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  1. Rawhide is the first armor that is easy to complete in the boardgame, you can make it out of anything, and doesn't need any research to develop. In the early years this was as good as it got, later in the game Ill give it to support characters and archers just in case they get attacked. these two are armed with early, but effective weapons. They were built to remember survivors from my first 2 campaigns named Trump and Braintrust. They died wearing the equipment shown. - I am playing the game faster than I'm painting so these 2 were used as stand-ins for anyone wearing armor. Now at least I have an unpainted figure assembled with Screaming Fur armor and a shield. now i'm regretting that shadow. I didn't want to get to fancy on the base, because these two see a lot of time on the table. The shadow helps distinguish them at a quick glance at the board... but there are other options.
  2. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    and after paint club:
  3. This is going to be a combined set of photos and game logs. I will try and alternate posts. I just received the KS ,on Thursday the 19th. So I started assembling the first 4 survivors andthe White Lion. My D&D group has 5 players, so I also assembled a 5th unarmored survivor from the kits. This is kingdom of death: a HUGE black box with an awesome "Botique Horror" board game and more than 35 minis to assemble and paint. Some are truly amazing figures.... The starting 4 figures were much easier to assemble than I feared. Its like the game starts you off in training mode. Even the lion was easy, but it did have a lot of cracks to fill. the figures have dynamic poses. Some are not, as amazing. The unarmored survivor below is very up straight, and the number of pieces is annoying. Arms: 4 pieces! for example. I cut a few extra from the sprue before I got the right combination of forearm pieces and both a right and left hand. I find it odd that the male starting survivors are left handed, and the women are right handed. (based on which hand holds the weapon) for as detailed as the starting survivors were, the back on this figure was poorly done, looking like a ken doll level of detail. I made him right handed, but unarmed. He is supposed to be beckoning a monster. to "Come at me, Bro"
  4. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Taking my lion to paint club today, I need to put some spit and polish since I am starting new campaign we still lost 1 more to the butcher. It turns out if he cant reach someone He runs towards them anyway, and with 3 actions.... I got his Cleaver this time and got a Death mask during the next hunt (probably and antelope) 2 irreplaceable gear cards Now Death Mask gives +4 luck, but -4 to severe injury rolls. this means a 50%-60 chance of death if someone gets through your armor. So I gave it to my Archer, with all the phoenix armor I had scraped together worn haphazardly because you also cant have any gear affinities if you want the mask. +4 luck with a str 11 (or 6) special arrow means a good chance of picking my crits .. If the archer has some accuracy. erm a bunch of fights happened... attrition brought me below 10 population. I had to breed new survivors, and I had run out of room on my first list of names, so I started a second list. I would really like 3 endeavors to prepare a survivor for their first hunt +2 xp (for weapon choice) and synchronized strike. plus 1 more endeavor for the group to get some starting insanity. Just having babies is now the easy part. EDIT: the 2nd level Kingsman (shown below) is coming soon, and I keep trying to teach people his dance (10% chance, 40% they just get a permanent injury) If no one learns it by the time he comes im just going to send out 4 unimproved kids and handwave the battle as lost. I went ahead and resorted all the stuff I had out for the settlement. Im going on vacation from Sunday to Next Saturday, then starting a new group campaign, and it will be easier if all the gear s back where it is supposed to be rather than in a separate pile of "Stuff my settlement is using" keeping track of settlements is going to get harder. I also have 2 new builds I want to assemble from armor kits - full leather armor &spear and the Archer listed above in mismatched armor. The high level and low level bow and spear don't look that different I guess I will equip the ones I am actualy using. unconnected Picture: I tried out my phoenix color scheme on the feathers here. The front still has only blackwash, but I will aim for TMM armor with gold ornamentation,
  5. My on time is noon, and the group frequently heads next door to the greek place about then . looks like a big group this month :) Is it odd that my Thanksgiving trip is carefully bracketed by paint club on one end and a RPG group on the other? Starting Kingdom of Death next weekend and my White Lion needs some love.
  6. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    killed another Phoenix, he brought 3 characters to the edge of retirement, despite my best efforts. One character reached max understanding before the fight and had a chance of becoming ageless .. but no the dice did not fall my way. so had like 6 people on the esge of retirement mostly from 2 pheonix hunts. But when they returned from the hunt there was another plauge, which killed half the elders. problem solved KoD style - roll some 1s and 2s, everybody dies. Now im in the middle of a fight with l2 Butcher. He makes a minum of 3 attacks around, every attack causes bleeing, and He killed the one guy who can stop bleeding. On the plus side he has a movement of 4 (cause wounded), My survivors move at 5-7 and we have a bow and some darts, range 6. If he cant reach people he tends to stand still and yell at them, eventually causing brain damage. can I kite him before he wipes us out ? Ill just have to see.
  7. Cadirith, colossal spider

    you flocked your spider??? I should try that...
  8. Kingdom of Death: Rawhide Armor survivors

