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  1. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    A pun is its own re-word.
  2. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Used to do suburban Parkour, but we didn't know the name, and we didn't do flips ... just running as fast as possible all the way down a block, through backards only. Fences, garages, trees, cars were all their to be climbed and then jumped off again. Once I climbed and jumped off my own garage 3 times in an afternoon, then sustained a ankle injury jumping off a bed. There was a dr visit and more than a week in a brace/boot thing on that one. For years I thought my mistake was not paying attention /rolling on the jump off the bed, im sure the repeated impacts had nothing to do with it I also took the screen out off my window so so I could climb out, and down the porch roof to get out of the house. Did the same for my Dorm room - no porch, but there was a 2" ledge over to my friends room, only past 2 windows. (both were only second floor rooms) Oh "Spear-Catch" take a broomstick, cur off the bristle-end and sharpen to a good point and then throw it at your buddy. he has to dodge or better yet catch it, then throw it back at you
  3. Kingdom of Death: Hand of the King.

    So in the game this guy show up beats up your survivors and then at the end either kills 1 for sure, or has a 10-30 chance of killing each person involved. He really just outclasses the PCs and at best he just walks off after the fight. sometimes the fight is exciting, sometimes not... His aura keeps changing Red, Blue, Green or all three, so those are the colors I painted him.
  4. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    13th colonies Started with George, Martha, Ben and Betsy It wasn't doing great, couple of random deaths, some poor choices for innovations. lots of bad luck on intimacy and pointless auguries. by the time they face the butcher they were just limping along. Then the returning surviors got lost ! time to found the US. George, Martha Ben and Handcock arrived with dash, and good gear. (like a rawhide shield) tearing their way through the first few hunts, Ben made a play for ultimate understanding - nope still getting older. Then he picked up a Twilight sword - Passing his shield on to Tyler, he took up the sword. Since my last campaign did so poorly against teh watcher I wanted to have the sword RTG. Ben got some lucky hunts in and the twilight sword actually turned into a decent weapon. but he had a time limit, every 4 years a Hooded knight was going to keep showing up and giving him 0-2 weapon prof levels. At 9 prof levels he would become a wandering hero and leave the settlement. Even if he stopped using the sword, he would still leave. But no! he got stabbed in the chest on the first visit, so no weapon training. Carefully gaming it out, he might have just enough time to face the watcher. Tyler was one of the first to choose a last name - which became terribly complicated as I was mostly using Last names of presidents as first names... so she became Tyler Swift - and along with Garfield Cat - she became one of the groups most Prolific Parents. George died of Plague, Martha was murdered, Handcock was lost to some beast. .. but good old Ben, is still kicking. He never earned a last name because to the King's curse that left him unable to have more kids. That curse will also remove him from play after a few more fights ... Picture: Phoenix Update... It was super fun at first but is beginning to slog. could it be all the firggen feathers? only the Bird and the Hand to finish from original core - ill worry about the Gold Smoke Knight, after I beat the watcher
  5. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Year 21: I realized I was doing monsters deaths wrong. You have to do 1 more damage than they have AI cards. (effectively getting rid of the basic attack card too) While I was trying to do that with the phoenix it killed both bubbles and DrummerBoy, both of whom had +4 permanent str. In one freaking round. Year 22: Antelope farm: well something went right at least. Year 23: facing the watcher. Wild cards Settlement ended badly in year 23 with a brutal beating by the watcher. He was exhaling, blowing my survivors around and knocking them over again and again. You lose against him and the game is over. Starting a new game called the 13 colonies - George, Martha, Ben , and Betsy are my starting survivors. Survivors over time: Prologue, unarmored but not unready, rawhide armor, antelope armor, phoenix / antelope hybrid. (with mask of death) more pictures: I got tired of painting the Watcher, So I moved on the to the easier bird figure.
  6. Reaper Calendar

