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  1. recovered from art hangover with quantity. 10 figures painted. mostly to tabletop only. no freehand yet. New goal: assemble and paint some KoD starting survivors.
  2. beautiful. is this just promotional for reaper, or do you get to enter it into the contest?
  3. im iffy on the OSL, and your right about the gloss. But i still like it, the NMM and the cloak freehand works.
  4. Went last year and had a wonderful time! loved the classes, meeting fourmites and late night games/ drinking at the hotel. Was planning on taking this year off for financial reasons (in fact I probably would have canceled even if I had made plans, the last 3-4 months did not go well, but it is finally looking up :) I will go again next year. well im getting the Kingdom of Death Core game (2016 KS) delivered later this week, so beginning the long road of assembling and painting that pile of sprues. And I have my regular D&D game. So busy in the hobby, but not the convention. I look forward to the pictures of people & minis, coming out of the convention. And the CMPA meet and paint. It will be less crowded with some of the people going to ReaperCon, but there are still plenty of people staying home.
  5. well done. love the basing .
  6. Fulfilling

    Got my shipping notice just after 5 pm. It says thursday, but ill expect Friday. its all good.
  7. wonderful ! it looks gorgeous love the belly blending I really should have gotten that one.
  8. sorry to hear that. you could tint the shades up or down to increase contrast - like always adding a bit of white to your base color. My reaper oranges don't have great coverage and throwing in a little white would likely make it more fun to paint with, constancy wise.
  9. He looks great! dont worry about the scale pattern, he seems very draconic. love the idea of adjusting his foot with the shield.
  10. Fulfilling

    backer 3125 which was good enough for a black Friday Lantern. I'm not sure he is shipping them in backer order number. Poots has never said. anyone have a theory in the comments section? lots of people reporting tracking numbers issued. EDIT1 checked backerkit: Status Partially Shipped what does that mean??? no email with tracking info yet, Edit2--- ok found someone posting from CA - said his status was changed to partially shipped on Friday, and got tracking info on Monday. Once he got # he checked FedEx. His FedEx website said: 10/13/2017 Friday 3:18pm Shipment info sent to FedEx 10/17/2017 Tuesday Delivery by end of day so I could estimate I'll have my copy by Friday. !!!
  11. woot last second notice / entry!
  12. Q1. I have a partially painted Fire Giant Jailer - needs lots of glazing on both skin and NNM (sigh) * a Bones 3 ogre covered in Brown liner. This is actually what I will work on next. But we are having guests tomorrow, so my paint desk is currently clean and ordered. Q2. Collecting dust: A heroine in sensible shoes, a couple of orphan figs from the last Box of Goodwill. Q3. after finishing my converted Boa Constrictor last week (type V demoness tail) which had sat about 3 years the item on my self of shame the longest is a kingdom of death mountain man. Started in May, he had a spray sealer frosting accident in early last month. Adding brush on sealer didn't fix it so ill have to redo from scratch. Does Simple Green work to clean resin?
  13. No to the phobia no to the movies Yes to the TV show, most of the series. People hunting and recovering cursed magical artifacts. no connection to the movies. It was fun to watch. What scares me?: American Government. possibility of a dis-utopian future. Nuclear war seems less likely, and collapse of society may have been pushed back to my daughter lifetime rather than mine, Any harm to my kids. My fear system overreacts, I'm always fighting with this.
  14. adorbs. love the scene, very evocative.
  15. Fulfilling

    Backer kit is starting to charge shipping fees for the core. no official update... *bounces around excitedly*