    The game come with armor kits - you can create 4 characters wearing each type of armor or mix the armor and weapons. unless weeks went by between games, the chance are that most people will be not be playing with assembled and painted versions of the survivors that go into battle. deaths are so common, that you have to avoid getting to attached to any one survivor.
  9. 14. minis painted in October. a personal best since at least 2014.
  10. I am taking a break from my usual bones and painting Kingdom of Death! 1-2 starting survivors (did 2 in October) 5- 6 survivors in rawhide armor 7-8 Screaming Antelope 9 unarmored but not unprepared 10-11. White Lion (still in progress)
  11. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Photo of the fight with the hand (recreated) This photo strikes me as weird, because I never seem to have the right figures assembled and painted. The two figures assembled wearing rawhide armor actually had on full screaming antelope, and a mishmash of phoenix, leather, and antelope. the support people One archer, one with support items, were actually wearing rawhide. I started to assemble a screaming fur armor set, after this fight it will be in memory of "The great and powerful Turtle" his 5-6 points of armor and leather shield, were not quite durable enough. The Hand just kept hitting him until he broke.
  12. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I have a half hat knitted by my mom, made from sheep she raised. (i don't remember if she spun the wool herself, but it was possible at the time) She eventually decided that spinning was not her fav. part of the process, and her wheel moved out to the wool storage shed. It is just the lower part of a stocking cap with a large whole in the top. My head gets too warm in regular hats but this covers my forehead and ears. The reduced bulk make it fit more comfortably in my coat pockets. This is my second one after the original was lost. both practically and sentimentally this is my absolute favorite item.
  13. Trying to meet challenge guidelines. This is close to 1 figure 1 thread. I did the priming base-coating and some NNM on previous days. I had so much fun painting these guys today, For at least 90 minutes I was so focused time seemed to stand still. And yet I need to touch up the eyes. and maybe basing - well they are moving to 'ready to play box' so I'm calling them done.
  14. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    Starting a game with my D&D group! We hit a place to pause at 9th level and will start a KD game after thanksgiving (nov 26th) we will play until we hit the watcher or (more likely) get destroyed. I'm not sure if we will be playing 5 player (each monster gets +2 health, before losing AI cards) Im chucking the damage bonus listed for 5-6 players, it would just lead to players sitting out more of showdowns. if its too easy, we can always hunt bigger game. Another option is that I act as permanent monster controller. And we do 4 people showdowns & settlement choices as normal. We play 12:30 to 5 about x3 times a month,. I figure at least 2 years per session, 2.5 if we are really rolling. I need to finish painting the Hand, Kingsman and Phoenix before I bring them out to play, but I have plenty of time. But I needed them all at once in my home game.
  15. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    One easy battle, one hard but it feels like I am slowly gaining ground. Assembling the Hand was easier than any of he Villains, and was done in an evening. I added just a touch of paint to him. but left him mostly colorless - after fighting him I really want to paint him in only red/green/blue + some metallics Spoilers Phoenix First the phoenix I did not go into that battle with enough insanity. He kept aging my heroes, every one of them ended one age token away from dying of old age. and those don't go away, I have 3 guys on emergency hunts only and one will retire if I make him hunt again, literally "Im too old for this broccoli" and the bird kept frigging landing on top my heroes. After finally beating him, I almost didn't get the right resources from him. His gear is very specific. If I hadn't kept a feather from year 7, the only thing I would have gotten out of the hunt was old people and a single arrow. With the bonus feather I did get a chest plate which is amazing, but messes up my other gear builds to use. I don't understand how this is supposed to be a repeatable hunt. The Hand Then the I resisted the hand destroying all me raw materials. I dont get to look at HL or AI before a battle, but once I commiteed to the battle I can read through the starting traits. um so if I win he kills one person and sets fire to everyone else? instead of losing raw materials, I could loose carefully crafted gear? this might have been a mistake. ill bring my last founders stone so I can time his defeat carefully. I wasn't sure what kind of strategy would work best regarding auras. Each character could have an aura that was red, blue, green, a combination of 2 or colorless (all 3) so I shuffled my gear to make sure I had options. Each time the hand was wounded by someone, The hand gained options based on colors. I manipulated both his Hit locations and AI deck, but after wounding him only three times, I got to a point where I just didn't want to hit him on any of he top 3 locations. the survivors milled about and tried not to die rather than attacking. The battle had a time-limit, I just had to survive. The funniest moment was when the Hand pointed at a spot next to him, effectively saying "come stand here so I can hit you" I desperately ran a character over there so I could avoid the consequences of not giving him a target. He knocked down my sacrifice and made him roll on 2 severe injuries, but the dice didn't kill him. I knew that having survival points left at the end dropped the chance of dying in the aftermath from 30 % to 10% so my Savior was running a round trying to harvest plants for survival before the fight ended. Instead the aftermath gave a huge boost to 3/4 of the characters.
  16. InvisibleThumb's quest to Randomly Rainbow a Dragon is complete!

