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  1. the FLGS put out a huge stock of wizkids unpainted minis Picked up a griffon, a displacer beast and a pack of kobolds. the kobolds are Labled spiders - but match the skinny lizard version from the 3.5+ artwork. at 1.25$ per kobold it wold not take much for a tribe. I have a lot of bones kobolds, but they were among the first minis I painted. A tribe (of better painted) skinny lizard kobolds might be more fun to use at a gaming table.
  2. sorry for your loss minibart, take all the time you need. I spent another 45min painting my exchange project today, it still kinda looks the same.
  3. March 22: If I gave you $100 to spend on any charity, where would it go? 50$ to Habitat Humanity - a long term fav, I have been donating since I stopped volunteering for them. 50$ ACLU for recent political reasons
  4. the dragon won a silver at reaper con, and ingrid, raiding amid the flowers is my best since then.
  5. Funded

    cc is charged. I have regrets I did not spend more. But I got my top picks, great figures, with a playable game. Core game Gamblers Chest Nightmare Ram Screaming God First Hero Stoneface inserts (last minute add)
  6. total escape games in broomfield has a great supply of paints and materials, more GW than bones but has some mini selection for a variety of wargames. plus we have a paint club meeting there on the third Saturday of each month. (officially making my FLGS) There is also a hobbytown USA at Wadsworth and 92nd st. with decent stock in supplies. I tend to buy minis online, paints in person.
  7. I would love to get this bust, but I don't want to traumatize my spawn. also it was out of stock. It would go really well with the KoD stuff that I am not going to be able to display either. If you want to go back and tinker later the front of the tooth has lines that are a little too sharp. but otherwise this is a wonderful project, and I only hope I can do as well in future gruesome endeavors.
  8. painted in 2 days. this guy was fun, a refreshing low stress paint job. I primed 3 other beastmen but this guy got all the love. revised back to reduce lining
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I changed the eyes patched some white spots, and intensified the red. I also added a brown wash to the claws, and added a tan transition (not very visible from pictures)
  10. Is he fun to paint? I love all the bolder like muscles. yours looks pensive. not sure why. the skin, kilt and chain are well done but im not sure about the metal on club, what color did you use?
  11. March has been a slow start for me ... top 2 were both stared for last month. it wasn't until paint day on the 3rd Saturday that I started moving forward again. 1 Sir Conlan for reaper FB group painting contest 2 beastman with axe. 3-4 more beastmen 5. Scaven - Stormchaser X. spring exchange minis X+1 Wyrmgear .
  12. off painting for two weeks. but finally moving forward, minis and color schemes chosen. primed and pinned.
  13. I really like the way the silver head changed in the last picture. Can you give me a quick break down on the colors you used?
  14. besides bones 3? lots more basketball. KU winning the NCAA championship
  15. Funded

    I don't have my copy yet but... I am not sure my RPG group will be up for playing this game on a regular basis and I my board gamer friends tend to meet every 2 months.. So I was considering an alternative to solo play - running an epic game at a convention - signing up for 6 hrs a day at a convention, and just rotating through players. I would be doing this at one of the Denver cons btw.. What do you think? Would it be fun? could new players learn enough to make the later year hunts doable? Hopefully some of the people signing up would own the game as well.