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  1. that is a great and twisted thingy. and I love the base.
  2. you mean the thing I apparently left the color of brown liner? I think its a conch shell. thats what it looks like from the front anyway. perhaps he wants to always be able to hear the ocean?
  3. 77215: Eregris Darkfathom 77212: Tiik Baron thanks to Terminal Dancer for color scheme on the priest. I cant get a picture of the face around that silly lure. I tried for an impression of goggles, and small mustache.
  4. The cleric looks even better than the wizard, thanks for sharing your formula,
  5. that looks great! love the texture, it looks like quality terrain. Any problems with warped bases or other structure issues?
  6. wonderful work.
  7. 8 giants? I aim for 6 figures a month, and giants count as two. (at lest the hippo king did.) The frost giants look especially nice, except the queen. she could us a little more work- the front of her dress is off somehow and slightly blotchy skin, which sticks out since so much of it is exposed.
  8. I had 2 jobs where I would ask myself "They pay me to do this?" the second one change so that I quit asking myself that question. Each one only last 2 years. So its possible to have a job you love but IME, they don't last that way. I was painting up the sea priest and the Tiki Barron today, working them with the same color scheme, and now I think I am going to need some Tiki warriors to go with them.... just as soon as my old condo sells. (under contract as of Tuesday!) for about 11k over asking price, but there is many a slip betwixt cup and lip.
  9. 2 day paint, in pursuit of my goal to paint the core from bones2 hmm the bow look noticeably lower quality than the rest of the figure, I'll go back and fix it. some of the split bones on arms and legs were harder to paint than i expected.
  10. terrific ! I'm not too late to join. Location: Denver, CO International: No Starter: No
  11. I was worried that I was failing my goal of painting 3 figures from bones2 core each month, on the first month I was trying it. I was gone a week already, and am leaving on another trip in the last few days of the month, total painted 0 so I painted up 2 and primed a 3rd over yesterday and today. progress! only (20) left before I finish the core. its not like I wasn't painting - also finished converting a yeti to a Jedi, and painted the hippo king - plus I have a KoD guy that I should get back to.
  12. the cape and base are wonderful. nice work.
  13. watched Wonder Woman, It was great, but not perfect. After it got such good press my wife went to see it, although she skips more superhero movies than she watches. She thought is was good, but her mind turned quickly back to more mundane life. The amazons on the beach fight was a joy. the rest was fun to watch as well, a cut above most superhero movies (and all of the DC ones) not quite as good as the best of the Marvel movies. Many, but not all the emotional moments were well done. i had some problems with Aries/ history - if he was driving the hatred and mindless violence behind WWI why did the peace get messed up so badly that the war started over again less than 20 years later? If he wasn't driving the war, why did everyone become so peaceful after he was killed? - I did like how young the german troops looked at the end. After 6 years of devastating war, it was the under 20s or even under 15s doing a lot the fighting and dying. And the actor that played Ares should have looked greek. I can forgive the amazons, as they were a diff people. It would have been fine for the gods if they implied shapeshifting, but no - in the flash back he had the same face. I never really liked the way the either comics handled actual myths. It wasn't until the modern movie era that I could see the comics version thor or loki (and his horrible hat) without recoiling. Then I went and watched WW fight scene in Bat v Sup. that was a horrible mess of a movie, but the line "I have fought things from other worlds before" has more resonance, implying WW had not been idle for the 90 years between films.
  14. I spent another paint day working on him, but he is still not as perfect as I want. I thought he was done, but I keep finding new wrinkles. like that upper shoulder breast area. Im going to try stippling it next. then add back in some more of the red liner/glaze around the face. the white reflections in the eyes have kicked those up a notch.
  15. Some Notes. that is a lot of hippo skin, he is about the size of the giants. I need to keep blending. dead grass skirt is boring, so he dyed it bright green that pumpkin on his belt would make a normal sized jack-o-lantern, but I should get Forescale in there.