    that looks wonderful! I lover the bright colors and feathery motife on the wings. I haven't seen wings broken up into cells like this before, and may steal the idea. I really think you came out better than my similar take on Blightfang the many-eyed. You seem a little down on the design by the end of your WIP, but this is marvelous.
  17. I was sitting in an annual meeting for a company I worked for just out of college. It was poorly paid, but I had had trouble getting or keeping other jobs, with poor grades and little work experience my BA was doing nothing useful. It was an auditorium full of people, and management was trying to kill us with powerpoints. On the screen was a picture of a red truck, some words and numbers, and no matter how hard I tried I could not understand what they were talking about. It was like my brain was fighting me, refusing to concentrate or pay any attention to what I wanted. I'm a smart guy, I graduated 11th in my HS class and had scholarships that paid for my education, but it fell apart in college. I realized that this struggle was beyond what everyone else was facing. I had started taking Ritlin for ADD in 4th grade, and I went from remedial classes in 3rd to advanced everything in Jr High. At the time the theory was that you grew out of ADD. so I stopped taking medicine in college when it was inconvenient. I had not "grown out" of it. Lots of little memories and problems came into focus. I had learned some coping skills but not enough to get good grades in college or pay attention in boring meetings. I haven't always used it since. There are some jobs where it is unnecessary (construction, parenting, what ever parts of a job that I love) but even as an adult there are times I need to keep using it. In grad school I graduated with a 3.8. Everything fell into place trying to understand a red truck on a power point slide.
  18. Screaming Antelope

    This delightful model is just the right kind of gruesome for me. The reason I was willing to invest in Kingdom of Death even if the board game disappointed (which it did not, its a blast to play solo,) A Giant Antelope that looks like it has been partially flayed, with for no explainable reason tiny hands sticking out of its belly. Did I mention the entire belly is split open, to form a mouth? In the game they form a natural part of the ecology, eating plants (even in the middle of a fight if they can't see a threat ) they are hunted by humans and white lions, and sometimes go into heat. If your unlucky you can send people out to hunt an antelope, and get ambushed by a tougher White lion (this usually goes badly for the humans.) I have killed about 4 on my solo games, and have found them easier than lions. Anyway its done, I hope it doesn't drop flocking and small stones on my board game. but it is simply too nice not too base properly. (50mm base) unfinished picture taken earlier, but shows the belly mouth.
  19. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    If you want to try an MMO and it sounds like you all are... Path of Exile is a free steam game, that feels like diablo. the only thing things you can buy are fancy clothes (skins) and more gear storage. Nothing that can actually help you in the fighting /questing part of the game. spent a bunch of time on it before NaNoWriNo hoovered up all my non-guilt ridden free time. which reminds me I need another 750 words today.
  20. Evilhalfling builds, and plays kingdom of death

    we fought one more lion and finally got its eye. The Sleeper collected the bones of the sacrificial Bailise, getting slightly stronger. (missing the jackpot chance) Moonchild (evasion savior) did just fine most of a white lion armor was developed. then the settlement had alot of kids. four new children decided to call themselves the shadowfist street gang. Then a heatwave struck making it diffcult to carry heavy gear or most of the groups armor. Then they got word that a kingsman was coming. The Shadowfists said they could take him, while the adults snickered. Lazy Dragon (a shadowfist) tried the Forbidden Dance, and actually learned KingStep! which makes the kingsman beatable! but before the adults could reconsider the kids grabbed up the gear they had been offered and ran out. They came very close to beating the Kingsman, getting him down to 3 cards, with 2 gang-bagers still alive. But he ended up with a knocking them both over, again and again, and they ran out of encouragement. he stomped them both without letting them make another attack. Then it is year 10, the best year for hunting phoenix. (this is just rumor) so I had to assemble the beast. It took two days and It broke my x-acto knife, not being able to find the blades I bought 8 years ago, there was shopping involved too. Now that there is an official build guide it wasn't too bad, even the 30 tiny hands. Tweezers were required for placement, but I had them ready. I had grand plans of pinning it so that the wings and base were removable, for painting/transport. I could not get that to work. The base pins would not hold it in place on the thin base provided, and the wings are really tight fits, I couldn't make the holes line up properly. So yup, just glued everything down. from the armor kits: female in rawhide, unarmored F & M, male in rawhide and young survivor. The female isn't done, she has bone darts on her back hip, and once I paint her back she will carry a harp as well. a founders stone was modified to a throwing dart. I have named the minature, "unarmored but not unprepared" I have a tendency to field support characters, who wear little if any armor. and handle things like instruments, cat-eye jewelry and may carry darts as only weapon.
  21. Yephima, Female Cloud Giant (77162)

    I like the eyes and the tatts.
  22. November Hobby Goals!

    11-8 So Far: 5 KD survivors painted, + 4 assembled 3 large enemies done, +1 assembled and based oh yeah I'm in full control of the time I spend on this hobby. I need the Huge Phoenix next. I will use unpainted minis, but not proxies for the game. oh and im over 10,00 words on the Novel ... but slightly behind my goals.
  23. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    that is wonderful work
  24. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    Yes. I voted against our (possibly corrupt) but competent mayor. He has been involved in the local government for 15 years, and it runs pretty well. (rumor has that it runs even better if you know the mayor personally) I'm not sorry he won. The Status is Quo baby.
  25. have minis and milliput. finally tore myself away from Kingdom of Death stuff and started priming things for this project.