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  1. Put me in column B. I did enjoy Killer Angles - but that civil war book did win a Pulitzer. other than that I can't remember one I liked enough to finish.
  2. Evilhalfling

    Avengers: Endgame - First Trailer

    I don't think all the marvel movies are rewatchable, there are some other duds... Thor Thor 2: (although would watch a super-cut of just loki stealing the scenes) Iron Man 2: Iron Man 3 Guardians of Galaxy 2 (exception - frogmouth fight at the beginning) Avengers 2 But I have watched them all, and many are just outstanding.
  3. I really love the LoR films, usually, movies come now where close to whats in my imagination reading the books. these movies were better. The art, architecture and music were far better than was what was in my head. More good: dropping out minor charters as Sir not appearing in this film - and adding larger parts for the women. fixing the pacing - putting exciting fights front and center Gollum. making Pippen and Merri actually responsible for heroic deeds before the battle of Gondor. - including some actual training. no Tom Bombadil Bad: Gimli - okay I agree his role should not have always been comic relief. No reaving of the shire - although I reread it this year and it was not as exciting as I remember, just one fight and lots of intimidation. - and leaving it out helped the pacing. the barrow wights might have been nice, but its another hobbit saved by Superhero scene. The hobbit trilogy was rubbish, a saw the second & third at a dollar theater, which was about what they were worth. the cartoon was better.
  4. Evilhalfling

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I really should have gotten the griffon and small Wyrven. Those are great dynamic poses. I blame feather overload after painting a 3" Phoenix with 5 color spread per feather. but I'm feeling much better now, just not enough to take on the roc.
  5. Evilhalfling

    Black Friday Deals

    Just received my kingdom death BF order. Now I have to wait until the 25th to open it. Me and my big mouth.
  6. Evilhalfling

    Dwarf Butcher, and GoldDigger clan

    Mini spawn picked out a snow white figure: It's a T-Rex. so white scales, with black stripes pattern coming off the back and head with a ruby red mouth... she does look kinda danity, yeah. Dino Snow White. I am in.
  7. Evilhalfling

    77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Princess

    I picked up this model in this year's Bones Conversion class. the figure I had sen normally had a bent spear so I was happy to scavange new hands/weapons for her. also, she is missing a hair braid on one side, but it makes little difference. The Sword comes from the demon Rauthaos no idea where the pointy finger is from, if you know please comment. tried for NNM on the sword, not sure it really works, the material of the sword is could be almost anything - bone, stone or crude metal. I could try and up my game for this figure by doing a better base ... perhaps another day. Im going with princess because she is a little smaller than the Jailer or other Huge fire giants im getting with B4
  8. real. any year we spend x-mas at home we get a real tree. I am in charge of keeping it alive /tidy while it is here, so I drag my feet in getting it, I think a week before christmas is long enough, the kids were campaigning for getting one last weekend. a compromise will eventually be found. My parents always did a real tree. Although now that they have a farm, they tend to cut down a nuisance cedar tree, replant it in the front yard for the christmas season, and decorated it to feed birds. Sometimes it gets used as a fence post afterward.
  9. Lots of Kingdom Death to work on this month. Start Gold Smoke Knight. Re-base White Lion on 3D printed base & add tall grass Paint Tall Grass terrain Start Dung Beetle Knight Assemble Dragon King: (assuming no delivery delays) - hunt dragon king in solo KDM game. Plan End of Year Photo's. + 3 more from Bones core3. Minivember helped a lot, but I should keep plugging away. 115 of 153 remain. Finish Fire Giant Princess
  10. Managed to exceed my goals for this month: Goal 15 minis from bones3 core set. actually finished 20 + 2 crates, a treasure pile and nearly finished Fire Giant Princess. a pretty good November.
  11. Evilhalfling

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    zounds that is a serious dent the plastic mountain. nice work. can't wait to see the full collection.
  12. Evilhalfling

    Black Friday Deals

    kingdom death - opened the KS pledge manager and restocked the store. ow. went a little over on my BF budget. picked up the two expansions I really wanted - tracking is activated on the current set (Dragon King) and should be here on the 5th - but I am going to wrap it and leave it for X-mas. I came up with this plan when I was expecting it to take longer.
  13. Evilhalfling

    Dwarf Butcher, and GoldDigger clan

    elder spawn pointed out yesterday that if I finished 1 more mini I would be at 20 for the month. since my fire giantess wasn't going to count as part of the Bones3 push, I swithched to a dwarf. this makes the seventh member of the GoldDigger clan. perhaps I need a snow white, ill question the spawn to a suitable figure.
  14. Evilhalfling

    Kar Drakir & Dragonman Warrior (Bones)

  15. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    sometimes. we still watched some of Cosby show with our kids. While I'm watching I forget about the actor's crimes. But when choosing something to watch, it always comes up in my thoughts.