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  1. Lovely job - the house looks great! We're trying to figure out how to do it; box sizes and the weight of resin pieces limits lot of our usual shipping options. Hopefully we'll work something out...
  2. Fulfilling

    I'll post them out first thing in the morning...
  3. Fulfilling

    It's going to be more Heroines in Sensible Shoes - sorry! Doing some more obscure 5e types; tabaxi, kenku, firbolg, minotaur and hobgoblin on the list so far. Although a set of kids may make it in there... Hopefully it won't be long!
  4. Fulfilling

    They all seem to arriving pretty quickly this time (except for Canada - sorry!). The postal services are on fire! I'd better get on with more sculpting I guess!
  5. Fulfilling

    Good to hear they're arriving in the US - we've had some horror stories from other businesses lately, saying they've had US stuff take 8 weeks to arrive! Thankfully, we haven't had any problems ourselves, but it's had me worried...
  6. Lovely job! I like the muted tones.
  7. This one convinced me that Inspirobot was a genius whose advice should dictate all my actions: Unfortunately, then it gave me this, so now I'm not so sure....
  8. That looks great - lovely job! I still haven't painted mine...
  9. I'm expecting it'll start fulfilling in about a week, in fact... unless I've just jinxed it by typing that! ;)
  10. Always good to see more B&B minis getting paint on them! Lovely job...
  11. Fulfilling

    Thank you! We've still got a Paypal option, if that helps... Thanks Darsc! I really do need to get back to doing some Sensible Shoes... there's just so much to do, and so little time! Well, the KS has ended, so thank you if you backed us, commented here, or even just glanced at this thread in passing... you are great and noble beings, one and all!
  12. Fulfilling

    Thanks Chaoswolf! Here's a few pics of minis from the project I've managed to get paint on: Only an hour or so to go now, so I'd better get back to it! :D cheers Michael
  13. Fulfilling

    Well, we're down to about 8 hours left on the project now, so here's some more pics, for those that haven't been on the project page yet: cheers, Michael
  14. Fulfilling

    They're early medieval talismans, parchment strips with protective spells written on them. Purity seals were taken from that same general idea, so they look similar. I'd like to say ours are historically accurate, but I'm not sure ravens ever actually used them... The three freebie pieces are all revealed now, and there's another bit of sculpting step-by-step stuff for the Shrew Knight here: Project Update Link Here's pics of the freebies: cheers Michael
  15. Fulfilling

    It's only worth 22 points though; stick a 'Qi' on a Triple Letter score, and you beat it easily! The long anatomical words thing is a throw-back to when I briefly used to sculpt dinosaurs for exhibits. You get hit with a lot of anatomy science doing that! The second part of the sculpting step-by-step is now up, if you fancy a look at how I torture putty: Sculpting link And here's a couple more piccies! cheers, Michael