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    My family first, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, Cigars and most recently I got into painting miniatures.

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  1. prophetic_joe

    Shadowrun Female Street Samurai with Gun

    The skintone is fantastic. I need to learn how to do female lips
  2. prophetic_joe

    02964: Cretus, Minotaur

    Absolutely love it. Great work.
  3. prophetic_joe

    WizKids Beholder

    The elusive WizKids Beholder. Love this guy.
  4. prophetic_joe

    2018 Secret Sophie

    Interested. Questionnaire sent.
  5. Awesome stuff. What are you printing on?
  6. prophetic_joe

    WizKids Human Female Cleric.

    My first commissionish piece. Not supremely thrilled with it but it will look good on the table. The "client" didn't want any extravagant basing done which is right up my alley.
  7. prophetic_joe

    Elven Dragon - Grenadier (1985)

    Beautiful, my daughter would die.
  8. prophetic_joe

    Snakeman Warrior - 77153

    Very realistic. Dig it.
  9. prophetic_joe

    The King in Yellow

    Right? All I can think is eww. Great job!
  10. prophetic_joe

    02682 Selmarina, Witch

    That face is fantastic. Great job.
  11. prophetic_joe


    These are fantastic. I made the Interceptor once but these are beyond.
  12. prophetic_joe

    Grenadier Action Art Monsters: Female Assassin

    Excellent job!
  13. prophetic_joe

    77228: Chthon

    Needed it for a con. Pretty pleased overall.
  14. prophetic_joe

    14588: Dhulrekk Thulfinson, Rune Warrior

    My Dwarven Barbarian Garn Foehewer. The lighting is terrible so go easy on me.