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  1. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You July

    @SirLarpsalot, @Doug Sundseth and @Skippen if we only have 2 its because life got in the way for the third. Diet Coke, and Teas from aluminum cans, and a thermos of coffee. Cheap cookies and more expensive chips It is probably Doug's Car as SirLarpsalot and my cars have too many child seats, and Doug has something left over from his carpooling days. Doug would drive first and often, but the rest of us would rotate through. No idea what we are listening I don't care enough to pick something, but would object if necessary. we are obviously a Con, Origins, Gencon or Reaper..
  2. Evilhalfling

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    I really dont know how weapon use plays out, but when I have had intelligent animals campaigns, they tend to have mage hand at will, and spells components are handwaved as part of the animal package. (dragon spellcasters got the same package.) The figures that are wielding weapons (chiua rougue) is holding a dagger in his mouth. im willing to use a lot of handwavium to allow dog PCs
  3. Evilhalfling

    ReaperCon 2018 RPG Events Thread...

    my 13th age game is submitted, I have run it before at cons and it is a lot of fun.
  4. Evilhalfling

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    I'm In! I might have sorted through the dogs to find the half I liked better. but im just as happy with them all. The one pledge level and the 10 month wait seems realistic to me, they are making as simple as possible to fulfill.
  5. Evilhalfling

    Chess Set Figs

    living the dream. im pretty sure painting a chess set is in the back of every painters head. nice work.
  6. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You July

    Basic Carpentry. no combat skills, other than swinging a Hammer.
  7. Evilhalfling

    My Hexblade

    I think the pants and armor look great, a very evocative figure in monochrome. the sword has problems - it draws the eye in a bad way. I would probably paint over the white center ridge, and leave it low contrast if NNM isnt working for you. the gradient on the rest of the blade looks nice. and the hilt/handle are fine as well.
  8. Evilhalfling

    July Goals!

    Bones 3 and so it begins. young wizard (for a PC) Mule monk yeti foo dog Dwarves! (4) - will likely move into August I have found at least 9 dwarves in the bones 3 core- but that seems a lot to bite off. really not looking forward to the 20 lizardmen - thats too many scale people.
  9. Evilhalfling


    thanks for the reminder, I would be happy to do this again.
  10. Evilhalfling

    Minivember 2017 Show Off

    that is a great month of work. im just starting into Bones3, and its nice to see someone else work. you do have a few from other sets - the thing with 4 arms and a lure, and the frog wearing a skull helmet are both bones 2
  11. Evilhalfling

    Foo on You

    I got the coloring from pictures of tattoos. apparently many also have green spots. I Aint doin green spots. He was fun to paint, I may get a second one for a diorama,.
  12. Evilhalfling

    Kev!'s Malifaux - Razorspine Rattler

    danger noodle!
  13. Evilhalfling

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    merry birthday
  14. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You July

    I really like watching 2-3 episodes at a time, then again the next day. Its sort of a slow motion binge.
  15. Evilhalfling

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    OMG My spawn would eat this up. stolen from their FB site hmm- passing it along to my sister, and brother-in-law. Both Ex-gamers and currently adulting as a dog trainer and a vet.