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    My family first, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, Cigars and most recently I got into painting miniatures.

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  1. Quick paint of Lem from Pathfinder. Fastest paint I have ever done but I think the best eyes. Painted in about 2 hours for my Adventurer's League game today.
  2. My version of Lem from Pathfinder. Quick paint to a tabletop standard for my Adventurer's League character Grinly Wardfield.
  3. Sorry about that. I wasn't intending it as trashing. I like them and the quickness with which I can get them table ready. My humor however sometimes does not translate well to text and I need to be aware of that.
  4. Yeah but they really aren't super cheap. $15 for a box with 4 random. What they do for me though is give me a mix of quickly painted stuff to throw on the table since I am a really slow painter myself. Being able to just wash them and add a quick drybrush for highlight and have them be passable tabletop standard is pretty helpful while I paint other things like PCs better.
  5. Oh I get that. I had never bought them before and picked some up. I was probably a little hard but it was jokingly so. Really this post was just to show that you can take something basic and make it pretty good with just a couple of tricks. No one should feel as if they can't paint a passable mini.
  6. Seriously, simple base coats, sloppily applied. Really lackluster stuff but you do get a prepainted mini ready for the table and with a simple wash and a plain old one color drybrush highlight you actually have something pretty decent.
  7. Finally got some more paint on this guy. It's not much but it's something.
  8. Ooh I really like it.
  9. Who made this mini?
  10. Hmm color my opinion changed.
  11. Those lips are great though.
  12. I guess too gangly maybe. Always pictured trolls a bit thicker. Like this perhaps.
  13. Thanks guys. I stayed away from the wash on the skin this time. I have some washes but nothing that seems to work to my liking with the color so I just went nuts with layers.