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  1. Kingdom of Death - my first mini has postage... but it will be a while before I get my own KS copy. someone who has it to contact me. I would bail on other things.
  2. I decided he just need to hit something with the pick-axe end.. It didn't occur to me to flip it, although I was modifying him in other ways - Armored Clerics always carry shields, IME.
  3. It is not a must have, but I could use a few more ladies in metal. I have to balance this vs picking up a display cabinet - hobby money is not exactly tight but I have to set priorities. There is a huge neighborhood garage sale next week, if that fails ill fall back to Ikea. Buying into this KS is what I have budgeted for the other. ill check back in on this after the sales.
  4. My wife keeps watching the British Bake Off. The TV sucks me in from across the house.
  5. Light blue with many thin layers of white (mostly linen), being careful to leave blue around the edges inthe shadows, then bright white as a high light. See below:
  6. My Hyper-focus for painting lasts 45 min fairly predictably. If I am uninterrupted this is how long I will paint before getting up. If there is nothing pressing I may return after at most a 30 min break and do another 45 min. I work at home and having two days to paint a week is pretty normal for me. a dry spell is 2 weeks, and I hvent gone a full month without painting... since I rejoined the hobby with Bones 1. Once a month I go to painting club, and I "paint" from 12:00 to 4. Usually this gets more done than 1 normal session. but how much more?
  7. Elder spawn says she is saving up her allowance so she can take me to see guardians of the galaxy 2. cause we both liked the first one so much, and then there was that squirrel girl tie-in... SG steals numbers from a cell phone in avengers HQ and starts texting random heroes for advice. Some are more helpful than others *snicker* Rocket has a voice activated system, so GROOT puts in his suggestions as well. After reading (her) Squirrel girl book, (w/o pictures) I realized I don't actually enjoy reading comic books .. but I do like movies (some) and books about superheros. I think its the mixed format of words and pictures + the length, I want to spend more time enjoying the story than it took to get the story.
  8. 45 min wrestling with TMM on a sword. Getting up from the paint desk is almost a relief. still need 1-2 highlight layers. tomorrow I think I will tackle griffon basing instead.
  9. muhahha
  10. that's wonderful
  11. So my suspicion is this. ReaperBryan said he will not be announcing when the container was released, so that he doesn't have to answer 1000 angry emails. about when shipping will start. and the last update said there would be an update today, unless customs has released the box (and therefore reaper is its week of resetting factory.) It has been 14 days since customs got the box So no update can be seen as confirmation that this is what is happening and we should see the email notice/update shipping info shortly. (I predicted monday as the most likely) on the other thread. by putting my guesswork here, it doesn't need an official response. Or it could be that ReaperBryan is just extra busy today and behind on releasing an update.
  12. Unruly I have a problem with highway hypnosis, mine is regular, predictable and in the day as well as the night, thankfully it normally takes longer than 2 minutes to kick in, I'm glad your okay. I use book on tapes, and have Altoids in the glove box. Curiously strong mints make it difficult to zone out. On road trips the wife and I alternate, driving 2 hr stretches, but sometimes I am done after 45 min. Mine is directly related to my non-hyperactive ADD, I zone out doing other things as well. I have only had 1 car accident from it, before I easily recognized the symptoms. I came fully awake doing 50 mph on a grassy shoulder beside the highway. The only thing I hit was flowers and a reflector stick ( 2' high metal pole thingy)
  13. I have been staring at the one figure on my shelf of shame for over a year now. Dagoth on his throne, in pink armor with a poorly done OSL. I just thought, maybe ill cover him over in black ink whats the worst that could happen? He looks pretty cool in inky black armor. I might go back and add highlights, but the contrast bone, grey stone and black ink works nicely. why did this take me so long? oh and speaking of shoddy painting, here are kobolds, first critters I painted. still slightly sticky. stupid spray on primer. 4 years later. I actually used them in a game this march.
  14. this is a pretty good map - but Missouri really does need to be cut in half. People from St Louis, KC and Columbia(students) would all consider themselves northerners. Small towns and everyone close to AR would consider themselves southerners. I-70 and southern edge of any city it runs through probably works as a border, Colorado is not the south (as shown above) but it does have an occasional waffle house. Oklahoma really feels like the south, far more than shown above. Both my parents are from there.
  15. The fact that you were inspired to draw and then post these sketches, in obvious expression of your joy is wonderful. art happens. I love these boards .