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  1. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    because (If i remember correctly) it was made specifically for you. That adds a whole new layer of attachment to it. Even if you have painted other figures better, that one is yours. And unique in all the world. yeah painting engages the flip side of my ADD (non hyperactive) Hyper-focus. the tuning out the rest of the world. and at the end we get ART! rather than a slightly better score on a video game or something. Or in a worst case scenario a slot machine. I took one trip to Vegas, and while I broke even, I decided it was easier not to start feeding machines than it was to stop. My actual winning came from a single bet on a roulette wheel, then walking away.
  2. just catching up on netflix and Game of Thrones season 7 Bright- I love the world, but plot & characters were mostly predictable. It is great that they mention 9 allied races, then only show like 5 - Humans, Orcs, Elves, Centaurs, dragons?, faeries? are shown. There pretty much have to be dwarves or halflings somewhere. Dark Mirror this show is painful to watch. yet somehow I still watched 4 episodes. The star trek was my fav. The first episode was the worst. not bad, just horrifying in a disutopian kind of way, each one a different ugly possibility. I need to quit. Game of Thrones Season 7 one of the things that made the books great was unexpected deaths of important characters. People died. justly (rare) unjustly (more likely) or only appeared to die (needs to stop). and the surprising twists and turns of fortune. I had spoilers for one of the deaths (by thrown spear) but now that the series is so far ahead of the books, the writers are defaulting to fantasy standards. Heroes survive anything, villains are killed for their crimes, after confession. sigh. The end of season 6 surprised in a good way, but almost nothing in this season even qualified as a twist. - the last book sucked too, but in a different way. It went to Robert Jordan levels of: 1 thing happens, MANY chapters of reaction. Plot molasses. Also saw Black Panther, then on a high fro that watched Captain America: Civil War it did not hold up as well in comparison. There have been really good superhero movies in the last year. My rankings. 1. Logan. - its not just because I am over 40 and have young daughters, and aging parents - no wait yes it is. If I had seen it 15 years ago, it would not have the top spot. It felt more like a western than a superhero movie, but the themes it explores are still meaningful. 2. Black Panther: the movie had important things to say, but I really just blew off the philosophical and cultural issues discussions. It just didn't connect with me. To others this may be the most important part of the movie. - but as pure superhero flick, with a good plot? oh yes. nice costumes, wonderful fight scenes, some clever banter. It fired on all cylinders. - the hobbit kind of annoyed me. The movie would have been better with a different actor, or a smaller part. also the villain's name was one of the really bad marvel names of the 70s. But the villain himself was probably the best of these three. The White Gorilla leader was a great foil as well. 3. Wonder Woman the fight scene on the beach was incredible, go amazons! I connected with the the two main characters, and loved the adventure, and drama of it. The band of sidekicks was a little cartoony. Then came the end. sigh. bad reveal, unbelievable villain, no mention that the "era of good will and peace" was a single generation that bred simmering resentment and led straight into a bigger war. Oh and the last fight was dark and boring.
  3. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    February 15: Mini-Spawn was born just a few years ago. the cake was made (a week or two early) by her adoring grandmother. well I returned to this hobby with bones 1, intending to paint enough of them to use in RPG games I discovered I loved painting. I like getting small projects done with each one being a chance to grow and learn. its like mini-quests in a computer game, the whole thing is never finished but each piece brings you a reward of satisfaction for having accomplished it. When I am painting I can slip into 'flow' and time vanishes as my concentration, my world are focused on the tip of a brush.
  4. Rawhide Survivors

    these are great ! My early survivors lack the vibrant colors you have chosen and look kind of same-y I wouldn't have done one with a bone knife, cause those are terrible weapons. putting in a harpist or an archer instead, but I can see the theme you were going with. good work on the boot details. for criticism, the face on the kneeling survivor could use some more attention. it is inferior to your other work.
  5. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    I like it. Celebrated is yesterday by giving flowers, chocolate, and ice frozen in the shape of a heart. the ice totally failed to work as an icepack but the rest of it was appreciated.
  6. T'Raukzul, Great Wyrm Red Dragon & Treasure Hoard (Really Picture Heavy)

    zonds that is a wonderful job. love the dragon and the basing. first rate.
