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  1. I really didn't need a the sharkman I got with bones 2, but I can find many uses for just a shark in a game. First I cut off the tail arms and legs and filled in the holes with greenstuff. It didn't look right so after getting some advice in the Chaos Wolf's conversion thread I cut it down, and smoothed patches. I sculpted some waves around it with green-stuff which was easier than I thought it would be. The water is also greenstuff, with a gloss sealer.
  2. Live

    What if dragons bane was like an addictive catnip? and more responsible dragons were always destroying the crops belonging to addicts? I just don't see dragons enjoying beer... Wise Man's Fear - has a dragon addicted to heroine?- like tree bark. They try and get him to overdose, which was not the best plan ever.
  3. Okay the shark is now smaller, more angled and has less obvious patches and covered in (non-tacky) grey liner. thanks for all the help. It looks way better. I'm going to try sculpting some of the splash and spray, since I have green stuff on hand, and I couldn't get water effects at local hobbylobbiy (they had other Woodland Scenics just not the one I wanted)
  4. Saturday: also going to the CMPA painting group. Sunday: playing D&D at the same store as Saturday. - my PC has a 8 con and 7 Chr. every time he tries to speak to an NPC, he coughs, hacks, wheezes, sometimes spitting into a handkerchief. if he manages to say anything it is a raspy whisper. He tries to talk to people all the time and would be the party spokesman if he could. He is fun to play but hard on the throat. I should probably purchase something more than snacks there since I will be spending 9 hours hanging out at the FLGS. This also violates the "Only go gaming once a week" marital bliss guideline - I should do extra cleaning today/Sat morning on Monday I am having my teeth cleaned, and will miss the start of the eclipse, but catch the peak. I am woefully unprepared to see it in person
  5. oh hey, I was wondering if there was someplace I could post my most recent project, and get some advice, without doing a whole WIP / WIS thing I made a shark. I had this sharkman from a large KS, and I thought how hard could it be? the base is greenstufed with a what is supposed to be a water pattern his arms and legs are cut off and greenstuff applied over the holes. then I did fins, not sure about the fins, shark fins are really long and I was trying to imply that most of them are under water. I still have his tail and was considering a second figure, a 2" base and just the tail sticking out of the water. What I think it needs most is woodland scenic's water effect, to make white caps and spray around the base. I also need to do someting about the transitions between green stuff and bonsium... I immediately forgot the last point and spray painted it. erm help? now that im looking at the pictures, cutting off another inch might be the best fix. the belly has kind of an odd bludge along with the other problems.
  6. Live

    I would love the dreadmere expansion, but its not looking sunny in RL. - did check though my boxes and found 3 villagers and a faction member in metal that I picked up from ReaperCon. So its a few add-ons and perhaps a piece or two from the core. Wishlist: Undead dragon (i don't have any of the previous ones) Fire giant Tree of Woe Wyrven Hut.
  7. Speed-paint : about 2-3 hours work, usually over 1-2 days. I did a 1 hr speed paint at, Reapercon, then spent another hour or two finishing him. I just couldn't handle the 1 hour job. He was not done. - Table-top quality about 3-6 hours. most of my painted figures. Keep painting till I don't hate it. sometimes a dragon can get 10+ hours and still be table-top Quality. - Show quality about 5-20 hours, usually destined for display rather than entry into a show. Frequently a dragon, but I finished bout half a dozen human-sized figures I would put in this category. some of them were for mini-exchanges. Most of the 10+ hours figures were at least large.
  8. 1. 3 finished 2. nope (will take to paint day) 3. yes 4 small amount of paint on MM, Core shipping delayed to October.
  9. A friend who had not painted anything in a while came to visit for a week. While the wives an kids were off entertaining themselves, I offered a mini from the bones 2 core grab-bag to try his hand. He picked one that reminded him of the Old D&D cartoon, and got as far as base-coating. His paints had long since dried out, so he left it here. As I "Must Paint All the Things!" I finished it up, the shield came out as one of my best freehand designs. I also took an indirect suggestion from a poster in the paint my bones facebook group, and added another highlight to the shield.
  10. well done. love the fish,
  11. very nice, esp the book. but her eyes could use a little more definition.
  12. Just finished the post-Apocalypse zombie series by John Ringo. The thought and reasoning that went into the book were great, but the author made some questionable choices about rebuild society in the last book. , that reflect his political / pro-military views. and also the endless gunporn. but it was worth sticking through. probably. If you liked starship troopers, this will not be a problem. It did make me wish I could teach my Alexa to say "oorrah" when I ask her to do something.
  13. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It has not been as good a hobby birthday as last year. last year I feverishly painted DDS2 in a week, as taking several hours a day for paining was what I wanted more than anything else. This years hobby related events: 1) found out Kingdom of Death KS shipping will be delayed till early October 2) a reaper KS is not nearly as much fun when sitting on a 1$ pledge and waiting for an RE sale to go through. 3) painted a dire wolf. Had huge problems at first, but have pushed past them. Will finish soon.
  14. and mushroom men. Love the blue cap. well done.
  15. Live

    I'm in (for) a Boat!