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  1. Evilhalfling


    I decided that a mini a day was just too much commitment. However, I was way behind on painting Bones3 core. I managed to paint the second KS by keeping a steady rate of at least 3 figures per month and then painting other things in the remaining hobby time, but I was way under that rate for Bones3. So my Goal is 15, or 1 every 2 days. I have hit a pretty good groove, each day I prime one, do most of the work on a second and finish details on a third. then I take weekends off to do family stuff. Im aiming mostly for tabletop, and not terribly proud of them, only a few have gotten individual Showoff threads. currently at 11 from bones3 and 2.5 extras. Tengu Dwarfking Also included is a couple of crates made from leftover greenstuff/milliput and the current IP figures, elven blacksmith and a treasure chest (oathsworn) the blacksmith had a miscast hammer arm, patched by greenstuff.
  2. Evilhalfling

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I love free building supplies!
  3. Evilhalfling

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Highlander was a good movie and a TV decent series. I'm glad they didn't ruin the concept with additional movies. I had to choose between running a game for my daughters D&D group and paint club this weekend. oh well, its not like I haven't taken enough time to paint this month. Im on #10 of my mini-minivember challenge to paint lots of bones3 figures. #11& 12 are primed.
  4. Evilhalfling

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I watched the fist two episodes (broadcast) and wasn't interested enough to follow it when the network started jumping timeslots or premting it with other stuff. I only got addicted when I got it as a box set. I don't know why I even ended up with it ... sure glad I did. so many quotes.
  5. Evilhalfling

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

     What if they like boobs? Is that where Kingdom Death came from? Thingverse is where I got all my pretty 3D printed terrain for kingdom death ...none of it has boobs, although I repainted some gentalia as entrails. that reminds me I need to get some tall grass bases printed.
  6. I thought this would make a good king, despite the lack of crown. The latest but not last of my golddigger clan. hmm lots of flaws up close. It is supposed to be tabletop quality, but I still might need repairs.
  7. Evilhalfling

    77471 tengu, warrior and rogue?

    I see, that is a rogue. perhaps bright yellow is not the best fashion choice. maybe he is a Charismatic Rogue. Yeah that's the ticket. What do I know the only one I ever played was a gunslinger, in pathfinder. it was a lot of fun shooting fingerguns at the DM and mimicking accents. he was more like a collection of ticks than an actual character. Tabletop jobs 1-2 days to finish.
  8. I'm going to set an ambitious goal for this month. 1/2 a minivember. 15 minis, mostly from bones 3 core set. I need to make some progress if I am ever going to finish it. 2 milliput crates. (when I have extra sculpting material from a base I make crates.) Fox woman Cultist Tengu with sword and bow other Tengu KDM Lantern armor Survivor added :11-9-18 Ogre werewolf Tengu mage Dwarf champion.
  9. Evilhalfling

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Im going to build snowmen and then take the kids out. We have already seeded the spider webs on the front bushes with fake spiders, and attended Mini-spawns fall festival (seriously) it just happened to involve wearing costumes and collecting candy around the building. Only one parent and the younger teacher were able to identify my SIMs costume. okay kidding about the snowmen, the snow from last night melted too fast. also checked out KDM sale on Halloween figures - nothing I wanted, thankfully. You might think that they would come out with another creepy monster.. nope just girls in slutty costumes.
  10. Old Hill Giant 2 minis for Summer exchange Bones 3 Monk Foxman Armored figure Mashup Horned Serpent WIP in progress. so 6 for the month? kind of slow progress, but most painted to a high quality
  11. or J's Wyrm : So this is one of my favorite creations from the Bones Mashup class at Reapercon 2018. It is simply a Vermithrax head on a Remoraz body. The head is slightly too big, but the two pieces fit together really well, and I don't own either of he the two original pieces. I named it Jay's worm because my name begins with a J, and I wanted colors that made it very clear it was not a natural snake. I went with the colors of my Alma Mater - Crimson and Blue normally attached to a jayhawk. It needed just a tiny bit of greenstuff - There was a hole at the back of the neck that needed filling, and a small amount of transitions. (or so I thought) I started painting and the colors seemed to work, Crimson and blue with some yellow around the face. when I got to painting the face I realized how mismatched it was. from a distance the lwer jaw looks like it matches the upper, but is actually a set of horns and an unrealistically flat surface on the bottom of the chin. Time for more greenstuff! okay so im not as good as I want to be at sculpting bands of scales. I can see it so clearly in my head, but it just doesn't come out like that. well as usual I just bang on. perhaps I can fix it with paint... or maybe I should rip it off and try again... looks better with paint:
  12. Evilhalfling

    Ral Partha Hill Giant - 1977

    I think it just broke off. I do have vivid memories of hitting the base with a hammer, trying to get it to flatten out so he would stop falling over. This failed, all the current pictures (of the back) of it have something propping it up. I think the club was gone before I tried it. yup. in "old mini" threads & someone elses Show off thread off the same mini, it might have been yours... and more recently in Reapercon or acquisition threads I was very pleased to have found a new one, I didn't even know I wanted it till I found it at the con.
  13. Evilhalfling

    Ral Partha Hill Giant - 1977

    This was the first mini I ever painted, tensors oil paints in 1983ish Just found another copy this year, and painted it again. WIP Thread
  14. Evilhalfling

    First and Last, a Giant project.

    Final Comparison Shots - Ill just do the single giant in a show off thread... If I was a little older I would change my avatar to this giant - perhaps when my beard turns gray. It was really helpful for me to have that list of things to work on in the first post of this thread. I went back and got them all, checking them off as I went.
  15. Evilhalfling

    Nothic (Bones ghast conversion)

    wonderful! i have way too many gasts. if they were not painted id give this a try