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  1. Clay sculptors

    Yes - I've not seen a huge difference, but they don't wear out as quickly.
  2. Clay sculptors

    I like the Royal Sovereign ones, preferably size 0, Extra Firm. I use the Flat Chisel mostly, but the Taper Point and Angle Chisel see some use, too. But I've also used cheap packs of knock-offs from China, and they were pretty good too!
  3. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    With any luck it'll be a lot sooner than that... we just like to give ourselves extra time in case anything goes wrong!
  4. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Thanks Pingo! Darsc, if you need anything else, just shout...
  5. A few Burrows & Badgers minis painted...

    Thank you all - I'm really enjoying painting them... I'll have to try and make more time for it.
  6. I've finally managed to get some paint on a few more Burrows & Badgers minis. And now I have to put the brush down and get back to sculpting... cheers Michael
  7. Oathsworn Fur and Feathers

    Darsc, I'm glad they finally turned up! The bit where everything's in the mail is the worst bit of any Kickstarter project for me... I hate it all being out of my control!
  8. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Tell that to the Plantagenets...
  9. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    To be fair, English mastiffs always look sad...
  10. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    We're funded! Thanks to everyone who backed us, gave the project a look, or just suffered my endless spamming over the last fortnight!
  11. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    We do seem to have a bit of a Fleur de Lis obsession here at Oathsworn...
  12. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    I read this blog post, and now I want to as well! https://winghornpress.com/2017/01/18/character-craftroom-tiny-lancer/ Halfling on foot is now sculpted; just waiting for daylight so I can take a decent piccie...
  13. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Thanks everyone! Should be - we usually set up a Paypal link for late Pledges. It's £5, I think... I'll have to check the main page! There won't be an unmounted version of the dog this time, but I'd like to do one soon. A dismounted version of the rider is in-progress now... more on that later!
  14. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Rushing around between photography, video editing and sculpting, but here's a piccie of the finished Halfling Knight...
  15. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Of course, the bigger issue with using her in 5e is that Kitsune don't exist in 5e... I'll need to sweet-talk my DM! Or maybe I should just give Pathfinder a try...