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    My family first, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, Cigars and most recently I got into painting miniatures.

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  1. So I am having a ponder. I just painted the Reaper Silver Dragon and I clear coated prior to using Dulcote. The trouble is I am concerned that something if the metallic look will be lost by using the Dulcote after all. So the question I have is, for the folks that have painted silver creatures do you Dulcote or leave them shiny?
  2. prophetic_joe

    Bones Furniture Speedpaints

    What colors did you use for the wood?
  3. prophetic_joe

    ReaperCon 2017 Sophie and Friend

    Love this. Beautiful job. Shading and highlights are superb.
  4. prophetic_joe

    Divine Bovine

    That looks like someone actually shrunk a cow. Great colors and blending on that.
  5. prophetic_joe

    Maledrakh's The Thing 77521 Gravewailer

    Nasty. Awesome work.
  6. prophetic_joe

    77279: Narthrax

    Love the colors Narthrax looks awesome in green. Great job.
  7. prophetic_joe

    89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Second attempt at a dragon. I have wanted to paint this guy for a long time. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
  8. prophetic_joe

    Happy Birthday Prophetic_Joe !!!

    Thank you everyone! Haven't been on much lately. Super busy but I am trying to fit painting time in and time to check things out here. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  9. prophetic_joe

    91003: Texas Ranger Male

    Changed the pictures again because I changed the base. Lol
  10. prophetic_joe

    91003: Texas Ranger Male

    Thanks guys added some more pictures.
  11. prophetic_joe

    91003: Texas Ranger Male

    Painted the Texas Ranger at the paint and take at Tri-con in Sioux City, Iowa. Really quick paint job but I am happy with him.
  12. prophetic_joe

    Two Ral Partha Pirates and a Larry Elmore Chick

    Exactly what I was going to say. Skin is beautiful.
  13. prophetic_joe

    WIP 89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

    Quick paint of Lem from Pathfinder. Fastest paint I have ever done but I think the best eyes. Painted in about 2 hours for my Adventurer's League game today.
  14. prophetic_joe

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

    My version of Lem from Pathfinder. Quick paint to a tabletop standard for my Adventurer's League character Grinly Wardfield.
  15. prophetic_joe

    Discussion of D&D miniatures paint jobs.

    Sorry about that. I wasn't intending it as trashing. I like them and the quickness with which I can get them table ready. My humor however sometimes does not translate well to text and I need to be aware of that.