Glamberry! We'd only planned on about ten minis, and only one of the really big ones. But I'd promised sooo many people specific beasties, that we ended up with fifteen... In 30 minutes! I'm happy with that... we were just hoping it'd fund by morning!
  11. ...and we are live! https://tinyurl.com/yagosrpp
  12. Just less than 7 hours, in fact...
  13. Thanks Darsc - saved me a job! I was just coming here to post that. Here's another pic:
  14. Nothing crazy, this time! Just minis... I have a couple of extra bits planned, but they'll be small, and cast in metal, I think. We're not really set up for resin casting here anymore. Nothing like the previous painted window - that thing was a nightmare! Still planning a full ruined cathedral kit at some point - just not yet! Probably next Wednesday or Thursday, I expect... I just need to finish the page graphics, and deal with fun stuff like trying to repair my van before it's MoT test on Tuesday! You have to love self-employment. Anyway, some piccies: cheers, Michael