  7. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    I went to a friend's family farm for thanksgiving in college. I assumed he would drop me back at my University, on his way back to his college. He assumed I had a basic grasp of geography. We compromised with him taking me to our home town. Since my parents were unaccountably not interested in driving me 6 hours and then back again, I called around and found an acquaintance that went to the same school to catch a ride with. Leaving at 6 am the next morning. A third friend found out we were in town and invited us out to a "Party" which turned out to be the three of us and three girls. I decided to focus all my attention on the least annoying of the three girls. We ended up at Denny's until the wee hours of the morning. We are still together 25 years later, she is still less annoying than most.
  8. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Year 25 On the way home the Sultan of Agriba decides to Murder his father Aladdin of Agriba (master of shields) the settlement appoints the Sultan leader. Then we finally have enough kids to reach 15 population, allowing Disneyworld to Accept the Darkness as a principle. This forces settlement choose a female leader. So they pick Mother Witch, Tangled. She then sends her best people to fight the watcher. I wasn't sure how it would go without the Twlight Sword, but it pretty much went the same. Everyone spent survival to move and attack twice a round, the Sultan rained down crits, and IT was gone before drawing a third AI card. It still inflicted 3 severe injury rolls, and killed one off the mobs, dropping pop back to 11. Year 26 Sultan, mad about not being leader, murders Pocchantus (spear master), so we make him leader again. Her 3 pieces of cursed regal armor, are no match for this sharp rainbow katana. This time he gets 3 new disorders and 3 new fighting arts. which is awesome, as cherry picked disorders replace the annoying ones he had before. He agrees to quit murdering people. 14 endevors, mostly from the bystanders killed by the watcher. Now I have to hunt L3+ beasts, and I go after the Legendary Beast of Sorrow (lion, L4) who is actually only slightly harder than an L2. Occasionally a Grab, Trample or Roar inflicts 4 damage instead of 2 but it otherwise a cake walk. We hit his trap a lot because we kept criting permanent injuries which weeded down his deck. 3 years of hunting hard monsters and a Nemesis - which I may just sacrifice newbs to, kingsman suck. Then the Gold Smoke Knight (final villain) - I really need to start planning the team now, to make sure they hit peak for the final battle. I was considering a HR which added a random legendary monster 4 years after the Watcher instead of GSK, but I have a mask maker, an lots of excess resources I could choose a legendary prey, you know for fun. latest 3d print job. This time with a milliput paste to try and reduce ripples. I worked in some spots - but more failures than success. Next time I try an Acetone bath. I need to go buy acetone, as the polish remover we have on hand is non-acetone.
  9. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    n nope. well I guess I don't write letters, other than occasional thank you notes. I have gotten occasional PDFs of gaming books, but am happier with physical copies I have borrowed e-books from the library but far prefer physical books
  10. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Tonight Anna was reborn! a hunting event with a couple of innovations gave me a pick of dead characters, and although I usually reuse character sheets, I still had Anna's! unfortunately she got a random weapon specialization instead of her mastery inf Axe, but she still has max courage and understanding. A careful reading of other innovations show she did not gain an additional +2 str, +2 ev, +1 acc that newborns get - ah well. I am a little behind on these reports so it will be a few posts this thread catches up to that event. Anyway: DisneyWorld Year 22 another triathlon of death. (4th or 5th?) this time my best (only) archer lost an arm. ah well, she can train her kids. went on a hunt for a level 1 lion, bringing a sickle, 3 pick axes and a bug trap. (ie its not really about the monster this time) picked up enough iron and scrap to finish my Phoenix Armor Set. Year 23: The butcher returns, bigger and tougher than ever. He very nearly killed the entire party with his last AI card - Roar - deal level (3) in brain damage to each survivor. He was forced to play the same card 3 times. 3/4 had their heads explode, the only person to survive it couldn't reach the butcher before he did the same thing again the next round... . but then I remembered I could shuffle an AI card back in from the wound pile. I replayed the last 2 rounds, and this time he only scream killed 2 people. The last 2 survivors were strong enough to finish him. Then in the aftermath, one of them decides to cut his own face off and (implies) that he runs off to become a new butcher. erm okay. 1 survivor. Year 24: sent 4 newbs out after an antelope 2 and managed to clean out its entire resource deck . +14 other resources. I did have to use a reroll to keep the antelope from eating one of my rare weapons. We also discovered 2 new survivor hiding in the darkness, so the population is starting to recover. I finially realized that the Lantern Halberd (that once served as a guidepost) is different than a Lantern Glaive which you can build. I used the rare weapon for 1 hunt, but when its owner dies, it vanishes. So its gone again. Year 25 The Watcher is done waiting. We begin a mad scramble for Settlement Leadership .. edit I was going to add more but it was to Wall-of-Text-y ill work on the the dead monster terrain first. Ill try a thin layer of milliput to smooth out the printing lines. perhaps I can do the bug spot terrain at the same time.
