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  1. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I am not sure, I had an vague memory that she went back to dive off the cliff again. (I think I asked around and got a vague reply) charitably reason two uncharitably reason one. she said she had jumped off the cliff before, and as a local likely was a better ocean swimmer than I was.
  2. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I learned to swim as a child, but was not enthusiastic about it. Mostly I liked to play in the water. My overall form isn't great, and I don't have the endurance for many laps. my best swimming story answers the question if all of your friends jumped off a cliff would you? I was in Hawaii working with Habitat for Humanity for six weeks the summer after HS. On my own for the first time. hanging out on a beach, a cute local girl talked me into jumping off a cliff. She dove first and it seemed easy enough. (googling) emphasis mine. Yeah. The dive was easy and fun. Then I had to swim back to the shore. It seemed to take forever and I was completely exhausted by it. I remember just letting the waves carry me in the last stretch and smashing me into the beach. The girl was long gone.
  3. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    I got my wave 2 shipping notice. One lonely Dung Beetle Knight was supposed to be here on Saturday. So of course I started a new campaign. I have no new pictures, but will get some when it comes in. Apparently I cant hunt it until year 8 or so. If I can stick to 1 year per day, I should have it assembled and ready to go (unpainted) by the time I hit year 8 in he new campaign. The World - year 1-3 - okay sorry if I am dipping back into politics. People are roleplayed based on their names, sometimes countries got a little stereotyped. I didn't even realize it, so my apologies. Africa was disembowled and then had its heart crushed by the prologue lion. rolled minimum starting pop, went for survival of fittest (SoF) anyway. Australaia loses a bet and vanishes on the first hunt. (Asia wins the same bet, others break even) Europe was decapitated by the second lion. South is possessed by spirits and goes a little nuts. India dies in childbirth. Finally Central is born to Americas. So im starting year 3, with a population of 7, lots of good innovations, poor armor and decent weapons. but I don't have face painting, so trying to have more kids is deadly. but the survivors are strong, surely a campaign with seven strong survivors and no babies can work right? (see previous campaign post) the year 3 hunt is easy, I spend 2 survival, take no wounds, and come back with lots of hides ready to make into leather armor. then I get clinging mist, where (after a SoF reroll) I can pick restart the settlement. or do a second hunt - this is a hard decision, as a second hunt would be easy and I would have a huge pile of rez. but still only 7 people. I was up playing late so I decided to sleep on the decision.
  4. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I (printed and painted a pile of 3D terrain for Kingdom Death bard game, and dismembered a 6 legged dragon.
  5. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    The last time I started a game in a tavern, it was because the PCs owned the Tavern. Barman, a house gambler, a bouncer, two entertainers and a cook. And yes I burnt down the tavern, (and the city) on the second session.
  6. Don't forget to bring bust you have been working on. Its the climax of the Bust a Move challenge.
  7. Happy Birthday Skippen !!!

    merry birthday
  8. Bones 2 Core

    Finished painting 2 heroes, and took six more group shots then I retook the group shots for the bonus 24, as I think the problem with them was from the original photos. It will be a while before I take more group shots, most of the remaining groups are missing 1-4 painted figures each. only 14 figures remain unpainted, but I lost the Stone Lurker. It is no where to be found, instead I found another beetle. - i must have added a beetle from bones 1 into these shots. It will still be a bit before I finish the photo editing. 14 remain unpainted.
  9. Knight of the Autumn Moon

    In my current method, I don't even have to decide which figure to paint next. Once I finished this hero, and the Mystic Theurge I could take the net six group shots. - as I recreate the bones 2 kickstarter poster. yet I still feel the need to decorate that big stretch of cape... went through about Halloween themed patterns to go with the orange /black armor. the armor actually turned out redder than intended.
  10. Lidless Eye Hobbies: Bones 3 Ogre Tribe

    nice work on the spikes especially.
  11. Basilisk

    the bones basilisk is pretty cuddly to in fact I think that's the name of my show-off thread for him. A non cuddly version would be handy as well. Also I'm planning on making Marthangul into a winglessless earth dragon which will require some cutting and rescaling, so this thread could be very helpful.
  12. What's on TV?

    show pilot was fun. spawn approved reviews say it is better than original, so far I'm on board
  13. I bought a 3 pack of Stormcast liberators from GW. only the second thing I have bought from them in a decade. Taking a class on NNM and I need to have one assembled and primed for the first day. Before building Kingdom Death the sprues might have intimidated me. 4 parts? I have put together a 32mm figure who had more parts just for her head than that. Also a voltage tester and 5 smoke alarms. now if only the trash guy would come take away the old ones - which are still beeping in the garage trashcan. "Yes I know you don't have power, you are also on year 16 of a 10 year lifespan. go away" Not yet acquired : Kingdom Death expansions. Shipping has begun in China and UK, but this time the States are getting shipped last. In theory I had no problem with this, but the last little bit of waiting sucks.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Its monday! and that means paint day! I really need to finish the bust I am working on before this weekend, and this is my most productive day. Yes it involves more than the usual amount to TV time, but is the only day free of scheduled activities. I am a stay-at-home parent and the weekends are family time, or days for major projects. sometimes with a break for gaming. This weekend involved replacing all the smoke detectors. Rewiring them was easier that I expected, the old ones were original to the house and the plugs were were incompatible. But the old FAs were attached to the house with less than 6" of color coded wires, and the new ones came with exactly that amount of wire. Also bought a little device to measure current. It was handy as there was no switch labeled "Fire Alarms" in my fuse box. Also this weekend: Warhammer Fantasy RP with a new generic rule system called Genesis. The DM was great at making the one mass battle feel like the Wargame. but the magic system isn't stellar. Thankfully im not the mage. The DM had to make up most of the rules to turn the generic guidelines into a system of fantasy magic, and it is just not that good. The duel between mages had lots of dice, no meaningful results. Talked to the shop owner on the way out who said he had to rework the magic rules for his campaign as well.
  15. What's on TV?

    I never made it past this. I read most of it in a single day in Jr High. Never went back. watching Altered Carbon and Jessica Jones (season 2) neither is as good as JJ season 1. This thread makes me want to try Voltron with the kids. I need something I don't hate to watch with them.