    What about a calendar with each month featuring high-quality picture of an artists painted mini? Box art / already owned photos would be fine - from the usual suspects of catalog/professional artists or a set of Reapercon winners/ best show/ whatever is handy around the display gallery. I got the idea when someone posted a picture of his craft space and there was a 8x11 color picture of a wolf taped to it. Brilliant! I asked my family for a calendar of Animal photos, inspiration for my own painting of fur / scales/ teeth/ nails etc. but why not use handy photos of minis instead?
  7. At least 3 more Kingdom Death survivors painted, + 3 assembled Hand and the Watcher KD:M start the phoenix ? this thing is huge and I have an ambitious color scheme. - coincidentally my group is taking 3 weeks off after today, so ill at least have some paint on it before they decided to hunt it. Finish Secret Sophie project. yeah im glad the deadline is mid-January paint more bones (2 - core set)
  8. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Last year I did a diorama for my wife's desk. ( a frog and a chicken in a library) This year, just a Secret Sophie exchange.
  9. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    I finished Glad you asked ! If you haven't heard of NaNoWriMo - the goal is to write a 50k word novel in a single month. Finished "The Nameless Star" 50,069 words. It needs a bit (months) of editing. On the last night about 9 pm A good chunk of it bears a resemblance to an RPG exploration of an abandoned alien colony. writing scenes, with the main characters acting and the world reacting is a lot like writing an adventure, or PbP game. I will be writing another one, but probably not trying to get this first one published.
  10. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    holy cow. year 18: Farming I heard rumors about people decking out the Antelope fishing for crits. I think ill try it. two guys with katars and +1 luck boost, an archer with +4 luck. guy with shield to tank and hit vulerable areas. Took some wounds, but cleaned out the whole resource deck at level 2. It was ridiculous. perhaps I should move up. year 19: The kingsman I ruined the legs (-1 movement) 3 out of 4 newbies trying to learn his dance ahead of time. 1 newbie actually got evason instead, so she got to stay home. I was going to send them ll out to die if no one learned his dance - I innovated and got to pick between the "run away" science or the clan of death where all newborns get +1 to most base stats. I sent them out to die, while they were gone the remaining clan started an intimacy festival. +8 innovations from graves, +2 love juice potions.... used face painting, and then rolled well on auguries. year 20 the arrival of the watcher. (original boss) rumors about how to beat him (I haven't actually read him yet) 1) have a high settlement population, 2) use the twilight sword. the hooded stranger showed up - told us we weren't ready and wandered off off. no Blade for us boo. so we had 10 new kids, 2 as strong only children, 4 sets of twins. doubled the size of my settlement. aside from not any useful weapon proficiencies the kids are just better than my older people. (although best weapon specialist in town has only 4 ranks, weapons is hard yo. In terms of roleplaying - The Wild card series had a major reboot in 2010. The novel was about a reality show, with all new heroes competing on TV. look new names! , New powerful super heroes to immolate! with a Boss called The Watcher. Seriously this is going to be epic. Presenting the New season of "American Hero" from the Wild cards settlement: Bubbles (the tank) Drummerboy - her synchronized step flanker, DPS Curveball: (archer) The Wasp (scout) no experience, but moderate insanity from too much drumming and painted on costumes. I can delay fighting the watcher for up to 5 years. I wanna take another stab at a phoenix. lets consider Level 2.
  11. I bought another Kingdom death expansion. I managed to hold off adding stuff to the pledge manager since last thursday, but eventually my willpower crumbled. 1. Dung beetle knight is a cool figure to paint. 2. they are planning expansion shipping in January (seriously?) so near instant gratification. 3. My hobby spending was way down this month. I could afford this (but not the 75 Dragon king expansion, which I wanted more.) 4. But Its really for the game play. The Phoenix which is one of the best minis in the game, is really hard to hunt more than once. the DBK can replace it.
  12. KD: Monster Assemble! [Open]

    Here are my Assembled Survivors the turtle (antelope armor and shield) --- I found out too late that the scrap sword actually looks cooler than the one i gave him. MoonDancer (full leather armor and Finger of God- spear) -- as a green savior, I plan on adding a green glowing lantern to the back of her belt. male intimacy survivor Tiffany (young survivor with pickaxe modified to a short bone sword) - next up to finish a fully hybrid armor, phoenix chest and arms, antelope leggings, bow and quiver. she is either wearing a Antelope mask or the rare Death mask. + the phoenix mantel, which I can only assume is the extended head thingy. I'm not sure how compatible the head gear is on a figure but im having fun with her in games.
  13. November Hobby Goals!

    Novel: will finish by December 3rd currently @45k words. Kingdom of Death figures: 8 KD survivors painted, + 4 assembled (it is likely I will add +1 painted +1 assembled shortly) 4 large enemies done, +1 assembled, primed 1 huge phoenix assembled. Bones 0 I cant remember the last time I didn't paint bones for a month .. but I was kinda busy. Secret Sophie: 3 figures between primed and base coated.
  14. Kingdom of Death: Kingsman.

    My bones have taken a backseat this month, both two the new hotness KD:M and because I was trying to write a Novel (NaNoWriMo) well the novel should hit the mark a day or 2 late, and I have painted a lot of these hard plastic Figures. The Kingsman shows up, and he can either help you, providing supplies, or even leaving his Lantern Halberd for your town, or he can just randomly kill people. Then he shows up again, in a less giving mood. My second campaign is about to face him a second time. As a Villain he is on a large base, so I needed an elaborate base! its unclear i the world has much fresh water, so I was going for kind of a muddy pit in front of him. originally I did his Halberd with a silver ball, but it is calleda Lantern Halberd, and it acts as a streetlamp in the story. The feathers were a dry-run for the phoenix. who will use the same color scheme. I didn't want to do the Stark OSL I used for the Butcher Nemesis, + I am uncertain about OSL and TMM - I don't really have anywhere to go up with gold.
  15. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Rumors say PM closes tomorrow. I would have loved a Dragon King or DBK for half of retail, but I just don't have it on hand, and can't afford the marital strife. Started the game with my RPG group. in 5 hours we had 3 deaths, and killed 2 lions, and reached the showdown with a 3rd.