  11. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Disney World 18 The Armored Strangers returned, and wanted to kill 5 of my 11 Nope. this time we fight. tried a lot of brain surgery (tepaining) none of it worked, huge wasted effort. I need to make sure the kingsman kills at least 1 if I am goingto innovate this year. yeah - Hen wen was killed on his first attack. Poccohauntus slowly learned Kings Step, then nearly defeated him, with Rapunzel throwing a stone so she could take on the curse instead. since that was a special showdown, they also went hunting a lion. I have no idea why. year 19 -22 um yeah so I apparently didn't take notes for a few years. but in year 19 a bigger Kingsman showed up and beat the tar out of the group, killing Anna and 2 others. in year 20 the Watcher woke up, saw that we were back down to 7 people and went back to sleep with a mocking laugh. - the watcher fights your whole settlement - only having 7 people would raise some odd rules questions. Every other time I have faced him (in Protect the Kids Settlements) I had about 20 pop. each time he hits a mob he kills 4 people, but the rules don't say you have to have the extra pop to summon the mobs.... The plan is too put him off as long as possible, and try to increase the population. finally painted my woman in lantern armor with shield and Halberd. Now for armor sets I have 2 unarmored, 2 rawhide, 2 antelope, 2 lion (unpainted); 2 in leather, 1 phoenix, 1 Lantern. + unarmored/rawhide & phoenix/antelope mixed armor.
  12. yesterday I found a post for a 40$ KD phoenix - the cheapest price I had seen, and from the rest of his post the person was clearly selling off all the minis from a core set. I was waffling do I need another absurd bird? could I paint and resell it? Then someone messaged me about buying some old D&D books I was selling. so im not so much buying a mini as trading for it. at least that is my rationalization.
  13. Vindicator of Arendelle

    Gregory the fierce was wishing once again that Lady Anna had not chosen the colors for his holy order. This is my second attempt at the design, I realized that abstracted flowers made with two lines looked much better than the ones I had tried with three. Now I will go back and fix the Kingdom Death figure with the same pattern. now I see more problems, back to the painting desk.
  14. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    An hour or two on claws this weekend ... I think this is where I want it. some body work left, then on to highlighting the feathers. He looks good in person, but there is a long way to go for contest quality. from this picture needs more shadows muscle definition. It is easier for me to see on the screen.
  15. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    I don't have anymore pictures this time, totally slacking off on painting. Disney World Year 15-17 Hunting an Antelope, really should have brought Prince charming with his absurd ability to crit, but I could not find the character sheet. We actually got into the swamp from herb gathering event, but all we got out of it was an apathetic survivor. Not a great farming run, only a few extra resources from the screaming goat. Then the hooded stranger returned and recruited Prince Charming to become a wandering knight. Str 4, Evasion 3, Luck 3,( before gear) hit on a 3 with the twilight sword. We will miss him. He fathered or grandfathered pretty much every princess. the family tree is a little twisty this time around. Year 16 The mad man was back, immortal serial killer known as the butcher. Anna, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Rapunzel sent him packing, but got no reward. Aladdin (with Beacon Shield and Halberd) turned the dreaded Hack City against the Butcher and did 6 wounds on a single attack. Year 17 used 3 face paint endevors, then had kids. we innovated a Clan, so kids start out very strong. We had the first set of Twins since Elsa and Anna. Went after Another Phoenix no casualties but still didn't get materials for Katana or Bow. population 11 a high since the first or second year.